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October 27, 2017 9:26 pm

Veterans Affairs Office to Re-open by May 2017

Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 10:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It was a major plank in the Liberal Party’s election platform last fall and it was made official today – the federal government is re-opening the Veterans Affairs office in Prince George.

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr - photo 250News

Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr – photo 250News

The announcement was made at the Sandman Signature Hotel by Canada’s Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr who said he was “very proud” the government followed through on its commitment.

“They’re (Veterans Affairs offices) not only places for them to get the help they need when they need it, it’s also a symbol of our government’s commitment to what their service has meant to this great nation,” he said.

“It was a difficult day when the Conservative government closed it and we’re going to do things better and this is part of that.”

The office will be located on the 4th floor at 299 Victoria Street and once opened will employ five staff members who will serve an estimated 1,200 veterans. The office will open no later than May, 2017.

John Scott, a former president of Royal Canadian Branch 43 in Prince George and the current vice-president of the Royal Canadian Legion BC/Yukon Command, was ecstatic at the news.

“It’s an emotional feeling for me today just to get this done. It was a huge mistake as far as I was concerned and this has fixed it. You need to have people here on the ground, talking to veterans.”

According to the government those employees will answer questions about services and benefits, “arrange pension medical examinations, and assist veterans to complete and submit applications and receipts. Case-managed veterans will also be able to meet their case manager.”

The announcement was also music to the ears of Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall after council last year pledged to support the re-opening of the office.

“I’m elated today and you’re right, council unanimously supported this. We’ve felt re-opening the office was a key piece of what we wanted to do here at home. It not only assists the veterans in Prince George but it also assists veterans throughout northern, B.C.”

B.C. Jobs Minister Shirley Bond has long championed veteran’s issues and was also thrilled with the news.

“This is not only emotional day for me but it should be for all Canadians. These are men and women who have served our country. This service is essential so I want to say thank-you to the federal government for honouring their commitment.”

The re-opening follows the closure of not only the Veterans Affairs office in Prince George in 2012, but offices in eight other Canadian cities as well.

Hehr called the move “an investment” to help veterans and estimates it will cost $78 million dollars over the next five years. He says all nine offices will “be up and running no later” than next May.

“I’ve given my department a mandate to get them up and running as quickly as they can. Some will be opening very shortly in the fall and we’re going to continue on that path,” he said.

“It takes time in getting leases arranged, staffing components hired – all these things that seem simple but they’re not so we’re moving as quickly as we can.”



Will serve an estimated 1200 veterans, is that clients or just veterans in the area. Well tell us how many actual clients the office was serving before it was shut down? That number seems to be missing for some reason in this announcement.

After the office was shut down where there service issues?

Does not seem to have been any mention of dropping the disability one time payoff and reinstating the pension. Is that still in development or what?

Disclaimer I am a veteran and a taxpayer, Ready-Aye-Ready

That’s what I wonder also. Where are these 1200 veterans located. My guess is that they will be through out the Northern Interior, which would probably include McBride, MacKenzie, all points west to Prince Rupert, south to Williams Lake???? We will find out at some point.

So my guess is that anyone outside Prince George will have to get their service **on line** which is what Prince George was doing after they closed the office. So it seems on line service is good for some areas but not others. Hmmmmm

Guessing much Pal…lol

My turn… My guess is all the veterans that need help will be welcoming the re-opening of the PG office as fantastic news. I guess that all these veterans will feel some appreciation for their sacrifices by the office being re-opened. I guess they will walk a little prouder knowing they now have a government who appreciates what they did…not one who discarded them like yesterday’s trash.

Ain’t guessing fun

PVal. The veterans were trashed long before Harper came into power. Considering that the Liberals formed the Government in Canada most years I GUESS we know who has been doing the trashing over the years.

I see you and JGalt have your short term memory up and running.

    Speaking of short term memory, guess you forgot about this injured Afgan war veteran, that had to take the Cons to court over the closures of the eight Veterans Affairs Offices.

    ht tp://tinyurl.com/gpflzeu

    Or maybe you forgot about these winners: “This month, two Conservative candidates, Jerry Bance and Tim Dutaud, were dismissed for inappropriate past behavior— Bance for peeing in the mug of a client of his repair business, and Dutaud for prank calls involving fake orgasms and imitating a mentally handicapped person. Since records of both candidates’ actions were online before the election was called, many have questioned how the Conservative Party vets its people.” Real class acts hey?

    Then there is Julian Fantino who infamously ignored the crying pleas of a widow, who’s Afgan War Veteran husband committed suicide… another “class act”. I don’t know how you can defend this Conservative lot Palopu, maybe you should just give up trying to?


Who recently shut down veterans office across Canada.. Harper or Trudeau?

As for long term memory..Harper sucked..now he is running away from politics to have everyone he sold a piece of Canada to pay him back by hiring his scam/company.

PVal. You are so full of it. Look at the Canadian Armys presence in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2005 when the Chretian’s liberals sent our soldiers in a conflict that they were ill equipped to fight. No helicopters, green uniforms, jeeps without proper armour and therefore subject to serious damage from EDI’s.

The Liberals over the years cut the Canadian military to the point that it was dysfunctional, and we paid for that in Afghanistan with more deaths and injuries than necessary.

You and Jgalt think that somehow having a few people sitting around an office in Prince George is somehow going to get people to forget how the Liberals screwed our armed forces .

I strongly recommend that you and JGalt get a life., because the horse s..t that you spew in your posts is beyond belief. In words you don’t know diddly squat about anything.

That seventy five million could be better spent going to disabled vets directly and/or the Legion.

Maybe someone from the Legion can come on this site and clear up some facts on numbers and just how reopening will help.

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