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October 27, 2017 9:26 pm

Rash of Crashes Results in Call for Care

Monday, August 29, 2016 @ 11:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – North District RCMP Traffic Services  are  calling on drivers to exercise more care following a week of crashes  in the region.

During the past week, RCMP officers from North District Traffic Services, Prince George, Quesnel, Mackenzie and Valemount RCMP have responded to five  separate collisions that saw a combined total of seventeen  people sent to various hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to critical.

Police say that while contributing factors in each of the incidents  may not be the same,  they do not suspect dug or alcohol impairment to have played a role in the injury crashes. Having said, that,  Police advise  that  charges under the Motor Vehicle Act ,  such as Due Care and Attention, are being considered as police continue to investigate.

With the last long weekend of summer  coming up,  Police are  reminding motorists to expect an increase in traffic volume  and to  make sure  drivers and their vehicles  are  prepared for any road trips.

Police will be on the highways to ensure that people are obeying the rules and regulations.


There certainly have been a lot of accidents in the past few weeks.

I have to agree that people need to take more care in their driving, or they should be charged with driving without due care and attention.

We have several highways marked for aerial surveillance. It would be nice to see the odd plane in the air watching what goes on on the ground as well. There is some really bad and dangerous driving out there that seems to go on with impunity.

    Aerial surveillance? You mean the markings on the hwy that are used to time vehicles from one mark to the other that gives the aircraft the speed at which you are driving?
    They don’t do that up here. Especially now that they sent the only fixed wing south and brought up a chopper.

      Well, you probably see as much or more of it than I do. How would you propose they go about curbing it a bit?

      I wished years ago, that I could have an RCMP member riding along in the truck with me, with a radio. He could see for himself what people do and have a patrol car travelling along to catch some of these people.

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