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October 27, 2017 6:28 pm

Friday Free for All – March 17th, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

On this St. Patrick’s Day, we open the  comment section  to  your thoughts on  issues of the past week.

It is time for the Friday Free For All. You pick the topic, but please,  keep the comments brief and be respectful of each other, no matter how much you may disagree with their point of  view,  name calling will not be tolerated.

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Shhhh better be quiet … zzzzzzzzzzzz

Seen City crew hauling snow from street corners… Make work projects??/ Since we have no snow?// trying to use use the budget???

Sure glad we don;t live in Quebec… the weather they been getting…

    I got one better for you. They plowed our street last night. Yes, true it is bare asphalt but that didn’t stop them. Basically they took the pile of snow on the lawn in my front yard and piled it higher and further up on my lawn. That’s Lynn Hall, I wanted the snow I my yard to last till mid August.

    Just a thought: instead of having these guys out on loaders, maybe they should jump in the street cleaners and clean this pig sty of a City up a bit instead.

O’Leary is an embarrassment.

    Apparently he was correct though, the votes were being rigged.

Ahhh… the calm before the BC Liberal, Shirley Bond, Mike Morris, funding announcement and photo op. STORM. Every Friday we get plastered by these, politically self serving, BC Liberal funding announcements and photo op news stories.

Please, please, please, if I am not mistaken, the election writ gets dropped 28 days before the May 9th election date. This means, once the writ is dropped, the BC Liberals can no longer, act as our government in announcing all of these (please vote for me) funding announcements and local BC Liberal MLA photo ops.

    I do agree on the photo op thing, gets tiresome and ridiculous of those two photo hounds! I will be voting Liberals, but if they do get beat there will be a couple photo hounds in the wings for NDP too!

      Agree, but with no other viable party, liberals again.

    By accepting donations from long dead KPMG execs is Christy and friends pandering to the zombie vote ? Or just plain corrupt . I’m pretty sure even she knew that watt and mcshane were both dead . #bcpoli #mostcorruptcanadianpolitician .

      Boom!!! Don’t expect any BC Liberal supporter to respond to your comment Ataloss.

      Check your reddit again, Watt retired from KPMG in 2012, far as I know Eric Watt is still alive, just not a senior partner anymore.

Christy Clark has called John Horgan spineless lol. From what I have seen so far I have to agree. She definitely has the bigger pair of the two of them.

    Snakes in the grass have spines, but I sure wouldn’t trust one of them, either.

      Hey, I’m not sure that Adrian Dix would appreciate your comment!

      A juvenile response from HG. As kids we used to respond to others calling us stupid with; “I know are but what am I?” Lame!!!

No matter which government we get they are all going to do the same thing and take care of their political “donation” friends.
Our hope is the we do NOT get another majority government as that just allows them to run wild and do what they like with NO need to explain themselves and to chance of repercussions. Sure it will take longer to get things done. They are paid to work for us , so do it, not close parliament for 11 months out of the year and expect to get pay raises.

I do find it amazing the our present government has been saying for probably the last 3 years that they don’t have any money for this or that need but over the last 2 months their pockets seem to be bulging will cash that has magically appeared out of thin air.

I don’t care who you vote for, but VOTE

    I agree BC, if we could get a few more votes for the Greens, they’re probably a better opposition party to hold the Liberals in check.

Vote NDP that’s who. Every promise made by these Fiberals will be taken back. Krusty is a con artist that doesn’t deserve another day in office.

    I honestly wish we had a a credible conservative candidate to vote for.
    Ice, I don’t know how old you are, but I can say that in my time I’ve seen enough NDP leaders destroy our province. The lesson has been learned. DO NOTE VOTE NDP!!!
    No jobs, bad economy, big business leaving the province and taking their investments with them, 100’s of millions spent on ferry’s that don’t work. Also I don’t need my hard earned dollars subsidizing some lazy slugs that don’t think it’s fair they don’t have enough.
    Eventually the NDP needs to learn that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to spend.
    I’m not thrilled with CC, but never ever will an NDP candidate get another one of my votes. Learned that many many years ago.
    Ask Alberta how it’s working out for them.

      Yea, and Hoagie is a saint too, gimme a break! He should go sell snake oil from a scooter!

      BAWS says with respect to the NDP; No jobs… wrong!; bad economy… wrong!; big business leaving our province… wrong! The only thing BAWS is right about is the fast ferries issue.

      Don’t make me post evidence that shows how wrong you are about the NDP in all those areas… because you know I can!

      It was good for ship builders in BC. They simply built the wrong boats. They were warned not to build catamarans, but the NDP insisted these ferries be statements, and obviously, it is still fresh in peoples minds.

      Very true Baws, seems quite a number of us commenters have long memories. We had a number of years where our HAVE Province was run in to the ground. Now that we’re back on top, let’s try and keep it that way.

      Don’t forget Bingogate either. Or the first NDP government coming in after a long Socred reign, taking a very nice budget surplus and turning it into a massive debt. We haven’t been out of debt since that time.

      Ummm ….Give more, would love to see some stats to back up that statement…. BC , like every other jurisdiction, has been in debt since it’s conception.

    Please no. The massive debt Trudeau is saddling us with is more then enough, we can’t handle an NDP spending spree as well.

    I know it’s apples and oranges but look at the massive deficit Alberta is now projecting with their budget. I for one have enough debt courtesy of the various levels of government, I don’t need any more.

      I remember the fast ferry fiasco right off the bat! NDP went crazy spending money!

      Then, for no reason other than to make a stupid and self serving partisan point at taxpayers’ expense, the Liberals turned down $60 million for them, then sold them for $6 million to the same company that offered them $60 million. Sure shows the business sense of the Liberals, doesn’t it. They still follow the same mantra: give public property away to their supporters for peanuts, aka BC Rail.

      Lein brings up the fast ferries fiasco as the only example of NDP misspending when they were in government, at a cost to the taxpayer of what? $450 million dollars?

      The BC Liberals have misspent our tax dollars to the tune of $7.2 BILLION Dollars!!!

