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October 28, 2017 2:08 am

Cost Control Continues at Quesnel City Hall

Thursday, October 8, 2015 @ 3:30 PM

Quesnel, B.C. – The City of Quesnel continues to cut costs.

Today, in an effort to achieve their target of $525,000 in cost reductions for next year’s budget, they announced the following changes:

Photo courtesy City of Quesnel

Photo courtesy City of Quesnel

*Taking advantage of an attrition opportunity to restructure administrative staff at the RCMP detachment.

*Changing the hours of operation at the Quesnel and District Museum to seasonal (May to September) rather than year-round.

*Renegotiating the contract for the Quesnel & District Visitors Centre; and

*Making changes to residential garbage pick-up and landfill operating hours. Starting the week of November 16, residential pick-up will occur every two weeks rather than weekly.

*Also starting November 16, the landfill will be closed Mondays and statutory holidays with the exception of Boxing Day.

Bi-weekly residential garbage pick-up will be aligned with MMBC’s recycling materials pick-up, the revised schedule will be posted on the City’s website shortly.

“The changes to residential garbage pick-up frequency and landfill operating hours are the first steps in Council’s review of our entire waste management system,” says Mayor Bob Simpson.

“Council’s overarching goal is to develop and implement a comprehensive waste reduction and recycling strategy that will simultaneously achieve environmental, climate change, and cost reduction objectives.”

Today’s announcement follows restructuring announced back in May when the City trimmed management and shifted some positions to unionized posts.

The City forecasted those cuts would result in a net savings of approximately $250,000 starting in 2016.


Hmmmm. Perhaps we should be taking a leaf out of Quesnel’s note book.

Hmm. They only saved 550,000. Imagine how much they’d save if they hired KPMG at 350000 to show them how it’s done. You know. Like they did in pg.

I guarantee no tax savings will be made on missing garbag for a week,bins will just get overfilled some will toss onto the streets proudly and city will have to hire or pay overtime for the clean up ,give it a month q town going to look like a dumping ground on city streets ,whos idea was this?

Week 1 city picks garbage up

Week 2 bin is overflowing crows picking at garbage ,time to just through the bin on the road

the City here pays enormous amounts of overtime, but no one has caught on to it yet… Just talk to the City employees… they’ll tell you how much OT they accumulated

People should remember that if the bin is overflowing they wont pick it up at all. So I suggest that people recycle as much as they can, then if necessary get a bigger garbage can.

There is no reason why every other week pick up wouldn’t work. Those who abuse the system will end up living with their garbage.

Find out soon !!!

We will see streets of q town with unpicked garbage dumps tossed over,i c this all the time ,garbage truck leaves bin gets tossed into the street ,city workers dispatched too pick up

I have observed reduced garbage pickup work effectively in other jurisdictions. Key factors leading to success was education on how to reduce waste and how to recycle effectively along with pro-active support for recycling and harsh penalties of illegal dumping. When fully developed, pickup of landfill waste for most households was reduced to a monthly event.

With motivation and conviction, pickup every second week is definitely doable.

pgguru is right, time will tell :)

Before they charged for dropping garbage at the transfer station we hardly ever used our city garbage pickup service. We’d just drop it off ourselves.

any chance that we could dispense with our Mayor and Council and then amalgamate with Quesnel?

But we in PG have a super expensive butt ugly cop shop.
When looked at from the front there is quite a similarity to a crab.

Maybe we should have hired these people instead of KPMG!

Posted on Friday, October 9, 2015 @ 4:36 AM by Give more with a score of 1

Maybe we should have hired these people instead of KPMG!


Maybe we should have followed the recommendations from KPMG instead of kowtowing to CUPE?

Reread the article. These changes do not save them the entire amount but rather are projected to save 250,000.00 which is almost half way to the goal. More cuts to come.

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