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Friday Free For All – Dec. 09, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

As the deep chill continues,   it’s time to warm it up  with  some heated discussion.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All

You pick the topic,  but obey the three simple rules .  Failure  to do so  could result in comments being  edited or deleted.

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


I stand on the 250 opinion pulpit and declare….This Friday is Free For All..

be safe and stay warm out there.

    You too P Val!

    Throw another log on the fire!


This comment bears repeating, and comes from someone in the United States, it reflects just how much a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic presidential candidate, and now president elect, has polarized his own country!

“I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don’t think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another. No… I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and still backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes (torture, waterboarding), and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and you got on board with that. It isn’t your politics I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget. So, no… you and I won’t be “coming togeather” to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn’t disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.”

Congratulations to you Donald Trump, you may have won the election, but you divided your country!

    The United States was divided long before Donald Trump decided to run for President, but you keep flogging your dead horse if it makes you happy!

      You are quite right. BUT ……. it was a division which was always relatively respectful of the vote.

      The bitter feud within the Republican Party has now taken hold not only in the party, but the entire nation. It is one thing for people to have differences of opinion. It is another for people in the streets, for people in government, and especially for state governments to step away from federalism one more step and go their own way. The Marijuana legalization votes in more states is one indicator of state law giving the middle finger to federal law. How states will deal with Obamacare may be the next.

      People across Canada have also marched to the sound of a different drummer. However, since the advent of internet discourse through comments on news sites and opinion pages, twitter, facebook and its many variations, the drumming has become louder. It remains to be seen whether push will come to shove and worse in the future or whether people will take a step backwards to make civility in Canada and the USA great again.

      Hart Guy, I can appreciate the main body of the comment I posted being too deep for you to comprehend, leaving only its’ last sentence for you to comment on.

      gopg2015, I’ve never before seen in Canada the level of discord that I see today.

      I suspect that we are in for even more, with push coming to shove before we see people taking a step backwards in order to as you say “make civility in Canada great again”!

      I think that people are finally getting fed up with being lied to! Honesty seems to take a backseat to everything else. Social engineering and political correctness rule the day. Even the media, which is supposed to report the news in a factual way, has now become twisted in their belief that they have the right to report their own version of the truth rather than the plain honest truth!

      Social media has become rampant with alternative news sources, each with their own agenda and we as a populace have become so jaded in our trust of our traditional news sources that we seek out other means in attempt to get to the “truth”!

      We can hope for miracles, but realistically, I wouldn’t hold my breath!

      Hart Guy complains about how “Social Engineering and political correctness rules the day”. I have no problem with social engineering and political correctness ruling the day! For me, Social Engineering centers around the decency and respect we should have for each other, and political correctness keeps us from straying away from the societal rules we have established around our closely held values and morals.

      Being anti PC, or politically correct, is a Trump mantra his supporters like you Hart Guy have swallowed hook, line, and sinker. Trump himself has put it; “I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people, and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness.”

      Trump played that perfectly, because it now justifies all his “politically incorrect” statements about Mexicans, Women, and Muslims, and his mindless minions like you can now “normalize” those racist, misogynist, and xenophobic comments as the Donald not being PC. Unfortunately, history bears witness to another politician who was just as anti PC as Trump, and we all know who that politician was, don’t we?

      Yes it is “POLITICALLY CORRECT” to be against; racism, bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia. However, under the anti PC banner we can all embrace and normalize that behavior, why? Because the newly elected President of the United State does it, and it has become acceptable… sorry, but it will NEVER be acceptable with me!!!

      And yet Trump won those segments of voters by a wider margin than any republican president in modern history. Obviously they can see through democrat hate politics better than some people can.

      Eagleone states; “Obviously they can see through democrat hate “politics” better than some people can.” Obviously you did not read my first comment where it says; “I am unconcerned that we have different “politics”. And I don’t think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another.” No, I think less of you because you knew this monster was being endorsed by the KKK, and you still supported him. I think less of you because you either, ignored, minimized, or outright supported, all of the despicable and intolerable things this man said against visible minorities, using “hate and fear” to elevate himself to power.

      Donald Trump once said; “Because I am a celebrity, women will let me do anything I want to them, I can even grab them by their p*ssy.” Now that this monster has been elevated to an even higher celebrity status, as the President of the most powerful country on earth, just imagine how much p*ssy can he grab now? Disgusting, I know, yet the likes of you and Hart Guy seem to be OK with that, and this is why I think less of you and Hart Guy, and anyone else who can be so willfully blind in their support of this hate and fear inducing monster!

      Correction, BH, it is politically correct to USE racism, bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia, to make such accusations in lieu of informed debate.

      Eagleone said, “And yet Trump won those segments of voters by a wider margin than any republican president in modern history.”

      That is actually false. Trump won the Electoral College votes. The voters themselves voted more for Clinton than for Trump by almost 2 and a half million votes. The people of the USA did not endorse Trump. Their convoluted and undemocratic selection system did that.

      It is in question if scary Hillary won the popular vote as it is basically easy for anyone to vote in the US including illegals in which that great defender of democracy, sarcasm, Obama gave the green light to vote.
      If it was not for the electoral system only the votes from major population centers would count, and that is not democracy. That is why the founders designed the system the way it is. But hey since when did our resident socialists ever believe in democracy since they voted for a murderous dictator admirer.

      ammonra, you didn’t quite read Eagleone’s comment correctly.

      Eagleone said, “And yet Trump won those segments of voters by a wider margin than any REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT in modern history.”

      He wasn’t referring to the share of popular vote between Clinton and Trump.

      Seamutt, by “a murderous dictator admirer” I presume you are referring to Trudeau. Not that it is any of your business, but I did not vote for Trudeau, nor for any Liberal candidate. I voted NDP, for a candidate who was elected, thank you very much!. Please make some miniscule effort to get your facts straight, not doing so just accentuates your prejudice and bias.

      If it is so easy to vote illegally in the US how on earth can any US citizen have any reliance that any president has been validly elected, or any Congressperson or Senator? If so many illegal votes can be cast in that country, how can anyone contend that their system is democratic? Clearly, it could not be. Is that what Trump meant when he talked about corruption in elections, that their whole system is defective? I do note that he no longer talks about it. Is that because their corrupt (according to him) syatem benefitted him?

