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October 27, 2017 9:35 pm

BCNE Kicks Off Today

Thursday, August 18, 2016 @ 6:00 AM


The rides are ready,   just waiting for the folks to show up- photo 250news

Prince George, B.C.-  It has become the  event which officially signals the  winding down of  summer.The BC Northern Exhibition  (BCNE)  throws open the gates today  for the  104th  time.  This year, the theme is “Blue Jeans and Country Dreams.”

The  forecast for the length of the fair is very promising, with sunshine and warm temps predicted throughout the weekend.

Back this year is the Prince George Rodeo  which runs on  Saturday and Sunday.  As always, the midway will be  in full swing, the 4H barns will be full of  animals,  and the stages will be busy with talent.

Each day of the   Exhibition, 250News will publish the schedule of events for that day.



The rides are ready? Looks like a few pods on the ‘ol ferris wheel are missing, did they fall off already?

    It is a new feature this year. Bring your own sling chair. :-)

The BCNE.. one of the last places on earth you can still win a roach clip, a Ted Nugent mirror and an ACDC patch for your jean jacket..

    Would you rather have tractor rap (aka country) memorabilia..

Come on guys! How about a little bit of positivity!?!? There’s a lot of hard-working volunteers, organizers and competitors that would probably appreciate something better than your comments.

    I’m positive the rides are 40 years old and the over priced food will clog your arteries. :)

Would be nice to have a complete 4 day event list so we can plan ahead.


    I’m positive you’ll find your answer there.

I won’t be attending the BCNE until the association repays the $45,000 loan in full to the City of Prince George. Non-profit or not, simply payback your debt within the 5 year repayment term originally agreed upon with the city.

How is it that organizers of the BCNE lack the crucial life skill of balancing a checkbook? It’s hard to take the BCNE (the longest running family fair in the north) seriously when their figures are consistently in the red.

Went to the fair to-day and looked at the exhibitions. Not as great as back in the day, but interesting.

There were plenty of people in attendance and the parking lot was almost full. With the good weather and three days to go, I would suggest that this could be one of the best fairs for a long time.

In any event, there is a lot of volunteer time put into this fair, and the least people could do is support it.

If more people would participate, this BCNE could be a **really big shew** as Ed Sullivan would say, however it takes two to tango, so get off your butts and spend a dollar.

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