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October 27, 2017 10:40 pm

PG Tourism Launches “Real” Video

Sunday, May 29, 2016 @ 7:00 AM

New promotional video for Prince George Tourism – courtesy PG Tourism
Prince George, B.C.- A new website, a new video, both aimed at promoting some of the adventures that can be found in, and around, Prince George have been launched by Tourism Prince George.The images of  vast spaces,  and outdoor  activities such as hiking,  fishing,  bike trails, canoeing  and kayaking  as well as  snowmobiling and skiing,  are nothing short of spectacular “We had 6Sigma (local video company) working  for us, and  go around the town on the hiking trails  and all over  getting the footage” says Tourism PG  CEO  Erica Hummel.

The  website, says Hummel, features the  video “It’s an entirely new site,  the banner has  video content that says ‘Discover Urban Wilderness'” but adds  the site will also  promote  the urban amenities  Prince George has to offer “We’re going to be   doing another launch of another video that focuses more on entertainment,  and the downtown, things to do,  shopping, the night scene,  things like that, so this (Urban Wilderness) is just the one piece  we put together  for  summer as well as the festivals that are going to be happening in the summer.”

Getting the word out about the  video and  website will be done through the launch of a digital campaign for June and July  that will  target  audiences in Alberta, the Lower Mainland and other key markets in B.C.”So basically  it will target  people who are looking for things to do  that we have  to offer and looking to travel and  we hope to see a lot of  people already planning to come through B.C. learn about  it at the Visitors Centre and our ambassadors that we’re working  with  in the community.”

The campaign will start next week, but Hummel doesn’t think  that’s too late for  people who are making vacation plans “We  do seasonal campaigns and we find most people who travel in our markets are thinking about their long weekends a few weeks in advance, not  planning months in advance anymore unless they are internationals.  We’re really hitting on the regional and the western Canadian market that doesn’t plan that far in advance and they are usually on their mobiles  last minute looking at weather and forest fires and  looking  at where to go,  where’s it not raining,  where’s the best place to go camping.”

Hummel  expects  this will be a good year for tourism in Prince George as  Americans head north to take advantage of the power of their dollar “As a Province, we’ve already seen double digit increases in international  visitation and the US is our main international visitor, next is the UK.  So in our Visitors Centre we’ve already seen a lot of Americans coming through,  and early, because  of the great weather we’re having.  So we anticipate because of the dollar and the great spring  we’ve had,  a really huge boom in the visitation from  the States.”




I like it. Showed some friends it this morning 4 of the 5 enjoyed it and like me feel this should of happened years ago but be as it may its here now and finally something to promote PG and the surrounding region because there is a ton to do around here that even many people in the city have next to no idea about that can be done here.

To me this a great good news story

Finally….sort of….what I have been saying for years, that the PG area is BC’s best kept secret. The outdoor activities are world class, the people are great & it still is relatively inexpensive. The downside? If word gets out as to what we really have here, the lineups will start to form. 😈 Great video, kudos to the producers.

What is real? It is authentic, it is genuine… unfortunately, the majority of this promotional video is not really Prince George, I only recognized about five scenes that were in, or very close to Prince George.

Lots of mountain alpine shots, so where near Prince George is there a mountain high enough to have alpine? Nice slick video that sets visitors up for a Prince George experience that will most likely disappoint them, starting with our unique smell just as they arrive into our “fair” city.

So what is real? Is this video authentic and genuine? IMO not so much… but then again, everyone is entitled to their version of reality.

    You obviously do not get out in the surrounding area that much. As both Dearth & I posted, best kept secret. Most PGers don’t realize what is in our back yards. Alpine? How about the McGregors, Vineyards, Raven Lake area, all a short drive from here. If you spend your days at your computer screen & don’t get out & experience what the area has to offer, yes you will be disappointed. This video is aimed squarely at those who are willing to get off the beaten path.

      If you want to enjoy any of the things highlighted in that promotional video then you need to travel out of Prince George. So what is your definition of “surrounding area”? Travel 1 hour west of Prince George you are in Vanderhoof, NOT Prince George. Just because there is no town one hour east or north of Prince George does not mean we get to call that area “Prince George”.

      The video should be more “honest” and up front; “if you are willing to travel out of Prince George some distance and “get off the beaten path” then you get to experience some of the things the video offers.

      That video makes us look like we are situated right in the middle of vast mountains and lakes, which we are not. Valemount maybe, but Prince George is no where “close” to rugged mountains and any sizable lake. I tried to “get away from it all” once by taking my canoe out to West Lake, the amount of boat traffic on that lake was both intimidating and at times dangerous. Give me a break, as Prince George is no where close to what is presented in that video… IMO.

