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October 27, 2017 10:20 pm

Zimmer Responds to Petition Heat

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 @ 10:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – In the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando  which saw Omar Mateen  open fire  with an AR-15 killing 49 and wounding  53,  Prince George Peace River MP Bob Zimmer has been taking heat over a petition  he had tabled in the House of Commons  which called for the  AR-15 to be  put back on the  non-restricted list of firearms.    Today,  Zimmer has issued a statement on  why he  presented that petition.

Zimmer says that as an MP  part of his duty is to ensure  “the voices of all Canadians are heard in Parliament. This includes presenting petitions of citizens in the House of Commons.”

The  e-petition  received  25,249 signatures, making it  the  highest number of  e-petition signatures in Canadian history.

The petition  stated: We, the undersigned, Lawful Firearm Owners of Canada, request (or call upon) the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to Re-classify the Armalite Rifle – 15 back to non-restricted status so we can once again use this rifle to lawfully participate in the Canadian cultural practices of hunting

Zimmer says  he had been approached  to ensure the petition ( which was launched by someone else)  would be presented to the House of Commons.  Zimmer tabled the petition in May.

“The petition is not asking for easier access to firearms” says Zimmer “To obtain a restricted or non-restricted firearm one must go through a rigorous process which includes applying for a firearms licence, going through a thorough screening process and police background checks, and going through the necessary firearms safety training courses.”

Zimmer says he supports the  Canadian outdoors traditions of hunting, fishing  and sports shooting “I will continue to support a system that provides safe, licensed firearms ownership for law-abiding Canadians, while also ensuring that criminals do not have easy access to firearms.”



It took him a week to come up with that written response? haha

Zimmerman… ” I will do or say whatever gets me votes, if this bothers you I didn’t do it, if you like the idea I did do it. “. I may have misquoted him but I am sure I got the gist of what he is saying.


    Who is Zimmerman?

    This also applies to dear leader.

      Actually seamutt it applies to 99.999% of politicians

says Zimmer “To obtain a restricted or non-restricted firearm one must go through a rigorous process which includes applying for a firearms licence, going through a thorough screening process and police background checks, and going through the necessary firearms safety training courses.” ….. And all the criminals have to do is steal them . If they are unavailable for everyone , problem eliminated . To call them a hunting rifle is as disingenuous as can be .

    Your lack of firearms knowledge shows.

I like hunting too, Bob and I am satisfied with the available choices out there. I bought a new bolt action rifle last summer that holds four bullets in the magazine, which will do the job for all the hunting I will be doing.

    Thats fine if that’s all you’re interested in. Many others enjoy shooting sports of all types with all types of firearms. Don’t like that? Go jump off a bridge.

“…Re-classify the Armalite Rifle – 15 back to non-restricted status so we can once again use this rifle to lawfully participate in the Canadian cultural practices of hunting.”

Huh… so this is what you call a hunting rifle Bob?

ht tp://cdn3.volusion.com/j4enh.r2en5/v/vspfiles/photos/BCM%20Carry%20Handle%20AR-15-3.jpg?1456827038

    If you need an assault rifle with high capacity magazine for hunting , you are not much of a hunter or a latter day harperette . Don’t let logic get in the way of your ideology.

    This is what Bob and thousands of others are calling a hunting rifle.

    ht tp://www.fieldandstream.com/articles/hunting/2014/07/finally-4-ar-style-rifles-chambered-for-big-game-hunting

    Where is the issue?

Why was this gun moved from non-restricted to restricted? What about the people that already had one? Did they have to destroy them or were they grandfathered in?

    It was moved to restricted because it is a scary looking black rifle that really scare those in charge of firearms in Canada, the RCMP.
    It doesn’t matter if someone had one when it was changed to restricted. The designation only restricts where it can be used and for what purpose.

I didn’t realize Prince George had such a shortage of intelligence. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting the ar15 into a non-restricted class. They are no more or less dangerous than any other semi-automatic firearm. The only reason people are scared of them is they are black and resemble a military weapon. I can assure all of you that are afraid of firearms this weapon will not hurt you any more than any other firearm that is currently non-restricted in Canada. In fact more people in Canada will die from car accidents than gun crimes.

In Canada you must go through a firearms course, a background check, and a criminal history before they may decide to give you a license. Your magazines are limited to 5 rounds, and no weapon can be automatic.

