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October 27, 2017 3:22 pm

Some Not Ready to Leave the Phone Alone

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 @ 3:31 PM

Prince George, B.C.  –   Over the past week,  RCMP  volunteers with Citizens on Patrol  deployed to a  number of locations in Prince George to  watch for  those who have yet to learn to leave the phone alone while driving.

On Sunday  alone,  working with  officers from North District Regional Traffic Services and the municipal detachment,   more than 40 drivers  were spotted  using an electronic device while driving.  Five others were  found to be  not wearing their seatbelt.

Over the course of the day,  officers  wrote ten Violation Tickets ; some for using an electronic device and some for other violations.

Not all  who were observed  in violation  were issued tickets.  Citizens on Patrol  take part in “educational enforcement”  so those not stopped by police officers  can expect a warning letter in the mail explaining the offence and  what the penalty  could have been,


Sure wish the district and city sections could do a press release each month or two on how many DD tickets are generated. Probably don’t have the time. I’d rather have them out on the road anyway.

Waiting at the SaveOn at College Heights, I see the Braindead with the Phone clued to the Ear flying true the 4 Way Stop, what will it take to stop ?

Good, jack the fine up to car impoundment and a big fine! Make it inconvenient for people, as they might use debit or credit card to pay the fine then get right back to it! It will keep on happening! People thinking “it will never happen to me.” Then they cause an accident……..? Publish the names of people???

    Gotta do something different, what is being done is obviously not working. Hey Lien, coffee next time we meet up.

      Fred, Fred,…..know a few Freds……. Do you ride? In any case I am game! Sounds like ya know me?

Treat DD with the same penalty as impaired driving,,then thing may change.

I think they either have to impound the car or the phone and be sure there isn’t another phone in the car. Plus fines, that is. Better yet, just impound the car for a week. Maybe people would think about it then.

    We needs a device that blocks signals while in a vehicle.

Traffic fines in Canada and North America are BIG business. Simply put, if you fine a person you make money. If you take them to court or send them to jail it costs you money. So you can see what, and why the Governments of the day like to use fines even if they don’t get the desired results. Getting the desired results would also cost them money.

We need to use our court system even if it is costly. People should be required to stand before a judge and plead guilty or not guilty as is their right. They then need to hire a lawyer and defend themselves.

Coming before a judge puts the crime in perspective, brings the offender before the public eye, is a huge inconvenience, and if found guilty you are then subjected to a fine, or in some cases jail time.

Just giving people a fine gives them an opportunity to buy their way out of the situation with no real consequences.

Take the money out of driving offences, and put the law back in.

“Not all who were observed in violation were issued tickets. Citizens on Patrol take part in “educational enforcement” so those not stopped by police officers can expect a warning letter in the mail explaining the offence and what the penalty could have been.”

That’s pretty decent! Just make sure to keep their names on file and if they are ever caught again fine them to the maximum allowable!

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