      Lastly, I believe the reason the electoral college was instituted had more to do with the time it took for the College Delegates to travel across the vast territory of the USA when it was first instituted. It had nothing to do with guaranteeing democracy, neither then nor now.

    When one looks at the race wars Obama and cnn started in the US, and how they built up isis in the Middle East and destroyed countries like Libya, and Ukraine… And the horror they created in their Syrian regime change policy that has left half the nation as refugees in Europe and the other half living in hell….

    And then to defend those policies with the tripe above is the real disgusting thing. Anyone with half a heart and some honesty could have won the election.

      You are right Eagleone, here are a couple of people with half a heart and some honesty that won their respective elections.

      ht tp://tinyurl.com/hks4kom

    BeingHuman, you are perpetuating the very thing that you rail against with your post. We are where we are because we’ve allowed it to happen. We elect leaders thinking this person/government will somehow be different, they’ll change the policies that we’ve come to hate and yet election after election our rights have slowly been eroded and policies out in place that don’t have our best interest in mind. Politicians are elected to work for us and we’ve somehow forgotten that. I know the politicians have. We are the change – and until we stop complaining or “checking out” because we don’t think we can make a difference, it’ll continue.

    When I see posts like the following:

    “Posted by BeingHuman with a score of 0

    Hart Guy, I can appreciate the main body of the comment I posted being too deep for you to comprehend, leaving only its’ last sentence for you to comment on.”

    I find it curious that the same person would also post:

    “Posted by BeingHuman with a score of 0

    “When people start hurling insults, you know their minds are closed and there’s no point in debating. And so you disengage yourself as quickly as possible from the situation.” ~ Judith Martin”

    The hyprocrisy is so big that it could be hippo-ocrisy.

    But at least there are no online threats so far today unlike yesterday’s post.

      And once again sparrow flies in to crap all over the place without adding anything meaningful, or constructive, to the conversation. Come on sparrow, what are your thoughts on a misogynist Donald Trump being elected as president?

      Talk about hurling insults your king at of insults, birdy.

      Its a snowy day in Abby but fairly1 mild at -2. So
      put that in your pipe and smoke it Birdy.

      ->extremly thin skinned

      ->goes on the attack especially when proven wrong

      ->multiple personalities depending on circumstances

      ->tries to bully even threaten anyone with a difference of opinion

      ->believes that they have above average intelligence but evidence shows the opposite to be the case.

      Trump or Being Human???

      Thankfully I have fairly thick skin, which goes very well with what some might consider my thick skull! ;-)

      It’s because of my thick skin and to some degree my thick skull that I am still able to have a good night’s sleep, this in spite of BeingHuman’s veiled threats towards me, haha!

      BeingHuman, play nice in the sandbox!

    You follow the msm too closely.

    Maybe check out the Hillary camp. Protests that turn into riots. Isn’t that something they claimed only the Rep side would use after the election? Maybe see how she treated women who played with her husband. Maybe see how the Dem side has fixed the racial divide in the US during their reign – what? BLM on their watch, what? Maybe quote Hillary herself saying she has two opinions on subjects, one she parrots to the media and one she actually feels and follows.

    Sorry but I have heard worse from women chatting, and for the Clinton campaign to bring in basketball players who are appalled that they have never heard such things – gimme a break only CNN bought it and the voters did not.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that our illustrious Justin has given Cabinet posts to people that clearly are in way over their heads!

This week, Maryam Monsef has once again shown her incompetence! Our feminist Prime Minister Justin needs to “man up” and show her the door, the exit door!

Any guesses as to when Justin might actually grow a pair and start acting like a Prime Minister?

    And exactly what do you know about acting like a prime minister?

    What is your experience in governing that you can bring to the table to back up you opinion in any meaningful way?

    Ever been the head of a Board of Directors where you had to work with the people who were selected by the organisation’s membership and did not quite have the people capacity to build an executive, just as an example?

      gopg2015, what do I know about acting like a prime minister? Probably about as much as you, considering that neither you nor I have ever held the position.

      I have been in positions of leadership many times in my life and as such I know that there are times when a leader has to make a tough decision. Leaving incompetent people in positions that they are unqualified for can be extremely detrimental to the greater good of the group.

      Monsef is not competent in her position as a Cabinet Minister and she should either resign her position or Justin should do it for her!

      How many times did the Opposition and the left leaning members of our population howl for the resignation of Conservative Cabinet Ministers under the Harper Governments?

      If calls for resignations were ok then, should they not be ok now?

      I asked you whether you were ever on a Board of Directors.

      From you response, I see no indication that you understand the difference between governance of an association of members who have elected you and say 8 others to be on the Board of Directors and the being the owner or manager of a business, organization or department.

      Of course neither of us have been PM. What an uneducated comment about the different kinds of organizations and leadership styles for you to make to not understand the relationship of leading an association and leading a business.

      Yikes. So being on a board of directors makes your opinion on the Prime Minister of Canada gospel and other peons opinion worthless to consider. Sorry but it is no wonder people stopped following your blog.

      well when you look at how Harper operated the board of directors. He didn’t have a board of directors he was a dictator. Justin is doing OK.

      Honeymoon is over

      ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2016/12/05/pot-smokers-feel–cheated-by-prime-minister-justice-trudeau

    Quote from Lukiwski made in 1991 when he was the general manager of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan:

    “There’s A’s and there’s B’s. The A’s are guys like me, the B’s are homosexual faggots with dirt under their fingernails that transmit diseases.”

    A man of that ilk, one who has never held a cabinet post despite being an MP since 2004, is the last one to lead the charge against ANY cabinet minister or MP of any party.

      Doubt it’s the “…dirt under their fingernails” that transmits diseases. But maybe it’s not politically correct to mention that.

    Why the hate on for Maryam Monsef? Did I miss something specific? Or is it generally who she is?

    I think she did a great service to the country calling out the special interest groups and the ndp for trying to hijack the electoral reform process with their proportional representation plans that would divide the country, empower the sepratists, and fractionalized Canada into competing regions of political anomosity.

