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October 27, 2017 7:10 pm

Friday Free for All – Jan. 27th – 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Time to speak up and share what’s on your mind. Time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but please, obey three simple rules:

Keep in clean

Keep it legal

No bullying.

You are also reminded to keep your comments brief as long winded run on comments are often ignored by others.


I have been following a legal case between the BC Liberal Government and the BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) in Canada’s Supreme Court, as the decision would have some bearing on whether myself, and others, could continue to express political views, and post political opinions, during election campaign periods, on this site, and other social media sites. The case involves the BC Election Act, which the BCCLA thought would infringed on an individual’s right to freely express their opinions during an election campaign. Under the BC Election Act, political parties and organizations have to register with election officials for the purpose of advertising or messaging for political parties during an election campaign period. The Supreme Court of Canada has made its ruling.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) says the ruling is a “partial win” because it clarifies a law that has caused confusion and even self-censoring in the past. “The court has kind of reinterpreted what election advertising actually is in a way that I think will be helpful to individuals who want to speak out about the issues that matter to them during an election campaign,” said Laura Track, a lawyer with the BCCLA. Specifically, the court found the act’s registration requirement does not apply to “individuals” doing things like wearing political T-shirts or displaying signs in windows (*or posting personal political opinions and comments on news blogs*) -something Track says was previously unclear.”

I interpret the decision to mean; as long we are NOT representing, or taking direction from, a political party, being paid by a political party or organization, in any manner, to advertise or message on their behalf, on this 250news site, and other social media sites, the BC Election Act does not apply to us. This is wonderful news, as we have the SCC affirmed right, as individuals, to continue to express our personal political opinions freely in, and on, various public forums during the election campaign! Now isn’t that wonderful news everyone? Got to love, love, love, the BCCLA!!!

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-elections-act-appeal-rejected-1.3953073

    Hmmmm, just had to ask, shouldn’t this be a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT?

      Perhaps it should have been, but don’t expect the Liberals to be interested in promoting people commenting on their abysmal performance over the last years.

      ammonra, I guess I should be more clear when I’m being sarcastic!

    Good news indeed. Let the people speak up. Both NDP and Libs have imposed election gag laws when in power, to their shame.

    The problem with the BCCLA is sticking their noses in to areas where they have no need to go. Seems they get lawyers who can’t hack it elsewhere.

      Yah, who cares basic rights like “freedom of speech” anyway?

      David Eby was with the BCCLA, holding the position of Whiner in Chief!

toooooo much stuff going on in the world… Think it’s a good day to go fly a kite.

if I could roll back my body clock 55 years or so.

Good morning everyone. You too Being Human.

I would like to commend the RCMP on their great work in putting three people behind bars for this double murder.

I thought this was quite quick, considering that a lot of homicides take a lot longer than that to arrest someone.
I hope everyone has a good weekend. Hug those you love and keep them close to you. Inspire and encourage others. It pays off.

    I have to agree, great work. But the one’s that were caught weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer either.

      agreed but the ones putting out this new shimmer card are pretty slick…BEWARE.

    Seeing that that final arrest a day and a half later was at a trailer only a block away and there was a surviving witness, one must think the violence was spill over from that residence and hence easy to track back to its source. Good work though to finally get someone for a gang murder. I think the last few,are still unresolved. The guy that shot Jay Hall on a Sunday afternoon on fifth avenue still walks around free… Ditto for Billy Moore and the other unsolved gang murders in this town.

    One has to wonder if this was Billy Moores kid involved in this incident, and if so what role his dad’s early violent death played in his finding his way to the other side of this kind of violent behaviour.

    Glad to hear the RCMP got their guy so quickly though, and it looks like they are handling this incident very well. Hopefully they can stop it from devolving into further tit for tat responses between those that kill over such petty things as drug markets and such.

      Not Billy’s son, his son is Ryan John Moore and sadly in the gang life like his dad :-(

    Give more; yours was a respectful, considerate, comment about this very recent tragedy. I though it would best to avoid it, as there are many family and friends who are grieving in this community right now. It is 7:00 am and already comments are denigrating into speculation and innuendo on this subject.

    My thoughts, and well wishes, go out to the families and friends of all the individuals involved tragic situation.

      My thoughts, and well wishes, go out to the families and friends of all the individuals involved tragic situation.

