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Friday Free for All – Sept. 22, 2017

Friday, September 22, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

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The borrowing and spending binge by Canadian households, businesses and governments (all levels) continues unabated. Growing the debt in the economy significantly faster than the economy itself grows seems to have developed into a way of life in Canada.

At the end of June, 2017 the total debt outstanding in Canada (bottom line of the Statistics Canada credit market summary data table) was $7.51 trillion. At the end of June, 2016 the total debt outstanding was $7.13 trillion. In the 1 year period from the end of June, 2016 to the end of June, 2017 it increased by $375 billion. This is an increase of 5.2%.

The approximate beginning of the global financial crisis was June, 2007. At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding in Canada was $3.99 trillion. In the last 10 years it has increased by $3.52 trillion. This is an increase of 88.3%.

Looking at the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors in Canada (17th line up from the bottom of the credit market summary data table):

At the end of June, 2017 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $5.32 trillion. At the end of June, 2016 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $5.04 trillion. In the 1 year period from the end of June, 2016 to the end of June, 2017 it increased by $278 billion. This is an increase of 5.5%.

At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $2.84 trillion. In the last 10 years it has increased by $2.47 trillion. This is an increase of 86.9%.


    Even worse when you think about it! That debt is held by 60% of the population. The rest are debt free

    ‘Debt’, in essence, is simply a cumulative deficiency of purchasing power recorded over time.

    IF what is created by the banking system as debt were totally capable of repayment WITHOUT the further creation of MORE debt to do it, there would be no problem. But it currently isn’t.

    If the banks were to stop lending tomorrow, and we had to liquidate all our present indebtedness using money already in existence, we couldn’t possibly do it.

    This is because virtually ALL our money is created as debt “out of nothing” as the saying goes, and when this debt is repaid it returns to being just that, ‘nothing’. Loans create deposits, the repayment of those loans destroys them. Unlike the, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” question, there is no question whatsoever here. The loan, the extension of CREDIT, came first.

    The system is creditary ~ all money systems are, right back to the beginning of people using money is a demand/accounting system ~ to account for the differences in time and value in their transactions with one another.

    For a variety of reasons, in our times largely due to the displacement of labor and the payment of incomes to labor diminishing overall in ratio as a cost to what we call Capital Costs, in each successive production cycle, the spending from labor incomes is not large enough to fully liquidate all costs. Of which they are only a part of, and a diminishing part of, as we progress through time.

    To correct this anomaly requires the debt free creation of credit in an ongoing amount to balance the difference, and its distribution to all of us. End of problem.

      He didn’t bury his face in his hands because he was embarrassed – he did it because Trump gave away the game plan

      Not sure why it replied here to sparrow but cest la vie

      Because that is where the cursor was. Gotta keep an eye on that little sucker.

    Heard Janet Yellen speak on the radio last Tuesday. She says the US Fed will be unwinding 30-years of asset purchases that they made to hold interest rates down. This unwinding will reflect an inverse of the low interest rates of the last 30-years… the plan is to pay for that with growth through lower taxes under the Trump tax plan… but its a house of cards that once interest rates start to pick up it will be hard to slow down again.

    Also read somewhere that Canada is next only to China in total debt risk. Rising interest rates are expected to hit China and Canada hardest with the most debt exposure.

    In BC PG is the second most in debt city in the province per capita… so naturally funding more capital expenditures with pure debt and a blind eye to the future is par for the course.

OMG! Second to last Friday Free For All!

Times a wastin’! Crank ‘er up boys and girls!

Yee haw!

We have two clowns with nuclear weapons that are both nuts. The human race is the big loser from this

    Agree!! Duck and cover won’t really help.

    Drumpf’s quiver is empty. He tried to threaten Kim with “Fire & Fury” bluster and Kim responded with a nuke test. He tried his go-to attack of elementary school name calling “Rocket Man” and Kim responded by replying that Drumpf is a dotard which is not actually name calling as by definition fits Drumpf like a glove:)

    Dotard-a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person

    Drumpf then goes to the UN* and says that the US will wipe North Korea off the map. Kim responds that he might continue his war on the Pacific Ocean by setting off another nuke.

    About the only thing left for the bloated pumpkin head to do is declare that North Korea ever even exists is “Fake News” and a “Hoax”

    * Priceless photo of Whites only House chief of staff with his face buried in his hands as Drumpf spoke.

      So Sparrow you are saying that Kim is just misunderstood and you would invite him over for supper.

      That maniac is a threat to the world or are you denying that. Bush and odumber never acted to contain that fat sh.t when they had a chance now look at what we have. Trump made Syria and the rest of the world take notice, Kim hopefully was paying attention.

      These threats by Kim started long before Trump and no one would deal with it now its all Trumps fault? Amazing.

