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October 27, 2017 10:38 pm

Bike Lane Plan Approved

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

bikelane1bikelane2 Image on left shows  road marking and signage for dedicated bike lane, while on right, road marking and signage for a share the road  stretch  – images courtesy City of Prince George

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George will soon see dedicated bike lanes  marked  on 69 lane kilometers of roadway, and if the road is marked as a dedicated bike lane, there will be no  parking allowed.

Council has approved the  move  as outlined in a $70 thousand dollar report from L&M Engineering.   There are  just under three kilometer lanes of  arterial roadway which  won’t have dedicated bike lanes because of other issues.  In those cases,  the roadway will be marked as  either  shared lane use,  or share the road.

Here are the  alternatives for those  stretches of roadway:

  • 15th Avenue (Hwy 97 to Ospika Blvd Westbound) Narrow asphalt width- Share the Road  or  Shared Use Lane
  • Dominion Street (7th Ave. to 1st Ave.) Narrow asphalt and intensive parking- Shared Use Lane
  • Rainbow Park (northbound) Intensive event parking- Share the Road

Dedicated Bike Lane: Will be  used on most  of the arterial roadways.  Will feature an image of a bike and a diamond symbol on the pavement and  in roadside signage to indicate the lane is reserved for bicycles only

Share the Road:This will be used where parking cannot be removed at this time.  The road will be painted and signage  erected to indicate  bikes and vehicles can use the  outer lanebikelane3

Shared Use Lane- Single File:  This will be used where the road  is too narrow  to permit  bikes  and vehicles to  use the lane side by side,  and must  share the lane in single file formation.( see image at right)

Councillor Jillian Merrick was thrilled with the report and pointed  out  that  Prince George will have  bike lanes “for just the cost of this report”  Councillor Brian Skakun didn’t agree noting the cost of  the report was just the start “There are  going to be significant capital costs down the road, there  will be cost of signs,  there will  be the cost of enforcement and then there will be the  cost of impoundment,  vehicles will be impounded.”

Future capital costs would be  incurred if the City is to address some of the issues  noted in the report:

  • lack of off-street parking at Rainbow Park on Ospika, the City may have to develop  a parking lot to accommodate park visitors
  • bikeway connections onto frontage road at 15th and Ospika, and the bulb-out at the bus stop east of Alward and 10th Avenue may have to be changed
  • Ospika Boulevard at the soccer fields and CN Centre are examples where further discussion and investigation of alternatives to accommodate the parking conflict complexities are needed;

No one addressed the issue of  possible increased costs for  snow removal.  There was also a  suggestion that  with parking to be banned on Ospika between 15th and 18th adjacent to the  soccer fields,  the  old sani-dump  site on 18th be turned into a drop off  zone for  soccer players and their families.





like I said yesterday this would be passed unanimously..
Jillian will have a smile form ear to ear , she got her “revenge’ for lack of another word right now on motorists… I see there is no penalties for bikers who ride on sidewalks or down’t use the bike lanes…
Can’t inconvenience your FRIENDS, right Jillian?

    There is a penalty for riding on the sidewalk.. it is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act.

      you are absolutely right, but we need to get bylaws off their tails and get away from the coffee pot and ,
      heaven forbid and get out in the weather and start enforcing it…
      I know, it is’t going to happen.


    You know, if you are going to make a comment at least try to know something about what you are commenting on. Bylaw officers do not enforce the Motor Vehicle Act, the police do. So if you are going to tar an entire work group with an insulting generalization then you should have posted “if only they could get those cops off their tails and away from Tim Hortons, maybe they could start enforcing it”.

    I would rather have them “sit around the coffee pot” than be out there ticketing people for parking in a barely used bike lane because of Merrick and her brainless bike lane program.

      if you read my comment again you will see that what I want is equality for motorist and bikers. this bylaw seems to favor bikers only and since this is a bylaw, bylaw officers can enforce it if they had the nerve or maybe the direction to do so.
      The RCMP have better things to do than enforce Merrick’s dream.

Would be nice to not have idiots parked in the bike lane on foothills to walk the university hill. Even though there is a parking lot just 100 meters away.

    I walk my dog on occasion there. I always park in the so-called parking lot. It does not drain water property, has tons of pot holes.

    The City does not consider it as a parking lot.

    The Drive to UNBC should have been built with several parking lots-view points right from day one.