      Do your “well wishes” include the accused? Just askin’

      Although I do feel sad for the families, I think the “friend” situation is a little far fetched. When you’re a gangster, you have associates, those associates will turn on you in a split second and rat you out, just to shave 3 or 4 years off their sentence, they will join another gang and take a hammer to your hands, your face and say, “hey, no offense dude, it’s just business” Or cut off appendages. There is no loyalty in gangs, and, they kill each other. There is a positive side to this.
      Some excellent Mounties who did a lot of great police work will get double time, and we get ride of 5 gang types. Now it’s up to the Crown to stay the course and lead the evidence that will hopefully put these excuses for human beings away for 25 or 50 years. Unfortunately some defense lawyers may make a pile of money off these guys, or it will come to us in the form of taxes to pay legal aid.

    Yeahhh kudos to RCMP.. They probably knew about it before hand, how else could they have them in custody so fast… The one guys profile on fb looked like he had given up on life a while back. A shame no one intervened

      More than likely fast arrests because they left a witness alive.

      And both victims and suspects were already well known to police and courts.

    The only problem that will come now is the justice system getting a backbone and dealing with this issue properly. Too many times the boys in blue do their thing only to have the prosecutor and the’ ‘lawyers’ ( I use that term loosely and with no respect) doing their back room bargaining to find a happy ending leaving the victims out in the cold.

      I have to agree. Very pleased with the quick work.

      The 3 guys arrested will use the insanity defense or that they had a brutal upbringing which caused them to live a life of crime. They will be out of jail in 5 years, if they even end up in jail.

      Sergio, yer right! LOL

      Maybe if this BC Liberal Government had not closed 24 of 68 courthouses, court dates would not be so backed up, those courthouse closures means excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones. Ever stop to think that more out-of-court backroom deals are being negotiated and reached to try reduce the backlog and strain in the court system?

      BeingHuman, ever stop to think that if our Justice system actually grew some balls and started to impose some serious and actual punishment instead of your hugs and kisses, we might have less people doing crime and increasing the demands and strain in the court system?

      Of course you didn’t!

Kudos to the RCMP for diligent detective work…Well Done!

On my way home from work last night I encountered a large group of runners on Upland nothing unusual there but as per usual the runners were more interested in fashion statements rather than safety out of the dozen or so runners only 2 were wearing reflective clothing and everyone else was dressed in black or dark clothing.

I’m glad you are taking an interest in health but trust me once your hit by a vehicle no matter how good your clothing looks on you if drivers can’t see where you are you will look quite terrible impaled on a grill.

Might be time to start thinking safety instead of fashion but then a lot are probably looking for a Darwin Award nomination.

Fashion or safety, hospital or going home it’s your choice the driver already has enough to worry about

    All the driver has to worry about is being sober, not on drugs, no hand held devices, eyes on the road, driving the speed limit, clean headlights, and be in care and control of his vehicle at all times.

    I agree that safety comes first and reflective clothing helps, however mature driving habits would go a long way to reducing accidents.

      No I have found cyclists and runners consider themselves entitled and never in the wrong.

    Turning right from 15th on to Foothills the other afternoon, in the dark, I could barely distinguish a cyclist turning left from University Way on to Foothills, one very dull light caught my attention. These cyclists don’t seem to understand they got to light up their bikes more, or risk a collision.

Would like to take this opportunity to thank CHSS and some of its students for continuously littering Domano Blvd. between St. Lawrence and O’Grady streets. Due to the fast food places and some of the students being pigs this area is constantly strewed with pizza boxes, paper and plastic cups from LittlexCaesars, MacSonalda, Booster juice, and the odd plastic container from Save On. God forbid if they use the garbage cans placed along Domano. Too bad the school curriculum can’t teach about the environment, but it does start at home, RIGHT PARENTS……?.?

    What really makes me chuckle are these dog walkers who pick up their dogs poop in a plastic bag, then discard the plastic bag and contents along the trail. Well, you gotta laugh, otherwise yuh keep it all in, not a good thing LOL!

    Then there is the grey house on the corner of Prince Edward and Malaspina that piles their garbage bags on their front porch until they can no longer get out the door. Then they toss them into the carport until the pile is demolished by all the dogs, cats and crows that tear it all apart. Then the wind blows it all over the neighbourhood. The same pizza boxes sat on the top of their overflowing city garbage can for over a month before they did something with it. A crow was observed stealing a large empty peanut butter jar, flying down the road and dropping it on a neighbours lawn to have its snack. Damn hillbillies.

