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October 28, 2017 5:41 am

Canada Winter Games Pleased with Week One

Sunday, February 22, 2015 @ 4:25 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Week one of the Canada Winter Games was a resounding success according to Games organizers.

“We couldn’t be happier with the way the first week of the 2015 Games have proceeded so far,” says CEO Stu Ballantyne. “The Opening Ceremony set the tone for this celebration, and cast the City of Prince George in a remarkable light. Exceptional athlete experience is the number one goal of the 2015 Games. The athletes in Week One have experienced venues of cheering fans, exceptional broadcast, webcast and media coverage, and a warm and welcoming community. We’re thrilled at the outcome.”

In addition, the Games say merchandise and ticket sales for Week One “are tracking 25% ahead of planned earnings.”

People are also taking advantage of the Games cultural offerings as they note at its peak the BCLC Centre Stage in Canada Games Plaza drew 5,000 spectators when Alan Doyle and his band played last Sunday night.

Organizers add the number of unique visitors to the Games website is averaging 49,000 a day, 5,200 users on average on the mobile site and 900 hours of webcast footage is drawing 13,000 daily views to www.canadagamestv.ca.

Following transition day yesterday,week two of the Games begins this afternoon.


How about some comments about the TV coverage Tsn has shown very minimum coverage on the various events
Local stations including shaw seen like they are shut out from any live coverage or even some footage.

Is it because tsn has complete control. Odd no local TV crew surrounding the athletes or an interview after even a gold metal performance, No other local sports happening bigger than this. Did they drive themselves to leave town ?

The TSN coverage has improved, but seems minimal and its a shame that we don’t get more local live coverage of the games that don’t require a subscription to TSN2.

At the Canada Games Square, I notice garbage cans are not easily located if they have any at all… and signage to where one can find a toilet seems to be lacking as well.

I would say from observation that the attendance of fan participation is lacking in some sports like hockey and ringette (maybe due to PG having two junior teams and fans just wanting to see the other sports while available?). Maybe this will change with the boys competition starting next week. Seems to me more could have been done to ensure turnout, especially for families with young children, as a way to create more of an atmosphere for the athletes.

One thing that I think is missed by a lot looking to cash in on the games is that this is a games for athletes who are mostly still children supported by their parents. Most are probably on a budget and are not likely to be high rollers for restaurants and retail (to say anything of beer gardens or a night life related to the games). The games committee over hyped the lack of accommodations that would be available and limited any potential out of town visitors who would be spending money, so its not going to be a big financial bonanza like the Olympics was for Vancouver.

If you do a search online you can find the television coverage live online.

Our local TV station & our BC stations are not allowed to have even have one camera at the events as TSN has the TV rights. The games should be going after TSN for getting the TV rights and then not covering the games.

Its disgusting we can’t get local coverage to the games.

Lower the prices of the tickets for students, children and seniors and the attendance will be much higher. This is not the Olympics but young individuals hoping to further their careers in a chosen sport and they are used to seeing their friends and grandparents supporting them.

As for the coverage the local TV station has next to nothing on the results and not everyone has access to the internet.

Also it has been repeatedly stated prior to the games that parking was a premium and even with free bus transist it isn’t always the best form of transportation for those who do not live downtown ( the hart and college heights area for example).

Why isn’t the Prime Minister here to show support to these young Canadians – oh yes, forgot .. he is crying over the price of oil!

Whiners ! All of you….. If you live out of town then complain about local TV coverage. If you live here, get off your butt and spend the 20 bucks to get into all the venues. As far as toilets and garbage cans at the Canada Games Square is concerned!! Really! If you can’t read, just ask one of the very friendly volunteers that are all over the place! Whiners

Graymare that explains it
Tsn exclusive rights all about $$$$$
Was it really worth it for tsn two to cover this
Wonder what the ratings are

Too bad wish more local media was allowed. You would think so for sure local media would have access to locker room coverage or vip passes without question

Less expensive tickets? Should they be free? Single game tickets are $5 to 10.

I took my family to a wheelchair basketball game last Thursday night for $5 per ticket. Less than a movie, a Cougars or Spruce Kings game, etc. Even the concession was reasonably priced as it was run by Duchess Park dry grad. Free entertainment and fireworks every night.

Lots of coverage in the newspaper and by webcast. If you don’t have the internet it’s not everyone else’s fault, that’s the way broadcasting is done today. TSN is a business; advertisers demand viewers. So they broadcast hockey and curling whihc get the most coverage.

The games have been great and put a very positive spin throughout Canada and especially in BC where our image is less than positive.

You whiners are in the minority, there are thousands of proud and enthusiastic volunteers and spectators enjoying this once in a lifetime event.

To all you complainers and keyboard quarterbacks, have fun picking apart everybody else’s hard work….

Thanks smileyjones

I think your comments are much more reflective of what is actually happening!

Great comments smileyjones. Thanks for reflecting most people’s perspective on this!

I will post this Again, you can watch the games live online.. All you people complaining about no media coverage stop your lying. It’s free online..

As the person that wrote in to the Citizen said..There is a definite lack of what is going on each day and where!!

If you can take the time to write that comment or write the Citizen, then you can go to the top of this page and click on the 2015 Canada Winter Games Event Schedule, or go to any event and get a full schedule. If that doesn’t work phone a friend! Hard to believe anyone that has a computer or a cell phone can’t figure this out!

well the plaza party was worth the price of admission tonight…whatever that is I guess it’s still to be added up . guess we will wait for it here on opinion 250 cause you won’t get it on smileyjones and companies spin machine.

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