    There is plenty of room to park at the top. …. on the grass. High time they put parking lot up there. Hopefully they will do another $70,000 study to look at parking lots in such areas for those of us who drive cars on occasion.

Am I the only one that is outraged at a $70k report about this? I believe it’s a pretty simple thing, put a bike lane where it fits and then back to sharing the road (just like everywhere else) where a bike lane does not fit.
As someone posted yesterday: build proper parking for soccer fields and Rainbow Park!
$70k!!! I am in the wrong business. I will bet that the engineer did not even need to leave the desk to do this report. May have even done it on a coffee break.

What would you rather see $70,000.00 spent on?

    Perhaps some better signage and lighting for main arterial crosswalks? Reopen a municipal RV sani dump? How about better signs for our “hidden” tourist info office?
    Pretty certain that the City has at least ONE person on staff who could have made the bike lane plan.

    Maybe Council should contract for a study as to who (on the payroll) could perform such a task.

Well I know who we am not voting for next election.


    me either

Licensing bikes and charging a yearly fee to offset the cost of reports and painting is really what the city council should consider. Seems unfair the motoring public pays for roads through gasoline tax and bikers get a free ride.

    Again, city roads are paid for by city taxes. Cyclists pay city taxes, and homeowners insurance covers their liability.

    But hey, I don’t understand why I have to pay medical premiums the same as everyone else, when I look after myself, use the system rarely, and there are other obese individuals who have a regular date at the hospital and pay same as me. Why is that. Why don’t they have to pay a premium based on the risk.

    Oh, that’s probably because in a society we all pay into a pot, and sometimes we get the benefit of it, and sometimes we don’t.

    Can you imagine trying to license kids bicycles. They’re fat enough as it is without putting yet another barrier up to exercise.

    Oh, and why do I have to pay for the Jago health center through my taxes. I never use it.

      When I was a kid I rode a licensed bike.

      Are kids dumbed down that much these days?

      Tell me what kind of homeowner insurance covers liability if the bike runs over a pedestrian, knocks him/her over, causes a concussion and the person does not recover from it?

In most other cities I have been in bike lanes are not on main arterial roads. In fact there is signage for bicyclists to use the next street over. I foresee a lot of accidents coming.

She thinks that it’s paid for already? You know it’s bad when skakun makes her look foolish.

Have there been any studies done on the number of people who bike in this town? I’d like to see a breakdown by month. How many users per km are we talking here? 10? 100? 500?

    That question was asked awhile back axman and the only answer returned was the number of cyclists registered with the club..a useless number for any survey.

    Why are we pandering to a few bikers? Specialty groups should be last on the list..not the first on it.

    If the $70,000 report dos not include a method of calculating a reasonable approximation of how many people bike on the roads and an attempt at indicating the number of person-km travelled in the city during the various seasons the study is useless.

    I would want to see a baseline number so that at 5 year intervals as a minimum the survey could be repeated over several decades to see the result of impact of improving the infrastructure. In other words, we should have the same kind of traffics study for bikes users as for motorized vehicles.

    An engineering study would do such an analysis on which to base success and future adjustments to what has been provided. Without that it is not an engineering study in my opinion.

Ban the auto, ban parking!!! Long live bike lanes!!!

    how cute a troll

    now go back under your bridge

This is all a joke right? Now consider there are no lines visible for about 8 months of the year.

Is bike lane painting and signage going to be given priority in the Spring?

Now on the shared us single file is a car allowed to pass a bike?

How much is the re-educating the public on the new road rules going to cost?

How did bikes and cars coexist with out all this special treatment?


Well considering a four year lease renewal on an electric car that gets little use and can hardly make it upto the Uni in winter decisions of this council remind of the movie Dumb and Dumber.

ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2016/05/30/time-for-police-to-target-bad-cyclists

    But bike riders pay property taxes!! They are also against license plates because they will no longer be anonymous and may have to answer to running red lights, stop signs, riding on sidewalks etc..

I am just old enough to remember when there were many people/kids riding their bikes everywhere; to school, over to a friends house, leisure activities, etc.

I don’t remember, however, there being issues between the two groups. There was a level of civility for all users of our roadways, something of which is sorely lacking right now.

    You’ve hit it the nail on the head IMHO. Bike lanes are a reaction to a problem. The general motoring public can no longer be trusted to do the right thing. Civility on the roads is long gone. Car in front too slow, ride their bumper. In a hurry, weave in and out of traffic. Bike in your way, squeeze between it and the on-coming car – heaven forbid you slow down for a few seconds.

