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October 28, 2017 3:51 am

Name Change Will Not Change Fort George Park

Monday, June 15, 2015 @ 7:20 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Fort George Park will be officially renamed Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.

The  recommendation came from Councillor Murry Krause and was supported whole heartedly by  Mayor and Council, with the exception of Albert Koehler.

“This is not a new idea, but we acknowledge it has evolved over time” with those words, Councillor Murry Krause made his presentation to Council on why Fort George Park should be renamed to Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.

“I really do believe that acts of reconciliation need to be extraordinary in order to be sincere ” says Councillor Krause. He says the inclusion of the word ‘Memorial’ was a request by Chief Dominic Frederick because of the known cemetery that is located on the property   and the fact there may well be many more Lheidli graves there than have already been identified. Krause says the real shame is that the history of the City has doesn’t tell the story of how the Lheidli people were forced from that site and their homes burned.
Councillor Albert Koehler says this is “an epic thing, and we better get it right”. He says it is important to get it right and discuss it “We have to be fair, at the same time to all concerned” he says the questions remain should it be the Lheidli T’enneh/Fort George Park? He says he would prefer the word ‘memorial’ be left out because the word carries a negative connotation and he would like to see the park named in a manner that would be inclusive.  Koehler says he fears a backlash “If we do it too fast.”

Councillor Terri McConnachie “This has caused quite a conversation in our community, I was quite surprised.” She says she has received a great deal of feedback both for and against the idea “We are not erasing or rewriting history here, we are, for the first time, acknowledging it”. She pointed out the only thing that will change is the name. She says interpretative signage from the Heritage Commission would be a positive.   She says tweaking the name doesn’t feel right, “It seems disingenuous”.

Councillor Brian Skakun says this matter has created interest throughout the Province “What happened to the Lheidli T’enneh a century ago was horrendous.” He says he will not “pander to both sides” that his position will not change, “It is a controversial decision, and it’s about continuing to build positive relationships with First Nations” He says nothing but the name will change “The grass is still going to be green the water is still going to flow, absolutely nothing will change in the park”.

Councillor Jillian Merrick says  she “Very pleased to support the change.”

Councillor  Frank Everitt says  what he wants  all to do is to  look at the  diversity of the community and  build on that “We have an opportunity to  rename a park, that doesn’t mean we lose the opportunity  for people to  go to that park and enjoy it.   “We are making one small move to say what happened to you people was wrong”  he says  this will be  seen as a major step that one day will be celebrated  “And I want to be part of that.”

“This is not a change, this a restoration” says Councillor Susan Scott “I know the City of Calgary is watching us tonight, as they contemplate the renaming of a bridge.”

Councillor Garth Frizzell  says it was  five years ago the Heritage Context Survey which  repeatedly noted the  heritage and contributions of the Lheidli T’enneh “this is a chance to recognize the past”.

Mayor Lyn Hall “This was tough,  we make big decisions around this table, I had a phone call today around 4 o’clock  from an 89 year old lady, she was concerned she couldn’t pronounce the name,  she was not happy about the  current cemetery’s current state, she wanted to know if she could still  go to the park”   Hall says  he thought about  different  names,  and the inclusion of  the word memorial,  “This is not a loss of the park this park is going to remain ”  He says he is adamant  about  the education  that needs to be done about  the history of the park and  agrees with Councillor McConnachie  that a watered down version that would make it  the Lheidli T’enneh-Fort George Park would be disingenuous.

Council voted  unanimously  in favour of  the second part of the motion which calls for the City to fly the Lheidli T’enneh  flag  on the grounds of City Hall.  A new  flag pole   will be  installed on site to ensure special groups can have the opportunity to fly their   special flags for special events.






It will forever be Fort George Park. Just like the Queen Charlotte Islands.

The 89 year old is not the only one who can’t pronounce the name. I like the new name Lheidli T’enneh -Fort George Park but I am not sure I will be able to spell it , it sounds French, what is the meaning of the Name??

Well done everyone.
I am proud of your vote.
Change can rattle many people.
For me, the renaming is small but significant!!!

“Lately ten hey” there, if you can pronouce those three words you have the correct pronounciation for Lheidli T’enneh.

As for the changing of the name from Fort George Park to Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park, it was the “right” thing to do.

