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October 27, 2017 11:10 pm

RCMP “Cop Light Bling” Video Tops Half a Million Views

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 11:45 AM

Prince George,  B.C.-  A  video  created by  some RCMP officers in Nova Scotia to  promote  a slow down and move over campaign,  has been  viewed by more than  half a million  people in less than a week.All  of the folks in the video are  either RCMP  Constables and Corporals,  or  RCMP  Administrative Staff.

The video  is a spoof of a song by  Canadian rapper “Drake”, the video   explains the “Slow Down and Move Over” rule as it applies in Nova Scotia.

Here in B.C.  the rule is a little different,  requiring drivers on the highway, where the limit is 80 km per hour or more, to reduce their speed to 70 and, if at all possible, move over as they pass all vehicles  that have a flashing red, blue or yellow light that has its lights flashing.   On roadways where the maximum limit is under 80km per hour,  drivers are   to slow down to 40km/h. These speed reductions apply to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction  as well,  unless the highway is divided or has more than one lane in each direction.

In British Columbia,  failing to  slow down and move over  carries a $173 dollar fine and three penalty points.


That is awesome

Good on the RCMP to not only do this video but to poke fun at themselves while putting out a serious message hopefully it the message will reach some people good on you Nova Scotia RCMP

Great Video, great message, great production. Now, you slackers, get back to work! LOL

All those Cops should be fined and Lose a Days Pay.

A trifle silly perhaps, but the video presents a memorable reminder of the law, when passing stopped emergency vehicles.

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