    Those that pushed the PR process in the committee were all about pushing their agenda rather than reporting on specific options the government could consider. They pushed the PR so party insiders could control parliament rather than the voter, but couldn’t even define the kind of PR they want to implement… For example the threshold to get list candidates appointed. Nathan Cullen wouldn’t even answer the question when asked if it was 5% of the vote or 25% that would trigger list candidates being appointed… Saying that is for a later debate, missing the point of his committee completely.

    They just want PR approved, with the details later. The devil is in the details, and lacking details their report was a failure and she called them on it. Good on MP Monsef IMO.

      Why don’t they just leave the electoral system we’ve got alone? It’s not perfect, for sure, but NONE of the proposed alternatives are going to be one bit better. They’ll simply lead us further away from having both ‘representative’ and ‘responsible’ government. From which we’ve already been swayed, by foolish anomalies like having ‘fixed election dates’ that really have no place in a proper parliamentary system.

      Isn’t Monsef in the country illegally? Something to do with a false claim on her immigration application?

    Careful Hart Guy when dealing with gopg2015 he is the voice of authority and gets rather ticked if questioned.

So it looks like Obama’s ‘good terrorists’ in Aleppo along with about a thousand American mercenaries are about to fall into Russian and Syrian hands. Secretary of State Kerry is all but begging for the Russians to let them go. He knows he only has weeks left to get them out before Trump sacrifices them for the evil they brought to that country.

Turns out Egypt is now all in on the side of Russia, the Syrian government and the rule of law. Russia is supplying them with the helicopters and Egypt the pilots for the Aloppo offensive. As well Russia is training the Egyptian army core of engineers to rebuild Syria. Trump has refused to meet with Egyptian envoys, so Egypt is going all in with Russia now. A mistake by Trump, but Egypt being the second largest recipient of American foreign aid (after Israel)… the writing is on the wall there will be changes coming.

The big losers are going to be Saudi and the Gulf states… And Turkey that is now talking of joining the anti NATO and anti EU Shanghi Cooperation Organization…. Things will be interesting and big geopolitical changes in the coming few months.

    BTW I predict isis will hold out in Mosul until Obama is gone hoping that Trump will walk away from the fight.

    I predict in his first month as president Trump will be hailed by Iraqi’s as the liberator of Mosul and will take all the credit for it. He will team up with Putin and put an end to isis once and for all.

    I predict that Egypt will once again become the leader of the Arab world, this time with Russian backing and Europe will have to step up in the region to protect their own energy sources as America walks away from that role under Trump… With America having incurred $6 trillion in debt from the region since 9/11 and having nothing to show for it. Trump will focus on energy independence for America including working with Canada as their largest source of foreign energy.

      How did your predictions about Jade Helm, Fukushima, MH370,9/11,Wal Mart prison camps, etc turn out?

      Kreskin you’re not:P

    Why don’t you move to Russia already and take your man love for Putin with you? Oh s***, I almost forgot. You are already in Russia, occupying a GRU cubicle in the Kremlin’s basement.

Why do people speed up as you pass them on the highway?

    most times it’s a illusion. I worked for a company that had speed governors on their trucks. was confronted by other drivers that said went faster as they tried to pass. i was at max speed on cruse befor they passed, it doesn’t go any faster, how could I speed up?

      Because they are idiots, but when you finally get by them at a 130 they slow right back down. Can’t fix that and no one knows why they do it.

      No, I’ve frequently had them speed up when I pass, and then they stick right to my tail at a the higher speed for a while before dropping back.

      What really ticks me off is when they speed up when they come to a passing lane and you can’t get past, then they slow down again once they’re through the passing lane.

    That’s a very good question, one I’ve pondered a lot. I don’t know the question.
    Perhaps sometimes they just didn’t realise their speed wasn’t in sync with other traffic or they were distracted by something.
    Sometimes they think they should be leading the pack or if you’re going to pass, they are going to make you work for it. Maybe they suddenly realise they don’t want your road spray in their face. Maybe they are going to be the policeman.

    In any case, its not a very wise thing to do and can be unsafe. It is clearly illegal.
    They will often do the same thing in an uphill passing lane, only to resume their slower speed once on top. I guess its something for psychologists to work on.
    Safe travelling.

      Whoops! should have been, I don’t know the answer.

      Psychologists have looked at it, very simple. Give a driver more room or space, as in 3 lanes, they just feel safer going faster.
      If you’re passing a vehicle, maintain your passing speed until you’re out of their envelope and they don’t speed up.

    You’re threatening them. You passing them makes them feel inferior so they puff out their chest and step on the gas.

    There are chip truck drivers that have bragged about “putting his foot into it” when people are passing in a place where he did think it was appropiate to pass. Judge Jury and Executioner with a size 12 shoe and a extra small hat.

I like and agree with BeingHuman. Hopefully the electoral college in the USA has the guts to stand up and use their vote to NOT approve Trump as the new President. They DO have the last say. Otherwise the world will be changed forever, and not in a good way.

    That would be cause for civil war. It’s exactly what Clinton and Soros are pinning their hopes on with the street protests, undermining the vote count process, and claiming the election was a national vote rather than a state by state vote. They want to overturn over 200 years of due process so they can implement bolshivik policies in America in the name of political correctness. Loosing a fair election is not an option for these people and they will scorch the earth if they don’t get to have all the power. That alone should disqualify the Clinton camp from ever holding power again.

    I agree it could still happen. Soror has already said he would pay the legal bills of any college of electors that turns their vote to Clinton.

    So you want 500 or so people to elect the next President of the United States? That’s even scarier then Trump himself.

      It’s been the US system since 1789.

      How often have they voted against the people?

      If the electoral college doesn’t vote the way the people of the various states told them to, it’s going to be chaos.

    Why cant people just get over it? Trump won, big deal. Obama was not a great president either. Race relations and the divide grew under his leadership and created the vacuum that allowed trump to win. The sky is not falling, life will continue. Quit getting so sucked up in the media.

      Exactly! Clinton has accepted the outcome of the election. Perhaps the country needs a shake-up, a change from the way it was being run as if it was in a rut! A non-politician won the election even though running against a super skilled dynasty politician who was convinced it would be an easy victory!

      The left never accepts losing.

      As president elect Trump is only taking one security briefing a week and has indicated that he will base his decisions on “gut instinct” . With all that is happening in the world that is truly scary.