Does anyone know why the connection between the CN Centre and the Kin Centres is marked as ” Do not Open Alarm will sound” City employees and the public use it constantly with no alarm. So either the alarm is broke or the warning is bogus. Why.

Heard on News Trudeau is planning to tax the Extended Health Benefits… I don’t understand this.. The extended Health Benefits is already a taxable benefit according to our T4’s… He wants another tax on top of it???

Gas in lower mainline supposed to go down five cents a litre today.. What’s happening up North here??? we don’t benefit?? Even though Costco is at 99 now, I’m sure could and should go lower since they are talking bout all this glut on the market.

Trump Trump Trump.. somebody should take away his pen.. Oh welll good likely hood, yes hood.. he’s only in there for 4 years… unless the US gets organized and boot him out before then..

Really??? Tax Mexico’s imports to the US ??? Does he not realize that cost will be added to the products and the US consumer pays more??/ Otherwords, the US consumer will be paying for the wall.

    Ya, he doesn’t seem to think too fast before he opens his yap most of the time. If he doesn’t stop his off the cuff mouthing off about everything I give him less than a year in office because he will say something he will have to follow through on that will get him thrown out. Lets just hope the word nuclear isn’t in it.

      i think they moved the doomsday clock closer to midnight.
      that would indicate to me that grumpy is a loose cannon,as hillary said of him.

      Polar the doomsday clock is just fake information from the liberal left progressives, means nothing. They are just running scared from Trump shaking up their tidy elitist world.

      Notice they left out China, Syria for example. They are just being anti trump. About Your heroin Hillary, Libya, isil, Bengasi, Syria, and defense of a serial impeached rapist.

    You do forget that although the US will pay more it will entice US business to build product in the US not Mexico if there is less of a price difference. US consumer will then pay for US jobs and Mexico will pay for the wall.

    Mexico is between a rock and a hard place, to put countervail duties on all products he does have to rescind NAFTA or risk court actions – although that has never stopped the US before.

    I think he’ll have to dispose of NAFTA first. I saw that the Peso tumbled on currency markets, making imports from Mexico even cheaper. Methinks they’ll be able to handle a 20% tariff quite well.

    You forgot the carbon tax. Though with Trump dismantling the climate bs dear leader would be an idiot to continue with that. Oh wait he is an idiot.

    I chuckle about people mentioning the wall with no thought. Do you realize thousands of people cross illegally every month and often at great risk from conditions and those running the illegals.. then there is the fact they are illegal and who are they? Or should there be no borders at all?

Are we here in PG into Spring ?
Sure FEELS like it.

    Wait for it, it’s coming, not spring yet.

Sure glad that renewables are so much cheaper than fossils now….oh, wait…

Aussie Electricity Company Pays $123 Million Penalty Rather than Buying Renewables

What this sorry affair exposes is how hideously expensive green energy really is, and the impact forcing electricity companies to buy useless green energy is having on the cost of electricity.

That $123 million which ERM paid to the regulator, in a fair market driven regime, would never have left the pockets of electricity consumers.

ERM’s courageous decision to pay a penalty rather than buy outrageously overpriced green energy will hopefully help expedite the demise of this nasty scheme to divert cash into the pockets of green rent seekers.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/01/26/aussie-electricity-company-pays-123-million-penalty-rather-than-buying-renewables/

    I find it interesting that generation output can be seen from utilities all over the world. Looking at those outputs it can be seen what a costly failure solar and wind really is. But here in BC the government and HYDRO do not release that information, why is that. With the public money poored into wind generation why is output a secret? What is being hidden, it’s failure maybe? If it is so great you would think they would be yelling from the rooftops.

IKEA yesterday bought its second wind farm in Alberta and has announced that they will be 100% renewable powered globally in less than three years or perhaps sooner . They are also a leader in solar battery installs . They are not alone .

    What do they do when the wind don’t blow, shutdown?

      Nah, they just fire up the diesel generator in the parkade

    Hey ataloss if solar is so great tell us about your system you claim to have. One would would think you would be yelling about all your free electricity…

    That’s all the world needs. More allen keys.