As the Park signs are changed to accommodate the new name, and the new flag pole flys the Lheidli T’enneh flag, I am bracing for the inevitable acts of vandalism and defacement. I know this city, and it will not disappoint, being respectful to our First Nations may be the right thing to do, but it will not come easily for some of this city’s citizens, and some who frequent this site.

We are not civilized yet, but we are getting there… one small step at a time.

Okay just what is the history of that area? The homes burnt where not traditional but western style. All the do gooders are jumping all over this without much thought. What do the majority of natives think? If there is a name change is this the correct one?

Speechless and so disappointed.

WHAT DO THE MAJORITY OF NATIVES THINK? were they even asked? Its not a big deal its the changing the name of a Park what is a big deal is how fast it was pushed through with NO public input, What if it was something Important?

How dissapointing. its hard for a place to have a history when the names are forever changing. City hall feels proud of their quick push through without public input. I feel betrayed and am wondering how long its going to be until they want to rename it again.We really need to clean house!

YOU feel betrayed, lol, no.

I Honestly feel ashamed to consider myself an equal citizen to anyone who opposed this. Honoring the past, the present and the future by working together with our First Nations, there is no other way.

This is THEIR Territory.. I’m sure they can do what is best in the circumstances.. Not for us to judge.. Enough judging has already been done

Great, we elected a pile of bleeding heart libs, but that is what we expected.

Nothing is safe in this city. Like the Harper Valley thing. Who named that? I never heard of the name until maybe 5-10 years ago signs started going up calling the area Harper Valley. Usually one has to be a long dead politician to have a land mark named after one.

I knew it as a kid as Pidherny trails, sometimes as the fire escape, Nechako Ridge, or snake hill and the power lines; but nobody ever called the area Harper Valley until Google Earth came out, then a sign went up a few years later… now its Harper Valley? All the traditional names at Forest for the World have been changed and none of the local ones held up… I think if I was to take a time machine 30-years into the future and someone was to talk about PG everything would be the same, but with a different name to suit the whims of who ever came along in the mean time.

Again. Read the history of Stanley Park in Vancouver. There was never a want to change the name there. Respect and memoriam could have been achieved here in a better way.

Shameful is changing the name of our beloved Fort George Park on whim. I still remember the old fort when it stood there… so to say only one culture had its heritage tied to that property is wrong. If the council took more than a week to think about this they would probably realize that too.

I wonder how much this name change will cost the tax payers…..

The City of Prince George never had any history. Fort George and South Fort George were historically where things started in this area. Then Central Fort George. Prince George was the railway alternative to buying property at inflated prices. They stuck a stake in the ground and called it Prince George. The City has absolutely no history, and has for the most part snuffed out the History of South Ft George, and Fort George. In fact this latest fiasco basically has these areas disappearing altogether.

The issue is not necessarily the name of the park, it is the fact that the Hudson Bay build a trading post on this land, and the whole area has a history for both white and native people.

Tell me now where is the recognition for Fort George, and South Fort George??.

They had better change the name of the Yellowhead Bridge to Fort George Bridge, and 1st Avenue to Fort George Avenue.

and at the next council meeting – a recomendation to change the train name from Little Prince to Little Chief.

VOR, I didn’t say anything about native people having a stronger environmental ethic. Please re-read what I said. I said that they do not oppose all resource projects, only those they judge to have excessively negative environmental effects on their territory.

Wow…pander to a few hundred…not 10’s of thousands.. Another native item driven down us Caucasians throats with no input.. Will it stop…not in my or my sons time I am afraid….

Well, this is interesting. I explained the correct pronunciation of “Lheidli T’enneh”, with links to audio examples, and the moderator has deleted it! What the heck? Does Opinion250 think that linguistics is obscene?

I don’t think the local FN used headstones before we despicable whites showed up.( I think the local FN cremated their dead) Nor did they have high powered rifles to hunt with or iron knives to butcher their kill, they may have only used part of. Iron pots were not even a dream of them. So if they want to go back to the old ways let them use stone knives, bows and spears etc.

Were there even any FN people at the site when the first fort was built?

I wonder if Krause has any connection to resource companies.

But I do admit the white man treated the red man pretty badly at times until the last couple of decades. However it was no bed of roses for the common man. I bet the railroads forced more then one hard working farmer off his land without giving him a fair price for his improvements before they burnt his shack.