      1. Vancouver Convention Centre: $341 million over budget
      2. BC Place Roof: $414 million over budget
      3. South Fraser Perimeter Road exceeded initial projections by $469 million
      4. Port Mann/Highway 1: Final costs exceeded initial projections by $1.8 billion
      5. Basi/Virk Legal Fees: $6 million in legal fees for guilty BC Liberals, paid for by taxpayers
      6. BCeSIS: $97 million computer system doesn’t work, replacement will cost $84 million more
      7. Integrated Case Management: $182-million computer system “a colossal failure” and likely to be scrapped according to the Representative for Children and Youth
      8. BC Carbon Trust: Took approximately $60 million from schools and hospitals and other public sector bodies over the last three years and gave it to polluters to pay for projects the Auditor General says haven’t cut carbon emissions as they were meant to
      9. Vancouver’s Diamond Centre Hospital: Cost $28 million more than it should have and the BC Liberal government used questionable accounting practices to hide the real $123 million cost
      10. BC Hydro Deferral Account: $4.1 billion in losses hidden away in accounts until after the election at which time the Liberals will whack hydro ratepayers with huge rate increases.

      Add all of these BC Liberal toilet flushing of taxpayers money and what do you get? A $7.2 BILLION dollar record of Liberal waste!!!

      Ahhh, the fast ferries. Fix the dock, they don’t fit, pay off the folks on the islands for swamping their boats and docks.Rebuild the intakes, they keep fouling. Glen Clarks legacy, DEBT!

      Glen Clark’s legacy DEBT. That’s hilarious when you compare the $40 BILLION dollars in debt the BC Liberals have managed to rack up in just 16 years, their debt doubled the entire amount of debt BC had accumulated since it joined Canada in 1871.

      The NDP are better in one regard, they doubled the debt in 10 years when it took the Liberals 17 years

    Yea, and Hoagie is a saint too, gimme a break! He should go sell snake oil from a scooter!


    It’s too funny! A vancouver bar gets in trouble with a picture of a sloppy guinness and someplace in the states gets in trouble because the guinness appears flat! What people complain about!
    No, I’m NOT Irish and I don’t care.

Reminder – I believe today is the last day to submit feedback to the City regarding the proposed transit location near the Exhibition Grounds at Foothills blvd & 18th Avenue.

You can email your feedback to devserv@ princegeorge.ca

    Good idea. I will send feedback. Worst location. What are the city planners thinking? It doesnt take a degree in urban planning to know not to stick light industrial in that section of land.

    Why don’t they put it up on Boundary Road? Isn’t that what is supposed to be up there?

      Too much flooding… :)

      Boundary Road is the new Willowcale extension. Fully paved and serviced wasteland of wasted money.

      I was thinking across the highway from the brewery in that big empty lot a two minute drive from the main interchange at Spruceland and already light industrial city owned land in the proper zoned area.

    our wonderful “do as they wants” aren’t going to listen anyhow.
    Political donation payback time

    Thanks for the reminder, dan! I just sent in my feedback urging the City to reconsider this poor decision.

    Please note that your email address has a space in it after the @ and this needs to be removed for the email to go through! The correct email address should read:


Harper might still be our Prime Minister if Trudeau didn’t win that charity boxing match against Brazeau.
Something I read somewhere. And I don’t disagree.

    Wow, so you think Canadians are that superficial and simple minded, sorry most of us are not like you RS.

The “Liberals” should stop calling themselves Liberals and go back to calling themselves what they really are: Social Credit. The bought and paid for corporate sycophant government we have now are not Liberals.

    No, they should NOT go back to calling themselves “Social Credit”. Whether they’re really ‘liberals’ or not, they NEVER were ‘social crediters’. Social Crediters, the REAL ones, can answer for our own failures, and take credit where credit is due, (mostly from the WAC Bennett era), for our achievements. We’re not going to answer for the BC Liberals record in either area.

    Even if there were a number of people who were originally elected to the Legislature under the Socred label who later switched over to calling themselves BC Liberals to get elected again after Gordon Campbell’s big city financial clique came to dominate the BC Liberal Party, I’d venture to say that virtually NONE of them were ever real Social Crediters, or could tell you anything about the subject of ‘social credit’. They wouldn’t know an A+B Theorem from a Compensated Price Discount. And aside from theory, what they helped Campbell do in practice was, for the most part, completely contrary to Social Credit.

      When the BC Social Credit League was first elected government in 1952, and THEN chose WAC Bennett as its leader and Premier, there were a number of people within its ranks, including Bennett himself, who DID understand actual ‘social credit’.

      And they also understood that it could not easily be implemented Provincially unless the Province had more control over the areas of banking and finance than the Constitution allowed, or, alternately, they could get an overwhelming majority of British Columbians on side to support it.

      This latter seemed the more likely to be achievable, even though the Social Credit League’s share of the popular vote was not overwhelming in 1952, when they were virtually tied in that area with the CCF (NDP).

      So they worked at trying to improve that. Despite a tremendous effort on their part, which, incidentally allowed their MLAs to do what they were actually elected to do ~ serve their constituents FIRST by representing them to the government, rather than as now, where it’s the other way around.

      If you read some of the newspapers from that era, some of the worst criticism of the government in the Legislature for failing to move on something promised came from Social Credit MLA’s, not the Opposition! None were ever expelled from caucus. They were doing their job, what the taxpayers were paying them for ~ to REPRESENT them and the needs of their constituents.

      Despite that tremendous effort, they failed. Social Credit in BC under WAC Bennett was never able to get the same overwhelming share of the popular vote the Alberta Social Credit League originally managed to achieve in Alberta. Even with that commanding share of the electorate behind them, the early efforts of towards ‘social credit’ in Alberta were opposed at every step by Ottawa. Both Provincial movements tried to encourage the election of Federal Social Credit MP’s, and at one point in the early 1960’s, Social Credit MP’s outnumbered NDP ones, and there was some thought that they could make some headway because they held the balance of power over the Diefenbaker minority government. A false hope. Whenever they tried any move towards even getting ‘social credit’ ideas considered the other three Parties locked ranks in unison to oppose it.

      Thanks, Socred, good history lesson.

    This is from Martyn Brown, a former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell’s long-serving chief of staff, the top strategic advisor to three provincial party leaders, and a former B.C. Liberal deputy minister of tourism, trade, and investment.

    “The B.C. Liberal party was at least partially coerced, seduced, and co-opted by lure of big money. It morphed into something it wasn’t, in becoming British Columbia’s ruling conservative party, in all but name. That didn’t happen by accident. It happened in part because the big money interests wanted to install people in power who they thought would be most sympathetic to their interests and ideas. And the B.C. Liberals danced to their tune as they turned away from Gordon Wilson’s liberal party to embrace Gordon Campbell’s decidedly conservative “Liberals”, who are now mostly anything but what their namesake ideology suggests.”