Thousands of people in the US where these rifles aren’t restricted to use actually use them as hunting rifles. So to say that they can’t be is ignorance.


    Well said.

“Zimmer says that as an MP part of his duty is to ensure “the voices of all Canadians are heard in Parliament. This includes presenting petitions of citizens in the House of Commons.”
That was what former high profile, long time NDP MP Svend Robinson also related in an interview many years ago about what he saw as the duties of an MP. He said he’d also presented citizen Petitions to Parliament that he didn’t personally agree with, because that was part of his job. And people of all political stripes, no matter what they thought of Svend Robinson, and/or his Party, and/or his sexual orientation, or anything else about him, should be able to agree with that. So what’s the problem with Zimmer doing his job?

    No one has asked the question yet of how such a petition is “normally” submitted to Parliament.

    It would seem to me that the best person to deliver a petition is someone who can champion the petition, not someone who is merely the delivery person.

    In other words, I would not present a petition I could not believe in and speak with passion about. I would get someone else to do that on my behalf.

    Again, what is the protocol for presenting a petition?

    For Zimmer to state that he is only the delivery person is the position of a weakling.

The AR 15 in Canadian use does not have a high capacity magazine and can only fire semi auto. There are other semi auto rifles available for hunting more powerful than the AR.

This rifle is not as powerful as most hunting rifles.

Most goose shotguns are semi-auto.

The Enfield rifle was developed for the military and at one time a very popular hunting rifle and more powerful than the AR.

Actually bombs are more efficient lets ban fertilizer and pressure cookers.

AR15 restricted. IWI Tavor not restricted.
both shoot .223 or 5.56mm both use ar15 clips. both semi auto.

Both look similar. Go figure.

look up what the tavor looks like. One is based off a m4 military gun other is a military gun from Israel that has been changed to semi auto

A lack of factual knowledge regarding firearms on the part of Canadians, media and politicians is a scary thing.

Assault and military style semi-automatic rifles in the hands of a group of people who are inherently both fearful and hate filled is a dangerous thing. Fear the niqab, fear the Muslims, fear the LGBTQ community, fear the extremists, fear the criminals, fear the government… but all that fear goes away with one of these babies (AR-15s) in their hands!

Sad how a powerful assault rifle tends to make small minded fearful and insecure people feel bigger and more confident.

That is what this is all about, because it’s definately not about “hunting”!!!

    Given the history of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries there is good reason to fear government. A lone nut like the one in Orlando can kill 50 people before he is stopped. A nutter like Trump has the potential to kill millions if he gets control of State power.

    You have absolutely no idea what a gun owner is like. You make a lot of stupid assumptions based on your ignorance. I’m a gun owner, I have no dislike for any gay or trans person and I support gay marriage. I don’t fear a niqab, I find them offensive. Women are not property of men. I don’t fear Muslims, I despise all religion including the christian religion. The only thing I really fear at any length is public speaking and no firearm will help with that.

    You hate firearms, I get it. However your fear leads you to believe lies and false information. Nobody in Canada save for the military and police actually owns an assault rifle. You’ve been duped by the left. These AR’s are great rifles, however they aren’t any more dangerous than any non-restricted semi-auto currently available in Canada.

    Don’t fear firearms, you’re more likely to die in a car accident.

      And yet the duped keep down voting factual posted comments.

      Well said findme.

    Opinions are like buttholes and everyone has one. Some know know what they are talking about but many simply don’t. jGalt please define correctly what an assault rifle is. You are absolutely wrong in your assumptions.

Q7. What is the maximum number of cartridges that a firearm magazine can legally hold?

A7. As set out in Criminal Code Regulations, some large-capacity magazines are prohibited regardless of the class of firearm to which the magazines are attached. As a general rule, the maximum magazine capacity is:
•5 cartridges for most magazines designed for a semi-automatic centre-fire long gun; or
•10 cartridges for most handgun magazines

A large-capacity magazine is not prohibited if it has been permanently altered so that it cannot hold more than the number of cartridges allowed by law. Acceptable ways to alter a magazine are set out in the regulations.

There is no limit to the magazine capacity for semi-automatic rim-fire long guns, or for other long guns that are not semi-automatics, with some exceptions. See also Special Bulletin for Businesses No. 72, Maximum Permitted Magazine Capacity.