In 1850 and 1860 my Irish ancestors lived at Ottawa in a shanty and my highland scots ancestors were forced off the land to make room for sheep. But not much pity is ever shown for them.

As we have been educated and told time and time again there has to be recognition and justification of the wrongs done to the Aboriginals 100yrs ago…even though none of us participated or witnessed the “wrongs” So the public accepts this.. The renaming of Fort George Park will be last of this kind of action? and we can all move on…Right “Lheidli T’enneh” band members? Or will “Prince George” be renamed “Lheidli T’enneh” next week? When does it stop? 200yrs from now?

I feel like I’m out of the loop here – is something awful about to go down in the park, or are they just doing a name change on some signs? Betrayal?? That’s very dramatic.

The park name may have changed, but things will remain status quo. You can feel all warm & fuzzy tonight, thinking you’ve accomplished some good. But what exactly does the name change accomplish? Tomorrow it will be the same grass, the same trees, the same birds… and late at night, the same occasional junky shooting up. It’s all good.

Bravo City Council! About time we acknowledge the wrongs of the past, change some things in the present, and begin to build a better future, all together.
Shame on all the embarrassingly prejudiced people spouting off.

Wonder if the Chief allowed any natives a say. What I mean by that maybe some had other ideas for a name.

I find it interesting those who criticize the ones questioning the name change.

Wish some natives would come on here and lend their view.

‘VOR, I didn’t say anything about native people having a stronger environmental ethic.’

My comments were deemed offensive enough that they were deleted. Both of them.

Anyone that speaks out against the status quo apologist hand-wringing whingers that portrays white society as evil, and the aboriginal segment of our population as our environmental police and the last noble savage, gets their opinion deleted.

Here’s one to be sure to be deleted, but will be supported by the majority of this blog until it’s deleted: Hey aboriginal community – take some responsibility. Get off your ass, get a job, get some self-respect and join the country you’re part of. The rest of us are extremely tired of all the excuses and complaining.

I’ve heard from plenty of people from the Lheidli T’enneh community through other social media, and they generally seem to be in favour of the change. I know that’s secondhand. I’d direct them over here, but I don’t know why on earth a person would stick around for the abuse.

Who started this ? Who was pushing for the name change ? it was the White man who seems to have a lot of power, I bet most of the First Nations people don’t care. I am disappointed in our Council to vote so fast with NO public input.

I am not surprised that Council fell for the last hurrah of Councilor Krause, however I am not impressed.

There was no need for this name change at the park. This was nothing more than Murray trying to make some sort of a statement before he retires.

Keep changing names and the rest of the world wont be able to find us.

Eagleon; Just to let you know this band owns land in Harper Valley ,thanks to land claims ,I just wish they would do something with it.

It was said during the meeting that human bones were(are) discovered on occasion when some construction work is done. I am not sure why people think that only “clay-li Deneh” (almost all Councillors got it right) people are buried there. After all it was a fur trading post with people living there and dying there. In fact, there is one “story” about the overlanders passing through on the way to Barkerville from Ontario with one you Englishman who died from exposure and was buried in a split canoe in what is park today.

Perhaps those graves were removed to some other location. I doubt it, but someone posting on here or maybe Bob Campbell at the Museum might know.

This is the type of thing that Kohler was talking about. Very little thought was put into this. The Heritage Commission was not even asked for their input, nor was the Museum or perhaps UNBC who may by now have gathered more information through their various masters students.

As was said, it is the easy thing to do. It is the simple thing to do for people who really have little knowledge when getting that knowledge for both sides is very much part of reconciliation.

I am in favor of removing any names that are directly involved with the wrongs directed towards the natives. In this case Fort George park wasn’t one of them. Krause ,,, come on , much more important things on council to tackle , sad day for me . always fort George park .

I find it interesting that the Chief was not at Council. Hall made a comment which sounded like he thought he might have been there. Chief Frederick did not even jointly sign the recommendation of Murry.

Is there some sort of protocol that I am missing? I mean they passed a resolution to fly the flag and they are building an additional flagpole for that, and he does not show up for the meeting. I assume he will be there for the first flag raising.

Find a new job ,,,, I find you useless.

