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October 27, 2017 3:31 pm

Friday Free For All – Sept. 15th, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

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31school shootings in the USA so far this year.. crazy ..to many victims that should still be alive.

    Yup 31 attacks on people by lunatics.

    Actually it has been 31 shootings since Columbine.

Reading this mornings news i see yet another terrorist attack in London UK.

    They need to close its borders to immigrants and deal with what they have. They created a melting pot too big to handle.

      A failed social experiment with dangerous consequences.

      Soon to come to a neighbourhood near you.

    “Although it’s too early to hold anyone responsible for the explosion, Britain is facing a major terror threat. A former UK intelligence official recently said that there are as many as 23.000 Islamist radicals in the country.”
    But if you suggest that might be the reason for all the attacks, you’re a hateful racist.

    ht tps://pjmedia.com/trending/2017/09/15/breaking-bag-explodes-london-tube-train-several-people-injured/

    Meanwhile south of the border even though it is 6 weeks before Halloween the bloated rotting pumpkin that resides in the Whites Only House has spewed forth yet more hate on twitter in response to the London attack.

    “The travel ban into the United States should be far larger, tougher and more specific-but stupidly, that would not be politically correct!”

    How is this going to help when a majority of attacks there since 9/11 have come from hate groups like the KKK,Nazi, Neo-Fascist and white supremacist groups that he continues to blow the dog whistle to.

    Just yesterday in a public statement said that there were some bad dudes on the “other side” in Charlottesville in the form of the antifa groups. Couple of points here if antifa were on the “other side” that means that he stands on the side of the KKK, Nazi, Fascist and white supremacist and their “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us” chants. Secondly if the torch bearing thugs had not shown up then neither would have the counter protesters.

    It is hard to justify the tough stand that the antifa groups have taken but right or wrong they feel that peaceful protests against the ever increasing violence by KKK nazi et al does no good and a punch to the head might get the point across better.

    Even his BFF Theresa May has told him this morning to STFU and that his tweets are not helping.

      Are you for real???

      There were TWO sides fighting at Charlottesville. Two nasty, violent, intolerant groups fighting each other. Media were quick to condemn the nazis, as they should be. But they gave a pass to THE OTHER SIDE.

      Trump condemned ALL who committed the violence, not just the nazis. How does that make him “stand on the side of the KKK, Nazi, Fascist and white supremacists?

      If he condemned ONLY antifa, then you might have a case, but he didn’t.

      The media and the left (and apparently you) condemned only the nazis, so does that mean you stand with the antifa thugs?

      At least some of the media is finding it hard to ignore the brownshirt tactics of antifa:


      Yet, Scarbororugh isn’t the only one finally waking up to the truth about Antifa. Other reporters embedded among the terrorists have all come to similar conclusions. Legal Insurrection compiled several videos and takes from journalists who are aghast at what they’ve witnessed first hand.

      Lizzie Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle said on Twitter, “The #Berkeley police have stood down. A sea of black masks as far as I can see. This is what WAS NOT supposed to happen.”

      “’Take his camera, take his phone,’ they are shouting at a journalist,” she added.

      The L.A. Times’ James Queally tweeted, “There is a complete mob mentality here. People are randomly accusing random people of being Nazis. Masked protesters, claiming to be Antifa, threatening to break reporters cameras if they film them. Reminder we are on public ground. Organizers now asking to see my press pass as I try and interview someone being falsely accused of being a Nazi.”

      NBC’s Steve Patterson chimed in, “Crowd extremely volatile. Police scattered. #ANTIFA everywhere. Scuffles all over. Police in masks, fingers on triggers. #berkeley @NBCNews.”
      ht tp://www.truthrevolt.org/news/joe-scarborough-antifa-theres-nothing-anti-fascist-about-them

      By the way, Homeland Security has officially labelled antifa a terrorist organization. And you support them.

      You are one dumb budgie. Tweet that.

      Sparrow your majority of comment is lacking in facts.

      seamutt I know your forte leans more toward posting links or C&P portions of articles posted elsewhere so might be hard to understand something that did not come from Faux news.

