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October 27, 2017 3:26 pm

Federal Changes to Small Business Tax Worry CFIB

Thursday, September 21, 2017 @ 2:15 PM

Prince George, B.C. – There has been  a great  deal of opposition  to the  proposed federal tax regime which would see small  business carry a larger burden.  The Canadian Federation  of Independent Business  says the changes will   only hurt  small business  across the country.

“The government is trying to convince the public that these proposed changes are meant to support the middle class” says Dan Kelly, President of CFIB “The reality, however, is these are broad-brush proposals that are going to affect businesses at every income level across the country.  Nine out of 10 business owners have told us that these tax changes are significant to their business.”

Skeena-Bulkley MP Nathan Cullen says he has been  inundated with  emails  from small business  owners throughout  northern B.C. “We have demanded the Government extend and expand  the consultation.   Extend the time  because launching  consultation for small businesses in the middle of summer when they are usually  at their busiest  is a bit of a  screw up , and expand it  to include  were the real tax cheats are,  it’s the offshore accounts, it’s the   family fortunes the wealthy and well connected have set up which are in the billions and billions of dollars every year, which dwarfs whatever  the Liberals are going after.”

The CFIB’s latest survey  suggest 88%  believe the changes will make it more difficult for their small business to grow and create jobs,   while 95% of tax practitioners say the proposed changes will ” further complicate the tax system  and increase the cost of tax compliance for their small business clients.”

The changes   would make it more  difficult  for  small businesses to share income with family  membets,  and  limit a business owners ability  to keep certain  investments in their business as a safeguard against future emergencies or  economic downturns.   “These aren’t loopholes for the wealthy, as the government claims” says CFIB’s Dan Kelly “These are legitimate ways for small business owners to grow their business, ensure the stability of the firm during uncertain times, or to save for the retirement. Without these measures, businesses will not be able to create as many jobs for Canadians.


Wonder if our dear leader being in the 1% of the !% will come clean on his trusts and where they might be hiding.

“it’s the offshore accounts, it’s the family fortunes the wealthy and well connected have set up which are in the billions and billions of dollars every year, which dwarfs whatever the Liberals are going after.”

Oh wait he is busy collecting awards on the tax payers dime. No need to answer questions from the peons in Parliament when using the tax payer dime working towards a Nobel peace prize.

Hopefully the CBC claims their billions of tax payer dollars, and Omar claims his 10.5 million or what ever it was for murder and treason. And selfie boy claims the real amount for his extravagant vacation at the tax payers expense.

Big surprise! ‘.Turdeau’ is giving away our money all over the world and to Canadian terrorists! Let’s look after OUR country first. Bottom line, black and white! I don’t really care what people will say about this post! Just a layman Canadian expressing his point, I know he didnt get my last vote and he sure as hell won’t get my next vote. We need somebody that can can think of Canada and its people first. I feel sorry for small business, as I buy off these people if and when I can!

All we need to do to balance the budget in BC is to have the federal and provincial governments collaborate to collect the taxes from the foreign investor tax avoiders in the lower mainland .. no changes in the law, just calculate and collect what is owed …. and I am not upset with those doing the avoidance, just choked at the governments for letting them get away with it.

ah yes, the small business owners are getting the shaft big time, and guess what… all you little kids and unemployable who voted for JT are next.

The little guy with 4 or less employees is going to take it hard, your union money is next.

Thought I read on CBC the they where going to look at changing the tax due to input from business owners etc?

Listening to the voters….wow.. what a nice change.

Okay Harper minions…come out from the 200 billion debt hole Harper put us in to slam Trudeau:)

    Debt hole that Harper put us in?

    You wouldn’t be talking about the deficit spending that was done under the insistence of both the Liberals and the NDP while the Harper Government was in power during the global economic meltdown, would you?

      No he is suffering from the inability to think….smoking dope does wonders.

      Lol..of course…nothing was ever harpers fault..

      Harper had a majority…but the ndp and liberals made him spend it…I feel sad for you.. to have to trump twist the truth…. hey that would make a great T shirt…

      P Val, while on the subject of clothes, you must be so proud of Canada’s #1 idiot, our very own Justin Trudeau as he proudly proclaims “Hey everybody, look at me, look at me wearing my goofy new Star Wars Chewbacca socks” yesterday at the inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York!

      If it dresses like a clown and if it act’s like a clown, then it must be a clown!

      Deficit during hard times and surplus in good times is how current governments spend money including the Chretien era.

      The Trudeau era we have huge deficit while there is no hard times or recession, just spend for old times sake – but that is what we voted for I guess. I do love all the employment the mega infrastructure spending is getting us (in case you didn’t notice that was a tad bit of sarcasm as can you tell me of any infrastructure projects we received under the new 10 billion a year spending?)

I wonder if Justin, today at the UN, tried to impress everybody by wearing his “Princess Leia” underwear?

Will have to check CBC to see if they had a crew there to catch it!

Hart guy…actually I hated canadas number one idiot.. lots agreed with me and he is no longer in politics..he ran away like a scared little kid… but of course leaving us with over 200 more billion in debt.. the Phoenix payroll etc etc to deal with.

Way to change topic though, what good is using real facts against your made up ones..or your refusal to address the topic at hand..

Speaking of Trudeau… what about the blue Jays… hey.. I can do it too…lol

    Prove your 200 billion and show us Chretien’s debt minus the 30 billion they stole from workers EI payments?

    Harper Deficits/surpluses starting in 2006/07



    Chretien starting 1993/94



    add on the money taken from EI that was Paul Martin’s brain child to balance the budget and you are close to the same. 2017 dollars both Liberals and Conservatives are about the same for deficits in the past

    Note deficits were during global downturns and not just for fun to “stimulate the economy”. I do wonder how extra billions given overseas stimulate our economy but I am not an economist

      “I do wonder how extra billions given overseas stimulate our economy but I am not an economist”
      It’s very simple, Slinky. The extra billions given overseas are given in CANADIAN dollars, which are only effective demand for CANADIAN goods and services. They are spent here, in other words. And that stimulates our economy.

      Which, if we had a proper financial system wouldn’t need to be stimulated this way at all ~ consumers here could afford to buy and fully pay FOR what we’ve done FROM what we’ve already been paid to do it.

Now about our dear leader

“Rex Murphy: For Trudeau, governing is entirely about sweet words, not action”

htt p://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-for-trudeau-governing-is-entirely-about-sweet-words-not-action

    seamutt, I’ll see you Justin Trudeau is an idiot and I’ll raise you one:

    “Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau’s UN address was a meaningless speech to a worthless body”

    “The address easily could have been passed off as a high-school valedictorian speech: it was trite, without being testy, and full of false equivalencies”

    ht tp://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-justin-trudeaus-un-address-was-a-meaningless-speech-to-a-worthless-body

    While this idiot and his Government are hell bent on destroying our small business sector, our illustrious leader is more concerned about Chewbacca socks and useless meaningless speeches to an equally useless organization.

    P Val, you go ahead and keep defending this twit! Sooner or later, even you will have to admit that this embarrassment of a Prime Minister is a waste of skin! We are talking about dramatic changes to our federal tax regime, changes that will have major effects on small business owners. Why don’t you research how well Justin and Morneau have responded to requests to extent the consultation period.

    P Val, you say “Listening to the voters….wow.. what a nice change.”

    You can’t be serious!

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