    Stuck on magazine size seamutt? For gang members in Prince George magazine capacity for their “assault rifles” doesn’t seem to be an issue!

    www .castanet.net/news/BC/110966/Raid-nets-illegal-guns-bullets-in-PG

    The only way to keep assault and military style rifles out of the hands of gang members and crazies is to outright ban them and make it illegal to order them from the USA. At this point in time, with the level of gun violence in the United States, I feel quite comfortable doing the OPPOSITE of what the United States is doing, which means time to look at some form of gun control.

    Australia did it a number of years ago, with great results.

      Seriously. Most of your comments are pretty reasonable but this one is kind of ridiculous. Do you really think that a criminal gang is ordering assault rifles from the US? The only “ordering” they are doing is calling a gun smuggler. The last time I checked gun smugglers weren’t the types to obey laws.

      Also your Australian example shows exactly why people fear government. One nutter goes on a rampage and thousands of law abiding gun owners have to turn in their firearms. They are automatically judged to be capable of the same act. In other words, guilty by association in that they own a similar firearm. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. One of the most basic tenets of our system of “justice”.

      yep those there gang bangers will willfully turn in their weapons, yep quite a statement.

      Um did you know that assault rifles are illegal. The standard AR as legally configured is no more of an assault rifle and less powerful than my 30-06.

      @ Hahaha; After 20 years the result are in on Australia’s gun control program, and its a huge success!

      “The chances of being murdered by a gun in Australia plunged to 0.15 per 100,000 people in 2014 from 0.54 per 100,000 people in 1996, a decline of 72 percent, a Reuters analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed.”

      www .reuters.com/article/us-australia-guns-idUSKCN0XP0HG

      These are not just statistics, these are human lives being saved. A complete gun ban? Perhaps not, but a complete assault and military style rifle ban, sure! I am more happy using a pump, bolt, and lever action rifle for hunting… as in Nechako man’s earlier comment.

      Yeah some form of gun control sounds perfect. Wait a minute you doofus, we already have the greatest gun control regs on the planet. Where have you been all your life?

      The uninformed assumers are getting a wee bit ridiculous.

      “The chances of being murdered by a gun in Australia plunged”

      Guns murder people?

The AR15 was designed for military use first and still is primarily a military firearm. I really don’t care it is restricted or not, but using hunting as a reason to redesignate it is disingenuous. The Desert Eagle 50 can be used to hunt. Does that mean it should moved from restricted to non-restricted status?

    Bad examples. There are no non-restricted handguns in Canada. Interestingly enough, civilians that are granted the right to carry a handgun in the bush are only permitted to use the largest caliber guns in order to take down animal threats.Honestly does it really matter if someone wants to hunt with an AR or they just want to go into the bush and shoot off some rounds? I can’t keep repeating myself, these rifles are no more dangerous than any other semi-auto in Canada. It’s shameful how little you anti-gun people really know about firearms. Frankly if they want to change some laws in Canada it should be mandatory for everyone to take the PAL course.

      Yeah, I’m really “anti-gun”. I only own one. A restricted one at that. I only own it to show how anti-gun I am. You can claim all you want that the example is “bad” and I say it isn’t. Any firearm can be used for hunting so using hunting as a reason to unrestrict a firearm is a poor excuse.

      There are obviously other reasons that the AR15 is on the restricted list. For all I know maybe it is on there due to ease of conversion to its original intent as a military firearm.

      Please do some research on the rifle before making goofy statements. The AR-15 cannot be modified to full auto or burst as its internals are different from the selective fire version for that specific reason.


      Why don’t you try taking your own advice regarding research. It didn’t take me more than five minutes of googling to find any number of articles on converting an AR15 semiautomatic to fully automatic or to a firing state nearly indistinguishable from full auto.

      The only thing I’ll concede is that the conversion isn’t that easy.

      Hahaha says……”Any firearm can be used for hunting”

      Sorry you’re wrong.

      Maybe read some of those articles Hahaha. You could do it if you have a milling machine and some bootleg plans or can get hold of a conversion kit built before 1986, both highly illegal I might add unless of course you own a bakery. I doubt any “hunter” is going to attempt it

    The Desert Eagle 50 can NOT be used to hunt. Handguns are not permitted to be used for hunting in Canada.

Get rid of all assault weapons and hands guns period. Including this AR-15 human killer. No reason to hunt with these types of weapons. If you need to shoot with this kind of rifle then you can’t be a very good shot.