Like I said point the finger at the White Man.

It’s no wonder that Prince George has entered a stagnant position growth wise. We have somehow lost our identity, maybe we never had one, or maybe we just let it slip away. The latest is renaming Fort George Park to a name most people cannot even pronounce. Isn’t all of Prince George traditional Lheidli T’enneh territory? Why stop at just renaming a park? Why after reaching 100 years of age we need to change our land marks and the history that goes with them? Failing grade for council this night. :(

Token political correctness at it’s best or worst depending on how you see it.I think South Fort George Park best describe the land and it’s use within the city of Prince George . What token nonsense will we give the first nations we destroy with the construction of the site C dam and the LNG terminal on Lulu island ? oh how we are so much more civilized how….

Next name change recommendation: rename Prince George to Chief George.

What a lovely development in Prince George’s history! I congratulate those who moved this forward and have provided all citizens of the region to honour our host nation, their ancestors (who held the land in trust for our generations), and those of the settler populations who benefit from our painful and shameful history and now have a small but important opportunity to right an injustice in years gone by. I am proud to witness a right thing done today that allows us to move forward with a clearer conscience and a path firmly grounded in success. Well done, Council and PG! :-)

Well no, DPJ – PG should be renamed LT Nation – can’t spell it so I have to use initials.
Plus that, in our next municipal elections there will be three positions reserved for FN people. And the next municipal election after that, the LT Chief will be our Mayor. But just think of the carloads of federal funds which will come our way! Our city taxes will most definitely go down!

On a less serious note: Canada Day is only two week away. We should all attend Fort George Park and wear T-shirts with Fort George Park ‘always’ in bold and bright letters.

Well it is done & we have to live with it. In the long term the name change doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. Really, if humans are around in 10,000 years whose land ( or park) will it be then? Albert Koehler was the only one of the bunch that really got it. There was very little thought or consideration in this decision & the backlash may be huge. Just what aboriginals need, more derision from the rest of our society. Was it the right decision? Local history will eventually be the judge.

Well, after reading all the anti name change comments I’m pretty certain it will cause the world to end tonight!

I love your rebuttal nuffsnuff1. ;)

Hmmm… interesting how everyone here has no problem calling the Nechako River the Nechako River, yet it is a Carrier name. How does Bednesti Lake stick in everyones craw, when you say it? Yup another Carrier name that means “overly stuffed Char” you know … the fish?

Endako, how does that roll off everyone’s tongue? I could go on but I think everyone here gets the picture, there are a lot of Carrier place names that we still use today. Don’t get me started on Aboriginal place names being used in BC like “Chilliwack”.

So what is the big deal here? Imagine every single creek, river, lake, island, mountain, etc. in the area having Carrier names, and then put yourself in their moccassins, as they watched over the decades, almost every single one of their place names being replaced into non-Carrier European names.

But wow… turn a city park name into a Carrier name that honours those people, and everyone has a conniption fit! Times they are a changing folks, accept it, or stay in the past.

Wholeheartedly agree with the previous comment (by Sophic Sage), as well as that by cbdb about 6 comments back. Bravo Murray and City Council.

That’s right Sophic, except what happened in the past and move on so why haven’t the FN doing that.

So Chief Frederick wasn’t there ? So this motion was put forward by “He with light moccasins” all by himself ?

Lots of people excited about the new little guy we share our city’s name with so much so that we sent a present from the city welcoming him to the world only a few short years ago and invite him to visit us anytime. Then we go cut off heritage tying his great-great-great grandpa to the city – King George III. Is it time to rename the Fraser and anything Mackenzie?

Our City’s website says “The origins of Prince George can be traced to the fur trading post of Fort George, established in 1807 by Simon Fraser.” I wonder if future generations will know where that was even located.

Downtown PG streets and parks were mostly named after the Governor General at the time it was designed (the Duke of Connaught) so we better change those too while we are at it

Maybe Murray and the bleeding heart Libs, can move to nations crescent, and celebrate our diversity next? Or does your incredible views of the natives, start and stop with stupid name changes? Cmon , go ahead and open your neighborhoods up to them while you are at it?