    “Funny how Christy Clark—a long-avowed “true” liberal—became even more conservative than Campbell. I’m sure that her party’s reliance on those who pay its bills had nothing to do with it.”

    ht tp://www.straight.com/news/873551/martyn-brown-my-case-campaign-finance-reform-british-columbia

      So an opinion commentary piece from the Alt-Left Georgia Straight now falls under your definition of “FACTS AND TRUTHS”?

      Alt-Left? Martyn Brown was Gordon Campbell’s Chief of Staff. Talk about disinformation and aletnate facts, if that doesn’t take the cake I don’t know what does. Campbell’s Leading Liberal Caucus Employee said that not a lefty, a Mighty Righty!

      ammonra, what part of “Alt-Left Georgia Strait” did you not understand!

      Here I thought that the Georgia Strait was a left leaning publication and now you tell me it’s a right wing publication? Man, I should have subscribed long ago!

      HG. what part of the words; “Martyn Brown was Gordon Campbell’s Chief of Staff” did you not understand? Those were his words, try addressing them rather than the news paper in which they appeared.

      The opinion piece was not from the Georgia Straight. It was by a political commentator who worked for Gordon Campbell in the past and is well known to be right wing. It was published in the Georgia Straight. All that says to me is that the Georgia Straight values political diversity.

On May 26, 1808, Simon Fraser arrived at an uninhabited island on the west side of the Fraser river. He had a large work party with him. He selected the sight to build Fort George. He stayed the next day to start the clearing for the fort site. He then appointed Hugh Faries to be in charge of building the fort. On May 28 Fraser started down river. Hugh was in charge of finishing the fort. The fort walls were app. 60’ x 100’. The upright poles were 15’ to 18’ depending on the contours of the land. A gallery walk was made 4’ below the top. The upright posts were placed tight to each other so there were no chinks. There was a bastion tower at the north-west and south–east corners. They were 8’ square made of squared timber. 20’ tall, and set with 1 corner inside the fort and 5’ of 2 walls protruding out. This gave cover fire along each wall. Each bastion had a trunnion to mount a small bore cannon. The trading post was made of squared logs 40’ long and 20’ wide 2 stories high. When this building was finished, Hugh started another project. He started building houses north-east of the fort. These houses were made of logs 12’x12’ enclosed. With a 4’ x12’ porch . These houses were for the natives that had been hired as labour. The fort had a storage warehouse that was 40’ long and 8’ wide. This warehouse was divided with segments for meat, fish and fir. Divided so the odor from one would not contaminate the others. I think that most people have heard that there was a canoe building and repair shop at Fort George. It had a steam box to shape the canoe ribs and a mold of a canoe to hold the shape until they were cool. The next priority was a secure food supply. Hugh developed a commercial fish trap up stream on the Nechako river. This trap diverted fish in ever decreasing streams so the fish became grounded. This style of trap was developed in other locations so that is how he knew the site and system that was needed to make it work. There is an oral tradition story that says a man went up river to trap fish at night. He caught 600 fish but was too tired to process them so a canoe was sent from Fort George to bring them to the fort whole to dry them there. The local people now had a job that paid enough to let them trade for canoe parts to make light weight birch bark canoes that could be paddled up stream. For the first time the Nechako was used as a canoe path by aboriginals. In past years the natives would go home for the winter. But now they had log houses, steel axes to cut fire wood and a fort to protect them from the tribes down river so they could stay year round. This was the start of Fort George Village. As time went by they learned to trap with steel traps using birch bark canoes to travel up the Fraser to new hunting and trapping grounds. This area had never been used for trapping before so there was lots of fur for a short time. It is claimed that Fort George Village grew to have 400 people. The population was less after the Upper Fraser water shed was over used. Fort George functioned as a fort for (10 to 14 years ?) until the wall posts rotted off at the ground level. There was no need to replace the walls as the need for a fort had passed. When the two fur companies merged they both adopted the name Hudson Bay Co. They built a new post closer to the river. The old post warehouse was used to store fish for some time after the new post was built. The last recorded sighting of the old fort remains was about 1946 when Rev. F.E. Runnalls noticed part of the old fort foundations. ——— I am interested in finding a copy of the document that transferred the ownership of Fort George Village form H.B.C. to the I.A.D. so they could create Fort George Reserve #1. If you know how to find this document would you please contact me?

    Interesting read. Thanks for the contribution.

    Thanks! Nice write up.

Trump is going to have the liberal democrat deep state right where he wants them next week when the debt ceiling is reached. I don’t think he wants the debt ceiling extended and will use the pending government shut down to purge a deep wide swath through the bureaucracy. How the markets react is anyone’s guess, but I suspect the Ponzi scheme is up with all Trumps health care cost cuts for small business and the tax cuts already baked into the stock market (up over 10% since he took office) … So with democrats blocking everything and attacking the very institutions of democracy, Trump probably figures might as well take the pain now and blame it on the dems….

Time Will Tell, but I think if one has margin debt invested the time to sell is now, or risk loosing it all doubled down.

On a different note, totally awesome spring- like day out there, enjoy! Now I can see the pot holes, so slalom driving is the name of the game! Hone my skills!

    Would be nice if the city and highways department would send someone out with a scraper and weed wacker to take down the weeds on the city medians before they get down to the street cleaning this year. I see spring caught them by surprise the last few years and they missed this part. Maybe keep those that do the snow clearing busy with the change of weather?

Just like to add that I think the situation with our local grave yard is a disgrace. Allowing the graves of our vetrans to be flooded out by highway run off, and the chicken wire fence that exposes the grieving families to all the Looky Lou’s at the busiest intersection north of Kelowna. A shameful spectacle IMO.

Maybe the provincial government could look into some proper run off for those ditches? Maybe at the same time the city could partner with them on a new more permenant fence that provides a higher level of privacy for the grieving.

    Eagle, it would take a lawsuit for anyone to take notice, absolutely frustrating.

Isn’t it GOOD News that Dan Marcotte was appointed to the board at CNC ??/ FINALLY… an honest and down to earth honest guy… AND a NATIVE too

The tired old stories of how bad the NDP did, and the BC Ferries fiasco, etc; as being a good reason not to vote for the NDP makes me chuckle.

It reminds me of the old days when people voted for the CCF (Commonwealth Co-operative Party) later to become the NDP. These old CCFers would say that their Grandfather voted for the CCF, and their Father voted for the NDP, and by God I am going to vote for the NDP. Not exactly the way to get good Government .

