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October 27, 2017 3:23 pm

National Tree Day Today

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 @ 5:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. – There are two events planned for today in Prince George to mark National Tree Day.

CN  will be  celebrating at Duchess Park,  where  two trees  will be dedicated, and an educational plaque unveiled  to mark  CN’s  carbon reduction  plan  for 2017.

Then,  over at City Hall,  an  announcement about  trees to be planted along Ospika Boulevard and the   main  drive  to CN Centre.

Tree Canada, the  leading national tree planting charity in Canada,  celebrates it’s 25th anniversary today with the planting of a tree in Ottawa, just below Parliament Hill.  It will be tree number 82 million for the charity.

“Growing in size every year, National Tree Day helps remind Canadians of the importance of trees ,  how they beautify our communities, naturally cool our cities in the summer, and combat climate change, and help improve human health,” said Michael Rosen, President of Tree Canada. “As Tree Canada celebrates our 25th year of growing greener, healthier places for Canadians to live, we look forward to 25 more years of playing a leading role in the preservation of Canada’s urban forest across the country.”


The added C02 in the air helps trees grow, yay C02.

    Good news! Two active volcanoes in Indonesia are doing their best to help increase our CO2 levels!

    One, on the island of Sumatra is busy spewing CO2 and ash several kilometres into the air as I post this!

    The second, on the island of Bali, is also threatening to erupt!

    Somebody needs to impose a Carbon Tax on those damn volcanoes! Where’s Canada’s very own Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna when you need her?

    Perhaps she is off modeling for her very own “Bobble Head” doll, one to match her new “Climate Barbie” doll!

      Maybe N.Korea can lob an atmospheric nuclear bomb into them to test the effectiveness. ;-)

      We can’t control nature’s contribution to climate change but we can most certainly do something about men’s not inconsequential contribution.

      Can we lob Trump into the atmosphere at the same time? :)

Every day is tree day, isn’t it?

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