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October 28, 2017 1:49 am

Celebration at UNBC

Thursday, October 29, 2015 @ 2:32 PM


UNBC President Daniel Weeks helps student celebrate their Maclean’s ranking – photo UNBC

Prince George, B.C.- It’s been 25 years in the making, and today it was time to celebrate.

As 250News reported yesterday,  UNBC has made it to the top of the Maclean’s university rankings for  Primarily undergraduate universities.

Being first is a first for UNBC, although they have flirted  with  the  number   last year (ranked 2nd)  and in  a couple of previous years.

This time,  President Daniel Weeks  is convinced it was the students  who helped push  them over the top  and into first place, as Maclean’s included a student satisfaction survey  as part of the  information a gathering.

The  Maclean’s ranking of universities across the country  is an important tool for students  as they decide where they will  continue their post secondary  education.

Now the challenge will be to hold on to that spot.


Congratulations! This is a first class positive story! Thanks!

Awesome stuff… congrats to all involved

#1 in education and #1 most dangerous city in Canada.

This is a good news story. McLeans Anniversary gift to UNBC :-). My daughter is receiving a wonderful education there. Caring Profs that inspire. I’m extremely proud of her and am glad that she attends UNBC

pgman, your statistics are from 2010-2011.

Since then Prince George has improved vastly and does not make it into the first five.

Top 2015 Canadian cities for violent crime:

1) Winnipeg
2) Thunder Bay
3) Saskatoon
4) Regina
5) Edmonton

(Immigration News).

Violent crimes are the ones to be most concerned about. Kelowna is rated the worst city with for the size its population, all crimes included.

I would rather live in PG than in Surrey or Vancouver.

‘#1 in education and #1 most dangerous city in Canada.’

What an a$$hole.

The Maclean’s survey methods are almost completely without merit. The only people who agree with them are those that receive the high ratings.

It’s appalling that a university would accept such shoddy survey practices as being the truth.

very sad that so many have to look at the negative, rather than celebrating the positive. What are you looking for in your community and if you can’t find a positive, why are you still here? And what efforts have you put in to improve things? Easy to complain…how about being part of the solution, in stead of part of the problem.

by the way, my name is David Livingstone and I don’t need to hide behind some computer name. I read 250 because they quite often scoop everyone else with the news…reading the comments, well that is just pretty sad for the most part.

Congratulations Prince George!

Very well said Mr Livingstone. Good for you

UNBC has been a good university and could one day be a great university. Sadly, UNBC has been damaged by an administration that has treated their faculty and staff with utter disrespect for over 20 years. Witness the UNBC strike in early 2015 that should never have happened.

If UNBC continues to alienate their dedicated employees, past and present, it is a recipe for disaster. To perpetuate the Maclean’s myth is a distortion of the truth. UNBC should no longer participate in the bogus Maclean’s surveys.

The path to success for UNBC is to live up to the ideals of a proper university. That is truth, honesty, and compassion for all of UNBC’s constituents. That has not been happening at UNBC.

“It’s appalling that a university would accept such shoddy survey practices as being the truth”

They “survey” all the universities. UNBC is not the only one.

If the universities would have a problem with it, the would get their association to discuss the matter with MacLeans and, as a unit, make a statement about the survey as to its veracity.

I am sure there are others who do not think it is a valid survey. \there always are. Nothing unusual.

lotta axes getting grind here today.

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