    And some of you posters just confuse me. When it comes to global warming you can’t wait to trash Christy Clark for not doing enough, mock people who believe it isn’t true, and then you come on here and hammer bike riding. So far the only practical method of transportation that doesn’t require polluting the air.

    I think this is a bad idea mostly because now motorists will have just another reason to be pissed at cyclists and I don’t think kids should have to cross the road to get to their soccer game if it can be avoided. But that’s because PG driver’s can’t even slow down when children are on the side of the road. Limit 50, kids on the road,they still do 60 or 70. You do understand that those kids are your pension plan.

    A level of civility?????

    Look at the comment sections of internet sites which allow comments. Civility is starting to disappear.

    Kook at people like Trump. Puts negative political ads to shame. We are losing civility in US politics.

    I do not see that being added to the new curriculum recently announced – civics.

Axman asks a good question. How many people actually bike in this City,. Of course the city can’t answer that question because they do not know. Nor does the engineering company that did the study, nor does the bicycle club.

So what we have here is a council that is making bylaws governing biking in the city, when they do not have comprehensive information showing how much biking actually takes place, where and when it takes place, and how much it is reduced during winter months.

We need to stop paying money for useless reports, and making decisions based on anecdotal information. If we want to be a big city its about time we started to act like one.

My guess is that you would be hard pressed to find 200 bikers in this town, and at any give moment they would be spread over a 250 sq kilometer area, and would be hardly noticeable on a day to day basis. You would find the same thing with pedestrians.

So what we have is empty sidewalks because of a lack of pedestrians, bikers using prime parking space for biking on a very limited basis, and cars scrambling for parking spaces.

In other words a situation that is completely and totally lacking in any intelligent solutions.

City council can and must do better.

    You’re probably correct. I think the assumption is if they create clear arterial bike corridors, it might increase. Even myself, I only bike on the decent weather days. But Portland Oregon reported significant economic and health benefits with just a removal of a small % of vehicles.

    But speaking of parking. There’s a senior’s center downtown with every street parking space taken up by Northern Health employees. Which means, the seniors who need to access it, have to park further away and walk on our less than ideal sidewalks.

    Now that’s a real problem. Getting healthy able bodied adults who work for an organization whose goal is to enhance the health and safety of the people of the region to park in the parkade, and leave the street parking for the seniors of our city who can ill afford a slip on the ice because some IT tech is too XXXXXX lazy to walk two blocks. And then I guess he goes and does an analysis of per hip replacement costing oblivious to the fact he’s the reason the hip got broken.

    Clearly higher learning and intelligence do not necessarily go together.

    Well I know for sure that there are 2 guys that ride their bikes in PG. They were riding east on Ospika close to 1st. Ave this morning approx. 7:45. There was one guy in the 7 ft. wide bike lane and the other was in the vehicle lane, riding side by side yacking away. Next time I see that, I will take a picture and send it to the media and Council.

    I am willing to believe your lack of awareness around the number of cyclists in this town, but please tell me you are kidding when you imply there are a lack of pedestrians.

      I am talking about pedestrians in the area of Ospika Blvd from 1st to 20th Avenue and on 15th and 5th Avenue. In other words the areas where bikers, pedestrians (or lack thereof) and vehicle traffic conflict.

      Certainly there are pedestrians in the downtown core, however even there, there is a distinct lack of cyclists.

Here is what the City of Edmonton has done in some areas in regards to biking on sidewalks.

Traffic bylaw 5590. specifically regulates where people can ride bicycles. Bylaw 5590 prohibits riding a bicycle on sidewalks unless::

1. The sidewalk is a designated bicycle path (such as a shared-use path or shared-use sidewalk): or

2. The bicycle has a wheel diameter less than 50 centimeters.

Bylaw 5590 and the Cycle Edmonton Map define the location of the shared-use paths and sidewalks designated as shared use. When cycling on them, Bylaw 5590 requires people riding bikes to:

1. Yield the right-of-way to people walking.
2. Give an audible signal before passing someone; and
3. Travel at a reasonable rate of speed.

The wheel diameter exception in Bylaw 5590 allows children to cycle on the sidewalk until they develop the skills to handle themselves safely in traffic and graduate to a larger bike.

So in my opinion this is the solution to the cycling problem in Prince George.

