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October 27, 2017 3:34 pm

Bond Defends Liberal Decision to Expel Plecas

Sunday, September 10, 2017 @ 12:32 PM

Prince George, B.C. – A Prince George MLA who is also on the BC Liberal Party Executive is defending the decision to revoke the membership of Abbotsford South MLA and Speaker of the Legislature Darryl Plecas.

The BC Liberals on Saturday passed a special resolution, at the request of the Abbotsford South Liberal Riding Association, to revoke Plecas’ membership in the party over  what it feels was a broken trust created by his decision to accept the post of Speaker.

Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond tells 250 News that “as a member of the party Executive it’s a very difficult decision to ever make.  But it came about as a result of the riding association requesting the party Executive approve that decision.  Darryl’s riding association is very, very upset about the fact that they campaigned, they ran, they worked, they supported him.  And basically he has stepped aside from that riding association.”

“The process in our party is that the riding association makes the decision to request that, and the Executive granted that request on the weekend.”

Is the issue that Plecas took the position of Speaker?  “No it’s not at all about that,” says Bond “I think it’s about the fact that it was done without consultation in terms of his riding association.  It came as a complete surprise, I’m told, to his president, that he had accepted that role.”

“I think it’s about standing up and looking your colleagues in the eye and saying “I want to be the Speaker and that’s what I intend to do”.  “That is not at all how this unfolded.  Darryl made the choice, and certainly it was my understanding right up until Friday morning, that he intended to continue as a member of the BC Liberal Party and the BC Liberal Caucus.”

“So it isn’t about the role of the Speaker, and I am very respectful of the role of the Speaker and intend to continue that practice.  That is the way that I’ve served for 16 years in the Legislature.  It’s about working with your colleagues, it’s about respecting the voters who sent you to Victoria.  Darryl Plecas was sent to Victoria to represent the BC Liberal Party and his executive worked very hard on his behalf.”

Bond says “obviously there are very strong emotional views on both sides of this argument.  From my perspective this is not about Darryl Plecas being the Speaker as much as it is about Darryl Plecas standing up and, with integrity, looking us in the eye and saying this is what I intend to do, and that did not happen.”

Asked whether Plecas did, as has been reported, promise that he would not take the position of Speaker Bond says “well, in fact, Mr Plecas’ comments, he himself said that it would be a dishonourable thing, those are his words, for him to step aside and to take that role and basically, in his words, be part of propping up an NDP government.”

“Those were his words, he said that it would be a dishonourable action, he made them publicly, he shared those views with us and in fact as recently as Thursday there was still a discussion about seating allocation in the legislature.  So certainly from my perspective it was a surprise, it was a disappointment in that as a colleague who has supported Darryl and has worked alongside him.”

“And inside, parties are always going to have people who agree to disagree, that’s the way it works.  But I think that if that’s the choice you’ve made then honour you colleagues and that relationship and your commitment to the voters in your constituency by standing up and letting them know that that was your intention.  And that didn’t happen.”

Bond says “but he is now the Speaker of the Legislature, our job is to be respectful of that position and I intend to carry on my work.  It obviously has changed the dynamics in the legislature, and we have our work cut out for us.”


“Darryl Plecas was sent to Victoria to represent the BC Liberal Party ,”That in a nutshell is the problem with our region and first past the post politics . It ain’t about constituents.

    Not exactly. It’s a problem with the attitude of BC Liberals like Shirley Bond.

    It clearly shows the difference between the old BC Social Credit ‘League’, (prior to the reverse takeover of it after its 1972 election loss by most of the then BC Liberal Party caucus, and its reincarnation as the BC Social Credit ‘Party’), and today’s BC Liberals.

    BCSCL always made it clear that the first job of the elected MLA was to represent his or her constituents. Even if that meant opposing the government he or she was a part of.

    And if you go back and look in the newspapers of that era that’s just exactly what many Socred MLAs did. Some of them savaged their own government worse than the Opposition MLAs did when they felt it wasn’t delivering the results their constituents desired. No one was expelled from its caucus for doing their job.