Cherry picking some of the NDP screw ups like fast ferries, and perhaps the Island Highway is old hat politics and does nothing to try and get a change in Government. In fact that kind of mentality keeps the Liberals in power at a huge cost to citzens of BC. People conveniently ignore the Sea to Sky Highway, that cost taxpers $450 Million. Or the billions put out for the new Port Mann bridge, when we could have kept the old bridge and built a smaller one beside it for hundreds of millions less than what the Liberals paid to for the present bridge.

We need to change out the Liberal Government for no other reason than they have been in to long, and have lost any effectiveness they might have had. Our only alternative at this point in time that has a chance of taking them out is the NDP.

So your choice is simple. More of the same or take a chance.

    They took a chance in the states and you can see how that is working out!

    I’ll stick with CC rather than a pig in a poke that Horgan has to offer.

      Bang on, sparrow. For those on the right side of the political spectrum, there is only one option and hint: it is definitely not the NDP.
      I’m surprised a typically conservative poster and supporter like Palopu would suggest such a thing.

      Better the devil you know as opposed to the devil we don’t?! I’m old enough to remember the NDP in power in BC. The businesses left or shut down ; personally a very hard time. No thanks.

      Alberta sure surprised themselves with their vote–funny how nobody admits to voting for the NDP out there!
      I doubt that will happen again.

      I don’t really know what US politics have to do with BC politics, but it is quite obvious that Christ Clarke is a right wing political panderer and has much more in common with Trump than does Horgan.

      I remember back in the 1990’s when our province’s economy and jobs were prospering in the capable hands of an NDP government. I sure do miss those days!

      ht tp://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/archive/budget97/bcleads.gif

      You’re late today peeps, guess it takes you a long time to shave two faces every morning.

      Do you miss another thing from the ’90’s….two ndp premiers having to resign in disgrace after huge scandals and news clips of the RCMP in the kitchen of a sitting premier after crossing a newly built deck to enter his kitchen and the other one’s henchmen bagging money fron bingo profits that were meant to help the poor.

      I don’t miss that at all.

      When you talk of news clips these come to my mind:

      ht tps://www.pugetsoundradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Gordon-Campbell.jpg

      This last one was taken during an RCMP raid of our BC Legislature during the Basi-Virk and BC Rail debacle.

      ht tp://www.canada.com/cms/binary/1130760.jpg

      Hey, wait a minute… aren’t the RCMP investigating something else as we speak?

      Innocent until proven guilty is the rule of law in Canada and if the fundraising practices are found to be illegal then the ndp is just as guilty as they have admitted to doing the exact same thing.

      I presume your reference to being removed from office is a reference to Harcourt and Clark.

      Harcourt was hounded from office because he was the leader of the NDP and had done nothing wrong whatsoever.

      Clark was charged and there was a court case in which he was found NOT GUILTY. The accusations against him were just politically motivated lies.

      As to missing those days, they are still going on with massive anti-NDP crap including the comment I am responding to from you. In another post you point out that the law is Canada is “Innocebnt until proven guilty,” yet you charge Clark with being guilty even though he was found to be NOT GUILTY. That is blatant hypocrisy, but typical of a right winger who is determined to hang on to power no matter what it costs and whose life is devastated. Sometimes you people disgust me!


      If Glen Clark was as clean as the driven snow then why did he resign as premier? Well?

      Harcourt had to pull the pin after what happened in the bingogate scandal where there were convictions as outlined in attached link.


      Prospering so well that the northern region of BC was at 14.9 percent unemployment? It usually hovers 8-12 percent but yes it 15 percent is doing so well we must have been the shining star of the country

      Glen Clark resign as premier because the NDP have higher ethical standards than the BC Liberals, that is why! Do you have any other questions?

      Are you serious peeps? If Glen Clark had high ethical standards he would not have put himself in a position where he had no choice but to resign!

      Sparrow, that was priceless, and true.
      Integrity is everything.

      Following the directions from the top, this BC Liberal government staffer gets charged by the RCMP in the triple delete gate issue; “When I hesitated, he took away my keyboard, deleted the emails and returned the keyboard, stating, ‘It’s done. Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore,'” Duncan wrote in the letter.

      When his concerns continued to be dismissed, Duncan writes, he was told, “It’s like The West Wing. You do whatever it takes to win.”

      “Do whatever it takes to win”, with an RCMP investigation into potentially illegal campaign financing underway, lets see if that BC Liberal mantra hold’s true. I am betting it does ;-)

      Sparrow, I was under the impression that Gen Clark resigned because a charges were laid. They were later found to be BS because he was declared by the court to be NOT GUILT. No matter how much yous spin it, he was NOT GUILTY. You do understand what that means, don’t you? NOT GUILTY!

      It means, among other things that he did NOT put himself in a position where he had to resign. Personally, I think he should have sued the hell out of everyone involved for libel.

      You state that the law is, “Innocent until proven guilty”, but you seem to apply that only to a Liberal. You comment as if it is “Guilty until proven innocent” if you are NDP. Two opinions, obviously. One from each side of your mouth.

      On to Harcourt. If he had to resign because another person in the NDP, who was charged and convicted independently of Harcourt, obtained illegal funding, then why have you not called for Christy Clarke to resign for exactly that reason. It is now clear that someone or some people in the Liberal Party have obtained illegal funding, so why do you not hold the leader of that party to the same standard you demand for Harcourt. Another example of your inate hypocrisy, perhaps?

      Incidentally, Bingogate was alng time ago, before I lived in BC. Why do Liberals still refer back to the medieval past when it suits them but cry foul if someone refers to a drunken premier.

    You DO REMEMBER what this province went through for a number of years,
    don’t you. We were the ‘HAVE NOT” province, bottom of the barrel, down in the red for many years. NO THANKYOU, will stick with what we have, a great economy.

      Yes a 12.8 % unemployment rate means we have a great economy up here.

      Better than the 15 percent under the NDP for the northern region. And that is just everyone who didn’t move out to greener pastures

      Unemployment rates: 1991:10% 1992:10.5% 1993:9.7% 1994:9.4% 1995:9%

      Source Statistics Canada.

      Gee slinky where is the 15% unemployment rate you speak of? Lieberal lying? What else is new?

      ht tp://srv129.services.gc.ca/ei_regions/eng/rates.aspx?id=1998#data

    Yup, the liberals are full of integrity. Like the time Gordon Campbell was busted for drunk driving in Hawaii and thumbed his nose at the citizens of BC.

