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October 27, 2017 3:22 pm

City Road Rehab Nearly Complete for This Year

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

Road rehab projects  nearly complete – photo 250News archive 

Prince George, B.C. – There are only two major paving projects left on the “to do” list  for  the City of Prince George’s  2017  road rehab plan.

The $5 million dollar budget  for this year  saw   35 projects  tackled,  and 39.65    lane kilometers  upgraded .

The largest project was  on Foothills Boulevard, which  saw 5.68 lane kilometers  repaved at a cost of $689 thousand dollars.

There are  still two  projects on the list  that have  yet to be  completed,  one is the  repaving of Killarney in the Hart  as the final  step in the Local  Area Service project that saw  sewer  lines installed.  The other is the repaving  of a utility site  at Vallencher ,  also in the Hart  area of the City,  where a new  pumphouse  will be the final  step in the  watermain project on Foothills Boulevard.

It is expected the final two  projects will be  completed by the end of October.


Looking at that picture it apparently takes a lot of workers to pave a road.

    No kidding, I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many workers are not in the picture?

    Well then show them how to do it.

      I am sure I can lean on a shovel with the best of them!

    Now, now, someone has to breast feed the shovels.

Sure would be nice if they put in a right turn lane on Ospika heading north at 5th. Always more cars turning right than going through the intersection, but it only takes one car to back the whole lot of them up.

Also I think with the new ndp government that the city should be putting forth our priorities for road work to the highways within our city.

IMO it should be a top priority of the city to have an overpass cloverleaf put in at 97&16, as well as a completion of the 40-year project to overpass 16 to Walmart via Ospika.

In both cases they are set for major development in the adjacent areas that will require road upgrades and so in order to finalize where the needs of the roads will be (doing it once) to provide certainty for development… then these overpasses should be high up on the priority list.

My hope for the 97&16 overpass is that they do this before hotels go in on those corners and that when they do build it that they move that hill across from the casino into the hole on the west side of 16; thus opening up the viewscape of our city core from its central intersection. I think a 97&16 overpass should also be a priority to remove the industrial traffic from Ferry Avenue as the northbound left turn lane at 97&16 simply can’t handle the traffic volume it currently has regardless of future growth.

Maybe our Stealworkers city councilor can have some pull seeing as Stealworkers financed the ndp campaign… anything that helps the industry get through the city congestion in PG benefits industry and thus dues paying Stealworkers.

Time Will Tell

    Too bad that hill across from the Casino is home to a water reservoir.

      That is the least of the problems. In order to accommodate the on and off ramps the roller dome and playhouse would have to go as would the new hotel under construction. Poor Mr. Pg would join the ranks of the homeless:(

      As the two road meet at an angle far from 90 degrees there is not enough room for the cloverleaf ramps by the casino.

      As it would take a complete realignment of both roads and buying up a lot of properties to construct a cloverleaf chances of it happening are slim to none.

      Or remove the hill north of the casino to accomidate the cloverleaf… the water tower is near the end of its life and could be relocated across the river.

      In any event this intersection should at least be planned before more development takes place because it is already over capacity for left turns from 97 north and will need to be done in the next 20-years for sure.

    i wrote a letter to the city a couple years back about a left turn at 5th avenue, especially since 1st avenue has one, and it didnt fall on deaf ears, they responded, and said not a chance that intersection doesnt see enough traffic to warrant the imporovements.

    all will be remembered at the next election i hope, unless all the sheep in this town want to stick with the shaftus quo

    Do the Steal Workers live down in the hood?

      No I don’t know where they live but a good portion of them work in mills that require efficient transit through town for their chips, hog, sawdust, shavings, trim blocks, and logs. Most of which is just in time and with increasing congestion of those intersections comes decreasing competitive productivity.

      It is the Steelworkers that work in the mills. From what I have seen the Steal workers work mostly in the wee hours and if they have transportation likely steal that too.

Again the very heavily used roads which are just dangerous goat trails, Marleau and Bear again are ignored. No lights, no sidewalks, patches on patches, narrow, crumbling and now a hotel and gas bar are being added. But hey lights are being added to the entitled paved walkway up Tyner.

Oh almost forgot, no bike lanes.

    want tyner just supposed to be a temporary link between college heights and the university – that sure worked out

Maybe the city could look how quickly the water line is being put down coming up Foothills. At the rate there going they could install all the needed sewer lines in Hart Highlands in four weeks and most likely half the cost. And by the way are we going to have new pavement replaced seeing you did not get the ok to go ahead with the sewer project? After all some of the streets have not been repaved in 47 yrs.

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