      No they are equally off their rockers. Drumpf has painted himself in a corner and has no easy way out.

      He cannot suggest that diplomacy will ease tensions as he has just threatened to tear up the deal with Iran so Kim can honestly say that any deal with the Americans is not worth the paper it is written on. Twice since Drumpf took office his administration has said that Iran is fully complying with the terms of the agreement.

      He cannot do a preemptive strike as Seoul and it’s 25 million people are within minutes of the thousands upon thousands of rocket and mortar tubes aimed their way to say nothing of the chemical weapons he has. Japan is also in their sites if the Yankees attack. Add to this that the China and Russia have been rattling their swords with recent war games as a warning not to attack. As a last gasp I don’t think that Kim would hesitate to nuke Seoul or make an effort to hit Guam.

      Kim will not start a conflict as the final outcome is plain for all to see but will continue to poke Drumpf. By the same token there is no way he will give up his nukes as that is his trump(no pun intended) card.

      Drumpf has finally found out that his bully in the schoolyard act has it’s limits on the global stage and he has no other strategy to fall back on. SAD!

      Drumpf just wound it up a notch and called Kim a MADMAN. I’m heading for the basement before one of the pulls out “Your Mother Wears Army Boots”

      Kindergarten diplomacy by two mental midgets!

      POTUS is a sociopath and is displaying early signs of senility to boot.

      A country that can allow that to happen is not in control of its government.

      He wishes he were a dictator like Kim and could control the whole lot of the House. Yet he cannot even control the persons he hires.

      Just shows how fake “the Apprentice” was.

      Kim can have his uncle executed. Trump cannot do that ….. yet.

      Trump is jealous, and does not have the ability to control Kim, the same as all the others.

      The world is still very unstable. They cannot even band together to neutralize Kim.

      sparrow – “Twice since Drumpf took office his administration has said that Iran is fully complying with the terms of the agreement.”

      Yeah, so? That Iran is complying with a deficient agreement does not make that agreement any better. It’s still a very bad deal.

      Donald Trump, Sept.19th – “The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States have ever implemented. Frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the United States.”

      France, Sept. 21st — France’s President Emmanuel Macron declared Wednesday that the Iran nuclear deal is no longer a sufficient safeguard against the growing power that Tehran wields in its region.

      Hey gopg it is the sociopath that thankfully lost the election. Hey get over your loss.

      Sparrow can you show me where diplomacy has worked with out being backed up by force? Why do peace keepers carry guns?

      I seriously doubt that Drumpf has even read the deal with Iran. It is like Kimmel said that him reading something would be the same as a dog doing your taxes- almost impossible to imagine.

      He as not even read his own books as they were written by a ghost writer…..when his presidential library is built after he leaves off it will have only two books and one of them he has not finished colouring yet!

      If Drumpf bails on the deal it is estimated that Iran will develop a nuclear weapon within a year. Under the terms of the agreement this can be put off for a decade at which time further negotiations could take place.

      As for the empty threats against Korea it is a sad state of affairs when the lives of millions of people on the Korean peninsula and in Japan hang in the balance because of these two idiots.


      gopg2015- His orangeness is planning something that any dictator worth his salt would have- a big military parade in his honor for next July 4th down Pennsylvania Ave in front of the Whites only House.

      seamutt- still waiting for an answer on the stars and bars flag.

    Trumps speech at the UN the other day was a realist view of the current world affairs and likely the best speech ever given by a US President at the UN.

    So much so that China signed on the next day to a total financial ban on Chinese banks doing any transactions with North Korea. If someone said that was possible 6-months ago they would be put in an insane asylum.

    The real asz clown was Trudeau who declined Canada’s need for missile defense saying that Canada wasn’t under threat and ignoring completely the madman in North Korea. Then he goes on to trash Canada as a country of neo-colonial crusaders that ethnically cleansed the land of natives deligitimizing the very foundations of our nation… at the UN… to win praise among the antifa type bolshiviks.

Good morning everyone! Yes, soon sadly, 250 news will be no more. What would be really nice would be if someone else was able to pick up the torch and carry on with it.
There must be someone in town with the knowledge and expertise to do that.
Here’s hoping to that end.

    I have space on my Linode, it would be quite easy to set up fridayfreeforall.com. :)

    Expertise is abundant.

    Time and money for the volume of traffic is the hard part.

The Undoing of Alberta

(and BC is following in their footsteps)

As the impoverished masses of oil-rich Venezuela know all too well, you also have to have a stable, predictable, competitive tax and regulatory regime. And right now, Alberta and Canada do not. “When an international investor sees that in Canada a single level of government aided by activist groups can stop a project that has been officially approved after years of regulatory process, they’re going to conclude that Canada is not a stable and reliable place to invest, that its risks are effectively on the same level as those of a Third World country,” says Questfire’s Dahl. “We’re starting to operate like a banana republic, but one that doesn’t even want to sell its bananas.”