    This is the other extreme. Why should others be unable to own a handgun because someone else uses one to commit a crime? I guess that means that anyone that owns a car shouldn’t be able to own one when someone uses theirs to mow down a sidewalk full of people. Owning pressure cookers should be illegal because bombs can be made out of them. That is how ridiculous it can get when simplistic solutions are proposed for complex problems.

      Don’t forget spoons Hahaha, they make people fat.

    Ban booze if you are serious about saving lives, oh wait.

    Actually the reason it has been around since 1957 and is such a popular rifle is because of its accuracy

    The misinformed astound me.

The main problem is the liberal left lack of common sense urbanites out growing the common sense rural population. The former seem to have some garden of Eden view of the world, fictitious.

    So very true! In all my years in the bush, I have never seen a ” military, or so called assault” rifle being used to hunt. For Zimmer to not read and see that these
    petition signatories are doing an end run just to make a firearm available for everyone means he’s being pushed by a gun lobby, IMHO. He knows better.
    In the states the NRA owns Congress, hope it’s not coming to that here.

      I have seen them used, not common but not uncommon.

      Any law abiding licensed gun owner can already own one of these modern sporting rifles. I’m currently ordering mine as we speak. Pushed by a gun lobby? You see, you are one of the uninformed assumers that knows not of what they speak.

      Insert head banging wall emoticon here—–>

      The SKS is a military rifle. The 30-06 is a military rifle… In fact the SKS can be made to look identical to a AR-15 or M-16, pretty scary hey?

Zimmer:”Zimmer says he had been approached to ensure the petition ( which was launched by someone else) would be presented to the House of Commons.”

Oh, oh! Someone else? I get it! The blaming fog is rolling in already!

What is the need for hunters to have something with a magazine or clip which holds more than 5 rounds? Is there one big game animal in Canada that can not be killed with 5 well placed shots?

In Africa a stampeding elephant or rhinoceros may call for a rifle with a very large caliber or a double barreled elephant gun!

This is Canada!

    This isn’t about magazine size. Nobody is asking for larger magazines. This isn’t even about caliber size. The ar shoots .223. I’m not sure what argument you’re in but this is simply about reclassifying the ar15 from restricted to non-restricted. People already own these, they just want the ability to use them out in the bush.

    It is illegal to have a mag that can hold more than 5 rounds of center fire in Canada. Read before posting.

      There are a great many things in canada that are illegal that happen every day . The possibility of getting high capacity magazines would be possible . They could also be made from scratch . Having the guns hanging around is enabling a scenario that should not be feed . It’s just plain stupid . It’s a little like having legal RPGs and only having Nerf projectiles avalible legally . What could possibly go wrong ?

      Read your post again, you make no sense, if one can get illegal mags what is stopping one from getting an illegal gun in the first place. Is it not illegal to murder someone by any means?

      I saw on a news cast that gun which murdered 49 people in Orlando. It comes with a clip which holds 20 rounds, correct me if I am wrong. The report also said that it is very easy to get clips with a much larger capacity and even to alter the gun to fire in an automatic mode. I do not believe that a deer or moose hunter needs something as lethal as that. A skilled hunter attempts to down his prey with one well-placed shot.

      PG Orlando is in the US not Canada. The clips are legal in the US not Canada.

      Who goes hunting with an auto? Yes one gets to drop game with one shot but if you ever hunted you would know it does not always work out that way.

      You are just making irrational arguments.

      PrinceGeorge that “rifle” you saw on a “news cast” from Orlando was not a AR-15 but rather a SIG

    When, according to the article, 25,249 signatures are received on a Petition, would it not be something that should go before Parliament for the possible consideration of all the MPs assembled there? After all, have they not been elected as our ‘representatives’ first and foremost? Is it not their job to ascertain the results desired by the citizens who make up this country, and try to obtain them for us? If the MP is doing his job, he shouldn’t shy away from presenting any Petition on which the number of signatures indicates a substantial number of people want something. It’s not up to him to decide they can’t have their position ever considered because he’s against it ~ that’s for Parliament, ALL the MPs assembled to debate and decide, is it not?

      Have you looked close at that figure cred ? Wouldn’t you just love to have a close look at the petition . If it were only PG it’s a third of the population . I call BS .

      The number of restricted firearms across Canada rose more than 82 per cent while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in power, with the sharpest increase after the Conservatives formed a majority government.