      When a person it that position gets into a twitter war with a local union head is does not bode well for the country. Even worse the union guy was correct in saying that Trump inflated the number of jobs saved by 40%.

      I would not be at all surprised if he is impeached within the first couple of years because of conflicts of interest with his businesses that he intends to maintain ties to.

Some people here get up too early. Makes you grumpy.

    I’m waiting to see which poster, or posters, believe #pizzagate is real.

      In some peoples minds I am sure it is.

      Please tell me your not one of them. I didn’t have you on the short list. :)


      The truly confused aren’t here: they’re picketing a pizza place in Westgate.

      Nope. They have all shown up now.

Just wondering why those who live on the lower mainland aren’t required to have SNOW tires …you know, the ones with the snow flakes, like the rest of the province is 1st of October. Or, maybe they are and just don’t give a rip until the snow comes and cause the rest or our insurance rates to go up….just sayin’.

    They are supposed to have all season tires on.
    Pretty hard to enforce until an accident occurs and they don’t have them on.
    Same as up here, the police can’t run around looking at everyone’s tires, unless you go through a road block, but get into an accident and you can be sure they will be checking

So there is no longer a physical test or a need for Canadian citizenship to become a rcmp.. how stupid is that?

    There is still a physical test – the change is that you don’t have to take it until you begin training. And although citizenship is not required, permanent residency is. It’s not as though random foreigners can join the RCMP.

    If the physical test is screening a tiny fraction as many people out as a first conversation, or a background check, or a written application, it makes no sense to have it so early in the process, as it likely carries some kind of expense.

    No physical test in joining the armed forces either. You either survive basics or you are out. That is where the evaluation is done. One test at the beginning means nothing, its the weeks of basics which is the true test.

I am getting old, – 22 C, feels too cold for me now. Remember in my younger days, -40 was considered to be cold.

The street lights were turned on last night on Foothills Blvd – well, half of them anyway. What a difference they make.

The request for lights on Foothills…15+years… at least there is traffic on Foothills not like the shortcut to Highway 16 east from the airport!

I find it interesting how main stream media, CBC, CTV, Global, BBC, NBC, well you get the drift, all endorse slave labour. They have all gotten their collective panties in a knot over Trump for sure but when he mentions deporting illegals wow. The media gives one of the reasons food prices may rise is the deportation of slave labour, illegals. These people are poorly paid, no benefits no rights except for Obama wink wink nudge nudge saying its okay for the slaves to vote. Obama, Clinton anything for the vote.

I happen to know a person in California, since passed away, owned a big orange plantation. He made very good coin off the backs of illegals.

As for the wall sections already built, Obama did not tear them down and scary never mentioned taking them down also. Ask a town like El Paso if they want their wall torn down. For those of you criticizing the wall I guess its alright for thousands of illegals to cross every month risking their lives and dying in the process. hey why do we even have border crossings into Canada, lets tear those gates down.

For those of you who criticize the US at every chance then why do millions of people try to get in every year?

    Speak for yourself, Seamutt, it’s been aat least 30 years since I’ve been there

    According to Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan, agents along the southern border have been reduced to “professional child care providers” whose priorities include keeping the provided burritos warm for illegal crossers.

    Instead of sending the agents out on regular patrol duties and doing searches for drug dealers, Morgan sends his officers out to restock baby supplies.

    ht tp://www.truthrevolt.org/news/border-patrol-agents-make-sure-burritos-are-warm-and-provide-childcare-illegals

      Fake news .

      While it may be fake news, its contents and ramifications for too many people thinking this way is very disturbing! Here is a “real life” example of the situation to which Dirtman refers:

      “14 Mexicans Die in Border Crossing” ~ Washington Post
      “The search started Wednesday morning when Border Patrol agents found four sunburned, dehydrated men, who told them of others in trouble. Over the next 24 hours, search parties discovered six clusters of immigrants – some living, some dead – who had scattered. Two men made it within 10 miles of Interstate 8, the highway they were trying to reach.”

      “Have you ever seen a mummy from ancient Egypt? That gives you an idea,” said Dr. David Haynes, who treated survivors at the Yuma Regional Medical Center. “They looked shriveled up.”

      So Dirtman, as a US border patrol officer, at what point would you STOP looking at a dying shriveled up husk of a person, laying on the desert floor, as an illegal immigrant, and start to see that person (man, woman, or baby) as a “human being”?

      Along with your hero (Donald Trump), one can only hope there remains enough human decency and compassion in you both to respond to the above situation in an appropriate and “civilized” manner. At this time you need to take the hint; your actions in the above life or death situation will have nothing to do with you being “politically correct”, however, it will have everything to do with you still “BeingHuman”!

      ht tp://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20010524/aponline165933_000.htm

      Posted on Friday, December 9, 2016 @ 10:41 AM by Ataloss

      Fake news .

      Weasel words.

      BH, if you attempted to break the law by climbing a fence to steal parts from a warehouse, and in doing so lost your grip and fell, slitting your throat on the barbed wire and dying, who’s fault would your death be?

      Need I say more?

I would love to see a Friday Free for All that we couldn’t post any political comments on and by political, I mean US and Canadian politics. It would be interesting to see what other comments would be made if US and Can. politics were banned for one day.

    Well,… I’m listening to Palopu on the radio right now. Talking local politics. Reading a book might be your only escape.

      Palopu has a radio show?

      No, no. Sometimes he is a guest on the Radio Roundtable, 10:00 am Fridays on CFIS 93.1

    bornandbred then lead on.

      And how would I do that seamutt? Should I takeover 250news and run it differently? Your comment doesn’t make sense. This can’t be started today as it is too late; there are already many posts about politics.

      Say what, nothing stopping you posting a new subject, oh wait you did.

    For one Friday a month 250 News needs to reinstate the “gus” rule and cap posters off at 3 or 4 posts and 1000 characters per post.

    Think of how quiet it would be? Limit the posts from Eagleone, Ataloss, Peeps/JGalt/BeingHuman -whatever she’s taken to calling herself these days- Hart Guy, gus/gopg, seamutt, etc. and you wouldn’t have to do so much scrolling to read the rest. :)

We’ve seen Russian meddling in the USA election to great affect . They have been doing this in Europe for years . I wonder how much meddling they do in our elections . You can trust them to be untrustworthy. We seem to have some of their sycophants working for them on this very site . Creepy .