With the rising tide of white supremacists and anti-semitism south of the border it is nice to see that Canada will do something about those spreading hate on this side of the line, especially one so close to home.

A BC Supreme Court in Quesnel sentenced a man this week for the hate and garbage posted on his website. News of this reached all the way down south with many well known white supremacists tossing in their opinion of how horrible Canada is to drop the hammer on this clown. Included in this group were the likes of David Duke ex Grand Wizard of the KKK who posted commentary on his website regarding the matter which I guess is only fair as Topham posted Crap from Duke’s site on his website before it was taken down.

Good on Canada! If you try try to view topham’s website today all you will get is a message “Server Not Found”

    Good to see him convicted.

No one party should be in power for as long as this Liberal run. Doesn’t matter who it is, they get complacent and even when they mess up big (eg the HST/GST fiasco) and then still get voted back in the next time they think they are invincible and can do whatever they want.

People overlook the fact that the Liberals use the NDP bogey man to get people to vote for them and keep them in power.

I like to believe that I am in control of my own mind and thoughts, and will not under any circumstances be conned into voting for a failed Government for no other reason than the alternative might not be very good.

The common sense thing to do is throw this Government out because the time has come to do so. Worst case scenario would be to throw the NDP out in the next election if they screw up.

We all know that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a form of madness.

So I guess people need to examine themselves to determine in they are in fact in control of what they do politically, or are they just propaganda clones.

    You know it’s true that when Long dead KPMG execs are donating to the libs that they are the party of zombies . Who knew that bcliberals were the leaders of brainless zombies ? #bcpoli

    I don’t believe tossing out a government for no other reason that people think a change is required is flawed logic. Actually it defies logic.
    Look at how the ‘Anybody but Harper’ movement worked out. And then there’s the NDP debacle in Alberta. It’s likely the NDP will be kicked to the curb in the next election in that Province.
    So go ahead Palopu and vote for the NDP if it makes you feel better. Fortunately, many people on the right side of the political spectrum disagree with you despite your feeble attempt to dismiss and belittle them as ‘Propaganda Clones’ (whatever that means).

      Toss out the BC Liberal government for no other reason than people think a change is required??? How about tossing them out for the following “other” reasons:

      This BC Liberal government that managed to match, in just 16 years, the total amount of debt our province accumulated over 130 years. They have made our province the worst place for a child to live in Canada; draconian child labour laws that see children as young as 12 years old 43 per cent of youth workers have reported injuries on the job, including a 12 year old who sustained burns all down the front of his body from battery acid. A handful of children now on permanent disability. WorkSafe paying out $1.1 million in disability claims to children. A high number of children dropping out of school due to work schedules. Our province has the highest child poverty rate in the country! Children in government care deaths jumped from 72 in 2008 to 120 last year, while critical injuries skyrocketed from 120 to 741.

      The Forest Practices Board confirms, the BC Liberal government has no idea what resources our province has, or how to manage them. This government has mismanaged our mining industry to the point where BC has the worst unsecured environmental liability for mine site clean-up costs in Canada. People living in BC have the longest wait times in Canada for MRI image testing.

      RS, are you so out of touch with reality that you actually think people would vote for another political party simply because they want a change???

      Rusty, I agree, think the NDP in Alberta will be one term, they’ve damaged their reputation.
      I don’t like the alternative, which I have experienced and lived through in this province.

      Peeps, you seem so concerned about our increasing debt and yet you seem absolutely fine with the massive left wing debt that Alberta’s Rachel Notley NDP Government is racking up, and you seem absolutely fine with the massive debt that our left leaning Justin Trudueau Liberal Federal Government is racking up!

      If you are so flipping concerned about the debt, why do you support both Notley and Justin?

      Hart Guy you don’t seemed very concerned about Bc Liberal debt, but freak out about Ontario Liberal’s debt how come? And what does one have to do with the other, if you catch my drift?

      Hart Guy you don’t seemed very concerned about Bc Liberal debt, but freak out about Ontario Liberal’s debt how come? And what does one have to do with the other, if you catch my drift?

    “I like to believe that I am in control of my own mind and thoughts”

    That’s rich after your Harper love fest posts and more posts during the last federal election campaign. I’m sure that you would have kissed the ground he walked on had he showed his face in town.

    You have made comments regarding job losses in the forestry and mining sectors as a problem in central and northern BC. Well the pine beetle pretty much assured that forestry would take a hit and mines open and close due to price fluctuations a fact of life that there will be down times.

    Like it or not but for the most part outside the lower mainland resource extraction is the lifeblood to keep us afloat and we stand a far better chance of holding on to what we have and even growing with CC&Co. at the helm.

    The NPD is becoming more and more slaves to their left wing who want nothing to do with mining, pipelines or even forestry. Dix was done in tying his tongue in knots trying to explain a position on Kinder Morgan and Horgan is doing the same this time round.

    Finally your proposal that in the worst case we chuck the ndp out after 4 years is something I heard not very long ago by Ben Carson in the US campaign about the possibility of a trump administration….not 60 day in and it seems to be getting worse every day down there.

      Sparrow. You and others of your ilk have always been knocking Harper, however we need to remember that he rebuilt the Conservative Party, won three elections, and even though he lost the last he left the stage as a statesman. Harper will go down in Canadian history as one of our better Prime Ministers. Some people of course will never be able to see this because of their inability to be free thinkers, and thus can only repeat horse s t, that is fed to them by their less than stellar tenders.

      If Harper was running in the next Federal Election you can bet your bottom dollar that I would vote for him.

The liberals are liars.. the NDPs track record is weak..

But then again.. the NDP has been out of power for so,long who knows anything about them.. all the old guard is gone.

This is what I would like to see this provincial election..

The winning party MUST live up to its promises.. that’s it…if not off to jail for false and misleading statements.

    Like the new 10 dollar a day daycare funding? The old guard is not gone sorry to say, Dix is still there even after admitting to back dating memos to try to deceive the RCMP

Rusty. Put on your big boy pants, and make some changes in the way you think and the way you do things.

The problem with BC Politics is that if I were to vote Conservative (If they ran a candidate) or Greens (If they ran a candidate). the end result would be a Liberal win.

Any vote for any party other than the NDP in this election, is a vote for the Liberals.

So how can I get rid of a terrible political party if I keep voting for it.???

Time for a change.

    Like their new 10 dollar a day daycare that will cost (they estimate) 1.5 billion dollars a year. This initiative will create 69,900 jobs they say and those new jobs will sustain the system.