      FYI everything in earlier post was factual. Drumpf has a long history of giving extreme groups like the white supremacists or the neo nazis a pass. After Charlettesville David Duke and Jason Kessler were absolutely giddy that Drumpf did not specifically condemn them for the terrorist attack that resulted in death and injuries to innocent Americans. How the %$*& can he say there were good people on both sides? No good people I have every met would march in a rally reminiscent of Germany in the 30s chanting the same hateful words that they did.

      Bunch of real losers- from the cryin’ nazi to the guy who lost his job as a hot dog cook when his boss saw him on TV at the rally-now there is an inspirational career choice-Hot Dog Cook-priceless.

      Even during the campaign Drumpf played coy in not condemning the words and actions of former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke saying that he does not know anything about the KKK or Duke.

      Drumpf has never called the actions of neo-fascist/white supremacist groups or the murder of Muslims or those trying to protect them terrorism saying that he has to wait “till all the facts are in” If he thinks that a Muslim is responsible for an attack he cannot get to his twitter machine fast enough yelling Radical Islamic Terrorism . In some of these cases has been completely wrong but does not correct the record.

      If the hate groups did not clearly advertise their intentions prior to showing up in Charlottesville the counter protestors would not have showed up either.
      Seeing that it is after 4:20 ice has already twisted up a fat one and now lost in a haze of thc smoke so I doubt that one can expect a reasoned and rational post from him but with 15 days before the curtain falls the very first one might still show.

      Sparrow now take a deep breath slowly let it out, there feel better now.

      Antifa terrorists reject you membership?

      In other words you got nothing huh seamutt. Even on whatsupwiththat? Figures.

      You hear that Drumpf is freaking out today because of all the videos on social media showing people torching their MAGA hats:D The idiots paid 40 bucks for them too.

      Sparrow writes, “It is hard to justify the tough stand that the antifa groups have taken but right or wrong they feel that peaceful protests against the ever increasing violence by KKK nazi et al does no good and a punch to the head might get the point across better.”

      Yup always knew you were a subversive terrorist sympathizer Sparrow.The so called antifa is a terrorist organization by all definitions.

      Lets be clear here about what you are calling for is enabling domestic terrorism through endorsing subversive violence justified because ‘it gets the point across’.

      Sparrow supports a group that go into the streets garbed in black from head to toe, including full facial masks (because they are committing violence and want to do so anonymously) like a paramilitary wing of the globalists… just like hitlers brown shirts.

      These modern day fascists who claim to be the anti-fascists use the justification of subversion sympathizers like Sparrow to justify their violence on anyone that they proclaim is a nazi. Their logic is that anyone that opposes ‘antifa’ is a nazi and therefore anyone that opposes them is subjected to violence.

      The likes of Sparrow preach ‘peace through violence’ and anyone that opposes them is a nazi. Anyone with a camera at their rallies is a white supremicist for trying to out their hidden identities… so even the reporters are subjected to their violence.

      These facists thrive on using their thesaurus to undermine the meaning of the English language in their attacks on history, the truth, and open debate that can expose their bolshevik inspired ways. Ask any of them about the 60 million Christians killed in Russia and Ukraine last time they took power and they will look at you with a blank stare of ignorance.

      The ‘antifa’ has no allegiance to liberal democracy… they are simply another tool like the ‘kkk’ of the democrat party of liberalism. If any bothered to study history they would know that the democratic party opposed civil rights at the time real men of courage in the republican party fought a civil war to end slavery and…

      13th Amendment to Abolish Slavery…
      100% republicans – 23% democrats

      14th Amendment to freed blacks the right to citizenship…
      100% republicans – 0% democrats

      15th Amendment The Right to Vote for All…
      100% republicans – 0% democrats

      Yet with the perversion of history by the likes of CNN and their globalist bolshevik minions like ‘antifa’ most blacks believe the democrats gave them their rights….

      The target of ‘antifa’ is the constitution itself through discrediting the character of its founders and their ‘of the times’ connection to slavery… thereby undermine the constitutional legitimacy itself and the foundation the undermines the liberal democratic state.

      Minions all self righteous in their petty child like insults of Trump proclaim themselves that gardians of liberal democracy of groups like ‘antifa’ and in doing so are either dumb ignorant of history or truly dangerous subversives that will twist language in anyway they can to make white black, and up is now down. Their words now mean nothing and their actions speak loudly.

