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October 27, 2017 3:24 pm

Province Launching Public Consultation for Cannabis Distribution

Monday, September 25, 2017 @ 10:26 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Solicitor General Mike Farnworth has announced  public consultation   is being launched to see what British Columbians   want done  about  how cannabis will be sold  in this  province.

Farnworth says  the Province will be responsible for  retail and  distribution of cannabis, when it  become legal  in Canada next year.

He says the Province needs to hear from all sectors, including local government  on  how  retail  of cannabis  should be dealt with.

The time line is tight for this consultation,  with  the deadline being November 1st.   Farnworth says that is because the provincial government will need time to  develop  legislation  in time for the Spring sitting of the legislature.

The province   will have authority  over the age of sale   where    the product may be sold.

Farnworth says the  B.C. government is playing catch up on the issue because of the delays caused by the  election, and following delay in  establishing government. There is still  no  agreement on revenue sharing,  but  Farnworth says  while  local government’s need to  have  a share of the revenue to cover their costs  for  implementation  of legalization,  the legalization   of marijuana cannot be viewed as a cash cow.

The Federal Government  is committed to  having  marijuana  legal  by  July of 2018.

The  Province has established an online  page  for  residents to offer their  concerns and ideas.  That site  can be accessed here.


Last election was supposed to be the last one under the ” First past the post ” . We saw how that panned out . Greed for power preempted that notion . We’ll soon see if the greed factor kicks in for this new cash cow . Only farnsworth could say with a straight face that sin taxes are not cash cows .

    Complete balderdash. The ndp deepsixed the electoral reform by insisting that the only option was a proportional list system that appoints party list candidates that are not on a direct ballot and get apppinted by any gdog whistle party that can get 5% of the vote…like the bloc in Quebec or some kind of sharia coalition that would inbite the worst unaccountable extremists into out parliament with no direct accountability to voters.

    The ndp knew full well that Trudeau was in favor of ending first past the post for a ranked ballot that protected the local representation in a vast country like Canada and that every MP would have a majority to get elected and not a 5% support base.

    The ndp thought they could over rule the Prime Minister and the majority elect party and as such their arrogance ruined Canada’s chance to have real electoral reform.

I hope that our leaders will make an effort to see that ‘legal’ cannabis and related products are not easily obtained by minors.
In my view, the greatest threat to our society from widespread legalization is the effects of cannabinoids they have on a young person’s brain.
We attempt to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors, we should do the same with pot. I think the worst threat will be from edibles, particularly candies.

    Ontario is planning for 19… I think 21 is appropriate.

    I don’t think they should retail for any more than $5 a gram though or else whats the point. Anymore than that and they will not be able to compete with existing blackmarket suppliers and so then whats the point of legalization if its to fight the proceeds of crime to the blackmarket. Ontario is planning $8 a gram and at $224 an ounce it will be interesting to see if they have anybody that buys it legally for that price point. Probably just make organized crime richer for increasing the going rate for their products.

I think PG missed out on the oportunity to get economic gain out of legalization. The council of the day completely botched the whole idea of PG participating in this new industry to protect the monopoly interests of our local casino magnet.

Nanaimo on the otherhand looks to benefit greatly from their early leader role.

Can join the armed forces and lay your life on the line for your country at 18, even 17 with parents consent.. but can’t drink in most of Canada till 19.. so yes you can kill and die for your country but can’t drink…or possible buy pot till 19. How stupid

As for distribution.. same for buying booze or cigarettes.. ID everyone looking under 30. It’s not that difficult unless you really want to make it that way.

Don’t price it to high.. want to push the illegals out.

    I always get a kick out of those that bring up age and armed forces. So P Val under your reasoning there should be no age restriction for any thing?

    Now just why would anyone voluntarily inhale smoke especially with the high list of harmful chemicals.

    “Marijuana smoke contains cancer-causing substances, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Some research shows that marijuana smoke has up to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke, it says.”

      No, I didn’t say that at all..

      As for anything from a place that gets funding for drug abuse… take their stats with a grain of salt.

      How many voluntarily drink alcohol knowing the harm it’s dong..so what’s your point..

      Some research also shows pot helps with numerous medical issues.. but OMG it’s weed.. how can anything you inhale be good… lol


      Maybe we should review the Armed Forces entry requirement and raise it to age 21. That maybe a more appropriate age to make a life threatening decision. And this statement is in no way an affront to our young soldiers but more a comment on the ‘elder decision makers’.

That site  can be accessed here link is not working.
I get an error message
Can you please post an actual link to the website?
A google search did not turn it up

Link doesn’t work so I am guessing the government really isn’t that interested.

I can see Pot for Health reasons , but not smoking it to get high, what are the rules for driving and working ?? Has anyone heard of Phonix Tears ?? I have a family member who is suffering with cancer.

The Government is now into all the business that was once run by gangsters.

ie: Drugs, Gambling, and Alcohol. I might add they are in the business for the same reason. Ie; to make money. Whats next prostitution??

    Let’s hope so. The worlds oldest profession needs legal protection rather than prosecution.

    Good question, Palopu. The government supposedly entered all these businesses to provide a measure of limitation and control over them to protect the public.

    But how long will it be after cash starved governments become addicted to the money coming in from them that they’ll start promoting the ‘wares’ to bring in still more money?

    What kind of a society are we creating here? One with increased individual ‘freedom’ to do all the things once illegal, for sure, but when there’s freedom without any individual responsibility, when that’s been collectivised, a rotten one by any standards.

    And will the money coming in ever be enough to deal with all the increased social costs the offerings each one of these businesses engender? I really doubt it. I think we’ll find that there’s really no profit for government in any of them when what has to be paid out to compensate for the detriments each will bring are taken into consideration.

    So what to do, outlaw it all and give it all back to the gangsters. By the way the gangsters never left.

Yes, we should have legal brothels. Not for the tax money but for the safety of the sex-trade workers.

    in all ways but name, brothels currently exist .. as massage parlors and escort services … Tommy Smothers used to say if it looks tomato juice, smells like tomato juice, tastes like tomato juice, it is tomato juice .. regardless of what you call it

Perhaps outsourcing production and packaging to Colombia would keep the price down. After all them folks already have the all the infrastructure for it, LOL!

Most of the time women that are out on the street selling themselves is because of drug addiction. Is making Pot legal going to help this problem or make it worse?

Remember kiddies………..dope is for dopes.

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