Those area’s along Ospika, and a few others should be changed to be shared-use sidewalks. This allows the bikers to use the sidewalk and the cars to park. Considering the small number of bikers overall this is the logical and cheapest, and safest solution to the problem.

Have a nice day.

    If they’re anything like the shared use pathways here, it wouldn’t work. The ones here are essentially the width of three sidewalks stacked side by side and they are separated into two lanes for two way traffic. They work great, BUT they were also designed for that purpose. I haven’t seen any normal sidewalks originally designed for pedestrians that work for bikes. They are too crowded and as soon as two people come into contact with each other, it’s a mess.

    There are dedicated bike lanes in the downtown core here and to be honest, they’re a bit of a nightmare as you have to watch for regular traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. Many of the cyclists don’t ride defensively at all and they can also go quite fast and be upon you seconds after you had previously looked and saw that it was clear. You really have to pay attention to where the lanes are and pay extra attention. Some of them are painted a different colour so that helps make them noticeable.

    I too doubt that there is enough of a critical mass of cyclists in PG to make this worthwhile. Maybe the city could look at developing suggested cycling routes using existing roads and making sure that there is an enforcement prescence for those motorists and cyclists that don’t follow the rules of the road with how they should interact with each other.

      We can have the bicycle routes we presently have. All I am saying is that if we allow cyclists to use the sidewalk in selective areas, then they have another option to get out of traffic, or around parked cars.

      Last year the bike to work week had 600 people registered. This year looks like they will have less. When you consider the size of the city of Prince George, is equal to the size of Surrey BC, then you can appreciate that cycling hardly exists, and for all intents and purposes does not exist during the winter months.

Good luck to parents trying to find a parking spot to drop off and pick up their kids from schools. There are several that are surrounded by bike lanes (that maybe only 2 bikes use per day???). Thank you Mr. Skakun….the only Council member to vote against.

Make sidewalks acceptable use for bike lanes.. problem solved.

    actually give the nod for pedestrians to pack baseball bats for use on bikes on the sidewalks…

      I am kidding of course,
      I in no way condone violence…
      of any kind
      the exception is boxing, MMA etc where the combatants have agreed to participate and are aware of what the results could be.

    I do about 6,000 km a year on a bike. I do about 35-40km/h. There is no way that it would be safe to go anywhere near that fast on the sidewalks. I’d be airborne at each intersection.

    Anyone who thinks that putting bikes on pedestrian sidewalks has never done much bike riding.

    It is far safer to be out in the traffic at that speed.

      not all bikers are as considerate as you , they seem to like the sidewalks and feel they own them. They don’t seem to be afraid of running pedestrians off the side walk, or at least trying to.

      By all means use the roads when you bike and use the bike lanes, and if there was a bylaw that allowed you to use the sidewalks when necessary, then you have another option. Allowing bikes on sidewalks in certain areas like Ospika from 1st to 20th. is an option for bikers, and a solution for the parking problems, but bikers are not compelled to use the side walk.

      If you put on 6000km a year you should have a pretty good idea how many bikers are out there. Can you give us your best guestimate????

I suppose Jillian Merrick and Council have data that lists injuries that bicyclists have received while on the city roadways. I think it would be to their advantage to post them on here and in the newspaper, so we all can understand the reason for all the bicycle lane changes. They do have the data…don’t they ??

    Same same . Anything that makes the city better for its citizens makes it better for tourism . It’s called the virtuous cycle feedback loop . This city council seem to be aware of it . The safer you make it for cycling , the higher will be the ridership . Has there ever been a world class cycling event in PG ? Dumb question I guess . Where would one safely train ?

      “Has there ever been a world class cycling event in PG”

      Has there ever been a world class cycling event on bicycle lanes? Difficult to ride more than 2 abreast on a bicycle lane and ignore stop signs, traffic lights, etc.

      Yours is the dumbest analogy I have seen in a long time.

      Now, if you had asked whether PG has ever closed Foothills Blvd on a Sunday afternoon from 5th avenue to Chief Lake Rd such as they do with the Ottawa River Parkway on occasion, then you might have a point.

      Doing something like that on two holiday weekends this summer as a pilot project would be a good indicator of how well bicycling is supported by bicyclists in the City.

      “Now, if you had asked whether PG has ever closed Foothills Blvd on a Sunday afternoon from 5th avenue to Chief Lake Rd such as they do with the Ottawa River Parkway on occasion, then you might have a point”


      gopg2015, it’s closed off every Sunday from 9AM to 1PM from mid May to the beginning of September. There are three sections closed off for a total of 17 KMs on the parkway and another 8KMs on Colonel By Drive along the canal.