      So Sparrow is apoplectic because Trump is president and Hillary is not. This guy went on and on about Trump and the Russians citing every bolshivik shiv sent Trumps way.

      Yet if we look at the facts we learned this week that National Security Advisor Susan Rice admitted to the House of Representatives investigators that she was the one that unmasked the surveillance of Trump Tower. She justified it under Obama’s orders because they freaked when the Crown Prince of the UAE made an unannounced trip to Trump Tower and Obama worried that Crown Prince Zayed was going to spill the beans on the Obama administrations involvement with that Arab nation in the creation isis for the destruction of Libya and Syria.

      So they used the deep state assets to spy on the incoming political opponents of the Obama administration to dig up dirt and leak conversations for political purposes. Then tried to cover this up by claiming it was part of a wider Russian investigation and using that as a smear to delegitimize the incoming president and set the stage for a political coup.

      The Russian investigation was never about the Russians outing the democratic party for Podesta’s emails (protected by the password ‘password). Emails that incriminated Hillary in the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice so as to user in a presidential dictatorship under the bolshivik wing of the democratic party through control of the Supreme Court (‘by violence if necessary’).

      CNN made the Russian story its headline for the first 6-months of the Trump presidency and the whole thing is built on lies and innuendo and spread by the likes of Sparrow that want to subvert the democratic process through violence in the streets showing complete contempt for the election process.

      And what of the Awan brothers from Pakistan that had access to the computers in Congress, with a back door to a private server where all the info could be sourced and sold in a greater pay to play than even the Clinton foundation and used to implicate and blackmail any opponents to their agenda. The same guys that worked for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in rigging the democrat primary for Hillary and ran the biggest most damaging national security espionage ring in US history.

      So if they only won the election they would make America and the world a better place run by the rule of law and openly democratic… not even close. Assassinations, rule by deep state blackmail, and undermining the democratic process would have been the rule of the day if Hillery had won.

      How anyone can think that a group

      Just like I thought. When presented with facts you have nothing Sparrow….

Lots of fake degrees and diplomas out there in the hands of so called professionals. Isn’t there anyone with real diplomas checking these clowns credentials? Oh wait…their probably fakes too. I think I worked for some in the transportation industry…they sure didn’t know what they were doing! How about our Government officials? Could explain a lot.

    I find it funny that paying $8100 and doing no research, thesis, even taking a class and they are Shocked its fake…lol

      Exactly. Only someone very naive could believe that such a thing was legitimate. The key seems to be that some of these places claim to evaluate your life experience and to award the degree on that basis. That allows the naive person to believe that he or she isn’t getting a degree for nothing. That said, I suspect that most people who buy these degrees know perfectly well that they are fraudulent.

AND City HAll seems to think everyone’s income has been keeping pace with their own so they keep raising taxes and now they want new fire hall on suspected flooding area and also wanting a new pool. Maybe sell off some of the unused properties to pay for these… The City has a lot of Real Estate tied up. Next year they’ll be saying they need a NEW CITY HALL and should be moved up to Westgate… guess who’s paying for that???? Does seem odd they are moving all the services out of downtown when they want to revitalize the area

    I don’t think city hall will be moving but I think you will find a pet project of theirs rearing its head again shortly and it will be located, in some way shape or form, , on the site of fire station 1, the old pool and maybe even spilling over to the old legion site.

    think PAC.

      PAC is the only thing you think….LOL

      Right you are, bcracer, once the old pool is demolished they’ll be “wondering” what to do with all that space. And a PAC is never far from their thoughts.

      Ever wonder why the streets are crooked around City Hall? I do believe it was a square at one time in the past,why don’t we still have a “town square”?

We are losing 250, so sad to hear. The most informative news site I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
Best wishes to all of you at 250.

Sorry to hear that 250 News is shutting down.
I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

So very, very sad to hear 250 is ending. Kudos to you Elaine for carrying it on. I travel to Arizona for 4 winter months, and 250 has been my mainstay connection to PG every day on my iPad. Always interesting daily news and tidbits! Best wishes for your future wherever it takes you!