      Their flat pack houses use screw drivers .

      Did you hear that “whoosh” sound? That was the joke flying over your head. :)

      THAT, was way funny!

    Ikea is one of the worlds worst polluters with their junky disposable furniture. Feel good about the lights being on solar when the life span of their products id 6 months and goes in the landfill.

      I find that some of their stuff is junk, but for other stuff, the quality is actually quite good. We outfitted my son’s bedroom with IKEA furniture and it’s all very solid. It doesn’t budge or flex, and the finish has held up completely.

      On the other hand, I bought a coffee table from there and it would scratch just resting your feet on it, LOL.

      They have good product and bad product. All depends what you want and what you’re willing to spend (which even for the good product isn’t crazy).

    100% renewables as long as the wind is blowing.

    There, fixed it for ya.

    I wonder if they’ll tell us how much the taxpayers will have to subsidize their propaganda exercise.

    This was an interesting read earlier this morning:

    “Fossil fuel fictions and other realities of living in a post-truth world”

    ht tps://www.biv.com/article/2017/1/fossil-fuel-fictions-and-other-realities-living-po/

      Good ‘un.

Maggie, is that you???

In his book “Trump: Surviving at the Top” he tells a bizarre story about a wild child he met, who had come to Manhattan in the 1970s to party the night away. Trump says he was shocked to discover she was the wife of a prime minister!

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfZLPXvI7xE

The delusional mindset of greenies on display for everyone to see:

Quote – “Instead, no sooner did onshore wind become economic than its subsidies were taken away by Cameron; and just as solar was on the verge of success, George Osborne’s drastic cut in solar subsidy last year wrecked an industry, causing thousands of jobs to be lost.” – Unquote

So if it’s economic, why would it need subsidies to survive? Duh!

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/01/20/polly-toynbee-cancelling-british-renewable-subsidies-destroyed-the-industry/

The Canadian Press is reporting today that the Trudeau Liberals has turned a $1B surplus into a $12.7B deficit over the first eight months of its 2016-17 fiscal year.
Unfortunately the government is not apologizing in advance to our grandchildren who will have to pay for it all.

    Not to mention there’s no timeline to balance the books. Sad. I miss when the adults ran things.

      They’re going to balance themselves aren’t they? Trudeau wouldn’t have lied to us, would he?

Here’s my gripe of the week…
1. What is with the people not looking in their mirrors before they open their doors on Victoria street? I slam on the brakes and stop the traffic behind me (luckily I haven’t been rear ended) or taken them and there door out. They just look and give me the “thank-you, I’m dumb!!” wave. Mean while I am getting over my near heart attack.

2. YRB is saw cutting and jack hammering the concrete deck on the bridge going East today. With all the Regulation changes and the ongoing silicosis epidemic, why is it the do not have respiratory protection on. Sure it is windy today, however the guys I seen already had white on his beard???
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe :) !!!

250 News has closed comments on several articles lately. And that’s a good thing. In fact, it would be nice to see comments blocked on ALL articles on 250 News.
Most of the comments posted are mindless drivel, arguments back & forth between the posters, with no relevance whatsoever to the article. These useless comments really detract from the news.
Yes, I could choose not to read the comments, but there they are and hard to ignore.
I don’t subscribe to the local newspaper, relying instead, like a lot more people, to get the news online. 250 News is my first choice & I do look at what the Citizen has to offer as well.
So, Elaine, keep closing comments.

    thisisme, close all comments? Really? Where’s the fun in that? ;-)

    Not sure how you find it difficult to ignore the comments. When you get to the end of the article, click on “Previous Story” or “Next Story” before you get to the comments! Easy peasy, you’re now on a different article, without having to read a single comment! Wasn’t hard to do at all!

    But alas, you won’t read my comments, or will you, haha!

    The comments are often the most entertaining part of the article. If they didn’t have them, traffic to this site would decrease.

    Hey, I learn a lot of good stuff from 95% of these commenters, they’ve all got different life experiences to contribute meaningful information and keep me up to date with where line of thought is going on different articles. There are some articles that 250 has to close based on past experience due to some odd views people have of life.
    Keep them open.
    AND, take Hart’s advice.

    If you don’t like it keep scrollin’, just like the tv remote, don’t see anything you like keep clicking.