“The provincial government claims their policies are not driving capital away,” says one Calgary entrepreneur. “But it’s a lie.” He notes that in the pre-Internet era, when documents moved by fax or courier, a provincial licence to drill a new oil or gas well was typically issued within seven to 14 days. Today, despite all parties wielding modern information technology, one month is typical and government regulators can take six months to issue certain well licences. In Texas, the same type of permit can be obtained within 24 hours of application.

A long read but well worth the time.

Check it out, Coco.

ht tp://www.c2cjournal.ca/2017/09/the-undoing-of-alberta/

    Its time the oil business slowed down. All its doing is polluting our environment that we try to export the world over. Try walking for a change. You will live a lot longer and enjoy its benefit’s for your health.

      So without oil have you ever thought about your quality of life? I think not. Can you name one thing, just one thing in your life not involving oil?

      Oil is responsible for cleaning up the massive pollution that was previously visited on our environment. Two million pounds of horse sh.t deposited every day on the streets of New York, not to mention the urine. Oil is what made us rich enough to spend time and money caring about the environment.

Going to miss you all in a few weeks, its been a great outlet of thoughts, compliments, condolences, frustrations and ideas. Thank you Ben for this, Thank you Elaine for carrying the torch for this long. Ben is smiling.

Good morning and happy Friday! Enjoy the first day of fall everyone.

Joe Martin Park on Balsum Rd; the playground equipment is gone. I heard some ladies, not too pleased as they strolled over with their kids and the apparatus is gone. That playground stuff was well built; built to last, and there before the City amalgamated the Hart. The City should maintain not take away. Just a couple years ago, apparatus was taken, stripped by the City from Heather Rd Ball Park , a City Counsellor was in the news about the cost of maintaining. The City should not lessen what they took over; if The Hart was its own area part of the Regional District, we could at least maintain a PLAYGROUND

    No photo ops for the Mayor at that dinky little park.

    Too bad about the equipment at Joe Martin, it was a great little place for the younger siblings to exercise while their older brother or sister was playing ball.

    The took out all of the playground equipment from Perry Park this summer too. Seems the city has decided to get rid of it all for some reason. Liability perhaps?

    If it was made of treated timber it was a heath risk problem and had to go.

      Perry Park equipment was all steel.

    Well the money for the bike lanes has to come from somewhere. Oh I bet Jillian will toast the demise of this forum.

    Agreed really dumb and short sighted. This city has no commitment to quality of life issues like parks. Why not leave the old playgrounds up… is it easier to sell the park land later for infill without a playground on the park?

Thank to the City for putting up that party tomorrow at the Park.. My thought was, how many City staff will be on OT then ???

    You have deep pockets and no say in the matter. :)

Would be NICE if the Store Owners at Spruceland Shopping Center would make their Smoking Staff GO OUT THE BACKDOOR to smoke instead of going out the Front Door where Customers are and they SHOULD use the ASHTRAY that is 10 feet away ($-Store)instead of Butting out on the Sidewalk.

    I was visiting a couple of patients at the hospital a few times over the past couple of weeks and was constantly amazed at the number of people/patients
    outside having a smoke while sitting under the “No Smoking on Hospital Property” signs!

      I took a weekend course at CNC recently. Was met at the main front doors by two guys smoking their brains out. Then during breaks the smokers were all hanging around the doors out back puffing away and throwing their butts all over the ground.

Good morning to all the climate change alarmists!

As a “global warming” skeptic, I really enjoyed reading this commentary from Rex Murphy in today’s Financial Post!

Rex Murphy, National Post, September 22, 2017

“All global warming predictions are infallible… until they’re not

Could even a smidgen of the skepticism some have been urging, some of the warnings that science and politics are a terrible blend, be justified?”

Ataloss, IF you read this and IF your head doesn’t explode, any comments?

ht tp://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-all-global-warming-predictions-are-infallible-until-theyre-not

    Good comment from Rex, as usual.

    From the article:

    “From a number of venues normally in robotic lockstep with the great consensus of settled science, the London Times, the Washington Post, and even the maniacally warmist The Independent, a story emerges that the famous models of the global warming industry may have overstated the degree of global warming in the past two decades.”

    No kidding. That’s what the deniers have been saying (backed up by observations) for all along.

      It should be plain obvious that the climate models were nothing more than kaboki programing.

      Just think 20-years ago when they first came out with their climate modeling…. early stages of software development, imprecise coefficients, variables, and errors… engineers translating analog data of physics and chemistry into digital with executable instructions with precision to predict the global weather out 20-years….

