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October 27, 2017 6:21 pm

New Trades Facility Celebrated

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 10:38 AM

Liberal MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris were on hand to celebrate the beginning of work on a new $15 million trades facility at CNC – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Construction has begun on a new heavy mechanical trades training facility at CNC.

First announced in December, Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond and Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris were on hand for the ground-breaking ceremony this morning.

The 2,326 square foot $15 million facility will be built on the east side of the Prince George campus and will replace an existing building and leased facilities.

It will accommodate 250 existing full-time equivalent students and up to 48 new FTEs in the heavy-duty equipment technician truck and transport mechanics program – an increase of 20 per cent.

“CNC’s new heavy mechanical trades training facility will give students the skills to be first in line for in-demand careers in the trades,” said Prince George-Mackenzie Liberal MLA Mike Morris. “British Columbia’s strong and growing economy is enabling us to make targeted infrastructure investments in our post-secondary institutions.”

Both the federal and provincial governments are contributing $6.9 million to the project while the remaining $1.2 million will be covered by the college.

Construction is expected to be complete by next spring.


2300 sq feet with a cost of 15 million dollars. Rather expensive.

    They wrote that it was a rough figure….:-)

    The actual figure as reported by the media release is 2,326 square-metres or approximately 25,037 square-feet.

    $600/sf … prices are continuing to go up. I am assuming that is the total project cost, not the construction cost.

      Also, some space is more expensive than other space. Office space is cheap compared, say, to laboratory space. I wonder if there isn’t a fair amount of space in this building that is extra expensive to create, e.g. lifts and pits for mechanical work, heavy duty power supply for some areas, etc.

OMG, I cannot wait for April 11th to get here for obvious reasons, it is Writ Day, the day the election is scheduled to be officially called.

No more of these politically gratuitous stories after Writ Day… and no more complaints about them from me.

    You are the decider of whether to complain.

    I am sure you will remind us of past complaints and create new reasons to complain. ;-)

      Actually, after Writ Day, I hope to get the opportunity to present, in a factual manner, this BC Liberal government’s record on a whole gamut issues, whether it be; Forestry, Mining, Employment, Economy, Health, Education, etc.

      It will be “open season” on the BC Liberal government… unless of course the Conservative “snowflakes” start complaining and throwing hissy-fits about my comments. I just think it is better for our democracy to have a more informed voter show up at the polls on election day.

      Then you have to keep track of all your expenses and file with elections BC as you said you were part of a partisan effort. Even private individuals who advertise to more than 25 people have to report election spending, you have to follow the rules you know. I think you may be in violation of the Act though as you are posting anonymously which is against the election Act.

      This is my hobby slinky, always has been, always will be. Anyone remember the last federal election? Does; “It was Harper’s fault” or “Anyone But Conservative (ABC)” ring any bells? ;-)

      I have been doing this for so long slinky, and at so many online sites, if you think I am a paid NDP shill, you are sadly mistaken. In fact I belong to no political party, and no one directs me except myself.

      So what expenses do I have slinky? Who am I suppose to be reimbursed by even if I did? You should direct your comment towards all the pro-Christy Clark government posters on this site as well then slinky… works both ways does it not?

    In the north early spring is the best time to start a major construction project* so that it can be well above ground before the weather turns bad come fall. So timing of this is anything but political.

    What I took from Elaine’s comments is that partisan political comments will not be allowed at all till after election day so you might just have to find another forum to excercise your C&P skills(?)

    *downtown hotels the one exception.

BH, am I to assume that when your so called “Fact Based” comments are debunked by the so called Conservatives on this site you will be suitably restrained in your complaints, hissy fits, and personal attacks?
judging from part of your comment above I know that won’t be the case because it already contains a personal attack on anyone that considers themselves conservative. Perhaps we could reduce things to nothing but the whining of a bleeding heart socialist! A loony left winger! Or whatever negative connotations people want to ascribe to your particular political beliefs!
My point in all of this is that as soon as you start with the personal attacks and the negative name calling the rest of your comment is lost on all but those that have political views similar to yours. You will never convert a centrist to lean a little further left with the use of personal attacks!

That`s Awesome!
Another taxpayer built building CNC can under utilize.Years back they built a beautiful Machinist shop.Now they have cut the nuts out of the Machinist apprenticeship program forcing Northern BC apprentices to go to BCIT in Vancouver.Best of all,They didn`t bother to tell the scheduled apprentices that their classes were cancelled……disgusting.

I get a kick out of BH’s comments in another post about the snowflakes complaining about the Liberals! He better take a good hard look in e mirror before he passes a statement like this! On another note; I was getting worried that bond and Morris were deathly ill, no photo hound thing happening. Although I will be voting liberal, I am getting rather tired of these two wanting to be out in the forefront all the time. Take a rest and give everybody a break.

    He? Frankly I dispute this.

Since industry in BC has been screaming for tradespeople for over a decade it’s nice to see the gov doing something To bad it takes a election to get anything done .

    Like the Feds, be election time before any infrastructure dollars stat to roll out

    Yeah , isn’t it awesome that taxpayers are funding apprenticeship training in BC to help the ravaged bank accounts of industry?

What? Another funding announcement? Fridays are beginning to remind me of the movie staring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, what was that movie called where they repeat the same day over and over?

    What? Another useless comment by BH? You didnt notice this story in your 11.00am or 11.30am comment already posted in this thread? Your fast becoming white noise.

    Do you work? Are you paid by anbody other than the NDP or just another welfare receiver who thinks they know it all?

Why do the politicians insist upon dressing up like real working folks for their new construction photo opportunities?
Are they “dressing down” in an effort to connect with the working class?
I wish they would just wear what they normally would in their natural habitat, it would be more honest.

    Lets see our tax dollars just bought 200 dollars in hammers, gloves 120 dollars and some other items to get ready for the show. I hope they are wearing steel toe boots just in case they drop a hammer.

      Hey, careful oldman1, you keep commenting like this after the provincial election writ is dropped, slinky will have you investigated for NDP advertising and influence peddling. LOL!

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