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October 27, 2017 3:34 pm

Council to Look at Transitional Housing Proposal for Downtown Motel

Monday, September 11, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A rezoning application will be before Mayor and Council this evening,  one that  looks to change the  zoning for a property on 3rd Avenue  to  allow for  an affordable transitional housing project.

The application is  coming from the Association Advocating for Women and Children,  and would see the motel   at 1915 3rd Avenue  turned into a  30 unit  housing project.   The proposal  would see the  existing facility changed to  provide  caretaker-outreach offices,  a communal kitchen, laundry and  space for health services.

This is the preliminary stage in the  rezoning application process.  Council will be asked to  grant  the first two readings   and then there would need to be a public hearing  on the proposal  before  any final approval could be  given.

Also on the agenda for this evening’s regular meeting of Council:

  • Public hearing on  proposed change to the Official Community Plan and  a rezoning to allow for the expansion of  a liquor retail outlet  at  Highway 97 and Monterey Road
  • Gateway Business Improvement Area  budget for 2017 projects
  • presentation from Starlane  area residents for new playground equipment in the neighbourhood park


‘Transitional’, interesting word! Vague meaning, and just as long as it stays like that it is good!

    Transitional housing? Like assisted living?

Looking forward to what this actually means with respect to acquisition of the property. Is this actually now owned by the city — eh, taxpayers of the city. Or, are we looking at a purchase or lease?
Seems we have a similar issue(yes, not the same) as the old Jacobs Motel on Queensway near City Hall.
This is perhaps a defensible project but it is another group coming forth to milk the taxpayers of thousands upon thousands of hard earned dollars!
Call me a Jackass but I pay enough taxes to all three levels of government.

A step in the right direction, but a plan must be put in place to deal with the homeless; made so by substance abuse and mental illnesses. It’s a big challenge, but surely we have the talent to get these people off the streets, who sleep in or under whatever shelter they can find. Focus in on the magnets (flop houses that disguise themselves as motels) that are nothing more then nests of prostitution and illegal drugs and the ills associated with these vices.

Yet my property taxes keep climbing, paying for the druggies and welfare criminals to have a place to live.. .hmmm.. how about jail?

    You must realize that jail would be considerably more expensive then providing assisted living space. Your ignorance is showing.

I wonder why the City keeps promoting residential properties in the bowl with the bad air quality that it has.

    As opposed to down there where everything smells like the north end of a south facing cow:D

      Birdy you have never been out of PG. Is that the best you can come up with the constant bladder about the smell in Abby that is pure bull. Put brain into gear and give your head a shake maybe you could come up with a [productive comment

      Kimmy it is your constant trolling of the people of Prince George, their driving habits, the air quality, etc that result in comments about the drug and gang infested burg where you now reside.

      You have not lived here for going on a decade so it is time to become involved in where you currently live and forget about PG.

Leroyjenkins – You are on the right track. It must be illegal to shoot up with illegal drugs. Vagrancy must be illegal. Trespassing onto private property must be illegal, etc. etc.. So, as a society we need to set up dry out camps and rehabilitation. Any druggy, vagrant etc. etc.. Is arrested and sent to these camps where they are washed, feed, detoxed, reeducated (life skills and a workable trade) also taught responsibility by earning their keep (basically a boot camp). This may cost us as taxpayers, but we are already paying and paying through emergency responses, police responses and medical care. So in the long run we could be saving money. Give the clients a couple of chances; on the third offence, then jail.

What are they transitioning into? Men into women? Women into men? Non-Binary transition? Transitioning back into society after an absence?

    Transitioning from jail to life outside of jail?

    Transitioning from drug treatment to post drug treatment?

    Transitioning from homeless to housed?

    Guess I have to read the council agenda.

It says from the ‘Association Advocating for Women and Children’… that could mean just about anythinb in todays politically correct climate, but assuming they are advocating for women and children and not men, then one would assume its for single mothers.

I would think single mothers have enough problems raising a child alone to also have to deal with thir issues at the epicenter of Northern BC’s hard drug trade hangout location where every dirty scum bag looking to take advantage of women and children likely frequents.

Total fail on this plan IMO. If you want to say you are helping children, let alone women, then the downtown core should not be a part of the plan at all in any way shape or form. If you are a politician promoting this madness because you want vaulnerable women and children to be put at risk so you can have a photo oportunity moving the downtown forward with peoplem living there… then find another line of work please.

Women and children especially vaulnerable women and children should be in the suburbs where there are parks and schools and safe neighborhoods. We have plenty of that so why a move like this. Just looks like real estate rats trying to turn a deal to me. Its sad. If there is the need then the province should be investing in proper housing in an appropriate location.

I think 3rd ave should be named Little Hasteings st.

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