      So what equation did they use to make the code and type of calculations and irritations for this ‘exact science’? Was it along the lines of Issac Newton’s formula for gravity, or Eisenstein’s theory of relativity, the settled science of today… not so simple, no proven theory, and with so many moving parts as to render even the best data inputs worthless on any extended duration.

      Can they predict the weather next week with much accuracy, much less 20-years into the future? Watch the hurricane predictions just the last few weeks. Their models are all wrong and all over the place. They can’t predict intensity, direct, or even the general scope of where these things will end up.

      The difference between all the models like the European verse the NASA models and all the others shows the flaws in the basic equations underlying their evolving software.

      For any climate model we can all agree that the greatest input is from the output of the sun. the most important number in any climate model must address the variability of the suns output… but who can predict the sun weather from one minute to the next, much less 20-years out? All climate models use an assumed constant in regards to sun output… clearly skewing even the best models over time. To say otherwise is lunacy. Any predictions of sun output and solar activity might as well be a random number generator.

      Look at the recent solar eclipse where the sun was turned off for just a few minutes… local air temperatures dropped up to 10-degrees F. The Earth Sun connection is strong.

      Group think science does not make it correct. Scientific instruments like thermometers, parameters, hygrometers are only as accurate as their calibrations. These instruments should be calibrated yearly and yet over a third of them haven’t been calibrated in over a decade.

      Garbage in gets garbage out is the bottom line.

    Rex Murphy is a PC hack and his knowledge is pure bunk.

      Which is your way of saying he is right, or you would have come up with and argument or two against his claims.

The majority of our The City Fathers must be in favour of stripping playground equipment. It’s hard to maintain up the Hart so far away from downtown

“Partly in response to the crazy claims of the usual global warming experts (Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, Mark Ruffalo, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Pope Francis), I decided to write another Kindle e-book. This one is entitled, Inevitable Disaster: Why Hurricanes Can’t Be Blamed On Global Warming.

In it I review the many fascinating examples of major hurricane landfalls in the United States, even going back to colonial times.

For example, two major hurricane strikes endured by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1635 and in 1675, have yet to be rivaled in more modern times. Major hurricane Maria, now approaching Dominica and Guadeloupe, is probably no match for the Great Hurricane of 1780 in the Caribbean, which had estimated winds of 200 mph and killed 20,000 people.

I also address the reasons why Hurricane Harvey and its flooding cannot be blamed on climate change. Regarding Hurricane Irma which recently terrorized Florida, you might be surprised to learn that it is consistent with a downward trend in both the number and intensity of landfalling major Florida hurricanes:”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/09/19/new-book-why-hurricanes-cant-be-blamed-on-global-warming/

    A hurricane is Earths natural cooling process. Heat flows through the hurricane from the warm ocean to the cold upper atmosphere cooled from space. This is a limiter that limits global ocean warming with the vastness of space as its capacitor.

    C02 has no role to play in a hurricanes formation. The vertical thermal flow imparts energy to power its rotation through the Coriolis effect of the earths rotation.

    C02 has no way of heating the ocean. Heat does not transfer from a gas to water with any efficiency. Simple thermodynamics at work when you try to heat a glass of water with a hair drier… come back in a week and tell us how that worked out for you. However try it the other way around and heat a bowl of water first and pour it into a room temperature bowl and the heat radiates from the hot water to the surrounding air.

    C02 is only 1 of 256 atoms and molecules that make up our air on earth. It is not the most greenhouse of gases either. Water vapor alone has the highest greenhouse gas effect, followed by gases like methane. The solar radiation on the ocean surface has far more to play with the global temperature than any gas heat radiated the other way back to the ocean.

    Ask yourself this… If our Earth atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, .93% Argon, and yet only .39% C02 along with small fractions of other gases… C02 is a single molecule of more than 256 other atoms and molecules in every cubit of the atmosphere.

    Contrast that with Mars that has 95.32% C02, 2.7% Nitrogen, 1.6% Argon, .13% Oxygen along with other trace amounts of gases.

    Shouldn’t Mars then have run away global warming being that its atmosphere is 95.32% C02 and Earths is only .39% C02…..

Driving on bottom area of Upland/Milburne and hear police sirens blaring then notice guy on dirt bike/helmet with a stash going through the park quickly, races across the crosswalk to that slew walkway, fortunately though he crashed his bike and couldn’t get it back up to work and Police Jeep swooped in and arrested him…like something you’d see in a Grand Theft Auto game

    that was about 30-40 minutes ago there abouts

Hope you all have fun at tonights cougars game

I as well as many others will be listening from our cars or homes where we can get in and out as we please and have a smoke and enjoy myself

Re admittance policy is a joke. You cant leave because it costs us too much for security

Guess profits are more importsnt than patrons oh wait you dont get one without the other

    I will do the opposite.. I will go watch the game live.. don’t smoke so not a concern.. actually for everyone’s health the more smokers that follow your policy the better.