    Ataloss speaking of election meddling you may want to read this, but don’t let your head explode

    ht tp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/12/09/activist-served-george-soros-financed-boards-behind-scheme-usurp-trumps-electoral-college-votes/

    Oh by the way I am still waiting.

    Fake news.

    Posting Breitbart propaganda as if it is a credible news site. :rolleyes:

Sycophant food from a fake news site .

    Referring to your own post about Russian meddling in the USA election?

Did you see our great leader announce that there will be a female on the ten dollar bill. This is made out to be a first when actually the five dollar bill is the only one with out females depicted.

“The Trudeau government has chosen Viola Desmond to be featured on the note. Her illustrious accomplishments can be boiled down to about a single sentence:

In 1946, Desmond defied a Nova Scotian movie theatre’s segregation policy by refusing to sit in the balcony designated exclusively for blacks.

Instead, she sat in the whites-only section on the main floor, before being arrested and charged.

(The selection of Desmond might strike the astute viewer as ironic, since it wasn’t so long ago that Canada’s self-styled feminist Prime Minister spoke at a segregated Muslim mosque where the balcony was designated exclusively for women, who are barred from the men-only main floor…)

Now, the Canadian government would have you believe their pick was Canada’s Rosa Parks”,

Here is an interesting listen about the subject from the Rebel given by a woman. The Rebel, there will be heads exploding on this site.

ht tp://www.therebel.media/new_canadian_10_bill_is_all_about_tokenism

    More fake news from an even more fake site financed by fossil interests .

      About what I expected from you, no response

      STill waiting.

      Given up on the ad hominems for a while, have you? Ever since Ataloss read that article in the Citizen about fake news he’s adopted that as his method of avoiding the necessity to present a valid argument to support his position.

    I see Ezra Levant (the rebel) is going to host another radically right protest, this time in Calgary. Featured speakers include CPC candidates Brad Trost and Kellie Leitch. The host is asking the anticipated crowd to keep the chants and salutes to a minimum.

      So you do not believe in free speech or democracy. Go live in Cuba and take dear leader with you.

      In order to veiw Ezra’s blog one must be a paid member . So mutt paid for some of Ezra’s ” lock her up ” signs . The mutt makes my skin crawl .

      I take it you will be there shouting “lock her up” seamutt ? I thought in your little bean only lefties and communists would act that way. Ate any Kelloggs products lately ? I really don’t agree with removing John A from the $10, but whatever. I see you’re going to get your knickers in a knot over it. I have to ask, is it because a woman, or more accurately a black woman, will be on the bill ?

      The label of “radically right” being defined as anyone who isn’t blindly left.

      How should I describe Ezra Levant and his followers ? Is there a word for it ? Libertarian ? Super C conservative ? SBSC ?

      Small c conservative would apply.

      Thank you Dirtman. A small c would explain a lot. :)

      And Dirtman, I enjoy your responses. They are articulate, spelling, grammar, all extremely well done. I continue to ask seamutt questions on the validity of his posts, but he disappears, and then you show up to answer his questions. What Up ?

      For $8 per month, per website, seamutt gets protection. Dirtman….are you in New York or a call centre in India ?

      I’m posting from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

      I can’t speak for Muttsy but I show up here mid mornings, early afternoon and evenings when I respond to whatever posts interest me. Other than that I’m busy following other interests that don’t involve the internet.

      So easy to rattle you lefties, such an easy target, quite boring actually.

    I’ve lived in this country for many decades now and can’t tell you who’s currently on the bills. They could put Donald Duck on the 20 and I really wouldn’t care.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine these past few days. After what seemed like week after week after week of gloomy overcast days, the clear blue skies and the bright sunshine is a welcome change, even if it brought some cold weather!

I am sure that the cold weather is more than welcomed by those that work in the logging, oil and gas and other industries who are reliant upon a good freeze-up! Little snow and cold weather is what they need and it looks like they got it in spades!

Joe Biden ; action on climate change is ” unstoppable ” because it is market driven . Tony Seba ; critical mass for renewables will be reached by 2020 or before . Further to that statement ; solar has dropped in cost 31% in the last five months . Most countries are still unsubsidized .

    Ataloss, thanks for mentioning Joe Biden and his comment on climate change!

    Earlier this morning, I read an online news story about his visit to Ottawa. The story included a picture of his huge entourage of large limos parked outside of the House of Commons and the story commented on how all of the limos are sitting there with their fossil fueled engines idling away, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Obviously, nobody bothered to show the drivers how to shut off the ignition, haha!

    Joe Biden AND climate change in the same sentence!

    Thanks Ataloss, you win the award for “BEST JOKE OF THE DAY”!

      The real joke is someone like you not understanding what market driven means . Or that critical mass is less than three years away . It’s a really good thing for economies the world over . It means we are moving into a world of abundant , cheaper energy is coming fast . The fossils tried to price fix by lowering production . It didn’t work . There is no reason for oil to be over 50 bucks except price fixing . Donald wants to pump more and canada one of the world biggest producers also is trying to ramp up production. If we were to be aware of this level of price fixing in any other industry , they would be in the courts but the fossils can get away with everything from poisoning our world ( ecological crimes against humanity ) to ripping us off . We all owe the cheap oil prices to greed of nations and the ReNewables . The renewables owe their success to simple human self interest . The fossils can break the laws of man but not the laws of physics . Particularly the laws of thermodynamics.

      Ataloss, cheaper energy is coming fast?? You mean like the cheaper energy in Ontario?

      Critical mass is less than three years away? Get back to me in three years, ok?

      Ataloss, good for you for being such a jokester today! I really must say good for you for not letting this minus 20 degree anti-global warming weather get you down, haha!

      You take something from “crazy uncle Joe as being realistic???

      If action on climate change is ” unstoppable ” because it is market driven then why do we need government action? Guess that means you’re all opposed to a carbon tax or any other initiative by government.

      “Critical mass” for renewables will be reached by 2020??? What does that even mean?

      Hart Guy is right, you’re a laugh a minute today!

      Using fossil fuels breaks the laws of thermodynamics? LOL! Where do you get this stuff?