    In fact the Premier, WAC Bennett, led a group whose core philosophy held that what they were doing was exactly what MLAs were elected to do. Represent their constituents to the government first. Not the other way around.

      I don’t think we will ever see a preemie like WAC Bennet in our life time.Cheers

      Agreed. Great context.

    I’m still laughing atalos

    Fist past the post is not the problem here Ataloss. If you think giving MLA seats to list candidates is the solution to MLA’s being puppets of the party then you truely do put ideology before common sense.

    Your fix would make things irrepribly worse for regional representation… unless of course your idea of regional representation is to have sepratist MLA’s appointed by list rolls.

It actually is about Constituents, the problem is Shirley and most Liberals, and politicians for that matter are confused about the issue.

An MLA’s job is to represent all people in the riding, Liberals, Cons, NDP, Green, etc; Once elected they represent the riding.

With a few exceptions no one knows what party you voted for. Certainly the MLA’s only have a vague idea who voted for them, so therefore they represent everyone.

The idea that an MLA represents the Liberal party is bogus . He is a member of the party, and certainly he supports their platform, however he does not represent the party in the legislature.

Its the party and the executive that spends a lot of time trying to make sure the MLA’s keep their mouths shut a follow the party line.

Nice to see an MLA telling them to take a hike.

    As an example. When an MLA is recognized and allowed to speak he/she is referred to as the honorable member from Prince George Valemount, or Prince George Peace River.

    He/She is not recognized as the honorable member from the Liberal Party.

      Don’t think you read the article, It was about support from his constituents and his commitment to his voters.

      What you are trying to say is the NDP represent the constituents all the time, even when they say they are going to freeze rates and then bump them up 9 percent in one year. The support for the people when they remove tolls to add them to mobility rates elsewhere which cost most of their voters more than the tolls that is the representation you are referring to?

      The NDP do not represent their party in the legislature? I suppose you are going to tell me they don’t have a party whip? Or maybe you are saying only the BCLiberals should act this way. You know like Horgan having a 2,000.00 a foursome golfing fundraiser last month when he says he will put a lid on cash for access and corporate/union donations? Oh right that only applies to the Liberal Party and not the NDP, right?

    Palopu this issue is about Plecas saying one thing then turning around to do totally opposite and breaking a promise nothing more.

    I agree with Palopu that Bond has it backwards with the role of an MLA. Good call out on that one.

I can understand why Shirley Bond is trying to minimize the impact of the Liberal Party’s actions and why she stresses that it was the Constituency Executive that asked for this expulsion. However, the Party Executive decides things like this, not the constituencies, so they should stop trying to deflect responsibility and acknowledge that the Party itself were responsible for throwing him out. After all, they could have said, “No,” to the constituencies request, couldn’t they? As to it not being about him becoming Speaker, that is just plain nonsense. That is exactly what it is about. Ms. Bond is simply doing what all politicians, Liberal, NDP and Green alike do, she is putting the best spin she can think of onto a situation that is in danger of blowing up in their face.

    Maybe read the article, the riding association asked for it – and only the executive can do it. They obviously agreed with the riding association

    I don’t recall any NDP putting forth their hat for speaker back in June – could you imagine Horgies blow up if that happened? The whip obviously would not allow any NDP or Green MLAs to apply for the role now would they?

    It was not about his “love of the role” it was about money as he told colleagues and his riding association of his intention to refuse the role AFTER CC had resigned. He obviously lied to them and may even have some background deal with Hoagy that we are not privy to.

      Slinky, this post and your previous one hit the nail on the head! It is about trust and having promised to do one thing and then doing exactly the opposite. A slap in the face of those who worked hard to help you get elected!

      Palopu, about toeing the party line: If I wanted the representative of the party which I joined and the agenda of which I endorsed and supported to endorse a party which is diametrically opposed to my party I would have voted for the other party instead!

      The whole thing reminds me of a Federal Liberal candidate who won his lower mainland riding and was lured into becoming the industry minister of the other party before the Parliament sat even once! The riding tried everything in its power to prevent this, to declare it invalid, without success!

      As long as we have different parties I expect MLAs and MPs to honour the riding and the people who helped them get elected by sticking to the party agenda! Even crossing the floor should not be permitted! If they can no longer support their party they should have the guts to resign!