    Go Cougars Go.

    Raising our first banner tonight

Ever wonder why electrification of transport is lagging so far the rest of the world . Even lagging behind third world countries . It’s not for lack of interest . It’s not because of lack of products . It’s being engineered . If you would like some answers … EVchoice.ca

    So far Behind the rest of the world .

      Last week I saw a CBC report about an invention that consists of a vibration sensing unit which is attached to railroad tracks. It makes an alarm and flashing lights when a train is approaching. It gives wildlife about 20 seconds to get off the track by scarfing it.

      However, the real scary thing was the video of the engine approaching on tracks (in Alberta) that were totally neglected and in need of replacement. The rails looked had high point and valleys, like wet noodles, going up and down again under the weight of the engine! One could see wooden ties which were rotten and had loose spikes sticking up an inch or more. Are there any minimum safety standards? Doesn’t look like it!

      Fourth world conditions, unfortunately.

      Scaring, scarfing is a typo. Eliminate “looked.” Finger trouble Friday!

      PG I saw that report also and that would have been a spur line, not the mainline. Speeds and usage are not the same on a spur line as a mainline so a lower standard. Same as a comparison to hwy 16 and Marleau.

      What seamutt said. Tracks are inspected quite regularly, defects are noted and depending on severity a speed restriction is in place or track pulled from service. Depending on the line, locomotive types may also be restricted from running on that track due to weight. Weight limits placed on railcars. Customer tracks also must be inspected on a regular basis. There are standards for how many bad ties in a certain distance, how many spikes actually needed per tie plate, etc. It’s pretty involved and quite regulated. Mainline obviously has to be inspected more often than other track, even in the yard if track goes past deadline to be inspected then it is taken out of service until it’s done.

      peegee, well said.

      peegee, you must be a railroader. I recall when railroad jacks were cast iron, then went to a steel/aluminum alloy, what a nice change, lighter on the shoulder carrying. Things have changed since I was on a section crew.

      Grizzly I am but not section. I just get frustrated when non railroaders try to pass judgment on an industry they know nothing about. It really is a different world there. You would know, working with the same people 24/7, sometimes spending more holidays with then than your own family – I’m one of them, worked more Christmases than not. I can get pretty defensive when it comes to criticism, I’ve seen what employees in each department sacrifice to keep everything rolling.

    Could it be because the rich countries who are powered by fossil fuels are paying for those moves in the rest of the world? You know, “carbon credits”, the kind of payments which were called indulgences in the middle ages.

    Soooo , I guess you guys didn’t go to the site or sign the petition. I’ve never seen a thread so long off topic .

      Off topic?

      Quoting you, “Ever wonder why electrification of transport is lagging so far the rest of the world . Even lagging behind third world countries”

      Short answer, no, never wondered. Provided answer. So why go to the website?

      Another answer – we just don’t want them.

On August 31 Vancouver Renewable Energy (VREC) staff returned from Pond Inlet, NU, after installing a 9.3 kW photovoltaic system on the hamlet’s Community Hall. Three weeks later, as of September 20, the installation of 32 290-Watt panels has offset 590 kWh of electrical consumption, equal to $577 savings on the municipal power bill. This is the most northern grid-tied solar energy system in the Americas.

The solar energy system uses AP Systems 3-phase micro-inverters and SolarWorld mono-crystalline modules.

In addition to solar, the installation will be paired with a mural celebrating light, both from the sun and from qulliqs, traditional Inuit lamps that use animal fat as for fuel. Ikaarvik Youth Researcher Alex Anaviapik is designing the mural with input from the community and will paint it once warm weather returns next summer.Community Hall

The project was made possible after a group of the Ikaarvik Youth Researchers in Pond Inlet conceived the idea for community solar and applied for funding for the install and in-kind donations to help with transportation and logistics. A research icebreaker contracted by the Arctic Kingdom tour company delivered the panels and racking, which saved immensely on shipping costs.” For the rest of the story see . Vrec.ca ” they will have quiet for once and save thousands at today’s prices on diesel . Think of the money the city PG could save and make if they utilized the rooftops of their buildings . All city council needs is an eye on the future and a sharp pencil .

    Did they remove the diesel generators, oh wait.

    Sooo what happens during those long arctic nights, you know the long night?