And the Darwin Award goes to the tire slasher in Saanich who ended up in emergency after he slashed the artery in his leg.

I understand that our very own CBC is asking for MILLIONS of dollars to help them fight “fake” news!

That’s pretty interesting considering that they are the bastion of ultra-left-wing biased reporting! Anytime a news agency reports anything from a biased position and allows it’s biased position to affect what and how it is reporting, is it not then guilty of reporting “fake” news??

    I’m a little sick and tired of Media asking government for money, those are our taxes. They report facts, then skew it and what’s with all the talking heads giving views of stories, sick of it.

    Anytime a news agency reports anything from a biased position and allows it’s biased position to affect what and how it is reporting, is it not then guilty of reporting “fake” news??


    Everyone has a bias. You won’t find a media outlet in the world that doesn’t.

    IMHO, having a bias shouldn’t stop you from reporting factual information. It just means people should try and recognize the bias, seek news from multiple sources and arrive at their own reasoned conclusions. We could both look at the exact same factual situation (say a recent crime for example) and have completely different opinions on how we should respond. That’s fine.

    Fake news, on the other hand, would be when the media reports a crime that didn’t actually happen, with the aim of using that fake news story to achieve something. It’s far different.

      Fake news would also be the media misrepresenting the position of a politician, or an organization. Like the way the CBC reports on climate change “deniers”.

    CBC isn’t the only media company / corporation to come begging to the Liberal Government with hat in hand. Postmedia, that bastion of free enterprise media, wants a lifeline of tax breaks, and bigger government ad spending.

    But we need to be selective in our complaints about the CBC only because it fits in with our ideology.

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/godfrey-bailout-postmedia-newspaper-1.3579215

      BH, and I am referring to BeingHuman, not BoneHead, say what you will but the CBC is the biggest money pit of them all!

      I laughed as many other Canadians did at the CBC’s attempt to gloss over Trudeau’s recent glowing remarks about Fidel Castro, and then they have a whole segment on whether Justin embarrassed Canada or not! News flash, Justin embarrassed Canada, we didn’t need a whole panel discussion on CBC to figure that one out, haha!

      “The Castro eulogy: did Trudeau embarrass Canada?” The National
      November 28, 2016

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/player/play/818873923551

      Typical HG comment, last half of his first sentence is on the subject being discussed, the rest of his comment defaults towards his obsession for Justin Trudeau bashing. Yawn!

      BH, my comment regarding Justin was a prime example of the biased CBC reporting! While the intelligent people of earth were abundantly aware that Justin’s comments were indeed embarrassing, CBC had to do it’s very best to try to minimize Justin’s foot in mouth disease!

      Guess you didn’t pick up on that, what with you not being one of the people that I mentioned in my first paragraph! ;-)

      BH, how’s your obsession with Christy Clark going? Is she still not taking your calls? Does she still have the no-contact order in place? How about the restraining order?


      Hot off the presses, this is a great opinion piece on the CBC!

      “CBC, The Retarded Giant”

      ht tps://thunderbirdrising.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/cbc-the-retarded-giant/

    You are so far to the right that everything looks left to you. The only one further right than you is Dirtman, who actually believes the Nazis were Leftists.

      Hahaha your post is a perfect example of bias, that bias is the left is always right, thank you.

      Hahaha thinks that when the Nazis said they were socialists, they were lying.

      @Hart Guy

      How does what I posted prove anything about the correctness of the Left? All I stated was that you are so far to the right that everything looks Leftist to you. It is statement about you, based on your posting history, and has nothing to do with whether Leftists are right or wrong.


      I never said that the Nazis didn’t use the word “Socialist” in their name. I said that having the word “Socialist” in their name doesn’t make them a Left Wing party. How hard is that for you to get. The only person who would believe the Nazis were Left Wing is someone who is so far right that he thinks the Nazis weren’t Right Wing enough. Apparently, that description fits you.

      Hahaha, did you ever stop to think that maybe some of us “righties” here are here to try to balance out the left wing diarrhea that pours out of some of the “lefties” here?

      @ Hahaha, regarding your comment at 7:30 PM where you ask “How does what I posted prove anything about the correctness of the Left?”

      Where did I ask you to prove anything about the correctness of the Left?

      Thanks for jumping into the middle of things without having a clue about what’s going on!


      Are you really so dense that you would think they would have that in their name if it was the opposite of what they were?

