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October 27, 2017 11:24 pm

New Police Unit to Focus on Illegal Gambling

Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 11:01 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Province   has formed   a special investigation unit  aimed at  cracking down on illegal gaming and money  laundering in  casinos  in B.C.

The new Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team  will be located  within the  Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU), B.C.’s anti- gang  unit.  Kevin Hackett, chief operating officer of CFSEU, says the team will focus on  organized crime and gangs “The objective of the Joint Illegal Gaming Investigative Team is to provide a dedicated, integrated, and coordinated multi-jurisdictional investigative and enforcement response to illegal gaming in B.C.”

The new team will eventually  consist of two teams of 22  police officers and four  investigators from the Ministry of Finance Gaming Police and Enforcement Branch.
Funding for the unit will be shared between BC Lottery Corporation (70%) and the federal government through the Provincial Police Service Agreement (30%).

Funding for the joint team is planned for five years,  with a review of the  unit’s performance  before that agreement is renewed in 5 years.


In other words investigating liberal financing.

    Wow.. someone is still bitter about the election loss…lol

In other words, license holders, the province and the cities are loosing too much through “leakage”.

    I’m always losing my loose change. :)

The following link is from a Globe and Mail article written 6 years ago. Obviously this Christy Clark government doesn’t know if it is coming or going!

“An RCMP team targeting illegal gambling in British Columbia wrote a report more than a year ago warning that organized crime figures were likely involved in those activities. Three months later, the investigative unit that was funded by the provincial government was shut down (in 2009).”

www .theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-warned-of-organized-crimes-reach-into-gambling/article1368787/

Guess this government needs to look like it is doing something.

    “They kicked me off this site, and it was a real pain-in-the-butt just to bypass login protocols to post this my final comment.”

    “JGalt signing off. ”

    …….So what was this bit of drama from last week all about, posting with your bottom lip stuck way out b/c a previous post was not well received and was a massive minus?

that dumb broad that runs this province should be given the boot on stupidity alone. Shes a friggin crook. Our Hillary of the north.

Wow, I guess the weekend poker game with the boys is out.

What is the massive crime that justifies setting up this force? Is the idea that criminals are using the casinos to launder their profits?

    Excellent point Bill. The Christy Clark government has known for years it has been complicit in money laudering proceeds of crime at its casinos across BC, yet seems to do nothing about.

    Here is a story of one man who has laudered over 2 million dollars alone over a one year period at various casinos in BC.

    www .biv.com/article/2016/2/lawsuit-cites-bc-casino-money-laundering-allegatio/

    Bill, they’re trying to hit the top of the organized crime food chain.
    There is a lot of money laundering going on that they’re finally gonna get a handle on, be it casinos, real estate etc. Good to see it finally happening.
    I think the gaming investigators are happy to see this.

      Okay, so it isn’t that the casinos are themselves engaged in crime but rather that other criminals are using the casinos to launder money? Or is there thought to be skimming etc. in the casinos themselves?

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