      They can’t shut off the diesel, they will have a savings of about 3,000.00 per year for the community. The grid tie means a tie to the diesel generator, it’s demand is less for a few months a year until the sun goes down and doesn’t come back up until spring again. The system was 35,000.00 so the ROI is 12 years with no interest. Not sure why PG would need this except as a make work project, maybe Horgy can buy us some with his increases to the carbon tax – no wait this has to pay for the bridge tolls, shoot it can pay for both. They should get me into the finance chair, solar panels for all, hey I won’t even charge them a salary. They can just put me onto a few boards and away I go

    So why is it so cheap for them when it’s so expensive everywhere else? And why is there a reversion to coal?
    Back To Black: Australian Govt Walks Away From Green Energy Targets

    The Clean Energy Target as proposed by Chief Scientist Alan Finkel will be overhauled and replaced with a policy that will place much greater emphasis on coal-fired baseload power and possibly a slower transition to renewable energy.

    ht tps://www.thegwpf.com/back-to-black-australian-govt-walks-away-from-green-energy-targets/
    Aussie Politicians Panic Over Coal Closures

    Australia’s green conservatives are panicking that after years of political vilification, coal businesses are abandoning their plants, leaving a gaping hole in Australia’s baseload power reserves.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/09/06/aussie-politicians-panic-over-coal-closures/
    A report by the EIA indicated that coal exports—for both steam coal, used for power generation, and metallurgical coal, used for refining steel—have increased by 58 percent from Q1 of 2016 to Q1 of 2017. The majority of the increase was in steam coal, which grew by 6 million short tons (MMst).

    Big U.S. coal customer: Europe

    The majority of the coal was shipped from ports on the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast. The U.S. exported a total of 10.135 million short tons of steam coal during Q1. Steam coal exports were bound largely for European markets—which consumed approximately 50 percent of the U.S.’ total steam coal exports in Q1, 2017.

    ht tps://www.thegwpf.com/u-s-coal-boom-feeds-european-markets/

      It’s obvious that you’ve never delt with or understood transportation . Digging up and moving coal costs more than the price of the coal in a downward trend for coal . That’s it . You build stuff with coal and the rest . You plug in the new stuff , it spins a turbine , lights a PV every day and delivers wind twenty four sevenish, delivered free of charge .

      wind twenty four sevenish, delivered free of charge??? Aside from the ridiculousness of that comment, there’s the experience of other jurisdictions with wind and solar who find their electricity costs to consumers tripled even after massive government subsidies. That must be some very potent stuff you’ve been smoking.

    You really need to read the whole release at vrec.ca . They’ll have solar all summer saving them enough to look at batteries and wind power . It seems a small effort but it’s the thin edge of the wedge . I think it’s a thing to be proud of ” The Most Northerly Solar Install In The Americas ” and it’s in Canada . As for the carbon tax money ? Let’s see what council does with it .

    Dirtman , have you looked at the cost of diesel being delivered once a year and being stored ? With solar they only have to do that for half the year . What’s wrong with that ? Wind power ? What’s wrong with that ? No delivery costs . Whatwrongwiththat .

      No delivery costs, yet it’s more costly than fossils, and unreliable to boot.

      And they still need the fossil as base load backup.

250 is going to be missed. cannot think of any other media in Pr Geo, where one can express an objection. I find, my written views at the other place, my opinion gets edited

    Well the politicians will not miss the 250 forum.

      Your speaking for yourself I takeit.

      Retired I will miss your witticisms.

Rex nailed it again

“Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau’s UN address was a meaningless speech to a worthless body”

htt p://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-justin-trudeaus-un-address-was-a-meaningless-speech-to-a-worthless-body

Wonder if dear leader was wearing his pretty socks during his speech or whatever that was called.

    That was a total disgrace the way Trudeau threw Canada under the bus at the UN making our country out to be war criminals and our history illegitimate in his view.

    Trudeau sees no need for missile defense at this time? Pathetic.

    IMO NoKo targets Amazon in Seattle for an EMP attack. They have the range and wouldn’t need to worry about a re-entry into the atmosphere. It would cripple the American economy and stock markets. That’s why Amazon needs a second location….

    BTW PG is exactly on the flight path from NoKo to Denver Colorado where the US military has their continuity of government bunkers. With interceptors launched from Alaska to catch and terminate those missiles it will be right overhead….

