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October 27, 2017 9:45 pm

BC Leads Country in Job Growth – PG Remains Static

Friday, August 5, 2016 @ 8:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – B.C.’s economy continues to hum along.

Statistics Canada pegged year over year job growth at 3.7 percent this July – a number well above its provincial counterparts.

“Actually on a year to basis over 12 months B.C. has the highest growth rate among all provinces. Employment increased by about 85,000 over the 12 months,” says analyst Vincent Ferrao. “The unemployment rate this July was 5.6 percent from 6 percent a year ago.”

He says the increase in jobs in B.C. was “broad based across several industries” including construction, retail and wholesale, and in the financial and real estate sectors.

The 85,000 jobs created in B.C. was more than the number of jobs created at the national level where the unemployment growth rose to 6.9 percent from 6.8 percent a year earlier (an increase he calls statistically insignificant).

“There’s been slow employment growth over the 12 months. It’s up only .4 percent. 71,000 more people are working.”

Locally, he says the unemployment in Prince George was fairly static compared to last year at this time.

“It was 7.7 percent in July – that’s very similar to what it was in July of last year when it was 7.8 percent.”

Ferrao says the number of people working hasn’t changed much at 47,700 compared to 47,200 a year ago while the number of people looking for work – 4,000 – is also unchanged.

As for the Cariboo region he says unemployment is up slightly at 8.3 percent from 7.9 percent a year ago.

“That represents about 7,200 people this July who are unemployed and 79,400 who are working.”

He says most of the regional job losses were in the retail, wholesale, accommodation and food services sectors.



PG has nothing to worry about . Todd is going to get free horse back rides for vets and Bob is busy working on AR15 declassification . What could possibly go wrong with that ? With those two on the job every thing will come up roses . Right ?

    Ataloss, you bring up “vets” so please tell us about Justin’s broken election promise to our vets!

    Between his never ending selfies and his numerous vacations, 9 or so since being elected, Justin doesn’t seem to have much time for work!

    Sure miss Harper! He seldom had time for vacations as he was far too busy at work!

    Stats Can numbers released this morning also show that the Canadian economy shed more than 31,000 jobs in July, the biggest one month drop in 5 years pushing the national unemployment rate to 6.9%. Most of the losses were full-time positions!

    This number would have worse without the gains here in BC!

    Nice to see that our Provincial Government is at work while Justin’s on vacation!

Good news for BC means the BC government is doing something right to promote industry

I wonder how the resident negativity group here is going to handle the good news and how they will put their usual spin on it

    I gave you a thumbs up Dearth!

    So did I!

No real spin in my following comment Dearth, just facts. FACT: Northern BC unemployment has now risen into double digits (11.5%). Thus article state that the Quesnel Cariboo region
‘s unemployment rate has also risen.

So Dearth, with PG area’s unemployment stagnant, and mines (Endako & Huckelberry) closed, sawmills in Houston and points west closing, where is the this employment and jobs being generated?

Good news for the lower mainland with this increase in menial part-time, low wage jobs in the retail service industry, but good news overall? Right, now who is spinning false positive news for us up here prior to an election?

    My apologies, I forgot to link to the stats that show northern BC having a double digit unemployment rate, here it is:

    ht tp://srv129.services.gc.ca/ei_regions/eng/northbc.aspx?rates=1

An article in that Liberal/Justin Trudeau loving magazine, Macleans states:

“Don’t look now, Canada’s economy is getting ugly”

“There’s been a lot of terrible economic news in recent weeks. At what point does this become a problem for Justin Trudeau?”

The article asks at what point does this become a problem for Justin Trudeau?

Here’s a newsflash for Macleans! At this point in time, Justin couldn’t care less, he’s on vacation, again!

BC.’s job growth is ALL part time jobs, you can’t buy a home or pay rent or eat or raise your kids on part time wages

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