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October 27, 2017 8:37 pm

Restricting Access

Monday, October 24, 2016 @ 5:59 AM


Rip rap  now in place at top of   grade leading to popular hill  ( above pink tape line in photo) frequently used by dirt bike riders – photos 250News

Prince  George, B.C.-  The City of Prince George has been busy  putting  barriers in place to restrict  access to a hill   on the north side of North Meadows subdivision ( Foothills and North Nechako Road) that has become popular with ATVers and dirt bike  riders.

“It has been somewhat of a burden on the local residents because of the noise”  says Blake McIntosh, Manager of Roads and fleet Division with the City of Prince George.20161020_1510261

Residents of North Meadows have lodged numerous complaints with City Hall  about the off road  enthusiasts revving their engines to make the climb says McIntosh “We’re just  putting a barrier up to deter  motorized vehicles from attempting that climb.”

The hill runs on the  east side of Foothills Boulevard   and  is  a common access point to a steeper hill  that is adjacent to the roadway.  It  is not uncommon for motorists driving north on Foothills Boulevard   to  wonder if the  motorbike  riders are  going to have enough control to keep their  bikes ( or atvs)  from  overshooting the  shoulder and  ending up on the roadway.

The City has been consulting  with local residents for the past couple of months on how to  deal with the noise  issue says McIntosh “We came up with a game plan  and we decided  that  we’re in the shoulder season right now, between summer and winter, and we have the time and resources  to  complete the project.”

The project calls for rip rap to  be placed across the face of the hill “The  structure will allow for no jumps or ramps to be built we’re hoping and  there will be  advance warning and notification signing of  no motorized vehicles”  He  says there will also be no tobogganing allowed on this section of hill.

The work  is  expected to be complete  by  late this week, with all the rip rap  and appropriate signage in place.  The  cost of the project  ( which is not immediately available) is  being covered through  the regular operations budget.



Probably would not have been an issue if people would simply leave the factory exhaust on their bikes/atv’s instead of putting on after market obnoxious loud mufflers.

Probably wouldn’t be a problem if the parents, that bought the expensive toys for their kids, would have given them some guidance on where they could ride them? AND, I just know that someone is going to say it is not all kids that are riding them there? If that is the case, they should know better and be charged!NOT WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS – you see them on the road all the time, trying to get somewhere to ride them!

    Why is a problem that they are trying to get somewhere to ride them. Are u jealous that these parents bought these toys for their children. This is a good thing for kids to learn to ride and stay away from TV and drugs and crime.

I see a dirt bike has already gone up there and ripped some of the ribbon down. Know they think it is a challenge to see how they can bypass it.

We can’t blame this on just kids, there are many adults that ride these trails as well. Just check out the pg dirt riders Facebook page and see what some of the so-called adults are saying about this, absolutely immature.

I guess catching them, fining them and impounding their machines would be the only way the scofflaws will be corrected.

That’s been a popular hill for bikers since long before there were any houses in the area. Nobody rides after dark so this is an afternoon to maybe six in the evening kind of thing. Dirt biking is as much a part of the hart and north nechako area as anything. I think it’s a huge shame on PG for putting up restrictions like this… No doubt it will be challenged and ignored. We are fast becoming a town where nothing fun can be permitted anymore. The city has money to do this, but they don’t have money to maintain our parks…..

    Did you know that at the summer solstice in PG, it’s daylight until 10:30 pm ?

Dirt bikers will still climb this hill… They will just work around it… And someday someone will be killed coming back down running into those rocks… It’s as bad as a booby trap on the trail. Many trails access the top of the hill, so if they booby trap the hill half way down without restricting access to the top of the hill then how would that shake out in a lawsuit now that the city is involved in booby trapping the hill?

    How long do they think the ribbons will last? After that it’s just a booby trapped hill designed to kill someone’s kid.

    the plastic ribbon won’t even be noticed as they plow through…Yesterday morning you could see where it had already been breached.

    As far as I am concerned, blame the parents! In most cases, they have either purchased these toys or allowed their kids to buy them, knowing very well that areas to ride them are limited. Many of the riders are not even old enough to have a licence and have no means of transporting their toys to areas well out of the city. It is obvious where they are going to use them

You have got to love dreamers. Put up plastic tape and it will stop the bikers atv uses, 4×4’s, etc from continuing their use of the hill…..

plastic tape will do this?