      First off . I don’t read the citizen at all . I heard the term fake news during the run up to the U.S. Election and deemed it appropriate . Second . When ever you don’t understand what another person is saying just key in at the top of your device ” define critical mass in business ” and presto you will have your answer served up to you like it came from your mother . Then you’ll know what I am talking about .

      Hart guy I don’t understand how it is that you think that I care so deeply about climate change . I don’t actually care because it is resolving itself . The world has shipped its pollution to China and they’ve figured out how to deal with it and they will or they will continue to die from pollution related diseases. Cheap coal isn’t cheap if it kills you .

      So it’s just a coincidence that you start using the fake news term on the first FFA after the Citizen article.

      OK, if you say so, but it’s still a de facto admission that you’re wrong.

      I know what critical mass is in terms of nuclear reactions and I know what critical mass in business means, but I cannot figure out what you mean by the way you use it.

      Climate change is “resolving itself? Uhmmm, yeah, climate is still changing, has always been changing, will always keep changing. Climate always changes. I guess you could say that’s climate change resolving itself.

      It has to be coincidence as the last time I looked at the citizen was an ad for a farm . That was last spring . I’ve made it this far by playing the hand that I have been dealt to the best of my ability such as it is . I think the deniers are retards and the screamers are wasting time . Mean while there are people , a lot of people , doing things that are changing the world and beyond . Only in pg could buying an electric vehicle and a solar or wind converter be an act of rebellion against the status quo. Some one asked about fossils breaking the laws of physics . The internal combustion engine has reached its thermodynamic efficiency wall . Meaning there are no other ways to get more out of gas being burned . That why VW had to lie about their diesel numbers . And why they plan the faze out the gas burners . Check out the ads for the 2017 VW e-golf . It qualifies for $5000 dollars . 125 miles on one charge . And she never has to pump gas again . The she in my life hates , really hates pumping gas .

      The internal combustion engine has reached its “thermodynamic efficiency wall”? Breaking the laws of physics? Somebody’s feeding you nonsense. But even if there’s no way to get more out of the gas being burned, so what? My gas powered rigs run just fine, it’s still cheap and the world is awash in oil. What more could I want?

      The 2017 VW e-golf qualifies for $5000 dollars, as in government rebates (aka subsidies)? Sorry but I would feel somewhat like a thief to take that money. Besides it’s too small and doesn’t have the range I need.

      There are always people doing things that are changing the world, always have been, always will be. But if you’re referring to renewable energy, electric cars and the like, that’s all politics, it couldn’t happen without massive taxpayer subsidies, so it’s artificial change that will collapse once the subsidies are removed.

      Hey ataloss the evil fossil fuels wouldn’t be in play if there wasent a market for them, ask Germany about the new coal plants.

    hear is a read for you Ataloss

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/12/07/us-government-fights-to-recover-130-million-lost-to-abengoa-renewables-bankruptcy/

    I am still waiting!

      More fake news from a fossil fuelled fake news site .

      There he goes again! Using the fake news label that he just learned from the Citizen.

      Give it up, Ataloss, it’s just as much an admission that you’re wrong as using ad hominems.

    Ataloss how do you keep the snow off your panels? Dropped 31% compared to what?

    Hey I am still waiting?

Starting a pool!
How long before BH disappears and morphs into another identity?
just post your best guess!

    A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet . Why would you care ? It’s not even interesting .

      Some roses are sweet because of the huge amount of BS that is heaped upon them as fertilizer!

      Here’s a thought Ataloss…you and BH are lovers…or you are actually one and the same person!
      So now you have 2 Identities to run away from! LOL

      Interesting thought, NH, you never have one here without the other……

Nice to see Brad Wall and Christy Clark raising concerns at today’s First Ministers meeting in Ottawa.

“Climate concerns from Saskatchewan’s Wall, B.C.’s Clark launch premiers gathering”.

Also seems that some Premiers would rather discuss “healthcare”.

ht tp://www.nationalnewswatch.com/2016/12/09/first-ministers-gather-in-ottawa-to-discuss-climate-health-care-3/#.WEsX24WcHIV

Just watched global noon news,some of the east end druggies are being treated twice in the same day for drug overdoses,the canadian taxpayer cannot sustain this kind of expense ,i do not have a solution,, other than to let them go.

    I have the answer . Treat drug addiction the same way tobacco addiction is addressed . It’s a health issue .

    End the war on drugs as far as users are concerned. Have the government supply pharmaceutical quality drugs at half the price of the street drugs, take the revenue and aggressively pursue the dealers / suppliers.
    Make the distribution of hard drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine subject to minimum penalties of life with no parole eligibility for 25 years. Once you have taken the money out of the game, and increased the risk, there won’t be many players willing to continue.
    Also anyone found to have sold drugs laced with Fentynil or Carfentynil should be charged with attempted murder, and if an overdose death can be linked to that dealer’s drug supply they should be charged with second degree murder!
    Perhaps then the dealers will be more careful about what they are distributing on the streets!

To change the trend of the FFFA ask Mario about pipelines:

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=881wDXbMUIA&index=3&list=PLo_UQZib9jJihDLnBhBQABx0oIVUBlx-P


Hahaha this sums up today’s free for all – last one – carry on

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQupV75OaqQ&list=PLo_UQZib9jJihDLnBhBQABx0oIVUBlx-P&index=12

To all the loggers out there that risk their lives daily if not more to get that next load of wood: If you work for one of the Larger companies in town and have an accident (even with 20+ years of clean/accident free driving), they will wash their hands of you. They will not even call you again to see how you are doing, nor will they offer any post traumatic counselling.
They will try to get you back to light duty as soon as possible just to lay you off OR if you require surgery, physio, etc.. they will not take you back. If you didn’t read the fine print when you were hired “if you enter vocational rehab with Worksafe BC your position with our company is terminated”. My point here is… when you have that gut feeling, that maybe I should just stay in today because its 0 degress and raining, go with it. You legally have the right to refuse unsafe work. Don’t take a chance for a company that doesn’t have your back and will care more about the damage to their truck than anything that’s happened to you!!!
This is why we have the Worker’s Insurance. Thankful for that!

    Sounds like you had a bad experience. My experience was the opposite. Maybe you should switch companies.