DAMN NDP…wholesale sports is closing must be them responsible for this tragedy…

    Well there is a left of center government in the two provinces where most of their stores are. Coincidence?

    What will happen to the tax holiday the city granted for improvements to the building? Do they carry on for a vacant space? If a new tenant is found for that space can they double dip the taxpayer for the necessary modifications?

I wonder if the drop off in comments after the ban on commentary in the last election had anything to do with the decision to shut 250 down. This site lost a lot of credibility with that censorship and a lot of traffic.

    You’re either being funny or incredibly naive. 250 has more credibility and integrity than any other news site I have been on. The so-called censorship you allude to may be to keep racist comments off line as well as preserving the integrity of investigations.
    I learned early in life that mainstream media twists stories so often, I found 250 a very refreshing read.

      Or this censorship cut off legitimate debate in an election. You have monitors that delete and ban racist comments and obvious spam(beinghuman). Shutting down everything was a cop out.

      “I learned early in life that mainstream media twists stories so often”…

      I learned early in life that the mainstream media is biased towards the right, as well as the left. That is how they keep audiences that need to be spoon fed their point of view without having to go through all the trouble of reading both ends an the middle of the political spectrum and coming to an independent conclusion, or even digging into the actual source data.

      It is for those who do not have time, or are simply lazy … or want to go to battle every day often ending with personal attacks.

      Sorry mainstream media is very heavily biased towards the left. Any right leaning media is small and heavily criticized for anything they report to the point of threats and violence. Just look at the constant barrage of left philosophy from CBC, Global, CTV, CNN, NBC, CBS, SNL. Look at the constant anti Harper barrage during the election. Look at how apoplectic the media became when Trump got elected especially huff and puff Tamara.

      Just look at the mind melds up at the uni, no debate, no critical thinking allowed. Just keep your head low and follow the dogma.

      Racism is defined by liberal left progressive agenda. Look at how Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak is being burned at the stake for her views but defined as racist by the above. Even the CBC blocks comments to any native related article.

      More and more people seem to be wrapping themselves in a media blanket that does little to challenge their preconceived notions or beliefs. It is almost to the point where it is like Netflix where the next article that you are fed is based on the ones you have read in the past and are of similar tone.

      This is painfully obvious in some conspiracy website and ones that offer a one stop shopping spot for a particular point of view. Prime examples of this are sites like the daily stormer,rense, geo-engineering or whatsupwiththat.

      The Drumpf cry of “fake news” for any point of view that differs from his marks a sad day for a free and independent media. A strong and vibrant media will not survive without diversity.

      Satire is also a valuable tool in showing that the emperor has no clothes on what every the big topic of the week happens to be. Jon Stewart’s Daily Show was great at this and SNL has once again hit it’s stride. There is a new show coming to Comedy Central where Jordan Klepper mocks all the conspiracy theories that are neck deep on the internet- I hope it is as good as the previews.

      I agree Griz

      I also learned early in life that the mainstream media was biased towards the right, but that was back in the late ’60’s, early ’70’s. That’s about the time the universities became radicalized to the left, and journalism students from then on graduated having absorbed that mindset, and for the last few decades have been the people bringing us the news with a left wing bias.

      Just my take on it.

      “Or this censorship cut off legitimate debate in an election. You have monitors that delete and ban racist comments and obvious spam(beinghuman). Shutting down everything was a cop out.”

      Legitimate debate? I believe the debate went like this:

      Christy Crunch!
      Left wing whacko!
      My daddy can beat up your daddy!


So if raising the carbon tax will lead to less carbon consumption, how can raising the minimum wage to $15 not lead to less labor consumption?

    There is a way out in some cases. Hire only “independent contractors”.

    An independent is someone who can show that they work in several places, preferably creating a limited company, which will allow deductions such as transportation, clothing, around 10% office space in a rental or owned home, etc.

    Otherwise, owners of restaurants, small businesses, etc. will lay off a paid staff and do some of the work themselves, whether cooking, serving, doing the bookkeeping, cleaning, etc.

    Eventually it will become a state of equilibrium again after things are ironed out with all the possible options.

    Then, 10 years down the road, when cola clauses set into law are not keeping up again, the move will be repeated.

    Things change. It makes life livable … or not so livable….