      From 6AM to 11AM they also close off 27KMs in Gatineau Park for the folks who like to ride the hills. There is also another shorter section closed off in the park for a a longer time, but I think it’s a less strenuous stretch of road for the families to enjoy.

      As you know, there is a massive cycling community here. I was very surprised when I first moved here to observe how many people ride quite seriously. This is in addition to the folks who ride mountain bikes through the greenbelt and just casual cyclists.

      On a per capita basis, I suspect the number of cyclists here is very high. Is it the Quebec influence perhaps? Is it the fact that there is excellent infrastructure for cyclists? Is it reflective of an active community in general? Maybe all three?

      Bit understated NMG . The OBC Grand Prix 2014 had to be canceled because cycling is so popular in Ottawa . They wouldn’t give up the venue . I wonder how much money is in the bicycle industry in Ottawa ? Must be in the millions .

      Really not sure Ataloss, but the cycling community here is huge. Expensive road bikes, mountain bikes, recreational bikes, you name it. Also lots of opportunities, which I think plays a huge role.

      I live in the west end and if I wanted to, I could ride a bike downtown (roughly 20K) on dedicated pathways for probably 95% of it and never have to deal with traffic. This type of infrastructure is all over the city. I think having that plays a huge role.

      You have to plan for that type of stuff when you are developing the city though. That’s one thing they do very well here. For example, virtually every new subdivision is built so that it can “plug in” to the existing trail network. It’s not an afterthought.

      My little city cycling lanes and mountain bike trails went in and not one complaint that I heard . I live on the main mountain bike trail (road part ) and on a weekend we see hundreds go by from dawn till dark . And we have road races . We are a seventh the size of PG but many times more bike friendly . We do need more bike shops though . It’s good for business . I’d don’t understand why anyone would complain .

“Council has approved the move as outlined in a $70 thousand dollar report from L&M Engineering.`

It is my understanding that the City employs close to a thousand employees. Why did this have to be farmed out.

Otherwise I am with Skakun. The 70k dollars of taxpayers` money are just the tip of the iceberg.

I am living on a street with bike lanes in both directions – yet, I have not seen one bicycle go by since 6:00 am. Hmmm!

    The I don’t see it so it isn’t there argument is a little lame. First you’re asking us to believe you’ve been watching out your window for 5.5 hours. A bike would zip by in seconds.

    I use the same argument to prove there are no RCMP outside of city limits. I drive in from Ness Lake . every day, and NEVER see an RCMP until I get to the city limits – ergo, there are no RCMP outside of city limits – because I never see them. And yet, they write hundreds of tickets.

    There’s a corresponding story about bus ridership down, because university enrollment is down. University students look for places that have good transportation options because they can’t all afford cars. Is it possible PG’s negative attitude to all forms of transport on less than 4 wheels is having an effect. And that includes motorcycles – another dangerous endeavor in the land of F350 Super Trucks.

      Yep lots of students grind up the hill to the Uni. Lack of easy access to the Uni could be a reason some turn it down.

      These people are engineers, or so they imply.

      Any traffic engineer would do a count. Without a count there is no basis for anything.

      If fisheries can count salmon going upstream and traffic engineers can count motorized vehicle traffic, they can most certainly count bike traffic, especially if they were paid $70,000.

      Not lame at all! I have been writing a manuscript since 6:00 am on my PC with a full view of the street. As many writers do, I pause now and then to look up and ahead to gather my thoughts. Let’s say I looked out the window one third of the time, so I had an opportunity by the law of averages to observe one third of the potential number of bicycle riders. Unfortunately I did not see even one. Bad day for cycling?

      PG saw no bikes but probably lots of cars. What does that tell you?

If this City wants to attract tourists they should be making all the bike routes as friendly as possible. When tourists are looking for a place to holiday I think you would be surprised if you knew how many people check out the bike trails and roadways before they plan their trip. ICBC rates are going up all the time and making it very hard for some people to insure a vehicle so we may all be riding bikes soon.

    If tourists would be coming here to bike in the city and surrounding, scenic routes would have been identified by now and bike rental places set up at key points along the route.

    Did the engineering study include that type of look or do we need a $55,000 PG tourism study now to look at that?

I have always found it interesting that to drive a car one must jump through many hoops to get a licence, but anyone at any age can jump on a bike using those same roads without worrying about any hoops.

