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October 28, 2017 2:08 am

Bond Named One of Six Female Trailblazers

Thursday, October 8, 2015 @ 2:17 PM

Prince George, B.C. – A big honour for Prince George-Valemount Liberal MLA Shirley Bond today.SHIRLEY BOND(1)

She’s been recognized as one of six Trailblazing Women in British Columbia’s Justice System.

The announcement was made in Victoria at the launch to Women’s History Month.

Recognized at the ceremony as trailblazers were:

*Mabel French, the first women called to the B.C. bar
*Helen Gregory MacGill, B.C.’s first female judge
*Edith Paterson; the female member of the Law Society of British Columbia to become a judge
*Patricia Proudfoot; the first female appointee to the B.C. Supreme Court
*Beverly McLachlin, the first female Chief Justice of both the B.C. Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Canada
*Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond, British Columbia’s first female Attorney General (Feb, 2012-June, 2013)

“To be acknowledged with such distinguished company is an honour and also very humbling. The legacies created by these pioneers have paved the way for generations of women to achieve their dreams and become successful participants in the justice system,” said Bond.

Women’s History Month has been celebrated in Canada every October since 1992.


Can’t stand her party, but regardless of that, I have to tip my hat to Shirley Bond. She’s a hard worker for Prince George, and it’s nice to have an influential politician hailing for Northern BC.

Thanks Shirley

So what’s her credentials for justice- none. But she good at photo-ops!

oldman1 you say more than you realize. While on other threads people rant about the loss of democracy and wring there collective hands about our inept leaders and decry the danger of corporations ruling over us all, we forget one thing.

The people who currently rule over us, do so, because they won a popularity contest. Public office is one of the few positions in society that you can get having absolutely no aptitude or skill for the job, but if you can get people to like you, and believe you’ll give them what they want, the job is yours.

So, her credentials – none – but then again, what are Justin Trudeau’s credentials to lead a country – A B.A. in Arts and a B.A. in education – neither degree is designed for leadership.

Mulcair at least has a law degree. Harper – well, economists are people who predict what will happen, and then collectively appear surprised when it doesn’t.

Now, corporations – actually hire professionals with proven track records to lead them – so, is it really so bad if the multi-nationals take over – I say this half tongue in cheek, because I’m really not so sure.

All that aside, credentials or no, I think Shirley Bond has PG’s interests at heart. Another female politician I have respect for, though I don’t agree with her party, is Lois Boone. I see her around town all the time – so, she didn’t just take her pension and run, she stayed in the community she represented.

Ski, a good analogy. I as well am pleased that she received this recognition. And yes she has and certainly does work hard for our community, as I’m finding Morris does as well. Knew Lois when she worked in vehicle management, awesome lady.

Congratulations Ms. Bond!! Regardless of her party, Ms. Bond has been a hard worker, a strong voice and a great defender of rural BC and the North! A great role model for women. Thank you Shirley for your MANY years of service to our communities.

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