The carbon tax has little effect on fuel consumption. Regardless, climate change will continue and even accelerate. People are not willing to stop driving their vehicles, will not buy small efficient vehicle, just look at all the pick up trucks on the road and one driver. We all have to heat our homes and most of us fly in jet aircraft which pollute the environments even more The gov. is laughing all the way to the bank with all the tax dollars they are making.
Yes shut down those projects that make clean electricity ……
Nothing is free…..

    So you are saying there was no climate change before man, no viability in climate at all? How does climate change accelerate? If jet airplanes are banned how will climate scientists get to their exotic locations to party on the tax payers dime, row?

      You know the answers to the questions from you point of view.

      Why do you even bother asking?

      Like religion, things have their own beliefs.

      Like religion, you can argue till the cows come home.

      Seamutt:”If jet airplanes are banned how will climate scientists get to their exotic locations to party on the tax payers dime, row?”

      By Gosh, finally there is an explanation why Harper muzzled the government climate scientists (they are the ones paid for with our taxes!) – it was about saving the government the expenses of flights, accommodation and meals! I always thought the muzzling was about their research coming to *undesirable* politically incorrect conclusions!

      Actually, PG, that would be politically CORRECT conclusions.

      But since the Liberals have been in power, what conclusions that the Conservatives muzzled have been revealed to us?

      Uhmmmm, nothing actually.

      Why were the government scientists muzzled to begin with? Was there a reason?

      Were they ever actually muzzled?

      Its about time someone laid down the facts on this global warming scheme. With only 15 minutes I can’t tonight… but I will be back to shred that to bits for sure in the next Friday Free For All. Its such an obvious fraud easily exposed.

Very sad to hear 250 news is shutting down. The liberal left progressives, climate change wailers, will all be jumping for joy in the loss of a source of countering information against their constant miss-information and bias. They are not a fan of free and open discussion its their way or violently no way.

Does anyone know of any other sites that allow free and open dialogue?

    What about Bill Phillip’s site? I don’t remember what it’s called. Does he have a forum?

    The Citizen on line … and Bill’s Prince George Daily News.

    Bill’s are monitored so that they are not posted immediately.

    The Citizen’s is filtered for inappropriate words.

    There are several sites, such as MSN, that have stopped comments.

      The Citizen allows anti hunting nutcases to say just about anything they like including comments revolving around killing and maiming hunters and then ban posters that go on the attack against them. They misinform the uninformed public regarding descriptions of firearms on a constant basis. Semi automatic rifles are not “assault” rifles. The term “assault rifle” is a term created and used by anti gun nuts including the media to scare people.


      Dat u Bater?

      Comments aren’t the same as an open forum such as this.

    Free and open discussion ….. LOL


    You can hang out at Rebel Media with others like yourself, but be warned, Rebel Media won’t be around much longer.

      Is that not a worry to you, it is to me. A restrictive media should be a real worry. All that will be left is a fascist media and where has that worked out?

      So…an outfit like Ezra LaRant and his Rebel Media can’t get any sponsorship, can’t get anyone to talk to them, can’t find enough subscribers to buy memberships and you can’t figure out why that is ? You better skip the Rebel and head straight to Whitebart News !

      You do have a problem!

      Why so crusty seamutt ? I am trying to help you. You would fit right in at the Rebel, Dis-Infowars or Breitbart. And, you can put whatever kind of comment on those sites you see fit to and not be censored. Enjoy !!

      https //whatsupdoc?.com

      Rebel Media won’t be around much longer? I don’t know about that. Levant built it from nothing to a huge news organization in only 2 years. Of late he’s had a considerable set-back as the left has had considerable success in their attacks on him, but don’t count him out too soon. He still has most of his subscribers and I expect he’ll find a way to rebuild.

      The left hates the idea of conservative opinion being expressed, because the facts, the truth, those things are conservative. The left constantly tries to suppress freedom of speech because they know their positions are almost always indefensible, and in the free exchange of ideas, they’ll almost always lose.

      Me crusty you seem to get your shorts in a knot quite easily if someone criticizes your dogma. So much for free speech and peace in the left world.

      Why do the left get so violent?