    Just pull out your calculator and see how much each of those 69,000 jobs have to pay in BC taxes (not federal) in order to make these new jobs pay for it. My calculator reads over 20,000.00. That is NDP math for you

      For those with broken calculators a single person earning 200,000 a year with no deductions will pay just over 14,000 in BC taxes annually.

      Use that calculator to see how much it costs you to keep the Liberals in high paying positions in the Government and Government entities, plus the huge dollars paid out for financing stupid projects just to create a few jobs, and it pales compared to the NDP.

      Neither on the the major parties in BC is all that great, however we as voters need to keep them in line by throwing them out. Thats the only power we have.

      Just wish the NDP would take this election seriously, they are just proving sayanythingjohn correct

    Palopu, time to get real and quit with the quasi attacks, simply because I do not agree with your opinion.
    You realize that you are advocating for a party without a platform or a plan. Your blind hatred of anything Liberal cultivated by the HST issue has removed any objectivity you may have had at one time.
    So, I say good luck trying to convince the masses. Most see right through you.

      “You realize that you are advocating for a party without a platform or a plan.”

      I suppose, as a Mighty Righty, you must have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the NDP campaign team, no? Of course the NDP has both a platform and a plan, it is just stupid to say otherwise. However, the NDP will release details of their platform when they think it best serves their interests, not when it serves your’s or your Liberal friends.

      In case you didn’t realise it, the election campaign has not begun yet and will not for a few more weeks. I can understand your confusion because of the abundant taxpayer funded ads being splashed over the media supporting the Liberals under the guise of being government. That is yet another gross abuse of the system by the money grubbing Liberals.

      Rusty. How would you know whether or not the NDP has a platform or plan, or the Liberals for that matter. Has the writ been dropped yet. Whats the Liberal platform, or plan.???

      Seems you are just making comments to make yourself feel good.

      I don’t have a blind hatred for anything Liberal, more like a utter distaste for those people in power who have proved beyond a doubt that they are incompetent .

      Got it ammonra. The NDP has a plan, but it’s a secret right now. They clearly haven’t learned anything from their past failures and they’re going down the same path again by the looks of it.

      You posted nothing but the facts and the truth ammonra, it is next to impossible for them to challenge it or spin it, and they know it!

Speaking of Simon Fraser Park , I wish people walking their DOGS would pick up their dog Poop. I will not be voting for Shirley as she never responds to may letters.

    I have always wondered about the personal hygiene of people that let their dog, cats poop where ever.

    In the spring groups of people get together picking up garbage along side the roads. Dog owners should get together and have dog poop days.

    she probably won’t talk to you if you went to her office either.

      I’ve made appointments with Mike and Shirley over the years, don’t understand how people can say they can’t get in to see them. If you’re local, why write letters when you can have a face to face meeting. These two MLA’s have a lot of integrity, and they both worked hard before they got in to politics. Past actions equal future actions. I’ve always been impressed with both of them.
      We’ve talked health issues and moose harvesting, they’ve come through on my issues.
      You can only slam a person after you’ve met them. Might be surprised and come away pleased.

      I agree Grizzly2! I had some questions last year with regards to some recent Government announcements. the I called Mike Morris’s office and made an appointment to see him.

      When I arrived at his office, I took a seat in the waiting area as he was on a phone call. After his call, he came out of his office, introduced himself to me, extended his hand to shake mine and then asked me into his office. He gave me almost 45 minutes of his time, far more time than was needed to address my concerns and answer my questions.

      I am glad that I voted for Mike, and was even more so after the opportunity to meet with him.

      I’ll be voting for him again, without a doubt!

      and although Shirley isn’t my MLA, I have had the opportunity on a number of occasions to chat with her at both our airport and Vancouver’s airport as we were waiting for flights. Nice lady, caring and concerned!

      I’ve always found that when you approach someone in an open and non-confrontational manner, they are usually open to having a conversation with you! Perhaps some people haven’t learned that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, haha!

    I sent an email enquiring about that inane, ridiculous time change! She didn’t get back to me probably due to a photo op, but her secretary did! I would vote for her secretary, not Bond! If there is a big news item and a photo shoot to get involved in, I find she basically Jumps on this opportunity! But if you are a small potato with a minor question to ask forget it, one of her minions will answer or. I think this goes for all politicians, that is why I really have no use for them, they forget their roots!

I should have said my letters.

    Picking up poop is a municipal issue, she probably forwarded it to the city

      as long as it isn’t on the bike lanes the city won’t care

Many are aware of groups like the Club of Rome supposedly running the world until they got Trumped. Well there is a little know group called the FSB or financial stability board. Since Trump got in there has been an increase in climate caterwauling, doom and gloom as their financial gravy train in under threat.

“A powerful international organization, the Financial Stability Board, includes a task force that is helping to coordinate numerous attacks on financial, investing, insurance and other firms … and their clients … in the name of preventing dangerous manmade climate change. By locking up centuries of fossil fuel reserves, the FSB’s army of agitators hope to benefit immensely – at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

The vice-chair of the FSB’s climate disclosure task force says the world will have to spend $93 trillion over the next 15 years on “renewable, sustainable” energy and low-carbon infrastructure programs, as part of the Climate Crisis, Inc. plan to de-carbonize and de-industrialize the planet. Naturally, most of that money will flow to its crony corporatist allies. Their ultimate goal is to enrich and empower themselves … and fundamentally transform the global economy – to our detriment, and especially the detriment of the world’s poorest families – using our taxpayer, consumer, and investment, retirement, insurance and pension fund money!”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/16/shocker-little-known-financial-stability-board-has-huge-climate-deceit/

Anger over electricity bill . At castanet this morning . This will be the new norm for us all when/if SiteC comes on line . Built in energy poverty has arrived in fortis land and it ain’t going away .

    Hahahahaha don’t run electric heat if you don’t want to pay the price. When it is cold you pay to heat, that is what we know up here which they are learning after a particularly cold winter this year.

    BC has still among the cheapest electricity rates in Canada. Try living in Ontario.

    For us all? I thought you were a hermit millionaire living off grid?

      That’s another of the righties imagination framed to discredit the information that I post here . I have a very large extended family , hence the “us” . I employ renewables in a large way . Where I live most of the time I’m still on grid . When the grid goes down I have back up . My other place is off grid and so is my boat . Both have no need for the grid . The second question ? I make more money than I consume . I have no bad debt .

      You do not employ renewable, I call you on that unless showing some proof.