    You are not wrong.

    Speaking as a self employed small businessman in the industry what has always amazed me is the “we must work no mater what the conditions are” mentality of the industry.

You do have the right to refuse unsafe work! As for the rest, you should go to the labour board. They are fairly friendly to employees who don’t make fraudulant claims.

National climate strategy, what a crock. Hey dear leader lets hobble Canada’s economy on a faux science. Maybe tell us what you hope to accomplish and the end result? Hey maybe show us the paper proving man is overheating the world.

Oh dear leader you seem to get carbon and C02 mixed up and oh C02 is not a pollutant it is essential for life. But being a drama teacher I take it science was not one of your best subjects.

For all the exploding heads out there replying to this post show the proof and can you name one, just climate catastrophe made in the last 30 years of alarmist that has come true.

Dear leader is a professional politician I suppose, so do you exploding heads all believe him? What happened to politicians not to be trusted?

    You really do butcher the English language.

      That all you got?

Hey you on the dramatic soapbox, bring us proof that a) mankind’s contribution to global warming is zero, b) that the combustion of fossil fuels does not cause air pollution,such as smog and that it has zero effect on peoples’ health!

    Hey you it’s the rentseekers who started this bs, and have no proof. Not one alarmist prediction has come true.

    Where modern tech has been used smog and air pollution greatly reduced. Hey you fossil fuel was not is not to only source of pollution by any means. Never said air pollution from any source has no effect.

    Oh never said man has no effect on warming but like I said no proof on how much, how little if any at all. Natural climate variation totally overwhelms anrthing man can do.

      Well, if you have no idea how

      If you have no idea how little or how much it is, you have been gambling, making a stab in the dark! You are questioning the intelligence of those who have decided to be and act on the side of caution! Caution means to reduce emissions just in case it is too much and causing accumulative damage! There is quite a lot of evidence to be worried about ! Why gamble with the only inhabitable planet we know of so far, Planet Earth?

      What evidence? No statistically significant global warming for over 18 years now. Even the IPCC acknowledge that. So how come the earth did not burn up when c02 was ten times higher?

      Oh well I try but some people for some reason cannot accept new information and being incapable of change.

      I was a warmer until seeing Gore’s fantasy show. Amazed how people can fall for that crap. Well I guess he is somewhat smart he has made a few hundred million off the scam.

      Show me your proof, I guess you’ve discovered kind of hard to find.

      Why even waste your time trying to debate the guy? No amount of evidence would ever convince his smog-filled head that we might be part of the problem. He could be standing at the top of the One World Trade Center with water lapping at his knees and he would still howl that there is no evidence that we had anything to do with it.

      That’s is a bit harsh, I would say! Many people change their minds when the problem arrives on their very doorstep! I know smokers who puffed away and debated endlessly trying to convince others that smoking is totally harmless. After having a heart attack they changed they threw away all the ash trays and declared their home to be a no smoking zone!

    Us guys up here on the dramatic soapbox have never said that a) mankind’s contribution to global warming is zero, b) that the combustion of fossil fuels does not cause air pollution,such as smog and that it has zero effect on peoples’ health.

    HOw about you ask us a legitimate question about something we actually have said and we’ll be happy to respond.

      Others have asked those who are in denial to explain their positi9n, but vital questions remain yet to be answered instead of avoided. For instance, do they have any evidence that 196 countries and their scientists were somehow duped or pressured to abandoned their professional reputation and ethics and sign on the dotted line, promising to make defined efforts to reduce their carbon footprint?

      I can ask more questions, but will do so only after they man up and stop evading to answer the above straightforward one!

      I thought it was 197 countries but no matter.

      They all signed on the dotted line but only the successful western capitalist countries are required under that treaty to cut emissions, and even then it isn’t binding. The rest of them, the “developing” nations are exempt and are encouraged to ramp up emissions as much as they want.

      So why would any country not sign?

      This is what a “defined effort” to reduce their carbon footprint looks like:

      Coal plants –

      EU has 468 plants, building 27, total 495.

      Turkey has 56 plants, building 93, total 149.

      South Africa has 79, building 24, total 103.

      India has 589, building 446, total 1036.

      Philippines has 19, building 60, total 79.

      South Korea has 58, building 26, total 84.

      Japan has 90, building 45, total 135.

      CHINA has 2363, building 1171, total 3534 coal plants.

      Alta NDP to shut 5 plants to save the planet?

Funny how Ataloss and BH disappeared at the same time!
Probably outback under the windmill doing the nasty in the back seat of the EV!

axman, I hope that you aren’t too upset with this next comment of mine, being that it helps to raise the number of my comments beyond the limits that you have set for this site, but here goes….

This evening’s CKPG News ran a story about Northern Health setting up MORE services for the drug users in our community. We provide Narcan (Naloxone) free to drug users, sometimes more than once a day while at the same time, parents of children with severe allergies are required to pay out of their own pockets for Epi-Pens for their child!

This strikes me as a set of mixed up priorities!

Flattered at the amount of time and attention NyteHawwk, sparrow, and Hart Guy spend obsessing over, and commenting about, me.

    Hey, what can I say, I like Clowns!

      Hippo-critical clowns?

    I could never be you BH . Maybe four decades ago could I stay up till after midnight to start off FFFA and I’m going into my second decade of retirement . Why they think I’m you is beyond me . I actually think it’s an insult to our moderator . I don’t think she would allow it .

      I don’t really think you’re both the same poster but…..

      When one of you is missing, so is the other. Coincidence? Gotta wonder.

      Dirtman, is that you? Or are you me? Or am I you, or are we us?

      Funny that Ataloss has an issue with the suggestion that he and BH are one and the same, but he had no issue when you and I were being called one and the same, haha!

      Hippo-critical clown!

. Check out the ads for the 2017 VW e-golf . It qualifies for $5000 dollars . 125 miles on one charge . And she never has to pump gas again . The She in my life , hates , really hates , pumping gas . Just making sure this bit doesn’t get buried . Addr’s and all .

Well if the egolf is so great why then the subsidy. 125 miles well up here with a cold battery, heater wipers running. Does it have heated seats? Then there is at times pushing through snow. So then wondering what the real world range would be?

Still waiting!

    That 125 miles would end up closer to 50 in this weather!

