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October 27, 2017 3:31 pm

Wholesale Sports Closing

Thursday, September 14, 2017 @ 5:59 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  Wholesale Sports has announced it  is closing  all 12 of its  stores in  western Canada, including the one in Prince George.

“We thoroughly appreciate the loyalty  from both our customers and Wholesale Sports employees  and wish to sincerely thank each of them for their support and service over the years” reads a message from  Carol Kitchen, UFA President and CEO,  and Glenn Bingley, Chief Operating Officer,  Retail.

The company  will be starting a liquidation sale tomorrow  at each of the 12  retail locations.  That sale will continue until December 28th or until  all merchandise has been liquidated, whichever comes first.

Wholesale Sports,  which is a subsidiary of United Farmers Co-Op , has been operating five retail stores in B.C., five in Alberta, one in Saskatchewan and one in Manitoba.



Prices certainly were not wholesale.

    Thanks tips. Here’s another shocker for you. Old Navy doesn’t have anything to do with the navy.

Quick, Quick, Blame it in the new government.

The UFA was the downfall.

That’s too bad. I was a regular customer. I’m hopeful that OF was a profitable location and someone else will open another sporting goods store here.

    Ooops. PG got turned into OF for some reason. Damned autocorrect :)

I’m surprised the PG location lasted as long as it did. There was never anybody in there whenever I went and the prices were certainly out of line with the online vendors.

I bought two crab pots from the Northern hardware this summer and they where $10 a peace cheaper there and supports a local business

Don’t call yourself a wholesale store when your prices are nowhere near that.

Wholesale sports had very little handloading ammo supplies many times.
They seem to always out of stock, so had to look elsewhere outside PG or online. Too bad they are closing, there is little in PG to find the many items one looks for. Hopefully Cabellas comes to PG, there is one in Ft St John I believe……………

    No Cabelas in FSJ. Backcountry Is the main outdoor retailer there.

Horrible service every time I went, but no one else sells lsdies hunting apparel. I could always go back to buying online but it’s nice to be able to touch the material and try it on.
Maybe we’ll get a Cabellas or Bass Pro?

Wholesale sports closing is just more proof that department type stores are dead.. They are the middleman, the internet has made them relics.. the cost to heat, light, rent..etc etc for brick and mortar is to costly. Maybe once Sears shuts down we will get a real movie theater..

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