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October 28, 2017 6:03 am

Poor Road Conditions Spark Warning to Drivers

Friday, January 30, 2015 @ 4:29 PM

Prince George, B.C. – RCMP throughout the central and northern interior regions are advising that road conditions are poor and travel is not recommended as the northern half of the province continues to receive the brunt of a heavy snowstorm.

Numerous accidents have been reported recently. A three-car collision occurred around 3:45 this afternoon, about 2 kilometres north of the John Hart bridge on Highway 97. That situation has resulted in traffic delays.   Another accident has just occurred on University Way above Foothills Boulevard.

As well, highway accidents are reported within the past hour, two in the Salmon Valley area and one on Highway 16 west near the Isle Pierre turnoff.

Highway 16, from Prince George all the way out to Smithers, has been receiving substantial snowfall with compact snow on the road, and heavy, blowing snowfall in the Burns lake area. Similar conditions occur on Highway 16 heading east to the Alberta border.

Highway 97 has compact snow on its surface heading north and south.

If you do not absolutely have to drive this evening, police are recommending staying off the roads. Emergency personnel have been experiencing difficulty themselves getting to the accident sites.


It might help to slow down. As it gets even colder tonight the roads are gonna glare up

Trucks spun out all over Peden Hill! A Class A hwy huh?

Three in the ditch so far today between here and the Pine River.

Oh, north of town too all the way to Mackenzie Jct. is VERY rough and slippery.

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015 @ 5:32 PM by Dragonmaster

Trucks spun out all over Peden Hill! A Class A hwy huh?


Even with their chains on? That’s odd.

Having to chain up to get out of town is absolutely ridiculous on top of a waste of money. Taxpayers pay to have our hwy’s safe and open for everyone. Plowing, sanding and salting Peden hill and teaching four wheelers to stop cutting off trucks just so they can turn right into Walmart isn’t too much to ask is it? I have lost count at how many times have I seen 4 wheelers in the passing lane on hwy 16 at Domano cut across all lanes of traffic right in front of trucks to access the exit ramp into the Walmart area. WTF is with you people? If you stop cutting off trucks as they are climbing Peden Hill there would be a smoother flow of traffic. Trucks don’t accelerate like 4 wheelers do. They need room to manoeuvre. Stay the F out of their way when they are climbing hills.

Lol. I think you got your answer, axman.

You would think those Professional drivers would have a clue by now.

What should we do Dragon assign a plow/sand truck to every rig that tries to get up Peden hill? If the roads are too bad wait! That’s what professional means, knowing when to stop when conditions are unsafe.

I thought professional meant finding someone else to blame?

Finding someone else to blame? I thought that was the role of pretty much every person that posts a comment here!

Class A highway only includes the Vandehoof side. As of 2pm the pg side had no sand on the highway for all of potatoe flats and the Isle Pierre flats toTamerack and the road was compact ice with wet snow… Like an ice rink… Yet hit the Vanderhoof side ands a brown road where you can actually see where the road is. Why the two sets of standards? Of course all the accidents were on the PG side again.

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