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October 27, 2017 10:07 pm

Possible Mail Disruption No Excuse to Miss Tax Deadline

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 @ 6:46 AM

taxnoticePrince George, B.C. –  End of the business day  July 8th,  is the deadline to have your  municipal taxes paid  without fear of penalty.

As  the cooling off period between Canada Post and  the Canadian Union of Postal workers has ended,  and  there is a potential for  a disruption in  mail service,  taxpayers in Prince George  who haven’t yet paid  those  tax bills,  need to  check their options.

Some, but not all,  banks will accept  municipal tax payments says Kris Dalio, Director of Finance for the City of Prince George.   He advises  you to check with  your bank  to  see if they offer that service.

The City  also  suggests these options to ensure  you can make the deadline:

  • At City Hall: by cash, cheque, debit card, or post-dated cheque. The City does not accept payment of taxes by credit card, including internet banking by credit card. Office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. After hours, you may use the drop slots located on either side of the City Hall building.
  • By Mail: Payments sent through the mail must be received at City Hall by the due date. Postmarks are not accepted. If you are mailing the payment or using the drop box,  ensure that you enclose the remittance stub.
  • Most Financial Institutions: If paying on the due date, please check the bank stamp to ensure that it is stamped with the proper date. If using a bank machine, keep your receipt. When the City receives your payment from the bank, it is dated up to 4 days after the date that you made the payment.
  • Pay Electronically: You may pay electronically if you are a member of a financial institution that offers this service. If you have sold your property or changed location, contact your financial institution to update the electronic information; otherwise you may pay someone else’s account. Note: should you choose this option, your application for the Home Owner Grant must be submitted to City Hall by the due date to avoid penalty.

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company, bank, or other agent, complete and sign the Home Owner Grant form, if you are eligible, and forward it to the City of Prince George by the due date. You can also claim your home owner grant online.

The  City sent out 22 thousand  tax notices this year.


just got back from Kelowna, couldn’t believe I pay more in taxes than they do..and their house is assessed at 1.4 million compared to my 400k house.

    Apples to oranges. Probably helps they have 30,000+ more people as well.

It hurts doesnt it? They (Kelowna) dont have a huge snow removal budget to support, and they dont suffer from “urban sprawl” as bad as PG does. PG services almost the same amount of area (expanse of City limits), but without as many taxpayers to pay the bill. I bet they pay much higher house insurance rates though.
I would also suspect that your 400k home in PG would cost close to that 1.4M home if it were situated in Kelowna.

    Also they don’t have this ‘regional district’ crap zone we have. People in Beaverly and Pineview would be paying much more in Kelowna to even out the taxes. After all, they use all of our services and roads every day.

just got back from Kelowna, couldn’t believe I pay more in taxes than they do..and their house is assessed at 1.4 million compared to my 400k house.


Really? That seems strange.

When I goto the property tax estimator for the city of Kelowna and type in an assessed value of $1.4M, I get a property tax estimate of $9,040.99 for 2016.

When I goto the property tax estimator for the city of PG, oh wait, they don’t have one :) Okay, so when I use the 2016 rate of 11.98593 and use an assessed value of $400K it comes out to $4,794.30.

So which is correct?

15.5 million dollars of our taxes just services debt (11.59% according to my tax notice). Why are we adding to this burden every chance we get through the AAP?

In contrast all the recreation and culture spending (including wages) for our golf courses, arenas, park spaces and pools etc. is 22.5 million – we could almost double our amenities if we did not carry such a high debt load for the same cost.

Protective services top 44 million per year, 33 percent of our total city budget annually.

What I don’t quite understand is “general government” is almost as high as our debt servicing costs at 14.9 million.

Public transit costs 4.9 million but “transportation” is 23.4 million

They brag about how council is committed to 7 million in annual road rehab in addition to investing in a 700,000 increase to snow budgets and 1.5 million to aging facilities like that is supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy when we go pay our tax bill

I bet they have all the money spent already when the Terasen deal quietly matures, where is our Donald Trump on Council? We need a shake up, and not just us but most cities in Canada.

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