You can change everything but it will not change the past. I think this is all being pushed to far. If you look at other big countries in the old world where the Romans, Vikings or Genghis Khan had conquered nations. They still have the names of the places to this day. It’s all part of the human expansion on the planet. Not everything should be changed just because you can. Wait 50 to 100 years maybe China will conquer Canada and we can change all the names again to fit what they will like.

benny, right on brother!

To all tourists heading west.. You should stop at Fort George park before heading to the Quenn Charlottes :-)

Sophic Sage

No one has any issue with names based on first nations terms, the issue is RENAMING a city park that is the origin of the city itself to honor one- and only one – culture. I am first nations and I really take offence to the city deciding that they are going to honour only the Lheidli T’enneh. You want a memorial – do something with the graveyard – don’t exclude every other culture in the city just so city council can fell all warm and fuzzy about themselves.

I used to support the Lheidli T’enneh and attend their events but this is just too much of an exclusion of all other nations – no more.

Fort George was the pride of PG, now its labelled with a negative name.

This name change situation was not handled very well. Firstly the information to the public was that the name change would be discussed at Monday’s meeting.

What then happens is we get a motion on the floor, some discussion, and Walla, we have a name change.

Putting this issue to a vote with all its implications, without giving the other Councilors the time that they needed to study the history of the area, and how things developed to where they are to-day, is in my opinion **dirty pool** .

Rather than being seen as anti first nations, they (with the exception of Kohler) voted for the change.

Greenhorn Councilors, vested interest Councilors, and Councilors who really do not care one way or the other was not a good way to handle this.

In any event it is what it is.

We cannot continue to put all the blame on one group for the problems of the First Nations. They to have a responsibility/. Lets keep in mind that they sold the property in question, albeit under pressure from various groups.

As if this was ever in question. The group think associated with progressive epiphanies reach a fever pitch quickly. They frame the debate in such a way that to object will get you tarred as a racist. It is a cynical game that progressives play and it leaves for very little middle ground.
This province is just spiraling around the bowl. The sooner we acknowledge that liberal judges with a desire to leave a legacy that covers them in glory, are never going to advocate for the citizens of Canada, but rather the other nation within our borders.
In South Africa they ended apartheid by having free elections to truly represent the views of the majority, even though that majority for the most part is not originally from South Africa.
The sooner Victoria has a chief and not a premier, the sooner the economic prosperity can begin, because if you think for one moment this freeze on economic activity is environmentally inspired…think again.
I remember when I lived in Malawi in Eastern Africa, the ex-pats had a saying: The national flag was black red and green. The black was to represent the Africans, the red to represent the blood spilled during the fight for independence, and the green to represent the farmlands…and the white flag pole was to recognize who held it all up. No worries, a native government will have no desire to see this province turn into a dipper nirvana of homelessness and unemployed slobs.
Just hurry up and get it over with.

I find it quite interesting how fast this went down, no consultation what so ever. Maybe this is a hint how the new mayor and council will operate. If it is we just maybe might wish for the days of Green, that would be a laugh riot.

This name change took place quickly because the do gooders knew there would be a back lash, hey even the common native got pushed around no chance to discuss and maybe decide on a different name.

Recognize and make right past injustices well the everyday native just got slam dunked again.

Keep an eye on how this mayor and council operates in the future sure hope this is not the first example of their governance style.

Sophic Sage, your comment is a bit off the wall. You are mentioning names of places, rivers etc. that have been called these names forever.

This situation is different because the name of a park is being change for no reason, out of the blue and just because council can!.

This name change will not correct any wrong doing and it will not improve relations amongst the people.

Agree with ohreally’s comment. Looks like mayor and council believe that they were elected to do whatever they themselves feel is right . Not to take anytime for public input and debate before deciding something like this is wrong and not properly representing the people that elected them .

Look, all I want to do today is go to work, pay my taxes, and have some certainty as to whether I own my home anymore, should I keep my European name – or should I change it to something less offensive. Will the resource based companies that supply the revenue to the people I do work for be allowed to continue, or will they be calling it a day soon – because – I have a friend whose offered to each me how to hunt, and it might be a skill I’ll need soon.

Also, I would like to know who to pay my taxes to. It seems to me if the FN were holding the land in trust for the generations to come, they would be the correct authority to pay taxes to – so – any chance that I could pay them to the FN and any chance they’d be willing to provide me with healthcare, education, roads, pensions etc.?