“consistent with a downward trend in both the number and intensity of landfalling major Florida hurricanes” That’s because the US has been employing hurricane suppression technology for the past 50 yrs.
Look up hurricane Sandy and you’ll see forecasters knew it was going to make a 90 degree turn one week before if happened. Forecasters had to continually update the path of Irma because it kept changing.
Harvey – tried to move inland but was “stalled”. Every meteorologist stated that it stalling was highly “unusual”.
Look at the wild weather swings we’ve had. The east is baking and we’re experiencing another “cold front”. It’s called a nucleated cool down. Ice nucleation technology exists. China had to admit to employing it for the Olympics as it caused billions of dollars in damage. This SUMMER, we were told BC was going to experience a cold front at least 4 times since the fires started. A cold front? In the summer? They had to account for the drastic drop in temperature and the high winds. A couple of nights ago watched the Global meteorologist show a system moving east across western Canada before making a complete 180 and heading west again. She laughed/giggled and changed the graphic
Climate engineering is real and is happening. Look up in the sky right now. What was going to be a nice, blue sky fall day has now become a whitened/hazy sky. It’s called SRM. The BBC has a great documentary called Global Dimming.
Despite all the “this has been debunked” – here’s the actual video of the scientist admitting to the ongoing and out of control geoengineering programs
ht tp://www.chemtrailsprojectuk.com/cracked-top-climate-scientist-admits-to-ongoing-geoengineering/

    Tin foil futures are up.

      Kind of a glass house/stones thing going on here. You are a prime example of someone who has a narrow point of view on a subject and on a regular basis cite a single source as an authority on a subject ignoring the fact that they do little more than compile articles from one perspective and only represent a very small portion of people studying the subject.

      Yes I am referring to whatsupwiththat – the website whose motto should be We Look At The Subject With Blinders On:)

      BTW Last week someone mentioned you fly the stars and bars—I have a buddy that lives in Parkridge and when driving there have seen such a flag. I always wondered why someone would fly that flag or even knows it’s history.That you?

      The thing about that “single source” that seamutt and I regularly cite is itself, a repository of multiple sources, something of which you are well aware so that criticism is invalid. And considering that all those sources base their findings on actual science, it’s not surprising that you would resort to ad hominems, because that’s all you have.

    The term cold front does not refer to seasonal weather but to a relative temperature difference between air masses no matter the season. We also have warm fronts that can happen in mid winter. GASP!

    “The air masses separated by a front usually differ in temperature and humidity. Cold fronts may feature narrow bands of thunderstorms and severe weather, and may on occasion be preceded by squall lines or dry lines. Warm fronts are usually preceded by stratiform precipitation and fog. The weather usually clears quickly after a front’s passage. Some fronts produce no precipitation and little cloudiness, although there is invariably a wind shift”

      Seamutt, marginalizing is contrary to the rules of this forum.

      That’s not what I said Sparrow. We’ve had low systems in the summer and warm systems in the winter. In the summer, they’re referred to as lows as the temp difference isn’t extreme because they’re weaker. That’s not what’s happening, we’ve had sudden, massive temp swings this summer. It’s not natural.
      All over the world, people are talking about the weird weather, strange clouds and whitening of the skies, and massive sudden temp swings. They know something is odd, but not sure why. 20 degree changes from one day to the next in all seasons. Not a natural gradual warm up or cool down. Slowly but surely, people are finally waking up. There have been geoengineering conferences all over the world for decades now. It was part of the Paris Climate meeting. Google climate engineering and the UN and you will see videos of scientists and leaders of countries asking for it to stop. Any scientist speaking out about it is marginalized – they have to toe the global warming dogma. Many documents show ongoing climate engineering. Operation Popeye would be a good start.

      Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 – US Gov
      ht tp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-2/

      These documents, from many sources, are available to anyone willing to look for them.

      I have visited geoengeering- a crackpot site with absolutely nothing of any substance. Plenty of pictures of planes and clouds and clouds and planes. No definitive evidence or proof of any efforts to control or change weather patterns. Just another example of a Preach To The Choir website.

      Sparrow go and investigate yourself – one of the things Dane Wigington from GeoengineeringWatch advises. Govt’s and MSM tell us what to believe all the time and most of it’s BS.
      Geoengineering watch has a documents section at the top where they curate documents from govts, scientists, doctors, agencies from all over the world. I’ve suggested areas to start looking outside geoengineering watch and you decide that marginalization was appropriate.

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”

    There is nothing happening in weather that has not happened before. The only change is communication, everyone has a cell phone. An event anywhere is instantly reported and the breathless talking heads on TV hype it up into overdrive.

    About the hurricanes, no major hurricanes have hit mainland north america for twelve years until now despite the dire warmers predictions of an increase in storms, did not happen a major embarrassment to them. With population and development increase over the years any storm will leave a path of destruction. These present hurricanes are not worst ever, they are down the list.

    htt ps://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/trends-in-atlantic-hurricanes/#more-30077

    I seen a chemtrail the other day that looked to be 1″ long only on the windshield. With my glasses off it disappeared, but with glasses on it was clear as day and stuck out in an otherwise blue sky. Probably thats all they needed to make it rain in PG….

Is this not racism. A film maker in Victoria will charge $10 for his film but $15 to white so called privileged males. Oh wait he is not white so cannot be labeled racism.

