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October 28, 2017 3:18 am

Cartoonist’s Take on Trudeau’s Chances

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 @ 3:45 AM


Politics make strange bedfellows. A week is a long time in politics let alone three months.

My take at this point in time is that the Liberals will make a comeback in the polls, and the NDP will drop down,.

I don’t think the NDP can hold on to their support in Quebec. What made them the official opposition in the last election, will take them out of that position this time around.

yes, the NDP… I hear Alberta food bank use is up to record numbers and rising still – and they are running out of stock for making hampers, they have a plea out for donations.

@Slinky….yes, it all must be from the nasty Provincial NDP coming in. Surely it couldn’t be as a result of worldwide excess of oil production that has caused job losses in a Province that is 100% reliant on oil money. Surely.

It is that dreaded Asian flu again! B.C. remembers it well!

Slinky, I’m still waiting for the Alberta gov’t to raise the welfare rate in that province LOL.

thank you for logic @summit.
Do people actually think an economy changes that much due to a political party change in a months time? At least let the Alberta NDP have sometime and track record before you throw stones.

Oil at 50 bucks a barrel that Alberta depends on for revenue. So where would the economy go? Barret had the same problem in BC when he took office. The mining industry collapsed.

Remember Pal? “Prentice is our man”

Damn those socialist NDP for driving down the world price on oil… damn them.

There is no doubt Prentice was the man for Alberta, however with the splitting of the vote it was not to be.

We now have the NDP hiring a high profile NDP’r from BC to run the Alberta Civil Service at a salary of $287,000.00 per year. The Finance Minister they appointed is a social worker by trade.

In addition they hired David Dodge ex Governor of the Bank of Canada to advise them on their financial policy. Dodge was appointed to Governor by Jean Chretian.

Seems the NDP in Alberta are in short supply of qualified people.

It’s not just oil that is spiralling down . It’s all commodities . Specially the metals . Money is pouring out of commodities . But where is it going ? Financials . And the big winner is ? The U.S.A ! Poor canada . We now have an average debt to earnings ratio of $1.65 and climbing .

Palopu, I agree with you that Prentice was the man for Alberta. Unfortunately, the person tasked with cleaning things up often gets left with the blame for the mess! There definitely was a mess in Alberta and voters got the NDP out of protest!

From what I have been reading, there has been a LOT of hiring from outside of Alberta and some of those hired seem a bit odd and counterproductive. Alberta has an oil economy, so let’s hire a bunch of anti-oil advocates and lobbyists! I’m not so sure that the Rachel Notley honeymoon will last much longer, but time will tell!

Prentice lost because he was harpers guy . Palopu , you hope mulcair’s numbers will drop . Sadly for you his numbers are up and Steve’s are falling . The right vote in Alberta wasn’t split . They didn’t have enough votes between the two of them to overcome the orange wave . But by all means keep spinning your reality . Even the so called balanced budget is a lie .

Honestly! Polls mean nothing at this point and time. Remember the Last BC election.

Election day is judgement day! That is the poll that I will believe.

Thanks ataloss.

Out there: Pluto
Really out there: Trudeau`s chances
Beyond the outer galactic limits out there: Harper`s (real no-fake) budget surplus

How wasy it is to fool the common folks! Christmas in July.


Prentices loss had nothing to do with Harper. The right vote was split between the Wild Rose Party, and the Conservatives. Without this split the Conservatives would have taken an additional 21 seats, and formed the Government. Do you ever do any serious research??.

You can rest assured that Mulcairs numbers will drop. Just keep your eyes on the polls.

Keep writing your drivel, it seems to satisfy Retired 02 who it appears is to tired (or lazy) to write his own.

Christmas in July is actually a slight of hand move . He gives you a check but at the same time ends the child tax credit and at least a third of the check will be taxed back . And the winner is ….. The tax accountants . Snake oil salesman , that’s all he is . When the wheels come off the bus , do you blame the bus driver or his passengers ?

While everyone has their choice of political parties, Palopu’s observation so far is the most accurate. A week can be an eternity in politics & all it takes is one “foot in mouth” moment to swing fickle allegiances. Ohreally also nailed it, I like Mulcair as an opposition leader…as Prime Minister? Sorry, just can’t see Canadians going that way. Probably a Conservative minority.

Beats the heck out of reading your pmo talking points Palopu . I guess if you write them often enough you even believe them yourself . Attacking JT is so cowardly . Being scared stupid of Elizabeth May is even more cowardly than hiding in a broom closet .

The budgetary office confirms the balanced budget is a lie . 1 billion dollar deficit . See snake oil salesman at best .

