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October 27, 2017 9:55 pm

Prince George Climbs Up in Crime Severity Index

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 @ 12:50 PM

policeidPrince George, B.C.-  Statistics Canada has released its crime severity index  and Prince George  has moved up  in the rankings when it comes to crime.

Following two consecutive years of  improvement in the  rankings,  the latest Stats Can  numbers  (based on 2015  reported crime) peg Prince George as  number 20   in the country  when it comes to violent crime .  That’s up from the number 23 position  noted a year ago.

The overall  Crime Severity Index rank for Prince George  also  rose, to sit at 20,  up two points from its ranking  in July of last year.

The ranking  is based on police reported crime  from  305 communities in Canada with a population of 10 thousand or more.

Nationally,  police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by both the crime rate and the Crime Severity Index ( which measures the volume and severity of  police reported crime  in the county)  increased for the first time since 2003. The national CSI increased 5% from 66.7 in 2014 to 69.7 in 2015.

Stats Can  says the national  increase was  the result of increases in  fraud, breaking and entering, robbery, and homicide. Across the country, there were almost 1.9 million police-reported Criminal Code incidents (excluding traffic) reported by police in 2015, approximately 70,000 more than in 2014.

Among the violent crimes  which increased  across the country, Stats Canada notes homicides (+15%), attempted murder (+22%), major assaults (+3%), sexual assaults (+3%), robbery (+5%) and Criminal Code violations specific to the use of, discharge, and pointing of firearms (+22%) .

Here  is how some other ‘250’ communities  fared in the  ranking, with last year’s ranking in brackets:



Crime Rank  (last year)


Crime Severity Rank (last year)

Prince George 20 (23) 20  (22)
Williams Lake 7   (1)  4 (2)
Terrace 18 (17) 23 (19)
Prince Rupert 8 (7) 17 (12
Fort St. John 4 (19) 13 (17)
Dawson Creek 11 (28) 10 (20)

Note: Quesnel  stats were not available.

A community’s  overall ranking is based on analysis of non-violent and violent crime.


I guess we need to have more hugs, give out more money to the hood and celebrate diversity? It’s the Trudeau way!

    “It’s the Trudeau way!”

    Very droll! Criminals do not care about the law, neither do they care about who is running the country in Ottawa! Sentences are handed down by judges, as you very well know! No PM can interfere with how judges interpret the law! Harper had a whole decade to do reform the laws and the justice system! Did he do anything? Answer: “No”!

      Harper DID bring in tougher laws, and then Justin reversed them!

      Harper’s laws where a violation of our rights…of course they where reveresed.. Harper thought this was a dictatorship.. And now he is gone.

      Harper tried to bring in new tougher laws but the Fiberals, NDP whiners fought them all the way.

      PG and PVAL you both should have a talk.

      That’s it, celebrate your boy Trudeau’s leniency for criminals. Can’t wait till this bum is gone.

    We where number one in all of Canada for most crime ridden city under Harper.. So guess it was his fault using your mentality.

Huh, as I predicted Prince George’s crime severity ranking is climbing up towards our rightful place as being number one in the country once again. No big deal right? On this site, changing the flow of traffic direction in one city park and, like renaming a park, everyone loses their minds… talk about pathetic misplacement of priorities!

Oh well, lets continue to follow the conservative mantra; “I like the way things are, why do we have to change anything?”. Yes we get what we deserve!

    Out of curiosity, how do you feel about the law that Harper brought in that with Jury recommendation, consecutive vs concurrent sentences can be handed down in cases of 1st degree murder. Before you answer, keep in mind the accused in Alberta who killed the mother and daughter. This new law, could mean that the instant he killed that child, he gave us the ability to truly lock him up for the rest of his life. What do you say, regressive conservative law or finally fitting punishment for the crime.

      Ski51 you will have heads exploding with your statement about sentences.

    JGalt, some of us on the conservative side of the political spectrum would like to see things toughened up a bit, perhaps a bit more of making the punishment fit the crime!

    However, there are many who follow the liberal mantra: “I like the way things are, why do we have to change anything”!

    You probably subscribe to the school of thought that isthisreallife comments about above, the one where we need to have more hugs, right? Haha!