Higgins, who received $40,000 in funding from the Telus Optik Fund to produce the film. Did not know Telus was promoting racism against white males?

All this ignorant progressive is accomplishing is adding fuel to the fire.

ht tp://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/film-director-used-fake-name-to-promote-race-based-ticket-pricing-1.22878416

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/victoria-filmmaker-used-fake-name-to-promote-pricier-tickets-for-white-men-1.4298121?cmp=rss

    Damn right it’s racist, if a white person was to do it they would be crapped on by all the do gooder, social activist, sensitive wall flowers! When I read about this I was livid! Has a lot of gall to do this, but then again there is a lot of reverse discrimination going on! He would get an earful from me if I had the opportunity.

    I read about that, killed myself laughing! What a dumbass. But then, them there creative, artistic types are so phony anyway.

It looks like the city has already decided that the new firehall is a “go”. They are changing the lights and everything at the corner of Massey and 15th right now and they took all the trees out from in front of the church that is there.

I wonder about Drug use in Government funded housing? I saw a delivery going on last night to government housing on 20th, to a old guy in a wheel chair.

    You do know that Shoppers Drugmart delivers , right ? I see their delivery car go by all over town .

      I have found in life that those with No Business of their own regularly try to mind mine and everybody else’s .

      Ataloss, well said. If everyone minded their own, life would be nicer.

    And you saw what was being exchanged? There are a few people in town who sell holistic and organic pills etc and they deliver.. maybe it was one of them.. or you could be correct in your assumption. Or maybe it is pot and the cops don’t really care much anymore about small amounts? So many possibilities.

LOL! I just realised you guys and girls wont have each other to debate and battle with anymore:( Whose going to call you names? Your going to need to start a friday free for all tim hortons coffee group! Ill be 3 tables over trolling :)

    So do tell us what medium does not get into rocking and rolling?

    Well we kinda got rid of the jgalts and others who were the idiots.
    If you can’t learn something on here, go somewhere else. I’ve really enjoyed the folks on here, learned new views, lot of talented folks on here who could be my neighbors. Gonna miss it.

And here’s my rant for the day. All the folks who have small dogs. If you have dogs that yap and yell at the postman, yap and yell when they’re let out in the yard, holler at everything that scares them, please consider your neighbors, who are frustrated and angry at the lack of training by you, the dog owner. My neighbor has three dogs on one side, one dog on the other, small dogs who are either fearful, or full of themselves. For God’s sake, if you own a small dog, TRAIN it not to drive your neighbor nuts.
If you can’t train it, give it away.

    …and those people usually have children that they trained just like their dogs ..

    You mean it’s small dogs making this never ending racket in College Heights? Dozens of inconsiderate pet owners up here.

Watching Global BC tonight and something interesting came up. Seems as though the Libs were aware of dirty money laundering through the casinos!! Now if the investigation proves true it will make the Bingo Gate scandal seem like a lemonade stand fiasco.Throw their rotten carcASS in jail and bury the key.

Here is my rant of the day..

Was at the Cougars game tonight, they lost but like their potential, and what’s with parents letting kids run around ? They are bothering people around them who paid money to watch a hockey game..not listen to your kids yell and scream, jump over from one seat to the next..kicking the backs of seats, etc etc..

I understand wanting to take in a hockey game..but if your kids aren’t going to sit with you and be able to watch the game maybe you should consider everyone else who just want to enjoy a game of hockey and stay away till they can.

    Had the same thing happen a few years back. Kids completely out of control and hosts also allowing them to do so. I had enough and yelled at the parents to control their kids and yelled at the kids to sit down. Almost had to defend myself against two morons. If you can’t control your children you shouldn’t have them.

So just to throw out a few thoughts while I can…

I think there should be an internet tax on purchases to fight the regressive trends of globalism on our local economies. The globalists got their subsidized low interest rates from the central banks, they got their subsidized profits from off shore slave labor, lax regulations, and environmental waste… and with the internet they undercut local bricks and mortar that make our local economies thrive.

I propose a 20% purchase tax on internet purchases that flows to the local postal code where the purchase originated. Have a provision for a 75% rebate on taxes due for any registered retail outlet… so they can compete using the internet to further their own businesses.

This would pump tax dollars back to the local economy that could ease the pressure on property taxes to fund local governments and ensure that local business is not being undercut from subsidized off shore type internet stores like Amazon that are gutting the free enterprise world of small business and local employment.

Time Will Tell

    Just another quick thought while I still have time….

    I think the civil war in the United States can best be described as social actuary verse socialism… currently socialism is in the driver seat and heading for failure only to be solved by a return to social actuary politics.

    Time Will Tell

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