    YOU got that right, ammonra

I am curious about several aspects of this whole affair:

First, what motivated Plecas to agree to take on the Speaker’s role. I have heard multiple others say what his motivation was but I have yet to hear it from the man himself.

Second, what type of example do we have when people are expelled from parties, etc. without at least a perception of due process. I can understand if Plecas was called up before the Riding Association and called out to declare his reasons. But to act without due process smacks of a dictatorship. Is that the image that the Liberals want to present to the public?

And Bond, while a hard working representative, is hardly the role model for open minded thinking. For example, Considering it was the local teachers that launched her into local politics years ago, she has put down teachers repeatedly during her Liberal tenure rather than stick to the values that launched her career.

Thanks Shirley for putting it in to perspective.
He’s let everybody, including his constituents down, and lost his integrity.

So Gopg talks about academic ethics and how so called academics hold themselves to some elevated pompas standard then turns around and says…

“Seamutt … I do not live in a sheltered world at all …..
Ever heard of professional practice boards for the self regulating professions? Read some of the cases. You might be surprised where licenses were pulled for 6 months right up to permanently, not for simple malpractice, but for ethical and criminal reasons.
You are the one who is very sheltered ….. or lack knowledge to even comment on such matters.
Do a bit of reading so that you do not appear so ignorant..”

there are professional practice boards! Where is this higher academic standard that you proclaim? A regulating board is required? Is the board an old boys club, wink wink nudge nudge, play the group thought dogma game or you are out. Just look at what happens in climate science, threats against those who do not follow the money sucking dogma. Some academic standard.

Gopg I must be hitting the target as now you have lowered yourself to playground name calling, how childish.

You have proven my point, go against or question the dogma tempers flair.

Deplorables rule.

    To call someone ignorant is not a childish slur but an adjective to describe a lack of knowledge or education on a particular subject which you seem to have in spades on a number of subjects.

    As for a profession policing their own here is an example of a doctor who ran afoul of the College of Physicians and Surgeons for releasing personal details of one of his patients. 99% of the profession would not do this type of thing but those who do are held to account by their peers. As it should be.

    (a) The name of Dr.(I deleted his name) will be transferred from the Provisional – Active, General Family Practice class of registration to the Conditional – Disciplined class;

    (b) Completion of a multi-disciplinary assessment program;

    (c) Participation in continuing medical education in the areas of ethics, boundaries and professionalism;

    (d) A formal reprimand;

    (e) A fine in the amount of $5,000; and

    (f) Payment of costs of the investigation.

    *Note item (c) on the list.

    There are similar boards for lawyers, real estate agents, engineers etc. But not for Mechanics, plumbers, carpenters and roofers yet you hear horror stories every day about these trades.

    Seamutt, I did not use the word “stupid”.

    I used “ignorant” for exactly the reason sparrow describes it. Look up the synonyms.

    Once more, you show that you are uninformed and lack the knowledge in the issue under discussion.

      “It’s All About Boosting His Pension Plan”
      https: //whatsupdoc?.com

      Ah Sparrow and Gopg careful you self proclaimed elitists are lowering your self’s to me level, that gotta hurt.

      My comment originated with Gopg stating self proclaimed professionals are held to some higher standard which I criticized. He then goes on to prove my point by pointing all the “professional” disciplinary boards.

      I have met professionals from all walks of life, real professionals.

Give a rest, Bond is all about the party not people, really. Make a big deal out of this. In the end a lib ran for speaker of the house big deal and didn’t give party brass a heads up really they didn’t see this coming?? blind ducks and blind to the feelings of people Bond happy retirement that’s the next announcement.

Editor’s note: Comment edited for language.

I’m pretty sure Plecas doesn’t give a rats rump what you or any other “Liberal” thinks Bond.

“Darryl Plecas was sent to Victoria to represent the BC Liberal Party”
Really Shirley? The rest of us thought politicians were sent to Victoria to represent the people.

