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October 27, 2017 3:36 pm

Speech From Throne

Friday, September 8, 2017 @ 2:31 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The NDP have delivered their first Throne  Speech in 16 years.

Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon delivered the government’s blue print  which includes:

  • promise to  recover and rebuild  the communities  impacted by  wildfires
  • action on the opioid  crisis
  • addressing homelessness
  • affordable child care  creating more spaces  and  training more early childhood educators
  • government to government partnership with Indigenous  Peoples
  • reform the  B.C.. election finance campaign  laws to eliminate  corporate and union donations
  • Move the fixed election date to the fall of 2021
  • public consultation  in developing a full budget  for February 2018
  • support for tenants
  • fair wage commission  to  set the path towards $15 dollar an hour minimum wage
  • a poverty reduction plan will be legislated
  • comprehensive housing  strategy to create affordable homes for people
  • September budget  will give “proper funding” for classrooms
  • free bus passes for those with disabilities
  • build new hospitals and urgent care centres
  • reduce  and then eliminate MSP premiums
  • New human rights commission
  • Establish an “innovation Commission”


Sooo, any mention on how to pay for these grandiose plans?

    Taxes. Duh.

    The same way your heroes payed for their grandiose plans. However they won’t be claiming BC has the lowest personal taxes in Canada but tax the hell out of everything else we did in our daily lives, like your pals did.

Digger stated the obvious (and I agree). Another way of saying it would be,”The same way Christy was going to pay for it when she had almost the same throne speech not that many weeks ago.”

    You got that right anotherside.

    I see that a Liberal took the Speakers position so that firms up Horgans position.

4 more years!!!

And yet the Social credit and the Liberals have been in for 40 plus years and what has that done for the workers of BC.
And as far as Crispy goes she stole the NDP platform.
Turns out the bridge they built was over 150 million
And ICBC is almost broke thanks to past governments talking the revenue and putting it into general revenue and paying out Hugh salaries to their buddies.

Easy to tell who is liberal or NDP suporter (me? Liberal)

since the liberals kicked their speaker out of their caucus they are now down three votes. seems like smart politics from the ndp

I was looking for the one to freeze ICBC rates as promised

    Hahaha “Jinny Sims and Horgy pose for photos with a convicted gunman” quite the headline this morning, “I didn’t know he was there” was their quote but Jinny had given him a medal in 2013 while the court case was ongoing. Only a month ago Hoagy hosted a 500 buck a head fundraiser, come play golf with the Premier for 2,000.00 a foursome! The more things change the more they stay the same

      and the NDP supporters will say, but, but, but!

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