      One of the biggest increases was in Alberta (Conservative territory), where the number of restricted guns rose 140 per cent between 2005 and 2014, the last year for which numbers are available. The slowest rise was in Quebec, where the number of restricted guns rose only 28 per cent over that time period.

      ht tps://ipolitics.ca/2016/02/11/number-of-restricted-guns-in-canada-shot-up-during-harpers-government/

      So, why should anyone be surprise the Conservatives (Gun Lobby) are pushing to drop restrictions on the AR-15 assault rifle? Seems the Conservatives want to follow the USA down that guns & politics road.

    Hey Mr assumer centerfire rifles in Canada are only permitted to have magazines that hold 5 shells. Your comment is kind of worthless with this new found info I have provided you with, right?

    Why post incorrect information?

    “I saw on a news cast that gun which murdered 49 people in Orlando.”

    You saw on a news cast? Please slap your self.

      Forgot to ad. Do you seriously believe your comment that says “that gun which murdered 49 people in Orlando”?????

      When was the last time you witnessed an inanimate object kill someone?

Want to know where those 25,249 petition signatures came from? Below is a link to a news story that shows some pictures of Justice Minister; Peter Mackay wearing the shirt sold by Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) at a Conservative fundraising event in Edmonton on Friday.

Isn’t the National Firearms Association’s total membership around 25,000? Things that make a person go hmmm…

www .huffingtonpost.ca/2014/08/27/peter-mackay-guns-tshirt-no-compromise-nfa_n_5723854.html

    Even if every signature on the Petition was from a member of that organisation, (which would take a pretty far fetched imagination to believe, is it now against the law for citizens to organise in presenting a Petition to Parliament calling for some changes THEY want? I surely hope not. But perhaps you don’t agree, JGalt? Maybe you and your fellow travellers could organise your own Petition calling for only Petitions from people who share YOUR particular points of view to be allowed. Sounds to me like the kind of ‘democracy’ those on the left would be all for.

      Speaking of democracy, how about taking the re-classification of the AR-15 assault rifle to a national referendum vote? Let the citizens of Canada have a say and decide, can’t get more democratic than that. Of course we all know what the results would be, don’t we socredible?

    I signed the petition and don’t belong to the NFA. Blows your new assumption all to hell doesn’t it?

    “Speaking of democracy, how about taking the re-classification of the AR-15 assault rifle to a national referendum vote? Let the citizens of Canada have a say and decide, can’t get more democratic than that. Of course we all know what the results would be, don’t we socredible?”

    In Canada we don’t have AR15 assault rifles nor is this petition about AR15 assault rifles. What is your point again?

JGalt:-“The number of restricted firearms across Canada rose more than 82 per cent while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in power, with the sharpest increase after the Conservatives formed a majority government.”

That could just as easily be from a large number of the strident, left-wing, anti-Harper crowd arming themselves to the the teeth to oppose what they saw as a creeping, right-wing, secretive, fascist dictatorship out to deprive them of all the various and sundry things they imagined they were going to be deprived of. Paranoia isn’t exclusive to just one side when it comes to what some believe about their political opponents.

JGalt:-“Of course we all know what the results would be, don’t we socredible? ”
I don’t think we know that at all. Anymore than we know what any other results of any other referendum proposed to decide even more important issues would be, until AFTER the votes were actually counted. Which is quite likely why those on the left side of the political spectrum seem to have such a horror of deciding anything by referendum. They just can’t quite be sure THEIR position is really what the majority of the people want, and they can’t countenance the prospect it might not be. So here we have the supposedly un-democratic Conservatives calling for a referendum to approve any changes in the way we elect our government; but the NDP, and the Liberals? Last thing in the world either would want to give ALL the people a vote on.


Funny how the Conservatives never held a referendum on electoral reform during the whole time they were in power. Now they have the gall to demand one when they are sitting in opposition. What a bunch of pathetic sad sacks acting like they care about the issue.

    Hmmm aren’t all political parties exactly the same way? Let me answer that for you…..YES THEY ARE!

    The Conservatives never proposed changing the way we elect MPs when they were in office, so what would there have been to hold a referendum on? The Liberals did propose we make such a change in their last election platform, but didn’t specify just what type of system they wanted to change to. Now when they finally do decide just what they want to replace the current first-past-the-post system with the proper thing to do would be to let such a fundamental issue be decided by the electorate as a whole in a national referendum. Would that not be the fairest and most democratic way to determine just what the PEOPLE of Canada really want?

      No. The people already stated what they wanted by voting in a government that ran on a platform where one of the planks was electoral reform.