      Oh c’mon seamutt. You are the one that threatened to sick your dogs on me when I was simply trying to deface your confederate flag. I truly hope your dogs are okay after that. It was a tiny dose. I really am going to miss our interactions……see you at Infowhores….

      Dirtman, I will miss you as well. You are well spoken, proper grammar and spelling, there is no way you and seamutt are twins….as a couple of posters have accused you of. ;-)

      Oh, and please let me add, Jo Nova is one hot muffin !!

      Digitus ??????????????????????

      “hot muffin”

      Is that not locker room talk the left get their nickers tied up about.

      Uh, no Digitus, Seamutt and I have never been accused of being one and the same.

      I was accused of being one and the same as Hart Guy.

Amidst the complaining and bashing of each other, have a great weekend everyone!

Since the CN Centre is Charging more Money for Most Seats it would be nice if the Seat had a DRINK HOLDER like the seats in a Theater.
(better than putting drink on dirty floor)

For those unfamiliar with the term, Marranos was the name given to Jews in medieval Spain, especially in the fifteenth century during the Spanish Inquisition, who secretly maintained their Judaism while living as Catholics in public.

There is, of course, no Spanish Inquisition in America today – no one is being tortured into confessing what they really believe, and no one is being burned at the stake. But there are millions of Marrano-like Americans: Americans who hold conservative views – especially those who hold to conservative positions on social issues and those who voted for Donald Trump for president.

Millions of Americans who hold conservative and/or pro-Trump views rationally fear being ostracized by their peers, public humiliation, ruined reputations, broken families, losing their job, and being unable to work in their field. Under these circumstances, they have decided that coming out as conservative or pro-Trump is not worth the persecution they would face.

ht tp://www.truthrevolt.org/commentary/prager-conservatives-america-%E2%80%93-marranos-medieval-spain

    I agree DIRTMAN . Conservatives , consume , embrace , enjoy , gravitate towards , use to divide , Instill and exude FEAR . That’s what conservatives do . They conserve the past at the expense of the present and future . Have you seen the specs for the 2018 Nissan Leaf . More power , greater range , more features and a lower price . When was the last time an ice car was cheaper YoY . Boo ! .


      White supremacy is about fear . ?????????tucker Carlson????????? . Like homophobia. It’s about fear of the other . Aren’t you glad that Charlettesville , showed the real face of the ” unite the right (white) world wide movement ? Exposed in that single crescendo ? Tiki torches and all . Only the fearful are that afraid of the dark .

      Of course you wouldn’t know what Year on Year means . What the heck was I thinking ? . Finance ? Maybe .


      Conservatives instill and exude FEAR? No, not quite. But they are often fearful, thanks to the left who instill and exude hatred.

R.I.P. Cassini . You had a good run , twenty years . Was it worth it ? I think so . Thanks for the pics , we couldn’t have seen them without you . If anything is more than awesome anymore , us humans are it . What can’t we do , when the mood strikes us .

I was reading this

ht tp://www.cnn.com/interactive/2017/09/asia/north-korea-secret-state/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_topstories+%28RSS%3A+CNN+-+Top+Stories%29

then it hit me, similar to “Climate Change” propaganda and liberal left progressive dogma enforced by antifa.

    North Korea is no good options. I heard General Dunford say yesterday that if war breaks out that North Korea could kill from 1.5-2.5 million people with their 120,000 artillery aimed at Soul in the 8minutes that it would take America to neutralize the North Korean threat.

“Collusion with the Russians, anyone? How about Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the Russians in the Uranium One deal which gave Russia control of 20 percent of our uranium supply in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation?”

Read more: htt p://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/09/new_hillary_emails_warrant_special_prosecutor.html#ixzz4sp3NraZB
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

Heard Trump today speaking about the US Air Force 70th anniversary and he made a Freudian slip a number of times using the word Ameri-care in the place of America…. kind of transparent projecting his thoughts IMO. Is he working on universal health care with the democrats as he supported before his run for president.

The leftards will be going apoplectic if Trump, a republican, is the one to bring in universal health care. The republicans will have history on their side freeing the slaves, giving them citizenship and then the vote through the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the constitution… and now Ameri-care too?

Should be interesting to see if that Freudian slip was a result of things he is working on behind the scenes.

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