Ski51 stop paying your property taxes and you will find out in a hurry whom actually owns your property . It actually isn’t you . We all pay the government ( our collective commons ) for the privilege to live on our so called private property . Get in the way of an expanding airport , pipe line , transmission line , highway , or any other government wim and you will also find out in a hurry the precariousness of ownership . I know this first hand . Im living it at this very moment .


Don’t think you would want to send tax dollars to the T’ennah, their 2014 financial shows 5.2 million in revenue of which a staggering 1.2 million went to administration.That is more money then they spent on education, health care, social assistance and housing COMBINED.

1 in every 5 dollars spent on administration?

BTW Chief and council salaries are not out of line.

My son just phoned, he travels a lot and he can’t believe the name of the Park changed in the few days he was gone , I had to explain to him no one was involved in the name change Native or White it was a done deal with no public input. Is there something wrong with this picture??

Okay sparrow – but they don’t have Senators – surely there would be a cost saving there.

Mayor and council… All of us citizens appreciate you giving us so much time to voice our concerns about this name change. I have not yet met anyone who thinks its a good idea..

Changing the name of Fort George park..which has been part of the CITY for so long to appease one council member is idiotic. Changing any name of something so significant to the city without the publics input is ignorant.. You are not in those seats to do what you think is best.. you are supposed to support us voters and do whats in OUR best interest..not filling your Personal agenda.

Krause… do the noble thing a step down from council.. I dreed to see what eles you have on your agenda to shove down our throats.. All you other council members who voted for this change really need to revisit what your job description is.. and if you cant do the job.. quit..and NOW

I think that is indeed the crux of the issue P Val.

It’s not so much the renaming of the park, as things get renamed all the time, it’s the fact that such a significant current and historic feature of the city was renamed on what seems like a purely reactionary whim.

I don’t get the sense that this is part of a bigger plan, I don’t get the sense that anyone other than Councillor Krause raised it for consideration and I don’t even believe that it will accomplish what it set out to do because of the manner in which it was handled. The city could have taken the next 6 months to come up with a really good plan but they didn’t.

In a way, this shouldn’t be a surprise. PG is full of haphazard development and this, sadly, is really nothing more. I actually think it undermines the recognition that the Lheidli T’enneh should be receiving. People may look at this as the city being progressive, but to me, it’s the same ole PG in action. So much promise and opportunity, squandered because of poor planning.

Changing the name of a beloved Prince George Park was not only an extremely divisive move by City Council, it was also incredibly short sighted, underhanded and down right arrogant. There was ZERO input from the citizens of this town. There would not even be a park if not for the citizens of this City who have lovingly cared for it and through their tax dollars paid for its maintenance for over 70 years. And when I say citizens, I mean ALL citizens, not just one band or one faction. The Lheidil T’enneh people are not the only ones that were born, grew up, worked, had families and died in this town. I think their heritage should be respected and honoured, but not at the cost of minimalizing the engagement of the rest of the city’s citizens. Their displacement was a horrible blight in history to say the very least but, it can’t be righted by a name change. We’ve been through two world wars since the Carrier were displaced and those wrongs can never be righted either. City Council what you’ve done is not only wrong, it’s caused a rift between the city’s citizens as in order to right one parties past, you’ve wronged another. Why council couldn’t have built a monument or a cairn or another bandshell in one part of the park and had a ceremony to honour or memorialize the ancestors of the Lheidil T’enneh is beyond me. But no, they’ve got to disenfranchise the rest of the City. It may only be a name change to some, but to others it signals that City Hall is out of touch with its citizenry.

“Health chiefs in Suffolk spent £6,000 on consultants to change the name of Suffolk Primary Care Trust (PCT) to NHS Suffolk. The money was spent on a “trust identity study” that came up with the new name.”

The above quote comes from an article called “waste watch” no less. So how much time and money should Mayor and Council have spent “studying” and “contemplating” the change of a park name? $100,000 for a survey perhaps?

I know, lets not let Mayor and Council make any decisions on their own, we need a system of decision making where every single decision made by Mayor and Council needs to be approved by the citizens of Prince George first.

