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October 28, 2017 2:09 am

Bill C-51 and Rights of Canadians Focus of Candidates Forum

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Bill C-51 and the rights of Canadians will be the focus of a candidates forum this evening at the College of New Caledonia.

Organized by the Stand Up for the North Committee, this “voting-centred” meeting means that both the candidates and voters will be able to make short presentations and exchange views on the the Conservatives controversial anti-terror legislation.

The forum will also include discussion on such issues as freedom of speech, the right to privacy, rights of indigenous peoples, internet an digital rights, citizenship rights, electoral rights as well as Bill C-13 (anti bullying) and Bill C-24 (citizenship bill).

The forum will run from 7-9pm in Room 1-306 and will be moderated by local author and travel writer Vivien Lougheed.

Candidates in the Cariboo-Prince George and Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies ridings have been invited to attend.


We went to the forum at CNC but left as there was no place to sit or stand. I hope this forum has enough space

Conservatives showing up to this one ?

The list of forums that the Conservatives will be attending has been public knowledge for some time P Val. If you really want to attend the forum that they will attend you will have to go to UNBC later this month.

I can see that you have a great interest in attending forums that the Conservatives will be at , so be sure to mark your calendar, so you don’t miss it.

Bobzie wants drug testing before one can receive EI . Story at the tyee. His mom is running his champaign . Great pick there PG .

How about an IQ test for candidates?

How about a lie detector test for candidates?

What goes into 13 2wice??

The Mike Duffy and other senator taxpayer money spending scandals. Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro sent to jail. The nauseous cost of the F-35 killing machine. The purchase of half sunk British submarines. The Enbridge pipeline approval. Bill C-51. Just a few reasons not to vote conservative this time.

If regular middle class taxpaying Canadians don’t their taxes they go to jail. If you’re a rich 1% Canadian taxpayer and can take advantage of offshore tax evasion schemes you get high fives from fellow 1% er’s. Thanks Steven Harper. Cirque du Soleil also thanks you.

Palopu sorry but can’t trust a con at his/her word.. Let’s we who really shows up.. Not sure the Harper puppets will be allowed to show up.. Harper is scrambling hard as he loses support.. Wouldn’t want any of his puppets saying something stupider than Harper already has so close to the election.

Something like maybe the NDP candidate who said she has no idea how her party will be able to come through with a balanced budget on what they have put forward? Now Susan is not answering calls from reporters. Too late for Mulcair to turf her as they can no longer replace candidates for the election.

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