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October 27, 2017 9:36 pm

Highway 16 Transit Feedback Session Coming

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 @ 9:51 AM


Map shows existing and proposed service routes.  Click on map for larger version -image courtesy BC Transit

Prince George, B.C.-  The  public engagement  sessions for the BC Transit  service on Highway 16  will start on August 20th and will  carry on through to  September 10th.

The inter-community  transit service  is to be provided   along the Highway 16 corridor between Prince George and Prince  Rupert and the plan is to have the first buses in service by the end of this year. 

BC’s Minister of Transportation, Todd Stone, says the public engagement part of  developing the plan is a key component “It is important to hear from the people who live and work along the Highway 16 corridor to ensure we implement transit services that reflect the needs of the community.”

The public can offer comments either in person, or online by taking part in a survey which will be available until September 16th.  The online survey can be accessed here.

The first  two  in person sessions are set for  this Saturday the  20th,  with a booth at the BCNE from  4-8 pm,  and at the Nechako Fall Fair in Vanderhoof from 9am to 1 pm.

The information collected during the Highway 16 engagement process will help complete the plan and schedules for transit services along the Highway 16 corridor.


Here is the  full schedule,  although  most times and locations  within the communities have  yet to be confirmed:

Date and Time Community
August 20, 2016 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vanderhoof – Annual Nechako Fall Fair
August 20, 2016 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Prince George – BC Northern Exhibition
August 31, 2016 TBC Prince Rupert
August 31, 2016 TBC Port Edward
August 31, 2016 TBC Kitsumkalum
September 1, 2016 TBC Terrace
September 1, 2016 TBC Gitaus
September 1, 2016 TBC Kitwanga
September 1, 2016 TBC New Hazelton
September 1, 2016 TBC Kispiox
September 1, 2016 TBC Moricetown
September 1, 2016 TBC Smithers
September 2, 2016 TBC Houston
September 8, 2016 TBC Smithers
September 8, 2016 TBC New Hazelton
September 9, 2016 TBC Burns Lake
September 9, 2016 TBC Houston
September 9, 2016 TBC Fraser Lake
September 9, 2016 TBC Nautley
September 9, 2016 TBC Fort Fraser
September 10, 2016 TBC Burns Lake



Why should the public have to pay a $10 BCNE admission fee to have input, and provide feedback, on the highway 16 public transit at the Prince George location?

Some, who are forced to hitchhike on that highway are so impoverished they have no other transportation options. Making those people living in poverty pay the $10 BCNE admission fee so they can access the “booth” to ensure their needs are reflected in the planning and design of public transportation along the highway seems… well it seems unfair and counter intuitive to those people’s needs.

Out of touch seems to be what is happening here with respect to the PG location.

If the transit system comes into place? Does that mean Greyhound is done?

This is starting to look like another job fair.

This whole idea is outrageous. Just supply them with a free Greyhound ticket. Oh, wait a minute. They will just hitch hike anyways because the Greyhound schedule is not to their liking. WTF People.

I think Todd Stone needs to be reminded that this highway could be called highway of tears for more than one reason. Not only have people gone missing, but also many people have lost loved ones due to vehicle accidents on this highway. This highway is so out-dated for the amount of traffic that is on it now. When will the local MLAS get off their butts and fight for the people of the North to have safer highways? IMO all they want to do is feed us bs and lies to stay elected.

Between this and Norther Health running a bus, we will see the end of the Greyhound service.

    What service? This happened four years ago… with such drastic cuts to service in the past, little wonder there has been more hitchhiking.


      “Little wonder there has been more hitchhiking.”

      Has there been more hitchhiking? What proof do you have to support this statement?

      Greyhound cut their service because it wasn’t be utilized! Perhaps too many people were already hitchhiking and couldn’t bother with Greyhound’s schedule. I suspect that this will continue with the new “transit” system!

      Greyhound is a for profit company, bad Greyhound.

      I am being sarcastic, have to spell that out for some.

The NH services already runs large coaches and smaller buses along this route regularly. Many times they’re near empty. Would it not be more cost effective to modify the NH service instead of putting an entirely new fleet on the road? The survey implies routing will include health centres as well. Rename it to be less NH centred and revamp some of the routing. It doesn’t make much sense to have two publicly funded fleets performing a nearly identical service.

Doesn’t have to make sense when it comes to being PC and vote counting.

I take it there are no males murdered or missing out that way.

This will never fly, Election coming up next Year. Tell me how do the People get from Stoney or Nautley and other Places to Town ,walk ,get a ride and catch this Bus?
Will it serve the People from all the other Places like Mapes, Blackwater and so many other very long Side Roads. I think not! Some have no Car or can’t drive and it is not about Money, just being to old, we don,t even have a Taxi Service anymore. I think this is just PR to be seen we doing something. But we are getting a Swimming Pool so is the saying and no way to get to for many, maybe we will get a Bus for it too?

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