      Hey my RV is off the grid but do employ a generator to keep my six volt batteries up. Needed the generator anyway.

    Fortis with every gouge is helping some of the fastest growing companies in BC like Terratek.ca .

    Thought you were off the grid and banking your money?

    Hey the sixty billion in contracts to IPP’s the friends of liberals might have something with rates?

    Hey Ataloss here is Germany that country you keep holding up as a green standard for solar and wind energy.

    ht tp://notrickszone.com/2017/03/03/germanys-silent-catastrophe-330000-households-see-power-turned-off-in-one-year/#sthash.LKOEukYW.dpbs

    Hey how about the blackouts in South Australia when the wind don’t blow. Hey how about the Ontario with about the highest power rates on the world since they went “green? and Alberta quickly catching up.

      seamutt… the increase in the price of Hydro in Ontario had NOTHING to do with going green.. Its privatization that has caused the increases.. Ask anyone who lives there… Your comment about it being because of them going green proves to me that you have no clue what you are talking about… but really I have noticed that a long time ago with your posts ;)

      Tons of articles about it online as well as Hydro One on Wikipedia.. take a read if you want to find out the truth.

      PVAL for some reason you are ignoring the multitude of information around the world where ever wind and solar has been added to the mix energy costs have greatly increased and adding instability to the corresponding grids. There is also the huge environmental disruption.

      See my link, then comment.

      You actually have it bass akward . Solar , wind and all the other renewables are the echo of high prices . They could not exist in an environment of falling hydro , fossil prices . Renewables prices are falling . Hydro is rising . This is two and two stuff . No matter what the holy fossil says , that’s reality .

      Fall all it wants, without grants it is a no starter as fossil is cheaper

      They try and sell it in deceiving ways like “3 cents a watt” – that is just the price of the panel as a 100 watt panel would be 300 cents to buy in bulk – then there are all the other parts and fees – the panel is just the start. The price for solar power is still .13 per kWh to produce at its cheapest. Without getting a grant you actually go in the hole. You may break even by the time the entire system is ready for the trash heap if you keep it swept off in the winter and get trackers, maybe

      Keep thinking that P Val, Ontario PAYS rooftop solar 80 cents a kWh fed to the grid – less now for new customers but still around the 35 cents a kWh. Their hydro electric dams produce a kWh of electricity for between 2 and 4 cents.

      At 80 cents a kWh yes rooftop solar is an excellent idea

    I’m not responsible for the way your mind works . I don’t owe you anything . My contempt for your aditude is free of charge . My pity for your lack of knowledge and resources is also free . Elon has called out Turnbull and his fossil friends but he has coward away from the deal Musk offered . He told them he could fix the south Australian power grid for $25 million in 100 day from signing of the contract . If he can’t bring it in in one hundred days , it’s a hundred percent free . But Turnbull and fossils are still , to quote an australia blog ” they are still playing Silly Bugga with the people of S.A . On Germany energiewende . It’s still making and keeping Germany the power house of Germany and now the leader of the free world .

      Power house of Europe .

      Interesting article, either BBC or South China Morning Post about a solar city in china.

      So after searching the south Australia stick up . I see they the state gov . And fed gov are going to spend five hundred and fifty million to build a gas fired power plant and a few batteries . Or in other words they are having their own SiteC moment leeching their own people .

      Sorry Ataloss Germany is a disaster you just cannot admit it. Again I call you out on your so called solar. Why do you avoid and defect I am supposing you realize the ten of thousands a useful system would cost and no RIO.

      power house of Erupe ya right before shutting down nuclear and trying to go without coal, oh wait they are building coal, imagine that.

      “It seems that Germany is very unlikely to replace fossil fuels and nuclear with renewables.”

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/17/exergy-and-power-plants/

      You should have a nap and set the clock to 11ish . That way you can paint the tape . If you know what I mean .

Site C is a thinly disguised con job pure and simple. Anyone who wants to take the time to look into it, would see very quickly that it is a sham.

So last night Tucker Carlson – I know – he’s a right wing retard. But he asks this question. Why is it the enlightened and often wealthy left wing mocks Trumps wall, but then go home to their gated communities and walled mansions.

Don’t they want to welcome in the poor and huddled masses into their neighborhoods and homes? Why is it they think they should have a say who enters through the guarded gate, and who is denied. They should just tear that wall down.

I guess it’s the old do as I say, not as I do. Okay for us to build a wall to keep the rabble out, not okay for Trump to build walls or set policy to keep them out.

    I don’t know ski51, why does everyone lock their doors at night, regardless of their political affiliation? Yeesh!

    ski51. If you were trying to make a point in your post you failed.

    There is such a thing as private property.

      The United States is private property?

I was out walking today trying to enjoy a sunny but windy St. Patrick’s day. For you that walk the streets of our City, am I the only one that has an issue with the disgraceful state of, or lack of sidewalks in this town. I dare anyone to try getting around this town on foot with out having to cross busy 4 lane roads because the sidewalk suddenly ends in the middle of a block and the only way to safely continue walking is to take your life in you hands and cross the street to get to the next small section of sidewalk. Of course you can also just take your life in your hands walking down those STUPID bike lanes the City wasted our tax paying dollars on.

Hey Lynn, instead of having those Streets crews out snow plowing bare streets, you could have them working on putting in some sidewalks instead. For the amount that we all have to pay in taxes and utilities we should have sidewalks paved in gold. Oh I forgot, all the gold goes to that extreme number of management staff the City now has.

    When I grew up here, there were very few sidewalks, got around just fine. Waste of money, just like the “bike lanes”.

      Gotta agree with you Griz on this one. In this climate sidewalks do not stay in place and built with a backslope, WTF. Bike lanes just an amazing waste of money in this climate, just a tax payer funded toy.

LOL, they closed the comments on the Liberals Open Campaign Office story… hmm… I wonder why?

Question; do you think they will close the NDP Opens Campaign Office story to comments, when that event happens?

On another note, I am happy that the NDP are in government in Alberta, at least we won’t have an Alberta Conservative government fund raising for the BC Liberal Party this election. Hmm… Alberta Tars Sands based oil and gas companies have been contributing to the BC Liberal Party campaign fund for years, if they are using “straw men” to contribute even more money illegally, would contributing to the BC Liberal Party through campaign fund raising activities in Alberta, in the past, be considered “triple” donating on their part?

Inquiring minds want to know.