“The petition is not asking for easier access to firearms”

That is a disingenuous statement since an additional class and test has to be taken by those who wish to purchase a restricted firearm. It means spending more time as well as money – about $150 additional to take the CRFSC class and test after taking the CFSC class and test.

In addition, the legal use of a restricted weapon is different from that of a non restricted weapon.

I would think that the question which needs to be addressed once more is why is the AR-15 a restricted weapon? Will the answer be different this time around and why would that be?

I do not think anyone has posted how a petitions has to be presented to Parliament.

This link provides the guidelines for electronic petitions, which I presume this is ….. petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Home/AboutContent?guide=PIGuideForMP

1. A petition must concern a subject that is within the authority of the Parliament of Canada, the House of Commons, or the Government of Canada. A petition must not concern a purely provincial or municipal matter.

2. A person who submits a petition (petitioner) on the e-petitions website must designate a Member of Parliament whom he or she wishes to invite to serve as the sponsor. Members may accept or refuse this request.

3. A Member who has sponsored an e-petition will normally present it in the House as well, but is not obliged to and may ask another colleague to do so. A Member may be asked to present a petition even if he or she does not represent the petitioner’s electoral district.

4. No debate is permitted when a Member presents a petition. A Member may make a brief factual statement (e.g., referring to the petition being duly certified, to its source, to the subject matter of the petition and its request, and to the number of signatures it carries), but Members are not allowed to read petitions nor are they to indicate their agreement or disagreement with them. An entry for the petition appears in the Journals for that day together with a hyperlink to the original e-petition.

5. A certified petition may also be presented by a Member at any time during a sitting of the House by filing it with a Clerk at the Table in the Chamber. An entry for the petition appears in the Journals for that day together with a hyperlink to the original e-petition.

Bob Zimmer did not have to agree to present this petition. ANY MP could have presented it. In fact, the MP does not have to rise in Parliament to ensure it is received by Parliament for action.

The thing I find interesting is that the guidelines specifically indicate that “Members are not allowed to read petitions nor are they to indicate their agreement or disagreement with them.”

So, that is in Parliament. In this case, he has indicated outside of Parliament that no matter whether a firearm is restricted or unrestricted, that the process of obtaining the firearm is essentially the same as is the purpose of the firearm.

That is not quite true as I posted above.

The MP who presents a petition is endorsing its content, need and perceived urgency. Why would the MP present a petition with which the MP does not agree? Therefore it is safe to believe that Zimmer would not have presented it unless he fully supported it. The concern for the democratic wishes of those who signed it is a bit of a stretch.

Would he feel compelled to present a petition even though he fundamentally disagrees with it? Of course not! I can think of a number of issues for which I would have no problem collecting thousands of signatures but one that no Conservative MP would touch with a ten foot pole!

I asked here why any skilled hunter would need a gun with a 20 round clip. There are already very large caliber hunting rifles available in gun stores. No defenders of the AR-15 reclassification issue bothered to answer this basic question. Obviously they have been stumped!

Parliament should not waste a single minute of its time on this red herring!

    You are unwittingly making a very good argument AGAINST ‘Party’ politics, and whether an elected MP is, first and foremost, a ‘representative’ of the electors whose taxes pay his salary, (all of them, whether they all voted for him or not); or has as his primary responsibility simply representing his Party and its position to them. If it is the former then there is a very good justification in having the number of MPs we have in the HoC. If it is the latter, why should we? Do we really need to go to all the expense and bother of having over 300 paid drones sitting there just to do as their leader tells them? MPs should certainly present properly drawn up Petitions to the House, as this one obviously has been, and especially ones with a sizeable number of names on it. As this one obviously had. What happens next is up to Parliament.

      The way that a petition can be presented is manufactured so that party politics do not stand in the way…..!!!!

I agree.

It seems to me that again he did not tell us the entire truth.

1. It is obvious that due to the number of signatures that this was not restricted to his constituents.

2. Any MP could have introduced the petition.

3. The petition did not have to be presented by rising in Parliament.

4. The second class and test will not be required if the classification of the gun changes.

5. The application will be more expensive.

He most certainly supports the petition and the fact that the gun should be downgraded from its current classification.

He just does not have the balls to say so.


    6. It was not the biggest number for an epetition in Canadian history . The e-petition put forward by Rick Mercer to have a referendum to force stockwell Day to change his first name to Doris was the biggest . His petition was well over 200k .

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