    Just imagine a trip to Vancouver in this weather! It would be something like this:

    – leave PG, heading to Quesnel
    – battery dead before 10 Mile Lake, call for a tow
    – get towed to a battery charger in Quesnel
    – sit for a few hours while battery charges
    – leave Quesnel, heading to Williams Lake
    – battery dead at McLeese Lake, call for tow
    – get towed to a battery charger in Williams Lake
    – sit for a few hours while battery charges
    – Rent a hotel room in Williams Lake, buy dinner, go to sleep
    – get up, have breakfast
    – Rent a pickup truck and a car trailer
    – load egolf on trailer
    – drive none stop to Vancouver
    – drop off rental truck, pay drop charge

    I think that I’ll just stick with my warm gas-guzzling vehicles while I wait for electric vehicles to improve far beyond their current state. I think that most people simply don’t have the time to sit and wait while the egolf is being recharged or is being towed to a charger!

    Leave it up to the Germans to design and choose the vehicles that they find most suitable! Distances between cities are a fraction of what they are here! They would NEVER consider commuting for 125 miles, let alone 125 km. They have one of the best rail system in the world for commuting.

    Parking can be very difficult to find, if you work downtown your employer may have a parking stall reserved for you but only for a very small car, as they will try to fit 2 cars into the same space that one extended cab pickup truck would need here. Your employer might provide an outlet for charging an electric car so you can commute without any problems. There is also an effort to eliminate as many fossil fuel burners from downtown in order to improve air quality! In other words, conditions here and there can not be compared.

You whine and cry about the carbon tax all the time . Here’s a way you can get 5Gs of your taxes back and never having to pay it again and you’re still whining . Now that’s funny . Why , it’s idiotic , no ? Btw it’s pretty cold in Germany where they’ve been selling them for years . What ever you do Don’t veiw them on you tube .

    Where did the five Gs come from?

    What’s Germany have to do with it? Considering Germany has about the highest electrical costs compared to the rest of the world because of their faux green energy polices seniors along with their disadvantaged are having to decide, eat or heat. By the way Germany is backing away and cancelling subsidies to wind and solar. Is that industry ever whining and crying. Germany going with coal.

    Still waiting. Still waiting. Still waiting.

      The $5000.00 dollars comes from the Gordon Campbell carbon tax that we have all been paying since that weasel , weaselled off to Britain . That’s where . And , you could have a piece . You could take some of that greenie money all for yourself . Imagine , when was the last time the government wanted to give you 5K to buy a car ? Maybe this is the last time . Stop making things up about Germany . China is the renewable champ this and last year . Perhaps denigrate them instead they are the ones filling the market demand for PVs .

      Ataloss glad you agree it’s taxpayer money funding something that if so good why dip into taxpayers to fund a car. How’s yours?

      Just like some in town here using taxpayer money to fund a pet toy the useless leaf for this climate.

      Still waiting

      Still waiting.

      I don’t care about all of your finger pointing or anything else . I’m about the money . We are talking about $5000.00 dollars that by buying an ev you could bring into your pocket and PGs economy . It’s like getting paid for all your whining about the carbon tax you do , to the tune of 5K .

In the last election we had the following results.

Libs. 184
Cons 98
NDP. 44
Bloc 10
Green 1

Had we had the spurious proportional representation we would have had the following results.

Libs. 135
Cons. 108
NDP. 68
Bloc. 17
Green 10.

So you can readily see why Mr. Trudeau is backing away from PR. You can also see why the Conservatives would not be in favour of PR. All the other parties are left leaners, and therefore the Conservative party even though it gets more seats than the other smaller parties would be locked out of any and all legislation by the left leaners.

Considering that the Conservatives came in second with the popular vote, because the other parties would not necessarily work with them, a large percentage of the population would not be represented under PR.

Hardly what I would call a democratic situation.

    The problem with prop rep is we would almost continually have a minority government, and minority governments are notoriously expensive as the governing party spends excessive amounts of money catering to the other parties in exchange for support. I heard that the short-lived Paul Martin minority cost us an extra $20 billion. Sure hate to see that as a permanent situation.

How about those Alabertan Conservatives proving that there are dumber people than Americans. At least, the American CON trash had some “legitimate” reason for yelling “Lock her up”, considering the allegations against Hillary Clinton.

    So then it’s okay for Suzuki to yell lock them up, to those who disagree with him.

      This is why I don’t take you Cons seriously. Ezra Levant and The Rebel can try and twist what Suzuki said all they want. He never said that Harper should be jailed. What he said is that a person in power that ignores information that could result in harm to people he or she has responsibility for could be jailed. He then says that Harper’s willful blindness could put him in that position, but he never actually advocates or states that Harper or anyone else should be jailed, unlike certain stupid ALBERTANS (happy now Hart Guy?) who specifically called for her to be locked up for policy making, not criminal acts.

      Not so. Suzuki most certainly did advocate jailing politicians who spoke out against the global warming scam. A year or so later, when asked he emphatically stated that dissenters should be jailed. Don’t try to protect him from what he is.

      You have made the claim, so link or it never happened.

      Hahaha, there you go, your wingnut hero

      htt p://www.proudtobecanadian.ca/left-wing-activist-david-suzuki-wants-to-jail-climate-deniers-seriously/

      Sounds like another Con nutter site, but I’ll check it. For the record, Suzuki is not my hero. However, I do think the man has more credibility than AL Gore when it comes to the environment.

    Hahaha, I’ll just bet that those Alabertan Conservatives are smarter than the people that think that Albertan is spelled Alabertan! ;-)

      Seriously, I guess the reference I was making by calling them Alabertans was just too hard for you to actually get a handle on. Whatever. (Shrug)

That’s OK, some of us remember sore loser Conservatives calling Alberta “Albertastan” after they lost the provincial election to the NDP. Now that’s funny!!!

ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJAJgwMUMAIiAel.jpg

Funny how NDP Notley vigorously promotes pipelines while NDP Horgan is dead set against them!

Politics with some are based on convenience and necessity of whatever keeps the wheels greased!

    I don’t really see a contradiction. It is the difference between someone wielding power and having to contend with the consequences of their actions versus the person in the wilderness who can howl any note they please, because they know actions have no concrete consequences.

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