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October 27, 2017 5:57 pm

New City Website To be Launched Next Week

Thursday, April 20, 2017 @ 11:27 AM

Home page of the new City of Prince George  website- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  It’s been a year and a half in the making,  and come Tuesday ,  it will be launched.

The City of Prince George has a new  website which it hopes will be  easier to navigate  and be  more  engaging  for  those who visit it.

New features of  the site include  an events calendar,  featuring  events at  civic facilities,  digital forms  form a variety of  applications including enhanced  pothole reporting and program  registration , and technology that allows the site to readjust to whatever type of device  is being used to access the site.

Users can  subscribe to receive  everything from  job postings to the latest news and notifications.

The former site  had issues  says Rob Van Adrichem,  Director of External Relations for the City “It was difficult for people to  see what information  was new, people said it was cluttered.  The whole navigation of the (new) site has changed.”    Two new drop  down menus  are ‘How Do I’ and  ‘Apply Register and Pay’  have been added  ” For these two, we really spent time with our consultant on  how  we can really enable people to get stuff quickly.”

There are links to  the familiar and most popular  tabs,  such as the garbage schedule.

The site  is  a result of consultation  with  about 200 people in the community.

Built at a cost of $225 thousand dollars, the  project came in on budget  and  slightly ahead of schedule.

While the site will be ‘live’  Tuesday morning, the exact timing of the changeover is not yet clear.





I know people in the Web design business..most of us do these days..

Doesnt the cost seem a tad high… 1.5 years to make it ? Its better be one spectacular bug free site.. or someones needs to held accountable.

At first I thought I read $25,000 then I realized it is $225,000 that is an insane amount of money to spend on a website. The home page is a picture of all the PG politicians? How crass is that.

Maybe they can get Scott McHYPG to run the new website. He could post some awesome inspiring information about Brink.

This what they hired that Rob guy to do???

Heyyy no picking on Scotty.. 250 will delete you for it.. crazyyy

So as soon as we have a whole new crop of bureaucrats at city hall does that mean another 225k to get the new gangs pic up there front and center? Is that seriously ALL they could come up with for a front page? Talk about egos needing massaged.

250 news deleting comments, because it links to the pg citizen article? lol.

Whats the matter? Can’t handle the fact the site is officially double the cost of the quote, and you don’t have the original budget details on your site? How lame. He posted a 100% correct link , who cares if it wasn’t to 250 news?

    The comment wasn’t deleted, it was simply not approved because the information was taken out of context. The comment referred to a story in the Prince George Citizen which detailed the cost of the consultant was $125 thousand. The comment made suggested the City had overspent on this project. The Citizen story was correct in saying the cost of the consultant was $125 grand, the BUDGET for the project has always been $225 thousand dollars, of which the cost of the consultant was just a portion. The balance of the pre approved BUDGET of $225 thousand was used for a variety of technological upgrades and staff training.
    I did not approve the comment simply because I didn’t want the writer to look stupid.

    Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

      stupid ???/ Nice choice of words after deleting the comment

      Wouldn’t Inappropiate be suffice???

      That fact that your are somehow ok with deleting a comment, because it isn’t 100% accurate, is very suspect. Most news articles aren’t 100% accurate, and need clarification later. Most comments could be deleted for inaccuracies. Bottom line is –

      225k for a website is almost criminal, it should be investigated, and a story you guys should investigate. The scope of work for the city of PG website has nothing in it to suggest a pricetag of this amount, I hope you do some digging.

Or view it here now … https://preview.princegeorge.ca/Pages/default.aspx

Seriously that’s the home page? Couldn’t find anything scenic? Yikes :(

The cost of $225,000.00 to develop this website is way out of line. Good god, is there not one person at the City that can manage money?

STUPID is totally correct. If you can’t get the facts correct before you post yet another negative comment then you totally deserve the label.

And another flurry of negative comments.

And the photo purported to be the home page photo is probably just a promo and will be replaced after a day or 2 with something more appropriate.

I like that picture. Skakun is obviously the outsider.

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