Some of you are giving Skakun support because he was the lone Council person to go against the bike lane vote? Seriously? It’s easy to vote down things, it’s easy to be negative and be against change and that is what Skakun is great at. When was the last time he put effort into making things happen in a positive light instead of his usual stance?
Skakun is famous for picking the low hanging fruit, but hey- it gets him re-elected every year so I guess he’s doing something right!

    Just because one does not agree with his vote sometimes does not mean one has to disagree all the time. Then again, you may just not like him or you may just think totally differently from his way of thinking.

    He and everyone else is allowed to vote how he wants to vote.

    Since you are watching him so often, tell me how many time in the last 100 votes he voted with the majority and how many times he voted with the minority.

    Then give me the same statistic for each member of Council and tell me whether does not fit the norm.

    Until you can tell me that, you have a biased view.

How much money has the city paid L&M Engineering over the years to do reports like these? Seems like they do allot work for the city. Has the city ever looked at whether it would be cheaper to just hire some qualified staff and bring this work in-house? Some of these things seems pretty rudimentary.

    The City laid off a transportation engineer some years ago. I do not know whether they have been going to outside consultants more often since then or whether the total cost of in-house plus external consultants with respect to traffic engineering has changed in any way both qualitatively and quantitatively.

    I doubt the city actually does value for money analysis like that. In fact, from the KPMG study I have determined for myself that the City does not do such analysis.

    We need a City Quality Auditor, at least for a 5 year trial period to see whether savings can be had. Of course, that persona has to know what they are doing and the City has to know what they are supposed to be doing. The Province lost their Municipal Auditor because neither the auditor nor the province knew what they were supposed to do.

Some of the posters on this forum believe that there are few, if any, cyclists in Prince George.

The week from May 30 to June 5, 2016 is Bike to Work (and school) week in BC.

Take the opportunity to visit the Bike to Work website at


Then click on “communities” and select Prince George.

You will find that there are currently over 400 registered riders on a total of 145 teams. The total number of riders includes 98 new riders this year.

So far…. 412 riders have logged 3388 km in the first 2 days……..That is an average of 8 km per rider.

Visit the site occasionally to see the numbers increase.

8 km per bike rider about the same distance as a brisk walk for an hour.

What I would like to see done is for the City to get serious and put in a separate walkway and bike trail to the University . I believe it is just a matter of time and a vehicle will jump the sidewalk and kill someone. Many people are walking on the sidewalk with their back to traffic which is just crazy. The bike lane up the hill, if you can call it that is max three ft. wide. How do you expect to attract students with a transportation route like this?

    There are trails to the university but off road and some won’t use them because of bear fears. (which doesn’t make much sense to me, but that’s what I’ve heard). I agree that a separated path on the uni way would be helpful. Could get rid of a lane of traffic and do that. So nice!

Have been resisting joining bike to work week b/c can’t bike safely to work now. I do cycle but not as part of an unsafe event just out o fprinciple. Will plan to join up next year if the city enforces the new rules. So pleased they got this far.

Skakun was funny at the meeting. one of his objections was people from out of town might have the car towed and be upset bc they aren’t able to read no parking signs.

If they cant read no parking signs they have more problems than just having their car towed! Lol.

The City population is approx. 75000. It is 318.26 square KM or 122.88 sq miles in size. If the number of registered bikers were doubled from 400 plus to 800 plus you would still not have enough bikers in Prince George to warrant all the time and effort being put into this issue.

Prince George never has been, nor will it ever be a cycling town. It is a vehicle town, basically because of the way it was allowed to grow over the years. All roads into town are downhill, and all roads out of town are up hill. Throw in the small number of bikers and the six months of winter and you have a town that is not very conducive to biking.

I made four trips to-day from 1st Avenue to 20th Ave on Ospika Blvd., and in all I saw 5 or 6 bikers, and perhaps 8 to 10 pedestrians. This was between 8am and 330/4pm. A few bikers were on the sidewalk, and at least 3 did not have a helmet. No doubt there were more, however nothing to warrant the time and effort put into this issue.

I am amazed that the City allows this much time and effort to a situation that for all intents and purposes could be solved in about 20 minutes.

You don’t need to be able to read English which would include a no parking sign in B.C. It says so on your temporary D L if a interpreter was used to obtain this D L .

69 lane kilometers. Thats one kilometer for every cyclist in PG.

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