    Well, the comments are closed because it is, clearly an election story.
    250News has a legal responsibility to offer fair and balanced coverage…and while the writ has not yet been dropped, that is clearly an election story. We have established an election 2017 page, where all things about the election will be posted. None will have comments allowed.
    When the NDP campaign offices are officially opened, we will cover the event, and there won’t be any comments allowed. The NDP acclamation stories have both been moved to the Election 2017 page with all comments removed.
    250News is not a platform for any political party, and I am seriously considering putting the Friday Free for All on hiatus until after the election so this website will not be ‘used’ by political parties to further their bashing of each other.

    -Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

      Elaine, thanks for the clarification. Taking political comments off the free for all would be wonderful.

      You’re more than welcome to allow or disable comments as you wish Elaine, but if you are going to stop political commentary, you’re heading down a slippery slope.
      The problem is that some can’t take it when others have a differing opinion. As someone else mused, put on you big boy pants and grow up.
      I don’t agree with many posters on this site, but I would nevet want mine or their comments removed simply because of differing opinions.

      Rusty, I cannot agree. Legal obligations go further than the coverage, and commenters can be sued and 250 as third party.
      Some of the statements made by some commenters, ie: commenters are psychopaths, commenters must be members of the KKK, this type of comment puts 250 in a bad light, and drives some posters away. And they would have to have a moderator checking every comment made, way too much to ask for. There may be filters that can be used, but I think to keep costs down, it’s just simpler to close them. I don’t have a problem with it at all.
      I really appreciate 250 News, many times they’re way ahead of everyone else in media reporting and I really don’t want to see it gone.
      As long as they don’t touch solar.

      This is exactly why all Aboriginal stories on 250news are closed to comment, too many racists and racist comments on here prompted that move, calling someone a psychopathy is hardly hate speech. Although some of the comments from the Alt Right crowd on here could be considered hate speech.

      Would calling someone sub-human be considered hateful peeps?

      You have my vote Elaine to suspend FFFA till after the election. Excellent idea.

      BH, get over yourself. You commented in the past that some of the posters on here must be Psychopaths, you commented on here that there must be some KKK in PG by the posts on here.
      Immature nonsense.

      So many comments about me, and being directed towards me, makes it look like I am dominating this discussion thread, however, if you count the number of actual comments I make, this is not the case.

      Back to my evidence and facts based comments. Approximately 3 years ago the only working dermatologist in Prince George retired. Living in such an excellent province under our current government I have a question; is there a dermatologist available for anyone north Kamloops?

      Just wondering.

    Peeps, Alberta Tar Sands?

    For crying out loud, it’s Alberta Oil Sands! I thought that we cleared that up only last week?

    My mother had it right when she said that sometimes when you talk to some people, it just goes in one ear and out the other!

    Peeps, has anybody ever shone a light in one of your ears and out the other! ;-)

    Cheers! After all, it is St, Paddy’s day!

BH: “I remember back in the 1990’s when our province’s economy and jobs were prospering in the capable hands of an NDP government. I sure do miss those days!”

Is it April 1st – April Fools Day – already?

Nope, but thanks for a good joke anyways!

    she said that? Holy cow, that is funny!

    Hey you forgot to post my link to the high job creation numbers in BC while the NDP was in office, here let me fix that oversight for you PrinceGeorge;

    ht tp://www.fin.gov.bc.ca/archive/budget97/bcleads.gif

Good to see Kevin O’Leary’s waking them up.
Canadian Press reporting on O’Leary’s assertions:
“The party’s announcement capped a day in which O’Leary’s allegations were attacked or mocked by a number of his leadership rivals, most particularly by Maxime Bernier who bluntly dismissed the celebrity businessman as a sore loser.

Yet the party’s findings backed up O’Leary’s assertion, levelled late Thursday, that unnamed backroom organizers were trying to buy the leadership race by using untraceable, pre-paid credit cards to sign up fake members.”

    They are Conservatives, why should this kind of fraud and cheating surprise any of us?

      Think you confused conservatives with lieables,Adscam?

Folks, it’s dang near spring. Bears are coming out, they’re hungry.
Garbage secured?
I see, reading BBC, they’ve got problems with folks in the parks over there putting dog poop in baggies and leaving the baggies on the trail. Same thing here in Moore’s Meadow.
Garlic’s gonna pop up out of the garden any day now, 80 in and waiting.
If you’re planting carrots, use coffee grounds in the soil, you won’t have to worry about carrot fly, learned that from Jos, haven’t had a problem since he gave me that advice.
Talk to your young drivers about impulse driving. It injures and kills.
It’s about making a decision on impulse instead of safety and being patient.
Watch out for those young fellas on bikes with their backpacks cruising your neighborhood, if you don’t know them, call it in, likely they’re casing your house.
Have a safe and productive weekend folks.

Grizzly2:”Elaine, thanks for the clarification. Taking political comments off the free for all would be wonderful.”

That is a great idea, especially since some posters here attack politicians with comments that are in my opinion character assassination, accusing them of having taken bribes, and so forth.

Perhaps if they had to put their real names on the line they would be afraid of getting hauled into court when they make such insinuations and accusations.

    That couldn’t be me, after all I have been very careful to back up most all of my comments with links to credible sources. If the BC Liberals want to sue me, they would have to sue my sources as well. Speaking of which, thank you CBC, Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, et al.

The bill introduced in the legislature to end mandatory high heels in the work place failed because the legislature adjourned. What a farce this system is.

    So true . She must have laughed and laughed the last couple of weeks . For them it was political hay at zero cost . She lives on lift kits doesn’t she ? All hard hat and not tools . The kid of stuff you see at a carnival.

That’s all hard hat and no tools .

The only tool that the BC liberals need is a #10 scoop shovel.

The USA announced today that diplomacy with North Korea has failed.

Sleep well. 💣🚀🔥

    I haven’t felt like this since the mid sixties . Duck and cover , all over again . Ironic that duck and cover thing , when Donald and Micky P could get us all killed by morning . Your dumbfounded , I’m ataloss , what could possibly go wrong .

    “Diplomacy has failed”??? Ironic when we all know “diplomacy” is not even in The Donald’s, or the Republican’s, vocabulary or dictionary. Did they not even try diplomacy?

    Please, for the rest of the world’s benefit, list the number of meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. the President of the United States has had with the North Korean leadership since Donald Trump assumed office. The answer is none, not even once, yet they are claiming diplomacy has failed? Ummm… in order to even try to undertake diplomacy, does that not mean contact, in some form or manner, needs to be initiate with North Korea? Wow, just wow!

    Armageddon here we come?

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