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October 28, 2017 3:54 am

Hall Keeps Election Promise

Thursday, June 11, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.- When Lyn Hall was campaigning to be the  Mayor of Prince George, he said he wanted to hold neighbourhood conversations.  On June 24th,  he will do just that.

Mayor Lyn Hall and members of Prince George City Council  will hold a “Neighbourhood Conversation”  at the Hart Pioneer Centre .  It is  part of the Mayor’s effort to  hear from the people of a neighbourhood, the concerns  they have about their neighbourhood “What do people want to see more of in their neighbourhood? What do they want to see less of? We want to hear it straight from residents.”

The event will include:

  • A progress report on priorities identified at the 2011 Neighbourhood Meeting
  • An overview of Council priorities
  • Table top discussions focused on parks and trails, housing, social development, roads and transit, and utilities

The Hart Neighbourhood Conversation will start at 7pm and run until 9pm  on Wednesday June 24th.



Great opportunity for people to get out and discuss things with the Mayor
and Council.

Lots of problems in the Hart area, and this would be a good forum to get them on the table.

Agree, no excuse for not attending and put the issues forward, good stuff.

I hope people don’t complain to them about the private developments happening on the west end and not in the north. I keep hearing this complaint, but the city can’t dictate where developers will invest their money.

A bunch of us are still waiting for Hall’s email responses to the questions posed to him at the public forum during the last round of school closures.

It’s was quite the comedy routine. Someone would ask a question, Hall would look to Pepper for the answer and if there wasn’t one, Hall would answer, “We’ll have to look that up and email you the reply.” Given that he didn’t have our email addresses no one really knew how he planned to do that.

Discussion is good. Action is better.

Action speaks much louder than words.

Rumour has it that we might see some real action very shortly.

Woulda thunk he would have held the first one in the Haldi area, sorta take the bull by the horns. Water and sewer were promised when?

Water and sewer is an issue on the Hart, Haldi Road, Blackburn, etc; this is a big problem throughout greater Prince George .

gopg2015. Would be interesting to see what the **real action** could be. Is it possible that we will see a four year plan that looks at reducing costs and taxes, or will it be some action that will involve increased costs for PG Citizens.

Axman. Take some direct action and give Hall your email address so he can send you an email. Why would you wait all this time knowing he did not have your email????

Some of the issues on the Hart are the lack of sidewalks, along 97 North. Access to 97 from the East side is especially dangerous. This type of action would have to include the Provincial Government, who I might add, could have take the initiative years ago, if they wanted to do something positive for the people of Prince George .

Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2015 @ 10:42 AM by Palopu

Axman. Take some direct action and give Hall your email address so he can send you an email. Why would you wait all this time knowing he did not have your email????


We all realized during the meeting that the entire exercise was nothing but smoke and mirrors. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about our opinions or our questions. He was in full self preservation mode and didn’t want to say anything unrehearsed lest he look even more inept that he was.

It would be interesting Palopu. It would be interesting. And it will be interesting.

And, as normal, there will be lots of questions asking for more detail, I am sure, as is always the case.

Council knows. Pick on one and ask him/her.

Hey, here is a PC idea. While the mayor and council are having an open meeting for the Hart area…..here is a chance to come up with a name for the northern part of the city. It has never had a name other than “up the Hart”. Even before amalgamation. The Hart Highway runs all the way to the Yukon border. So here is a chance to give the northern part of the city a cool, no doubt, aboriginal name.

Good idea Digitus Impudicus. Perhaps we could use the Carrier word Nizde which means **from the North**

So from now on you can say that you are from Nizde,. :)

Is this meeting just for the Hart?? it could be a chance to discuss the name change of our Park as it seems to be a done deal, I hope not.

Right on Palopu…..
I wonder what the words are for Mosquito, or Sand Hills ?

Um…..I just noticed the story about renaming Ft.George park shrank from 62 comments to 37. Bizarre ?

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