There are petty criminals doing petty crimes mostly to support habits, and then there are career criminals and violent offenders.
The petty criminals should be given the opportunity to get treatment and attempt to get rehabilitated, the career and violent offenders need to face punishment that meets the crime. For these people there is no rehabilitation, Deterrence, denunciation, and protection of the public should be the primary considerations given when judges issue sentences. Perhaps we need a 3 strikes law in Canada.
Or some sort of prolific offender rule whereby career and violent offenders can be locked up for the balance of their natural lives and never again be a threat to society. For multiple murders the sentence should always be consecutive.
And for that garbage in Alberta…two words! General Population!!

We have top notch: Lakes, rivers, trails, parks, skiing areas, world class hockey talent and many other great local attributes. We are known as a “Volunteer town” thanks to our local fundraising efforts and charitable organizations. Our city hosts some excellent concerts, sporting events and boasts great venues to further attract bigger and better events…..


It is unfortunate that we are likely (soon) to be chanting “WE’RE NUMBER 1,.. WE’RE NUMBER 1” in the streets because of our top rating on the Crime Severity index.

We need to change something! Not just a name of a park, not the direction of traffic.. but we need to fix this social/economic/judicial issue that is at the heart of criminal activity. We need to identify why it is Prince George (and not other similar towns) that is topping the charts for crime, and the severity of it.

    Perhaps we are offering too much and thereby making it too easy and inviting for repeat offenders to stay here and do their crimes here. Can’t think of any other obvious reason.

    Maybe because people like Ryan Moore live in our town, and he only ever gets probation.

    Prince George topping the list, I suggest you have another look at the list. Hey we could be Surrey.

We need to look beyond PG.

After the three northern territories, the 4 western provinces lead the crime rate statistics. If it has not been done already, the western premiers need to sit down together to determine why that is and put in a concerted effort to reduce the rate of crime to at least approximate that of Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

This is not only a local issue. We are surrounded by high crime rate stats. On top of that we are a distribution center for many legal products and services. It is for the same reason that we are the distribution center for the products and services which are outlawed.

There should be no mystery.

Once the west reduces crime, I suspect PG and the other small communities with high crime rates will follow much more easily.

    Very true Gopg

    Another thing is crime follows the money Northern BC last year was the hotspot for western Canada for money as lots of projects were and are being built that brings in people and people bring money to spend you bring the money that invariably brings the criminal element.

    Sadly too many people cannot look beyond the borders of PG city limits and cannot or will not look at the bigger picture

There is a direct corrolation between towns policed by the RCMP verses municipal or provincial police forces when it comes to high crime ratings. RCMP mostly police rural western small towns that have high rates of population migrations from regional third world reserves and follow the money resource developments. This mix produces higher than normal reported incidents because policing is more remote and less accountable for results.


Those are significant increases nationally in just one year. I hope it doesnt become a trend.

Probably 90% of the crime is drug related. Get rid of the addiction problem in the north and you get rid of the vast majority of the crime.

    I think you’re right bent . The guys that went to jail for stealing food were just addicted to food . Their poor families must also share that addiction . How are you going to get them off food ?

Ah yes, love the direction PG is goin.. needless everywhere, not enough jobs, rising crime rate, but we have rainbow sidewalks, Pride day and a Zombie walk.

We continue to play the game of cops and robbers. As I stated before there is a limited amount of criminals in any area. That’s why you quite often get the phrase **the suspect was known to the police**.

I would say that the majority of crime is committed by a very small percentage of the overall population.

What we need is to ensure that those who continue to commit crimes are incarcerated for a substantial period of time. This gets them off the streets and keeps them from committing crimes.

What people refuse to come to grips with it the fact that the Provincial Government, the Justice System, etc; do everything they can to keep people out of jail. Why.? They try to keep people out of jail because of the expense. Its just that simple. It costs big money to incarcerate people.

How many new prisons have been built in BC in the past 20 years.??

Part of the blame for the high crime rate has to be laid at the feet of the Provincial Government. They are the ones responsible for law and order, along with the Feds, and they are the ones that need to get this situation under control.

So the thousands of people that have left PG for good in the last couple of years weren’t criminals . Imagine my surprise .

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