I have a 3 years old grand son that knows better than that.

Typical thought process of our city ….

Don’t be stupid people. The bright flagging tape was put up to warn people the trail is now blocked with big rocks- the flagging tape was never ment to stop atv’s and motorcycles….LOL!!
How would YOU like a popular hill climb in your back yard?

    It was a popular spot long before it was someone’s “backyard”

      Irrelevant. Not zoned for that purpose. Follow the rules that are in place. Work to change the ones you feel need to be changed. Continue to follow the rules until change is made.

Must certainly agree with eagleone. Between the city and the provincial gov’t they are doing their best to remove the enjoyment of dirt bike, atv, and snowmobile riders. Registration now required for these toys and for the money paid the riders get squat. Just another tax grab.
Always seems to be city money available for the unnecessary.

    I agree with you Resident, the Government requires atv owners (myself included)to register the same as a vehicle except you cannot ride on a road, how does that make sense?

One would think that those people who are fully aware that they are making a huge noise and bothering people who live in the area would just stop, and find some other place to **play** Seems that alternative never crosses their minds.

Perhaps they don’t give a s..t about anyone other than themselves.

    Finally someone with a reasonable comment.

    This is a city, not the backcountry. There are rules. If they do not make sense, then petition City Hall to change them to something that does.

    It’s just like the most annoying watercraft . Without an audience , there just ain’t no show .

The high rollers in North Meadows will find something else to whine about once this issue settles down. Bunch of crabby Subaru driving granola eating tree huggers. Maybe If we take everything fun away from them, they will be up to no good, end up on drugs and stealing from you. All you complainers should be ashamed of how petty you have become!

    ^^^ this has stormrider jacket Hart boi written all over him.

      Ha ha ha love it , except it hart girl bud :)

Dirt bikers and ATV’ers are some of the most inconsiderate people. They constantly destroy trails and annoy people with their whiny machines.

    I call bs on that one. The same people who are annoyed with dirt bikers and atv riders are likely annoyed and bothered by just about everything else.

      I’m calling bs on that one. Clearly you’ve never heard a dirt bike or atv drive up and down your road. I have. It’s like torture.

      Of course I have. Like any popular hobby a select few often ruin it for everyone. It’s no different anywhere else. The great majority of dirt bikers and atv riders are courteous and respectful but you don’t remember those folks. You only recall the worst ones.

      I guarantee everyone here does something that drives someone else absolutely crazy.

It won’t be long before the end of Domano is treated the same way. If riders keep using the staging area as a race track right behind all those peoples houses it will soon be shut down to. If you want to keep it open stay quiet until you get into the backcountry. I can’t believe this hasn’t been made an issue yet .

I’m entitled to ride my bike wherever and whenever I want to.

I think that just about sums up the argument I’m hearing.

The dirt bikes were here first is an interesting argument – kind of sounds like the position another segment of the population takes – here first, must all belong to me.

No one seems to have a problem with the safety issue of the bikes having to come down the hill and stop before they cross the road. Some day, some kid isn’t going to stop, and then there’ll be a big conversation about why the city didn’t do something to stop it.

Now, for the dirt bike/atv owners that think this is no big deal, how do you feel about your neighbor who idles his Harley for half an hour, or the kid with the boom box stereo the lives nearby. Do you enjoy it. Do you just shrug it off when your neighbors dog parks all afternoon.

Noise pollution is becoming a big problem as we become a more self centered society and never seem to consider how our actions affect others.

But I think we also have to give kids somewhere to ride their bikes. It’s a pretty healthy activity compared to the game console warriors. Problem is, a lot of the land they ride on, is actually privately owned.

As one of the many “dirt bikers” who grew up building and riding those trails, the only thing shocking about this is that the City has only now taken action to deter off-road vehicles in this area. As the neighborhoods expand and the complaints increase, it’s only natural that the old trail systems get destroyed or taken over by hikers and bikers. In addition to this, let’s not forget that virtually all of the land these trails are on is now privately owned. The City of Prince George and the private land owners have been more than supportive over the years, and for that we thank you.