Can’t wait for 7:20 pm to arrive so the walking wounded, can stop their driviel on this subject. Gee I sure miss the Prince George Regional Hospital name, oh why, oh why, did they have to change their name, without our prior appoval? How insensitive, oh whoa is me…

It’s easy to be comfortable with a name and be angry about the change. I was on the fence with this one until I discovered, not only the province, but the whole country was looking at what was happening in PG. The general feeling of what happened in PG last night, was that our city are trail blazers in aboriginal relations.

I’m proud to be from a city which is leading the way in this regard.

How ironic that Rachel, feels His Worship can rule by decree, but the Prime Minister should consensus build.

I’m quite sure their new media guy “alerted” all the appropriate media outlets, and generated a buzz. That is why it was rushed through, so the objection to the name change wouldn’t be covered, or gain any traction. It is a done deal folks..move along. Nothing to see.

How ironic that Jimmy feels the Prime Minister should rule by decree, but his Worship should consensus build.

Wow, that was easy.

We have been “told” what to think, and it is as simple as that. Progressives are just used to that, and question it, not at all, therefore this is nothing new to them. For the majority of us it is simply a bit of a leap to expect us to just march lock step in compliance with every “new” government flavor du jour, edict.

Sage; We will get used to the name change we will have to , I just wish it did not sound like the whole area is a big Grave Yard,if I was a visitor to our City and did not know the City I would not go to the Park as I would think it is a Grave Yard. Driviel or not this site is the only place people have been able to have a voice good or bad.

Carrier natives didn’t bury their dead.. So why is there a graveyard? This graveyard is on their land. Guess it should be dug up and moved.

You see what council did was play Russian Roulette and the outcome could have been a utter cluster…. By allowing the debate to be framed in such a way that any objection to the name change meant you would be labeled a racist, ensured that any vocal opposition to the plan would eventually become the news story. Not the name change. It would have been “burning crosses in Prince George” all over again. So they had to announce it, table it and pass it quickly.

The general feeling of what happened in PG last night, was that our city are trail blazers in aboriginal relations.


With all due respect, I believe that is a stretch of epic proportions.

NMG….you mean this story isn’t front page news back east ? Hard to believe. :)

The good thing is, now the park is renamed there will no longer be anymore native issues to deal with.. This renaming is the completion of all the wrongs done to the native population.

Don’t we all feel better now ?

Sophic Sage. The Prince George Regional Hospital, was and is a good name.

University Hospital of Northern BC is a stupid name.

LOL Digitus Impudicus, no, I do not believe it has been picked up ;)

Thanks city council for letting the residents of Prinne George and surrounding areas have a say in this. 200 years down the road nothing will change as it will never end. I’m totally disgusted with the name change. Council was totally out of line making this decision.

I wonder if Toronto qualifies for this story making news “back east”?

http: //toronto-easy.com/news/canada-news/british-columbia/prince-george-councillor-wants-to-acknowledge-first-nations-history-by-renaming-civic-park/

Yet somehow, I anticipate the comments will be posted about this not being a “mainstream” reputable source of news. The Times Colonist in Victoria has covered this story as well, so I am all for “positive” news coverage of Prince George, for a change.

Obviously, not everyone looks at the renaming of this park as “positive” news, but many of us do. :-)

AtalosSage…..you said it was pronounced “Lately”, yet council and the news team at CKPG pronounce it “Clayt Clay”. Which is it ?

Sage a big part of this controversy is how it went down, fast and sneaky. Natives did not seem to get say on a name, left out as in the past, history being repeated.

I wonder if Toronto qualifies for this story making news “back east”?


Well I suppose if you consider a link to a CBC BC story buried in the BC section of a Toronto based “news” website as “making news back east”, then yes, I guess it did.

You clearly have a different definition of “making news” than most ;)

What speaks volumes is that no representitive from the band showed up at Monday’s council meeting to show support for this. Even if the chief was busy surely he could have sent someone to take his place.

I would die laughing if word leaked out that the band saw this as a no win situation so did everything they could to keep it at arms length. Not showing up Monday night seems to say this is the case….has any of the local media stuck a microphone under Fredrerick’s nose and got his take on this big custer’s truck?

Doing the right thing is hard . Did some one mention guilt ? I always pay my dues because I don’t want anything to wear on my conscience . Feels great .

You sold your Grand Trunk Pacific shares ?

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