      If you want to experience any of those activities (with the exception of canoeing & mt. biking) in any town or city you will have to leave the confines of that town or city, even Valemount. There are very few places that could claim to offer an alpine experience in “city” limits. Your point of having to drive a bit to enjoy what can be offered is moot. If true, even Vancouver should not be able to lay claim to the vast natural resources at their doorstep. After all, anyone who has spent time there knows the significant amount of driving time to get to recreation areas, far more than what we endure. The point of the promo video is to highlight what is in our area, which is world class.

    I agree with detoe44, you have to actually leave your chair to experience the great outdoors. I can walk out my backdoor and be in the wilderness in 10 minutes. There are a lot of fantastic natural areas in and around PG. If you hate here so much, as you comment seems to suggest, why stay here?

That was great, like to see more like that. Don’t like the north move away as others will come and its is going to grow.

    Hope so. If BC Stats is correct that Prince George is shrinking (like they claimed Jan 2016), that means nobody is filling the void of those leaving.

    I hope the recent census clears that up a bit.

Like any condition good or bad ,you have to be able the name it ,to deal with it . What you have is biophilia . Resent studies have proven the Biophilia hypothesis is over whelming correct . You can look it up in wiki . You’ve got it in spades .

Everyone else sees how much you guys are “minimizing” distance in your comments; detoe44 states; Your point of having to “drive a bit”… Then Joe Blow states you have to leave your “chair”… Yes, leave your chair and travel a bit; like more than 100 fricken kilometres.

When you live in Valemount you can actually SEE the mountains and what the area has to offer, when you live in Vancouver you can actually SEE the mountains and what the surrounding area has to offer, when those tourists arrive in Prince George what will they SEE but a stinky pulpmill and two muddy rivers! I live in Prince George, and all in all it is not bad place to live, but I do not recognize what is in that video (for the most part) as being Prince George.

Anyone that actually believes what is presented in that video as being Prince George is borderline delusional in my opinion… travel over 100 kiliometres out of PG and you might get to place place that is more accurate. That is my honest opinion.

    That’s funny, I was up biking at Pidherny the other day & on my way home I could actually SEE the North Rockies, same when I am at Forests for the World, I can actually SEE the McGregors & the eastern edge of the Cariboo’s. I guess sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. In Vancouver, yes, on most summer days you can see mountains (good luck in the winter) but to get to & from those mountains you had better be prepared for at least 4 hours behind the wheel & deal with the crowds that are there. In PG, I can leave my house & be on top of a mountain (alpine) with no one in earshot or sight in less than 3 hours (climb included). The video is not misleading, like I posted above, if you don’t recognize what’s in the video, you need to get out & explore some.

      “Eastern edge of the Cariboo’s” should have wrote “western”. Even I can’t see that far. ;)

Good video but very misleading. I’m a very outdoorsy person and those locations in the video are in the area of PG and not at all close to town. PG is an industrial town and not pretty at all. I’m glad they didn’t show what this town is really like. The downtown core is dead with very basic plain looking buildings and I’m sorry but the my idea of a beautiful view of a city does not include a couple of bridges and pulpmills spewing smoke which they call steam. Just be glad they left all of that out of the video.

    Yep , the trick to advertising this city is to actually leave out the city. Might as well just label the video central interior.

      But I did see that medicine man at the Wendys downtown.

Pulpmills do not spew smoke! The word is “steam”.

I agree with nowiser and Stanwich; at the one minute 30 second mark of the video, we actually get to see Prince George for a split second, don’t blink or you will miss it, and even then its from a distance.

It’s so bad here they had to shift our attention else where, see those snow capped mountains off on the very distant horizon? … where? Takes out the most powerful binoculars you can buy and points out some mountains over 100 kilometres away… yeah I see them now, what about them? Lets take a helicopter over there and call it Prince George. Hey… thats a great idea… and everyone high fives each other. LOL.

    All of the biking scenes are in city limits, the canoeing is in city limits. Read the accompanying article, “A new website, a new video, both aimed at promoting some of the adventures that can be found in, and around, Prince George”. The point is you have to get here to access what you see in the video. Those areas are not close to any other major or minor destinations. Not Valemount, McBride or any other town, just PG. If you need the most powerful set of binoculars to see the mountains to the north & east of PG you need to get your eyes checked, as the crow flies those mountains are not that far away. If you really think “it’s so bad here”, why are you here?

      It’s not worth arguing with people who are only interested being negative they have only one view of this city and little you can do to change it just let them live in their little world

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