There is a small group of off-road riders in this city that are trying to get organized and develop trail systems far outside the city, but it’s been difficult to gain support with the abundance of free ride trails around PG. Hopefully this will make people realize that the beautiful network of trails on the Hart is on borrowed time and if your enjoy off road riding, you’d better start supporting your local clubs.

Personally, I’m thankful for the opportunity to teach the younger generation how to ride and just how much hard work goes into the trail systems. If we can pull even one kid away from their Xboxes or keep them busy and away from booze/drugs, then it’s a win.

On behalf of the old dirt-bike guys, we’d like to say “You’re Welcome” to all the hikers and bikers that will get to enjoy the vast trail network that we’ve built over the years. I tip my hat to the Prince George Cycling Club and wish them well with Pidherny as it won’t be long before they start facing battles with hikers wanting to keep their bikes out too.

This is nothing more than normal city growth and provides us with the motivation to continue to create new and even better trail systems.

    Actually the problem we face now is dogs. Some hikers want to take their dogs for protection but don’t seen to know how to kick the poop off the trial, or keep the dog leashed. Nothing get’s the heart pumping more than riding down a trail and having a dog cut across your path to get to it’s owner. And not just hikers are guilty, some cyclists are now bringing their dogs along as well. It’s inherently dangerous and they also don’t know how to kick poop off the trial. And we have hikers and joggers running up the down trail and then cursing when they almost get run over. Didn’t notice any of them around when the trail building was going on.

    And for you dog owners, telling me your dog is doesn’t bite when it’s snarling and barking, means nothing to me. When it bites me, you telling me it never done that before is of little comfort. I have been bitten twice now by dogs that apparently never bit before. A cyclist is just too tempting for them to chase. So don’t get mad when I defend myself. You do have the option of keeping it leashed, or keeping it at home.

      Very easy to teach a dog not to poop on a trail. Trained my dogs in no time to head into the bush a ways when it came time to drop their butt.

      I would never have guessed that dogs would be an issue. It’s bad enough running over feces with a dirt bike, but it must be a real treat on a mountain bike. I’ve also been attacked by a couple of hikers dogs over the years, yet oddly have never had an issue with bears or any other wildlife. *shrug*

      You’re so right when it comes to building and maintaining the trails. There’s only a small handful of people that participate with the trail maintenance every spring, but there sure are a ton of people out using them once they’re built/clear. Every club has the same issues with this, a small group of people keep it going for the rest.

      The Prince George Cycling Club truly has my respect though. Your organization and promotion of your sport is stellar. What you’ve done with Pidherny is nothing short of amazing.

      I wish PG could come together like Quesnel has and create a formal, well organized off-road recreational site for all to enjoy. There’s just so much fragmentation between groups here that the likelihood of this ever happening is slim.

      Hikers hate mountain bikers, mountain bikers hate dirt bikers, dirt bikers hate quad riders, horseback riders hate everybody, but quad riders are happy because they’re all too drunk to care. ;)

      Pick up after your pets! This should be no different than within the city limits! Oh! I forgot, this doesn’t happen within the city very often either.

    As a former dirt bike rider & now avid mt. biker, thank you. Great post, curious if dirt bike riders have increased in number or decreased with the choices in off road motorized vehicles. I don’t know if there ever will be the friction between hikers & bikers in PG that is seen in other parts of the province, there seems to be a mostly cordial relationship so far, Otway comes to mind as a great example of different groups using the same trail system. I think Ski51 is onto something with the off leash dog situation getting out of hand. This past summer I have witnessed crashes & near fights over unleashed dogs. PG really does have great trail systems within city limits & whether cyclists & hikers want to admit it or not,we really do owe a debt of gratitude to the dirt bikers who created a huge number of these trails & really to all those who have taken the time & effort to create trails.

As a local rider and offroad enthusiast, I can see both sides of this issue. This is a popular access point to some trail networks, however it does happen to be virtually in some people’s backyards. Should this one perticular spot be closed off? Probably yes. There is plenty of other areas that have hillclimbs to play on that won’t disturb the peace of the local residents. Unfortunately there are plenty of younger riders that don’t “get it” and will continue to tear up and down this hill. Honestly those rocks really aren’t going to stop anyone determined to ride there. The real issue I see with this is, the safety of riders unfamiliar with the area. The ribbon will be gone in a matter of days and the signage really appears to be inadequate. If the city needs to block that one small area, do it correctly. It will only be a matter of time before a rider piles into those rocks severely injuring him or herself. I’ve seen it happen before numerous times down in the greater Vancouver area for the same reasons as we are starting to have here. Once one or two people sue over life altering injuries or worse, it is then we as a whole off road community will really suffer as areas will be shut down rapidly. The city needs to close this very small area properly and riders need to give a little to hold onto a lot of other great riding areas.