Plecas didn’t quit the liberal party and he did not cross the floor. He did not betray his constituents. He merely made it more difficult for the Liberals to topple the government and force an early election. And who wants that? We don’t want the unnecessary cost of that either. It is the Liberals who gave him the boot. We need stability in government over the next four years and if Plecas has aided in that he should be commended.

    He did betray his constituents and those who worked hard to get him elected in his riding association. People really need to read the articles before commenting

Of course she supported it captain obvious. She’d be in the same boat as him if she didn’t.

I don’t think this action taken had anything to do with the riding association. Why would Plecas tell any of those bone heads what he was going to do. Is it possible Shirley that you or Rich may have wanted this position? Nothing would surprise me.

is someone talking ?

He caused Clark to resign. As soon as the NDP lost a confidence vote forcing a new election he was going to be turfed as punishment. He acted in his own self-preservationist interest. Can’t really blame him.

    I think you are closest to the truth here with your comment showing the motivation behind his move.

      According to him he just always wanted to be speaker and saw his chance. His motivation was a boost to his pocketbook

Recapping events ……… also known as history.

Plecas chose to be a BCLiberal. He was invited by Rich Coleman in 2012. He was further encouraged by his criminology colleague at UFV who was a Conservative. The primary objective was to keep the NDP from gaining power.

He won the 2013 election by 47.74% of the vote against 4 other candidates. Independent Joh van Dongen got 27.89% of the vote.The NDP got 21.01% of the vote.

Van Dongen was elected in 1996, 2001, 2005, and 2009. He crossed the floor in March, 2012 and sat as the only member of the BC Conservative Party.

This site has a good summary of his reasoning. It is obvious that he was on the far right of the centre-right coalition. Clark won the election as leader because she was further to the centre.


Plecas served in the previous legislature for 4 years as a BCLiberal. In 2013, he received 47.74% of the vote. Van Dongen ran as an independent, not as a BCConservative and got 27.89% of the vote. The NDP got 21.01%.

Over 75% of the vote went to right of centre. That is reflective of the “conservative”, typical Dutch Reform philosophy of the farming community as is reflected across the border in Lynden, Washington as well. Trump had a huge turnout when he campaigned in Lynden.

In 2016, Plecas got 52.82% of the vote. NDP got 27.93% and the Greens, having a candidate for the first time, got 14.93%. Christian Heritage got 4.32%.

The mindset of Abbotsford South voters is obvious.

So, is Plecas a right leaning individua?. To reflect the electorate, he is the appropriate representative.

This article from November 2012, from Vaughn Palmer provides a good analysis of those days leading up to the 2013 election.


He received the endorsement of his BCLiberal Riding Association by being nominated as the candidate to run for the 2016 election. Based on the voting record of the Riding, the BCLiberal Riding Association is reflective of the majority of those who voted.

The Riding Association is not the Constituency Office. It is that office that has the duty to serve all the citizens in the Riding, not the Riding Association.

Plecas is still the MLA. He still works out of the Constituency Office in addition to his role as Speaker.

Finally, Speakers do not attend party caucus meetings. Remember, they must remain neutral and be seen to remain neutral.

So, back to Shirley and the Party Executive.

Frankly, they should have tried to explain the situation to the Riding Association. The Riding Association may have instigated the request ….. but did anyone from the party give them a bit of a nudge?

Where are the investigative journalists? Likely they will come out in the next few days and weeks.

This issue will not go away very quickly.

    You missed:

    He lied to the riding association

    He lied to his colleagues

    He gave CC as an excuse, saying he only said he would not take the speaker role because she was the leader. After she resigned he still said he would not take the role. He lied even in his reasoning for taking the role.

    There is something larger in his background, perhaps the money, perhaps a deal, who knows it will work its way out in the future

      Deep State ? Bolsheviks ? Zionists ?
      Maybe his kid needs braces and he could use the extra money ?
      People lie every day for financial gain. I don’t find this shocking in the least.

    Didn’t Plecas have confrontation with Christy Clark when she was in office and unhappy with some of the things she was doing?

He is a politician…they are all self centered egotistic liars. Of course he went for the money. Just like Bond did at every chance she had. Ministry after ministry etc..

    The leader chooses the ministers

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