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October 27, 2017 4:50 pm

Pine Centre Mall Scene of Shots Fired

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

Interior  of  area where vehicle  (visible in background) crashed into mall – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Pine Centre Mall is off  limits to all traffic as Prince George RCMP  gather evidence following an early morning incident.

Just before 4 this morning, Prince George RCMP received a call about  a shot being fired at the mall.

When they arrived on scene,  they learned a  white  four door  duelly  flat deck pick up had been  driven into the mall.   Once the vehicle was inside,    a single shot was fired at the on duty  security guard.

South entrance where vehicle drove into mall

The security guard was not  injured.

The  driver of the truck ( which police suspect  had been stolen)  fled the scene on foot.    Officers are currently trying to locate the suspect.

As police are gathering evidence,  no one is allowed on the mall property  until further notice.



Those bad drivers in PG have taken there habits to the next level.

    Actually Retired 02, we would have to take it up a few levels in order to reach the level that your Abby drivers are at already!

    You did review the ICBC accident stats that I posted for you way back when, didn’t you? Remember them, the stats that showed that you Abby folk have nothing to brag about when it comes to driving ability?

      …..and just to clarify, this incident has nothing to do with bad driver! This is about the actions of a criminal!

      The driver of what is suspected to be a stolen truck, smashed that truck though the doors and into the mall!

      These are the actions of a criminal! Abbotsford has more than it’s share of criminals!

    Meanwhile in Abbotsford, police officers are being dragged down the block by punks with on drivers license and arsonists are torching tire stores.

    And the valley gang wars continue unabated. DUCK!



      Meanwhile the IHIT are investigating a suspicious death in Abbotsford earlier this morning

    You do know that Abbotsford has twice the population that PG has and it growing at a rate that PG could only dream of , right ? And Mission is just across the bridge .

    Ataloss, you should move there! You and Retired 02 could hang out together, share a coffee and a donut!

    Retired:”Those bad drivers in PG have taken there habits to the next level.”

    You are as confused about the difference between ordinary drivers and criminals as you are about the different meaning of ‘there’ and ‘their’!

    Mind your own business and stick to the aggressive idiot drivers down there!

No vehicle barriers in front of doors? Didn’t this already happen once before?

    Same door too, I believe.

      yes same door

    You can see in the image posted that posts installed just inside the doors were driven over… and yes this is the same entrance that was hit before.

      Thanks Elaine. The truck was probably headed for the same jewelry store as last time.

No wonder our Best Places to Live rating is taking a beating due to the actions of those low life criminals who should be behind bars or on the proverbial hard rock pile!

    Awesome, convictions based on intent like the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report.

    Jail them all at about a million dollars per year of confinement.

    Here I thought our glorious country had due process.

      Loki, some loser (derogatory and politically incorrect term which may cause hurt feelings to the individual subject to the term) steals (allegedly, but highly likely) somebody else’s personal property ie: a white four door duelly flat deck truck and then rams it through the private property locked doors of a local shopping mall, causing likely tens of thousands of dollars in damage!

      Then, when confronted by a on duty security person doing a job and trying to make a living, the loser (see description above) takes a shot (possibly and probably with an unlicensed and prohibited weapon, perhaps a handgun) at the on duty security person!

      And now, Loki, you somehow feel the need to defend the actions of someone who is in all likelihood a loser (again, see description above)!

      Since when did stealing someone’s truck become acceptable?

      Since when did ramming a stolen truck through the locked doors of a building become acceptable?

      Since when did taking a potshot at someone just trying to earn a living become acceptable!

      Loki, I suspect that you are defending the indefensible!

      It does! One does not have to go to the extreme to provide them with an environment and food fit for a king, but even that would not amount to one million dollars per year!

      I would provide only the very basics, I would make sure that for the rest of their lives they would be aware that they still owe for all the damages they caused! If they think that this is too cruel they can leave our country and live somewhere else! Good riddance,and stay there!

      You are an amazing person to think that after all what transpired you are siding on the poor offender! Geez, be a shame if somebody broke into your house or did some dastardly crime to your property. YOU take them in and spend your own money and shed some light on this poor guy and rehab him.

There is little to no defense of a provable crime, and the retributive punishment should fit the crime according to precedent.

Somehow my comment was interpreted as defending this suspect, it was not intended that way.

I just found the comment I responded to as overly harsh.

Yes criminals do need to be dealt with, but appropriately. I like the idea of an eye for an eye, but corporal and capital punishments are no longer an option. Any incarceration is expensive, with higher security having much greater costs. I have heard the number of about a million dollars per yer per inmate. Guess who gets to pay that?

So, here we have a person that has committed a criminal act, and we get the privilege of supporting a system wherein his defense team tries to prove some shadow of doubt, and the prosecution has the duty to prove beyond reasonable doubt, regardless of video evidence. When sentenced, they get all their basic needs met at our expense.

I sure hope there is a better way.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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