Private Land or Crown Land or the City owned is not yours , get used to it. Who says you have any Rights to it ?

I sure don’t understand the city can spend money on this and don’t put money in our roads or other things that needed like we need more room and help with health care in our town. The people saying it loud for noise, well I think that is so rude for them and our city to stand for that. Those trails have been there for so many years that these people that moved in by there knows that there is a trail there. Everyone in this town drives by that hill. Also for the city to put that rocks there someone will get hurt and that isn’t fair for that. Half this town rides on that trail and now just because someone or a few people complain about noise. Well there is noise anywhere u go. Also there was a comment that u will take these things away from our kids, well they are right they are will start to get bored and then get into drugs and steal things. As for our city counsel they should feel ashame of them selfs to put our money into something that is more to a harm to our people and out money should be spend on other things that our town needs.

let them have some fun. how many ways can our modern, up-tight, weak, complaining society make life more difficult and less fun. Live life.

I think the city should realize that there are people that will complain about something all the time. Let the kids and adults ride and enjoy a healthy lifestyle . What about the noise from all the garbage trucks going up and down the hill all day.There was a lady once in this town complaining about hearing car doors shutting after 10 o clock at night but never giving any thought about cutting her grass in the daytime when the person next door was working night shift. I say move the rocks before someone gets killed. I would not even want to hit them with a vehicle.

It is just a small area being shutdown. Because of climbing the hill it can get very noisy. Lots of other riding opportunities nearby. Seems to be lots of irrational criticism over such a small area being shutdown.

    It’s the main access point to the whole ridge trail system between Foothills and the scales. About a half dozen good long trails branch off from the top of this hill. So people will still use it to access those trails going both directions. The problem will be a new rider to the area accessing the hill from the top going down. I’ve seen it happen before and it never ends well.

    It’s nothing but an intentional hazard designed to maime as is. Someone with authority that thinks endangering lives is a way to enforce the noise bylaws.

Challenge accepted!!!! I will be sure to rev the hell out of my obnoxiously loud 450 dirt bike next time im at that hill. I have been riding there for 2 decades, be dammed if some whiney pukes are going to stop me now!!

Sounds like a lot of irrational criticism from such a small group of people.

Another thing this road is known to have icy patches. Can you imagine losing control with a vehicle, landing on your roof and smashing into those rocks.

    Holy crap oldman. Turn your hat back the proper way and drive your monster truck accordingly.

    A friends dad had a roll over there. It’s usually the first place with black ice in town. Odds of hitting those rocks in a roll over are slim, I think it’s more of a concern for the biker that takes the ridge trail to the top and tries to drop down the hill unknowing the rock hazard halfway down.

Eagle one, that was the first thought I had too.
Someone is gonna really get hurt if they go down there.
Wrong or right, it’s still an intentional hazard

Decommission it properly, we live in a town full of loggers, what do you think they do with roads when they’re done with them. One hour with an excavator, from top to bottom and no one will go through there again. Besides, it would be a good opportunity for hydro to change out that pole up on the hill too.

I take it you must be a pro driver. I don’t think it is anything to joke about. Maybe try to identify a problem before it happens.

    Rubber side down oldman. Learn it. Live it.


You may hit those rocks rubber side down but you will come out the other side a ball of fire after it takes out your gas tank.

Oldman1….what about the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill ? Should those be removed too ? If the light standards are to close to the shoulder for you, park your monster truck now !

I always figured PG needs a recreation area for off road vehicles a little further up river past the reserve lands on north nechako.

I would like to see the Indian cut banks up to Isle Pierre set aside for recreational vehicles. That whole area has huge potential for great trails and hill climbs. I would also love to see a hill climb competition on the Indian cut banks. I think it would be world famous in no time… Like Jackson Hole.

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