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October 27, 2017 3:40 pm

Plateau Fire Now Over Half a Million Hectares

Saturday, September 2, 2017 @ 2:59 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Plateau fire, burning north of highway 20, is estimated to be  more than half a million hectares in size.

The Plateau fire is the largest fire in  recorded B.C. history and  is estimated to  be 517,140 hectares or just over 5,170 square kilometers.  That is nearly the size of Prince Edward Island, which is 5,660 square Kilometers..

The growth of the fire is due to strong westerly winds, combined with continued dry conditions.

The Elephant Hill fire has also been fanned by strong wind.  it is now estimated to be 186,800 hectares.  Although 50% contained,  efforts  on this fire have been to prepare for  strong wind gusts today.  The fire remains active on the east perimeter, and across the entire north flank, including in the Young Lake area, to the east of Watch Lake and Little Green Lake towards Sheridan Lake, and to the south of Green Lake in the Jim Mountain area. As of this morning, the  fire’s perimeter was  about  2 km from Sheridan Lake , in the area of Number Two Lake.

In anticipation of aggressive behaviour of the Elephant Hill Fire,  evacuation orders were put in place last evening  along the highway 24  corridor.

The other major fire in the central interior is the Hanceville-Riske Creek blaze, burning south of Highway 20.   That blaze  is estimated to be 238,451 hectares in size,  and is 40% contained.




That crazy! Even worse it was human caused. What they wouldn’t give for a couple of hours of rain like what hit Texas.

Saw on the news yesterday that The Beast that impacted Fort MacMurray was only declared officially out this week 15 months after it started. One might expect something similar for this fire.

    they are talking about two different fires here…the elephant hill fire was human cause, but I don’t believe plateau was human caused. Biggest fire in BC history, yet it never gets any media coverage…gotta wonder why that is.

“Biggest fire in BC history, yet it never gets any media coverage…gotta wonder why that is.” For the same reasons that the premier of Vancouver hasn’t been much north of Kamloops during the entire fire disaster, the fires are not threatening large blocs of voter/media constituency.

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