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October 28, 2017 12:17 am

Teens Assist Officer in Roll Over

Thursday, February 11, 2016 @ 12:46 PM

Pouce Coupe, B.C. – Two  Pouce Coupe  teens  are being credited with helping  an RCMP officer  out of his  damaged cruiser when the vehicle rolled in that community.Around 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9th, a Peace Region Traffic Services officer  was driving a fully marked police car with lights and siren activated, in an attempt to catch up to a suspected violator on the 206 road.

As the officer approached the T-intersection at 57th Ave in Pouce Coupe, his vehicle slid into the ditch and was believed to have struck a power pole guide wire.  The vehicle rolled, coming to rest on the driver’s side.

Two  teens  arrived on scene to  see if anyone had been hurt,  and  immediately  started  helping the officer  out of the  car.

There  was a small engine fire at the time, and the teens  tried to douse the flames with snowballs,  but the officer   grabbed a fire  extinguisher  and  put out the  fire.

The officer  was not  injured in the  crash.   At this point  speed is not believed to have  been a factor in the  crash.


speed is not considered a factor? of course it is. ‘driving to fast for road conditions’. that simple. glad the cop is ok, but don’t bullshit us

    No kidding.

    LOL… What’s the point of the lights and sirens if he wasn’t speeding. Dude was chasing someone and hit a patch of ice, of course he was speeding, that’s part of his job.

    Good on the teens for helping him out. Too bad the bad guy got away.

    Did you do the investigation into this crash? How do you know so well that other factors didn’t come into play to cause this?

    Just wondering, that’s all. You sound like you must have been there.

Ya but still has to drive for the conditions speeding or not, elementary physics.

don’t have to use lights and sirens just for speeding, lets other vehicles know to get out of the way.

    Did we not sift thru all this bshat a few weeks back that if the signage says 100 kliks you must drive 100 kliks, without disregard for road conditions. Well duh to the postee that still believes that. Winter road conditions mean adjust your driving accordingly.

^5’s to the two young men in this story

My brother slid into the ditch when it was glare ice. The cops gave him a ticket for undue care and attention. He was doing 40km/h in a 50km/h. Double standards I guess

    I know a cop who got caught in radar doing 120 kliks in a 50 klik zone, flashed his get out of jail free card and got off with some lip service. Go figure.

Putting other people at risk also. Too fast for road conditions.

This is a report of two teens who did the right thing. They reacted in an incredible way, to help their fellow man who was in a bind. They’ve got the right stuff to deal in a solid way in a critical incident and were I an employer, I would hire them in a second. Good work guys!
And for you armchair quarterbacks, even professional drivers slide in to the ditch on occasion.

    Thank you Griz for sensible comments.

Good post Grizzly 2

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