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October 27, 2017 10:05 pm

CUP-W Rejects Request for Binding Arbitration

Thursday, July 7, 2016 @ 1:26 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The Canadian Union of Postal workers  have turned  down  a request that they  submit to binding arbitration in an effort to avoid a disruption in mail service.

The Postal workers  union says it’s a matter of principle.“We appreciate the offer to help, but paying women equally for work of equal value is the law of the land; it’s not something that can be awarded or withheld by an arbitrator,” said Mike Palecek, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers .

The request had been put forth by the Federal Minister of Labour  MaryAnn Mihychuk.   Canada Post  said yes, and  extended its lockout deadline to 12:01 am ET Monday   so the Union had  some  time to consider the option.

While rejecting the  binding arbitration option, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says it “remains hopeful it can reach a negotiated settlement and encourages people to keep using the mail system and participate in the Liberal task force and review for the post office’s future.”



Sure, sign me up for the task force. I don’t think we need a postal service anymore, certainly not in its current form anyhow. Door to door delivery is so unnecessary.

There should be a free form of internet for folks at the bottom end of the socioeconomic scale, so that they can get and pay their bills without ever leaving home and get government cheques deposited directly to their accounts.

The Union’s refusal to arbitrate sends a clear message that they realize their position is unreasonable. If I had an sympathy, it ended with that refusal. Lock them out until the union disintegrates.

    Not everyone is technological savy as you as far as internet goes..
    What postal workers need is to do longer routes, not quit after 3 hours of work. Seems their routes are getting shorter and they are being paid more

Good thing your not in a union then Joe Blow because unlike you I would like to have a pension when I retire you can live on whatever you manage to save for retirement

    We would all like to have enough funds to live on when we retire, whether they come from having a pension or through savings. Sadly, in this dispute and many others that have pre-ceded it, and a far greater number that will follow, the REAL reasons why this may not be possible in either case is not being addressed at all. Pensions, and achieving the same final result from savings, both depend on investment. The old dictum is “protect your capital, (by investing it wisely), and live off the income” (from the returns on the investment of it). Today, we’re doing neither. Unions, and their socialist allies, constantly attack profits. Do they not realise that without profits there can be no return on invested capital? The other side, in this case Canada Post and the government that owns it, is just as foolish. And even more guilty of cruel deceit. For they make out that the reason for the unsustainability of pensions is that too many of us are living too long and have retired too early. Maybe they should just come out and say they should start bumping us off once we reach a certain age, or if that’s too callous and offensive, just work us til we drop. The REAL problem lies elsewhere, folks. It’s WHY there is a falling rate of return on invested capital. But no one wants to look at that, for to do so would involve a serious look at the whole financial system itself. And that must never be looked at.

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