Ha ha ha… the waffle Mr Barrett? Yes, when things happen under the NDP it becomes a thing of “the economy did it” or perhaps “we didn’t give them enough time” sorry but my left ear is deaf to the social radicals. When they get in it is time to figure out where to move to unless they adopt a more conservative approach immediately. As people are laid off during a downturn they usually fall back to EI and not the food banks. Grizz – I too wonder if Knotley will unbuckle a new welfare scheme and pull our BC recipients to move to that province for a higher allowance so she can exclaim “welfare cheats, deadbeats and varmints” like Harcourt

Elizabeth May riding high with a rise in the polls to 6%, she beat out the Bloc in this poll! Ride the wave all the way to PM’s office… Ataloss’s wet dream

I’d love to see the greens take all the marbles but Canadians aren’t brave or smart enough for that . Canadians seem to like snake oil much more than their own self interests . The chances of seeing more Green MPs sitting is really good . They will never be whipped and will work with anyone that has sound policy . They define the middle .

Hey slinky I believe both of your ears are deaf and your also blind.

Sooooo quiet on rightie side . I can hardly wait for the pmo talking points about the parliamentry budget office calling bs to Stevie’s balanced budget . What can they say ?

Ha, ha, ha, CBC Power and Politics brought up a recent Leadership poll in BC that had Mulcair at +52, Trudeau at+2, and Harper at -46. Applying these numbers to the cartoon, it looks like Mulcair is still on earth here in Canada, Trudeau is on Pluto, and Harper is really really out there!

Your numbers as posted are incorrect Sage, I know you like the NDP but really… as these are from 308 I take it

And Ataloss, if you don’t know how elections work then best stay out of the big gals and guys conversations. The only seats the NDP would have kept if the Wildrose/Con seats were not split is in Edmonton itself. Palopu is correct.

No talking points from the pmo yet ? I’ve got a talking point for them . It’s about the economy stupid !

I like your premise slinky . Could work great federally with the libs cons splitting the right voters . It would also work great for the GPC .

You are right slinky, While Mulcair’s combines men and women approval rating is correctly stated at +52, Trudeau’s total combined men and women approval rating was a bit off and should be at -4, while I had the combined men and women approval rating for Harper at only -46, it really is -57.

“Interestingly, Mulcair does equally well among men and women, with a net rating of +26 among both genders.” Total for both men and women gives Mulcair a +52 overall rating.

… among men Trudeau nets a -6, while women rate him a +2. Total for both men and women combined gives Trudeau a -4 overall rating.

“…among women — where the prime minister is a net -34, compared to a net -23 among men — suggest Harper may not be a draw for his party.” The total for both men and women gives Harper a -57 overall rating.

www. cbc.ca/news/politics/mulcair-trudeau-approval-ratings-point-to-potential-for-growth-1.3161855

Thanks for pointing out my error slinky, now Harper is really, really, out there… LOL

I remember a time, not that long ago, when a Grade 12 graduate and her party were way way way out there!

Now they are way way way in there, as in in Victoria, as in sitting in the Legislature, as in not sitting in the Official Opposition seats in the Legislature!

Way out! Way in!! Is that far out, or what!!

We all know what dogs do to polls.

Mulcair is actually an unkown across Canada. Most people do not even know that the NDP were the official opposition. Lets not forget that Mulcair was a Liberal, then tried to hire on with the Conservatives, who wouldn’t pay him his price, so he then went to the NDP as a last resort.

If it hadn’t been for Jack Layton we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Jack was able to get some NDP votes in Quebec. I sincerely doubt that Mulcair will be able to hold those seats.

Again… Sage your way about numbers shows why you should keep your day job. You don’t add polls together, they form an average. For example if IPSOS does a poll and women are 40% in favour and men are 50% in favour we are all of the sudden NOT 90% in favour but rather if men and women are equally represented then we are exactly in the middle or 45%. Do you see how that works? If you read the fourth papagraph of the article it will show this for you – approval 51% disapproval 25% total 26%. You can again redo the numbers for BC – if equally represented as:
Mulcair approval 55 and disapproval 22 for a total of 33
Trudeau they state his total is 3 for BC and do not break it down
Harper approval 23 disapproval 69 for a total of -46

If you actually read the article it takes these numbers and suggests to you the reader that Harper is not the draw for his party. Then goes on to say that Mulcair has to get himself better known as almost third of all women polled say they have no opinion of him. 20 to 27 percent of all those polled back Ontario and eastward responded they “don’t know” when asked about Mulcair which improved his approval ratings. Trudeau on the other hand remains more popular than his party.

Then again, these are just polls and not actual votes.

Men are men, women are women, and a very few are both. The popularity of each leader, and I use that term loosely for Harper, is measured in the women population and in the men’s population. I simply combined them to determine the total popularity of each leader, thanks for muddying the waters though slinky.

Sorry, didn’t mean to muddy the waters by adding correctly

Sophie, by “simply combining them”, were you attempting to present data in a manner that might suggest something other than the ‘facts and truths”?

I ask because that is what you did with your “BC Hydro is causing forest fires” post! Remember that post? You should! It was the post that showed that you aren’t very concerned about the “facts and truths”!

Sorry if I put you on the spot, but if it upsets you, feel free to take a few more days off!

Cheers and G’nite!

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