      Besides, they didn’t just have socialist in their name, they SAID they were socialists, including Hitler himself.

      Didn’t Hitler take over the National Socialest party ? Didn’t Hitler go after German Communists first ? (You know, socialists ). Oh, and Dirtman, there definitely were Palestinians prior to 1968, despite what you’ve posted before.


      I know how dense a person would have to be to believe the Nazis were Left Wing: about as dense as a Neutron star

      @Hart Guy

      I’ll never be able to reach the level of clueless nirvana that you have reached. And, frankly, as for verbal diarrhea, the level of it coming from right wingers on this site far outstrips the Leftists on here. Real Conservatives would be embarrassed by you people, except you would probably think they were Leftists anyway.

      Correct,Digitus Impudicus, there definitely were Palestinians prior to 1968. Long, long prior to 1968. They were the people who lived in the Palestinian territory, including Arabs, Jews and every other resident.

      Right, Hahaha, Nazis lied when they said they were socialists. Riiiight. Now take your medications.

This is obscene and a clear indicator of what our govt thinks about the scumbags they allow among us.

ht tp://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/man-who-helped-in-killing-of-b-c-woman-in-university-lot-sentenced-to-18-months-1.9247452

I saw a city sweeper out on the job this afternoon.

City staff – IT’S STILL JANUARY!

    Do you enjoy a dirty dusty town Dirtman ?

      Depends if they are actually achieving a goal. Is the sweeping changing the dirty dusty town or are they dragging dirt and dust out of the curb and making it dirty and dusty?

      They do have to keep busy though, carry on

      Waste of money, they’re just going to have to do it all over again in spring.

      So, you don’t cut your lawn ’cause it will just grow back again ? You don’t shovel ’cause it will melt ? You don’t cut your toenails because they will grow back ? Don’t wash your vehicle ’cause, well, it will just get dirty again ? Scared to ask about showering….

      Dirtman says enough:D Smell ya later:P

      You’re just being ridiculous.

    The city crews don’t have any snow to plow or banks to push back so why not do some sweeping if the streets are dry. By getting some of it picked up now we likely won’t see as many days with air advisory warnings because of high particulate levels in the spring.

Maybe with Trudeau giving up cash for access , Christy will do the same . I guess she doesn’t have to treat PG as a city with needs as she has the rural vote . Gerrymandering at its finest . I can’t believe there are no ideas to kickstart PG other than those of the Green Party . They keep saying its a crossroads . There’s even a pub by that name . PG is a two lane internet highway . That’s not a crossroad . What are the libs offering for your vote ? A new bridge in Delta ? A second crossing of okanagan lake ? The upgrades to west side lake road cost more that connecting to Chetwynd . West side lake road is in her riding . I’m sure all you libs know that .

More than connecting . ….What have the conservatives got to offer ? What ideas , specifics to the needs of PG that can reasonably be achieved have any of the others got ? So far ? Crickets.

The oh-so-tolerant left.

New Hollywood Blacklist: You don’t have to support him to be on it, you must oppose Trump or Face Career Ruin, Racism, Sexism, Threats
he original Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s was at least open and honest. There was a list, you were named, and you were informed. As immoral and indefensible as it was, those who were blacklisted at least knew where they stood.

Today’s Hollywood Blacklist is quite different. Yes, your career is still threatened, but no one has the moral courage to come right out and say so. Instead, the phone stops ringing as often or altogether. Meanwhile, you will find yourself publicly attacked as a racist by corporate fascists like The Hollywood Reporter, or publicly smeared and ridiculed by A-list directors like Joss Whedon.

The most deafening silence, though, comes in the form of no one coming to your defense. None of your fellow performers rush forward to defend your right to your beliefs, there are no Variety/Hollywood Reporter/Deadline/Wrap editorials expressing outrage over this return to the bad old days of McCarthyism.

Nope, you are just left out there to twist in the Blacklist Wind of career ruin, boycott threats, death threats, and slurs of the racist and sexist variety.

The message to you is not even subtle: Recant your ThoughtCrime or face career oblivion.

ht tp://www.dailywire.com/news/12479/new-hollywood-blacklist-oppose-trump-or-face-john-nolte

    The truth hurts. Also applies to skeptical scientists. Now with hopefully a cleansing skeptical scientists will come forward.

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